Best Rescue Groups For Kittens

By Anthony K March 10, 2022

When you come across a stranded animal, you should make an effort to ensure that they are delivered to the safest hands for further protection. Owing to the availability of fraudulent actions of individuals seeking to exploit innocent beings, one should ensure they contact responsible bodies. This article highlights three top rescue groups for kittens and other animals.

TThe Cat House on the Kings

As a no-kill sanctuary and adoption rescue center, The Cat House on the Kings stands out as the largest no-cage orphanage with over 800 animals. The institution has an on-site senior cat house, hospital, Intensive Care Unit, and kitten house for thousands of rescued cats. You can join the group donors funding million-dollar operations aimed at keeping the cats safe.

Image Courtesy of The Cat House on the Kings

Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

Raising a blind pet may seem like a big task. Your pet may be born blind or develop blindness in later stages. Before losing hope and discarding the pet, you should seek immediate professional assistance to grant them a desirable life. Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary offers a lifetime accommodation for bland cats. The group also educates the general public about common myths and misconceptions surrounding blind cats to safeguard their safety.

Image Courtesy of Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary


The HSUS is a well-established animal protection agency providing kittens and other animals with a haven. The body oversees nationwide campaigns against those that may harm kitten mills, puppies, and other vulnerable animals. If you come around kittens and other animals stranded without food and shelter, contact HSUS for advanced care for farm animals and wildlife.

You may come across stranded cats in your everyday life or after a national disaster. For the best experience, one should seek professional assistance from various help groups across the country. One may access the groups through specific websites, phone calls, and in-office visits.