45 Images Showing The Importance Of Point Of View In Photography

By Hans A August 28, 2022

Our point-of-views and perspectives are incredibly fickle. Sometimes, we’re so confident in what we see that we get sorely confused when we realize that what we’ve been looking at was something different altogether. It’s super hard even to trust our own eyes anymore! Well, guess what? We’ve compiled an extensive list of photographs for you to train your sight with a mastery of perspective.

This is all thanks to the Lisbon-born photographer Hugo Suissas, who posts a ton of forced perspective photos on Instagram. Needless to say, these snaps are very well done, and honestly, pretty hard to tell what is real from what is just an optical illusion! This artist may capture moments in stills, but he doesn’t believe in the word “stop.” So, let’s get the ball rolling and get on to the list!

All images in this article are courtesy of @suissas on Instagram.

Aztec Umbrella

If you’ve ever seen the ancient Mayan or Aztec structures, you’d know that they really, really love double pyramids. Most of the architecture that these ancient people known for is actually all about this style, and it’s quite iconic all over!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

So, our lovely photographer decided to mess with our heads a bit with this picture, basically showing us an umbrella made out of one of these double pyramids. At first glance, you might as well really be fooled by it.


You might be looking at the next picture and be worried or even screaming at the top of your lungs from fright. But don’t worry, that’s still a human being. With some clever positioning and timing, Hugo achieved this awesome, albeit a bit morbid, photo.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Nevertheless, it even had us fooled for a second there. We weren’t sure if we were looking at a mannequin with no head, but with closer inspection, you can notice that it’s an actual human being! Now that’s a neat party trick!

Taking Electric Cars To A Whole New Level

Electric vehicles are all the rage these days. Oh, you don’t have one? That sucks, but don’t worry, we don’t have one either! But what if we take a step back and look at a car powering a giant laptop? Or is it an electric toy car?

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Through closer inspection, you can see that it’s neither. It’s another forced perspective photo, and this one is especially cool, considering that it truly challenges your sight. Is the laptop big, or is the car just small? Of course, the answer is that they’re just the normal size, just at different distances!

Giant Lake Reptile

This may be one of the photos that only need two looks to get it right, but it’s still quite cool nonetheless! At first glance, it’s like you’re looking at a giant crocodile in the lake! Or was it an alligator? Either way, it could frighten you!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Once you notice the hand, it becomes clear what you’ve been seeing the whole time, which is a well-timed photo and a beautiful reflection to go with it. The lake doesn’t even look like a lake anymore because of the sky reflecting on it!

You Need A Napkin For That?

With some of these photos, less is really more. Much like this one, which looks like a man snorting out literal streams of cloud from his nose! Well, if you’re a special snowflake, it could also look like he’s smelling a small plane. We don’t judge here!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Jet streams have always been a treat to see in real life, but this photo makes them even more fabulous! As with the simplicity of the image, it truly works well with what it’s going for! The guy in the picture could even be mistaken for a giant at first glance.

Better Than Your Average Sketchpad

It’s impossible to believe that there aren’t any artists reading some of our articles—specifically the ones who like to go out to places and sketch the scenery they see. Well, guess what? Suissas manages to do it much better somehow.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Looks amazing and super realistic, right? It’s OK; just admit that you’re not that good with drawing and art in general; we got your back. Of course, we’re just talking out of our bottoms because this is just another awesome forced perspective photo!

Impossible To Say No

To all the ladies out there: has your man gotten down on one knee and popped the question yet? If not, then firstly, they should step up their game, and second off, they literally hold no candle to this engagement ring.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Neat, right? Just a billion-dollar engagement ring, nothing much to see, of course. Your potential spouse can get that quickly! If they’re as good as Suissas at taking photos, they can. Just a mere photograph, though, not a real Ferris Wheel-themed ring.

You Up For Darts?

We all love a game of darts at the pub every now and then, right? It’s an excellent time to lay back, chill with your friends, and throw some sharp objects at a corked board. That is until you realize you’re holding a half-human half-dart hybrid.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

This is one of the quirky photos on the list. Okay, the other ones are already quirky, but this one is just a lot funnier the more you look at it. What really tops it all off is the person trying to dodge the human dart as if he was Neo from The Matrix.

Cool App! Or Is It Hot?

The next one in this list is another one where you can tell that Suissas’ creativity is on a whole other level than normies like us. It’s coming to the point where you question if you even have an ounce of creativity in your body.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

This may not be a super-forced perspective type of photo, but it gets the job done with looking extra awesome and out-of-the-box. At first, we actually thought that it was just a phone home screen, but we didn’t even realize that the photographer turned the actual sun into a new application! Now that’s camouflage.

Near, Far, Wherever You Are

Most of us here have seen the hit blockbuster film Titanic. If you can’t remember what that is, it’s the one with the sinking boat, and we swear that Jack and Rose could have fit on that floating door. Come on; it was huge!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

This next Hugo Suissas photo is a clever take on one of the film’s most famous scenes, the “King of the World” scene where Jack holds Rose at the front of the ship. Though this time, the ship has turned into a giant mask!

There’s An Imposter!

Now, we all know about emojis, and of course, we all use them in our day-to-day lives. Studies say that if you still use a colon and a parenthesis for a smiley face instead of the emoji, then you’re an actual psychopath. Just kidding.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

If it weren’t for the huge disembodied hand and the evident body of the other person in the photo, then this would have been perfect. But since Suissas only uses our perceptions and not editing, then it’s still a cool feat! Just find the impostor emoji!

Chips Ahoy

No, we’re not talking about the cookies, silly! That’s just a clever way to express the next photo in a headline. If you’re wondering why we used that, then you just have to take a look at the picture to get a better sense of it for yourself.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

This neat photo shows a boat with a Pringle chip as its sail! Now, before you try finding where that’s located and thinking about eating the entire thing, do remember that it’s just a trick of the eye! Well, obviously…

Clothes Clip Tower

Have you ever played with clothes clips as a kid? Snapping them onto your fingers, so it looks like you have claws or just extra long nails? Well, if you have that kind of love for them, then you’ll love this next photo on the list!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Cool, right? The positioning and focus of the photo make it look like the actual Eiffel Tower is just a foundation or frame for the actual tower made out of a giant clothes clip! Maybe don’t try putting it on your finger, though.

Another Headless Person

We guess we know that one of the best skills of this photographer is that he can make anyone look headless with the right angle and the right lighting. Just look at this next photo, and see it for yourself! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

What makes the whole photo come together is the lack of a complete shadow from the person. With just the shadow of their feet in the pic, it does look like they don’t have a head. Pair that with the fact that their neck isn’t showing, and boom!

Sunflower Windmill

If those big giant white windmills that produce power aren’t exactly your cup of tea in terms of looks, then you should instead appreciate the beauty of colorful flower-themed windmills! Well, that’s what this next photo looks like.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Just imagine if this was real; imagine driving past those boring-looking windmills, then suddenly an odd one out from the bunch. Not a bad kind of odd, though, but one that’s super pretty! Too bad we can only dream or look at this photo for that feeling.

The Redeemer Has Some Drip

Do note that this is out of respect for any religion, and we don’t judge anyone’s beliefs here! But this picture is just too awesome to hold out on! It’s taken at the Christ of Redeemer statue but from a different angle.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

This awesome photo shows the statue sporting some awesome shoes. This was probably an improvised photo because those shoes look a bit worn, probably from all the walking our humble photographer did that day!

You Already Know The Pun

And if you don’t, then we aren’t going to be saying it, so ha-ha! Okay, fine, it’s an electric guitar. Get it? Because it’s an acoustic guitar with a top half that’s part of an electrical tower? Great, now the joke doesn’t feel the same.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

We love this photo to bits, just because of how cleverly it was planned and taken! The cut acoustic guitar fits perfectly with the shaft of the tower, and the dude holding it is just showing so much passion that it brings it all together!

Snowy Toothbrush

You may tend to turn your head a hundred-and-eighty degrees for this one at first, but when you get it, you get it! If you have dirty teeth, then you already know what you need to do, right? And that’s to brush your teeth, of course!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Be careful with the bristles on this toothbrush, though, because it might not actually clean your teeth. It does look awesome, though, right? This is just another great showcase of how creative Suissas is, but just be careful not to get splinters in your gums!


Pardon the corny headline; we really didn’t have much time to think that one through. It’s funny, though, right? Right? Well, no matter! It’s great for us, and that’s what counts! Anyway, this next photo is a treat to see.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

It took a bit of finding at first, but if you have a screen that can fit the whole thing, then it’s pretty obvious what the photographer was trying to get at. The timing for this photo had to be impeccable because he couldn’t let any waves ruin the whole thing!

Casually Catching The Moon

Ever have that special someone that you just want to steal the whole moon for? You just want to snatch it up and give it to them in a neatly wrapped box. Well, for Suissas, that is all possible! Just don’t expect it to be real, though…

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

This isn’t Mr. Fantastic, and he doesn’t have any special superpowers to stretch his arm out like that. Still, it looks pretty neat, right? Well, who wouldn’t want to go up on a hill and just casually take the moon into their hands, after all?

Ice Swan

If you’re into video games, then hybrid creatures are no strangers to you. We bet you’ve seen the weirdest of the weird in that little virtual space, but have you ever seen an actual hybrid elemental creature in real life?

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

It’s an ice swan! Native only to the far-off lands of the west, capable of breathing ice-cold breath. Of course, we just made that up, and this is just a forced perspective photo, but we could dream of mystical creatures, right?

The Missing Piece

Everyone loves puzzles! Except for us, maybe. We hate puzzles. We despise them, actually. But if you like them, then this photo is for you! We’ve finally found the piece that fits right into the weirdly-shaped one! And you’ll be surprised to see it.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

The silhouette of the puzzle piece and the orange-colored skies from the sunset make the picture look super aesthetic. What tops it off even further is that the positioning of the piece is just so perfect that it can convince anyone.

Crazy Beats

You could say that the person in this picture has music living inside his body. Quite literally, actually. We say that because the forced perspective of this one looks as if he has arms made out of headphone earmuffs. Insane!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

He doesn’t look so fond of having his body parts replaced with music apparatus, though, judging from the expression on his face. Does it hurt? Is it just wildly inconvenient? Is he mad that he can’t reach under small spaces now? Who knows!

That Time of the Year

The great holiday of Christmas is coming right around this year again. What do you mean it’s still far off? Over her, we are already decorating our homes and singing carols at the top of our lungs! We aren’t weird for preparing early; you are!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

This photo is fantastic to look at because you have to wonder how lucky Suissas is with his time when capturing great weather and lighting. Pulling something like this off is extremely difficult, so this guy has to have some magic!

So Many Things Happening

Have you ever looked at an image and thought that there are way too many things happening all at once, yet it still looks spot on? The following photo definitely gives that vibe off, but it works to its advantage quite well!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

What you’re going to be doing first is comprehending what in the world is precisely happening in the picture, then you’re going to be left scratching your head as to how it all works. Finally, how did the ketchup turn into earphones?!

End of the Road

Picture this: you’re traveling along a long uphill road with virtually no end in sight for you. Then, you see that at the top of the entire hill is… something. When you get closer, you realize that the road stripes were this lad’s legs all along!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Before you swerve off the road the next time you reach the top of a hilltop road, we hope you realize that this is just another clever optical illusion, and there’s no person with legs that turn into bright white paint on the road.

Is This FIFA?

Ever thought that regular football games were too boring and long? Or that those football video games just don’t give you the rush that playing table football does, but table football just doesn’t cut it too? Well, how about this!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

How about some live table football? Just imagine if this was real and you could control everything. Now that’s something to pay for to play! Too bad we’re limited to just imagining it, but hey, at least the picture looks cool.

Tie Your Shoes!

Ugh, having your shoes come untied is one of the worst feelings ever to exist, especially when your shoelaces get as messy as the ones in the photo! Just look at how they are flying all over the place. Horrible!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

The photo itself can have several interpretations, though; it all just depends on how wild your imagination can go! You could interpret it as the shoe steaming from the inside or some other stuff, but for us, those streams look like shoelaces!

Hey, Put That Back!

Don’t you just hate it when you’re relaxing on the beach, finally getting time to rest up and chill beside the waves in the shade, then suddenly a colossal hand comes and takes your tiki umbrella out of its spot? Us too!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

We have to admit that this one had us fooled quite a bit. The thumbtack is just so perfectly fitting the shape and almost the same color as those other umbrellas that you could mistake this as a god messing with people down on Earth!

Advanced Jump Rope

Before you look at this photo, we advise some discretion! Do not do this at home, because not only is it dangerous, but it’s also unlikely that you can even get a whole bridge to act as a jump rope for your playground games!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

This one just shows how clever Hugo Suissas really is. You would never think to do this kind of forced perspective photo at all! Also, you’d have to get friends to actually pose for the picture for you, and that’s quite difficult on its own.

Now That’s A Luxury Boat

If you think you’re rich for riding on a luxury yacht or even owning one yourself, then you are sorely mistaken. Suissas not only one-ups you but just demolishes your boat in terms of size and style! Go on, be embarrassed.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Yes, that is a clothes iron. But man, does it not look great as a yacht design, though? The shape, intricacies, and also colors just fit! If you have something as cool as that in real life, then even celebrities are put to shame!

Be Right Back, Getting Some Savings

We all have that one piggybank that’s just so pretty that breaking it open when we need to get some money from it would be a crime. Where else can you find something of that build quality and color, right? Breaking it would be a waste.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

So, to make up for that thought, why not just jump into your piggybank, rummage around for some loose change that you need for the taxi fare, and get out unscathed and, more importantly, with an intact piggybank?

Awesome Rosary

If you’re Catholic, then a rosary necklace is all too familiar to you. No, it’s not something you wear, silly. Well, not on your neck. But what if you had a rosary that just looks so cool that you can’t resist but use it that way?

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Of course, that’s a joke because that would be heavily blasphemous. But you have to admit that this forced perspective photo of a Redeemer statue connected to an actual rosary is awesome. That’ll get any person to attend church, alright.

Don’t Spill It

The next photo is one of those things that you don’t really get at first glance. It’ll leave you scratching your head for a bit once you see it, but when you see it, you’ll just realize how awesome it actually is. Take a look!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

This photo, by our interpretation, of course, looks like the artist holding up the entire world on a single glass handle. Now, that’s awesome in its own right, but the almost clear skies just make the whole thing even better!

What Do You See Through There?

Sightseeing is one of those hobbies that just feel right. But, when you’re trying to look at something from far away, then you’re going to need some binoculars. And if you don’t, then why not try to use something more unconventional?

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Don’t know what to use? Then, use this photo for inspiration! The person here is using an old metal pencil sharpener to look off into the distance! Wait, it’s not scientifically possible for that to happen? Oh, well, good luck then!

Taken By An Owl

You all are aware of the danger of strange white vans all over the place. It’s scary to think that they could just snatch you up and take you to a very dangerous place. You might be cautious over them, but you should also be cautious of white owls!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Honestly, this one is so perfectly done that we’re unsure of what is really happening in the photo. Did the photographer take a picture of someone posing in front of the owl, or are they part of the portrait on the wall? No one will ever know.

Nice Wallpaper!

We’ve all had trouble choosing the perfect wallpaper for our laptops or computers. It’s pretty natural since you’d want the thing you’re going to be looking at to at least look nice, right? Well, how about the sky as your wallpaper?

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

No, we aren’t talking about getting a screengrab of the sky from Google or wherever. We actually mean that you should literally use the sky as your new wallpaper and screen. We’re just not sure if you can still do your tasks properly through there, though.


You’ve probably seen a lot of ways a food item can be eaten. In this example, we’ll be taking a look at apples specifically. The person eating it is pretty weird, though, because they chose to peel the middle off and have it in a neat spiral.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Wait, so you’re telling us that the spiral-y thing is not the skin of the apple getting peeled off? Now you’re telling us that’s the railing of a staircase?! That’s hard to believe, but we guess the rest of the list is also hard to believe.

Horsey Got Some Style

Admit it; you have a hard time getting your own sense of style. You probably just look it up on the internet and hope that whatever outfit you see matches your aesthetic. We’re sad to say it, but this horse does it better.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

This is one of the more simple forced perspective photos by the photographer, but its simplicity definitely works in its favor. The lack of a hand or human person in the shot also makes it even easier to get fooled by the photo itself.

Portable Bird Cage

If you’ve ever seen some pretty birds that you want to keep as pets in your house and feed but didn’t know how to catch, then look no further! This portable cage is surely going to be useful to you, and it looks nice too!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Oh, that portable cage is just a whisk. Well, that makes a lot of sense now that we look at it more eagerly. Whatever, we admit that we’ve been getting fooled by Hugo for the entire duration of this list now!

Heavy Duty Locks

Now, it’s good to say that we’re going to be doubling back to the whole “giant thing” forced perspective-type photos. This next one is awesome to look at because Suissas was able to notice that ornate arches really do look like locks.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Awesome, right? The antique key brings it together, and let’s just say that all the tiny people around give you a huge sense of scale if this was actually real. Imagine the fright when you look up and see a giant key going into a massive lock!

Highlighted Buildings

All across the globe, there are some really, really cool and out-of-the-box buildings scattered here and there in cities and even country-sides. But what about a building shaped like a highlighter for a brand that makes stationary?

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

In the photo shown here, our lovely photographer was able to notice that the buildings’ shapes looked like Faber-Castell highlighters and so he rolled with the idea! We just hope that he didn’t have to run to the nearest bookstore to buy new ones.

Crazy Jetstreams

We’ve seen a ton of jet streams in the list so far. This one, though, is going to be very different. Instead of using the jet streams as a prop for the forced perspective photos, Hugo Suissas instead thought of something else.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

Instead, the photographer manipulated the angle and timing of barbed wires and a plane flying overhead to make it look like the airplane made some wild loops before going straight! Now that’s patience, dedication, and a lot of talent there.

Getting A Bit Smelly There

Statues are inanimate objects, or that’s what we think. Don’t worry; they really are. We’re not trying to scare you here with crazy conspiracies. After all, this article is all about the joy of perspective! This photo is pretty funny, though.

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

It shows Lady Liberty in broad daylight being sprayed in the armpit with some Old Spice deodorant. Now, we’re not sure if that’s a good deodorant for women, but we guess that she was just a bit too smelly and had to use the closest thing they had!

Now That’ll Win A Contest

Some of you have probably entered those beach sandcastle-building contests as a young child. It was great to have tons of fun, make friends, and, more importantly, have a shot at winning that cool beach toy set as a prize!

Image courtesy of @suissas / Instagram

It might not be a good idea to join the competition when one of the other competitors creating stuff like this out of their bucket. Good thing it isn’t real because the kid that makes something like this really does deserve those new toys.