4 Tips For A Peaceful And Self-Satisfied Mind

By Stephen M

Image: Shutterstock

Our minds process thousands of bits of information each day, both good and bad, as well as the neutral stuff, like facts or observations. It undergoes stress while trying to figure out ensuing problems and fix them before they turn messy. The mind tries to make things feel or look better. It tries to find solutions to problems, avert possible challenges, or escape uncertainties. This makes the mind restless. But do you know that whatever goes on in the mind, affects our physical being? It is therefore important that we sometimes allow the mind the rest. We sometimes need a quiet moment. A moment we think about nothing, no negativities, but just admire the beauty around us. That peaceful moment that relaxes our minds. Can we just do this for our sanity’s sake? There are many practices you can adopt for a peaceful mind, and we have brought a few for you to peruse.

Be in a quiet environment

Find a very quiet and serene environment with no distractions. With the help of a cushion, raise your hip above your knee level. Now, sit upright in a relaxed manner. You can decide to close your eyes or open them slightly.

Be calm

Remain in the said posture for about 5 to 10 minutes in a very calm and still manner. You can go longer than the mentioned timeframe base on your endurance level. In case you experience restlessness, keep on practicing to master that stillness.

Listen to your body

Always focus on the sensations of the body. Whenever you feel a sensation, pay attention to that part of your body but do nothing, just set your mind on the feelings. What you are feeling is the direct experience of your world.  

Don’t restrict your mind

Image: Shutterstock

As you witness the direct experience, your mind may want to turn away to focus on something different. Mostly, the mind loses focus just to figure out how to fix an immediate need or solve an impending problem. It wants to start working again as soon as possible. When this happens, don’t restrict the mind, let it do whatever it wants to.

Here we go, sit down and try these steps out and you will be happy you did.