5 Ways To Deal With Shattered Stillness

By Stephen M

Life comes with several challenges. It isn’t all rosy as we thought while growing up. Sometimes, we are stretched to our maximum accommodating limit that we feel despair. Having many things to do or problems to solve at once can throw us off guard as things become scattered. We get stressed, scared, unhappy, overwhelmed, and even depressed because we think we are alone in such a situation. But no! Many other people are battling the same situations or even more. How do we then deal with scattered situations or get out of the feeling of being scattered? Here are some tactical ways out.

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Confront the situation

The best way to deal with uncomfortable situations is by accepting that they do exist. We do wish, but there is no way we can enjoy a trouble-free life. Life has its risk factors and can be turbulent sometimes. Your business, relationships, and family can all come to its knees with all sorts of problems. However, when you accept your current state, you can attack the situation head-on.

Find peace

Finding solace and peace amid a chaotic situation puts you in the right mind frame to confront the issue. Panicking may result in making wrong decisions, and you may end up worsening your plight. Don’t also judge yourself for making wrong decisions. Be calm, do something that makes you happy, talk to people with positive energy, and you can weather the storm.


Endurance, mental fortitude, and focus are critical in dealing with a state of scatteredness. When you feel scattered, don’t be overwhelmed, relax, and practice living with the situation. For example, if your business goes down, learn to live with the situation by cutting down some expenses. The more you practice to endure the chaos, the better you can live with it while finding lasting solutions.

Don’t judge yourself

We sometimes make terrible decisions, resulting in messy situations and our downfall. Procrastinations end us with piles of tasks to attend to or even dismissal from work. We mostly become hard and blame ourselves for the downfall. However, judging yourself while down can worsen the situation.

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Seek for support

Nothing is wrong with seeking help in times of despair or need. Don’t try to play the superman role in real life. When you need something done quickly, seek help from friends or colleagues. When are facing life challenges, seek professional advice from a counselor or psychologist.