5 Ways To Live A Happier Life

By Stephen M

Everyone dreams of a happier life. To live a life free of frustrations, anxiety, disappointment, heartbreaks, and loss of loved ones. We wish that we hear good news every day, have a prosperous business, good health, and better relationships. Is this possible? Happiness is said to be a state of mind. But can you position your mind to remain happy even after losing a close one?

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Well, that might be hard to achieve, but there are several effective ways to stay happy amid troubles. You should know that there is a genetic contribution to the overall happiness of a person. According to a study by the Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics, genetics can determine 33 percent of one’s happiness. They used twins for this study. This means 67 percent of our happiness depends on us. Here are simple ways to help you live a happier life.

Think Positive

According to studies, the mind process thousands of thoughts each day. Out of these, about 70 percent is negative. This means we cannot do away with negative thoughts. However, we have the power to determine the impact of these thoughts on our lives. Don’t allow your bad thoughts to overwhelm you, make you bitter, sad, or ruin your good relationship with others. Be happy by having a serene mind, and show empathy.

Be grateful for your life

One secret about feeling grateful is that it removes hate and bitterness from you. It shifts the mind from the negative thoughts of you having nothing to a state of appreciating the little you have. Be grateful for the little act of kindness and that will make you happier.

Laugh your heart out

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What is stopping you from having a good laugh or smiley face? Your smile lights up the environment and attracts positive energies. In your devastating moment, a smile can make a difference. A smile sends a signal to the brain that everything is ok, and that it should stop worrying.

Forgive easily

Keeping grudges makes you full of hate and vengeful. It impedes your development, and worse of all, it keeps you in bondage. But do you know that being forgiving makes you free and joyful? So why don’t you choose this attitude? Forgive and stay happy.

Make positive friends

It is always exciting to be around optimistic and free-spirited people. In your despair and downness, make new friends who can cheer you up.