A School Custodian Receives Car From School’s Faculty, Ending His Walk To Work

By Stephen M

After some months of having to walk to work, a school custodian has finally landed a new car. Chris, who is the head of custodians at Unity Grove Elementary School in Atlanta, had the shock of his life when the school’s faculty donated him his favorite type of car. The generous act was to improve his mobility to work.

In a Facebook video posted by the school, you can see two women and Chris heading towards a car. One of them later hand a key to Chris, to his amazement. She then tells him how they were able to raise the money for the car. The two women then tell Chris, “we love you like crazy.”


A spokesperson for the school in a Facebook post said, “Today was one of those days that make you smile for hours.”

The faculty raised the money through the generous contributions of staff, with the purpose of meeting Mr. Chris’s transportation needs. Staff members Ms. Combs and Ms. MacDonald had solicited funds to help him pay housing and utility bills some few months ago. This wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of the other staff members who saw the need to support Chris.

In the video, the shocked Chris can’t believe his eyes. His facial expression is that of amazement and gratitude. You can hear him say, “there is a God,” with his hand up in the air.


Chris said he never dreamed of such a gesture, and it was mind-blowing. Even more surprising, the car was Chris’ favorite type of car. The staff really went all out to bring this amazing man some joy!