An Act Of Kindness Leads To A Promotion At The Workplace

By Kanyi M

Kind deeds can go a long way; no one knows this better than Dallen Harrell, a 24-year-old UPS driver. Harrell happened to be delivering baby formula to a home, and when he saw that there was a stork sign on the lawn, he decided to leave a message of encouragement.

Source: @tyslee/Unsplash

Through a doorbell camera, Harrell was seen congratulating the family for welcoming their newborn.
This was a relatable moment for him as he had just recently welcomed his own baby boy. He wished the new family happiness and peace while also saying a blessing.

This sweet moment was caught on video and posted to Instagram, where it received over 170k views and hundreds of comments. The mother of the new child, Jessica Kitchel, who was recovering from giving birth, was so touched by Harrell’s kind words that she decided to pass along a thank you to him.

After contacting Harrell, he invited her to meet him. They became close friends, and Kitchel even made him a care package, including diapers, wipes, and a plush giraffe. After the video went viral, more people began sending Harrell things in an attempt to show their gratitude towards him for his kind deed.

Source: @nate_dumlao/Unsplash

UPS recognized how much this story meant and offered Harrell a full-time job as one of their drivers.
In the near future, Jessica hopes that she’ll be able to introduce her boy to Deveraux, who is Harrell’s son.
We congratulate Dallen on his job offer and wish him and his adorable son a lifetime of happiness.