Angels in Orange Suits: Prisoners Turned Quilting Into Labor Of Love For Foster Kids

By Anthony K

When people talk about quilts, what comes to our minds is that old blankie our grandma made for us when we were born. As my granny used to tell us, the art of quilt has always been associated with grit, resiliency, and creative spirit in the face of death, poverty, and other adversities. It was once an art that, in most cases, only women used to practice traditionally. But as the times are changing, so are people. Brace yourself as you are about to have balancing tears on this read.

Would you ever positively think of inmates? Yes, we all heard stories of people convicted unjustly, but the truth is when you hear someone is or was an inmate, your blood goes shivering, doesn’t it. Now let us tell you why your heart will feel differently about inmates in as much some might never change some are just angels.

Image Courtesy of Good News Network

In Missouri’s at the South Central Correctional Center, for the past years, inmates have gone out of their way to customize gifts inform of quilts for foster children, and sometimes these quilts are donated to local charity organizations. During an interview, one inmate named Fred Brown said that when he heard that the inmates used to meet in the sewing room to make quilts that would go to kids in foster homes, he decided to join them and make those kids smile.

Image courtesy of The Washington Post

The inmates’ project is now famously known as the ‘Prison Quilting Circle.’ One prisoner who is part of this circle mentioned that some of them know how it feels to grow in foster care. Gifting these kids in foster homes is only a reminder that they are not throwaways, and they do matter. Coming from an inmate, isn’t that the cutest to hear?

This is a reminder to us that humanity is all we can depend on each day. From the prison to the world!