Digital Artist Uses The Magic Of AI To Show Us Where To Find Fantastic Beasts

By Jishnu B

Witnessing the beauty of adorable animals is the best part about having functional eyes. The universe is balanced like yin and yang. For all the woe and desolation that exists, there are cute animals. They can provide you with a wave of serotonin even during the most dreary winter evenings. Some of you might be feeling down at the mere though of an overcast day, but have no fear since is here! They’ll provide you all the happiness for your desolate souls during the lonely days when you need a pick-me-up.

Dylan, the AI artist behind the Instagram account, specializes in editing adorable animals in various settings with the assistance of Midjourney and Photoshop. While AI art is a highly controversial topic in the current climate, we cannot deny the cuteness of these edits. These photos will have you running for the nearest zoo or shelter instead of Tinder. 

Purrfect Armor

Cats are gorgeous, there is no debate regarding that. Even those who are wary of felines cannot help but admire the divine craftsmanship that went into the creation of a cat. There are many animals in the world that have four legs and a tail…

Image Credit:

…yet no one could replicate the majestic aura of a cat. We can finally understand why the ancient Egyptians chose to worship cats out of all possible animals. Just look at this armored beauty! Do they not look like the god of war? 


This puppy is out of this world! Quite literally. This vast Earth was not enough to contain the adorableness of this pupper. Hence, they had to step out of their earthly domain to spread their cuteness all over the universe. We wish the aliens the best of luck. 

Image Credit:

Their eyes and heart might not be enough to withstand such beauty. We’re certainly struggling not to cuddle this fluffy child. Good thing they are AI-generated and not real. We might have gone on a quest to find this dog and give him a boop on the nose.

Sir Piglet

Watch out, people. The leisure days of enjoying crispy bacon and honey-glazed ham are over. The pigs are starting to revolt. Sooner or later, they will take revenge on each and everyone of you for eating their brothers. We hope you’re ready to answer for your crimes!

Image Credit:

Sir Piglet has already started their training process. In a few summers, the meek piglet will become a mighty warrior! Therefore, you should quit eating pork and make that vegan lady from TikTok proud. Besides, look at that sweet face. You should kiss it, not eat it.

Sir Peter Rabbit

RIP to whoever messed with this rabbit. This bunny looks like it won’t tolerate any funny business. Sir Peter Rabbit is quite the valiant soul. They broke out of the docile stereotype that had been stamped on the bunnies. Kudos to them for being such a go-getter!

Image Credit:

Don’t be fooled by Sir Peter Rabbit’s deceptively adorable face. Do not mess with this guy; this fellow can and will stab you when provoked. Unlike Sir Piglet, they are done with their training and are already a seasoned fighter.

Prince Purring

God is testing us with this cat and we forgot to study. If Dylan was trying to intimidate us with this kitten, then they failed at it horribly. You mean to tell us we’re supposed to take this fellow seriously? Just look at sweet face! 

Image Credit:

If we ever got into a fight with them (something that is impossible. We would have unconditionally surrendered to whatever demand they might have had), our weapon of choice would have been hugs instead of swords. Affection is the only thing that this princely cat deserves. 

He Looks So Proud

@netflix, please cast this precious hedgehog as the Emhyr var Emreis. You’ll never find a more fitting individual to play the Urcheon of Erlenwald. You’re welcome for this suggestion. You can thank us by offering us royalties. It’s what we deserve for such a brilliant contribution.

Image Credit:

Logically speaking, this sweet hedgehog would be the perfect soldier. They’re armored by mother nature herself. Their spiky back will wound and defend against most attacks from behind. They also have the cutest eyes, which can bedazzle and distract opponents from the front.

Loyal Warrior’s Pup

Dogs have always been man’s best friend. It doesn’t matter where you go; your pup will walk the concrete city streets, the snowy hill terrains, and the sandy beaches, trotting at your heels. If your dog had the option to choose, they would have most likely followed you to the afterlife.

Image Credit:

If they can follow you to death, going to war with you is no biggie. Therefore, seeing this loyal warrior puppy on an expedition isn’t too surprising. Perhaps, this was Dylan’s attempt at making a medieval version of the modern-day police K-9s.    

Oh, Bother

We heard of the horror twist, Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, that came out recently. We didn’t know Disney came up with a new adventure sequel. Who needs Dora The Explorer when you have “Winnie the Pooh Explorer.” Unlike Dora, he actually knows how to read a map. 

Image Credit:

Although, we wish he had his signature bright red top. It doesn’t feel like Winnie the Pooh without it. If it weren’t for his unique visage, we might not have recognized him. He also seems a lot less chunkier than usual. Perhaps he lost some weight after adventuring so much.

Sir Quackelot

Forgive us for you will see a lot of duck puns in the near future. But don’t worry. We will be very quack! Sir Quackelot is quite the quackteter. They are a soldier from the church of “birds of Pray.” The bird pope pays his BILLS for fighting for them. 

Image Credit:

Sir Quackelot’s job is to inDucktrinate people on behalf of the church. After he stabs people, he puts a duck tape on them. If they are bleeding too much, he calls a ducktor. On weekends, he likes to watch Duckamentary. His favorite actress is Duckota Johnson. 

Pea Coat Season

We hate to say it, but the fashion industry has not done men justice… yet. It’s just the same basic style season after season. When they try to do something drastic, it almost always ends up looking tacky. The ladies have it better in the realm of fashion.  

Image Credit:

However, a good pea coat never fails. We would even be daring enough to say that they’re timeless. If you want to look stylish in the sweater weather, get yourself a nice pea coat. You won’t regret it. This bunny for sure didn’t. Look at how handsome they look in it!

Young Buck

It seems this young reindeer has no intention of becoming the next Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. It’s 2023. No one has time to pull a heavy sleigh like a 16th-century mule. The young buck did themselves a favor by leaving Santa Claus’ workshop. 

Image Credit:

Honestly, Santa should modernize a bit. He should get a helicopter or some other aerial vehicle if he still wants to deliver gifts to children. Logically, he should be on his own naughty list for abusing these poor reindeer. Kudos to this young buck for leaving and starting their own adventure.   

Viking Goat

We think it’s fair that goats are associated with Vikings (because the G.O.A.T = The greatest of all time). In case you didn’t know, Vikings have a rich history with these animals. Goats were an important part of the Viking culture. 

Image Credit:

Goats were widely used by the Norse folks for wool, meat, milk, transportation and even landscaping. Besides being a huge part of their lifestyle, the goat also had mythological significance. The goats pulled Thor’s chariot in Norse mythology. That’s right; it wasn’t just an MCU joke!

The Quokka Knight

A wise man once said that Australia is where the devil stores all of his pets. We don’t know the identity of the wise man; we only know truer words that have never been spoken before. If you wish to see a toddler-sized tarantula or fistfighting between kangaroos, go to Australia. 

Image Credit:

However, one Australian species that we have no complaint against are the quokkas. These animals were designed to provide humanity with serotonin. They’re called the happiest animals in the world due to their resting smiling face. We reckon the quokka knight’s weapon of choice is their shining smile.  

School Picture

This photo almost made us want to make a high school movie about cats. However, after witnessing the tragic dumpster fire that is Cats (2019), we’re scared to even entertain that idea. If these pictures are making you too happy and you need to wind down, go watch this movie. 

Image Credit:

You’ll never be the same again after finishing the movie (if you don’t die halfway through from the cringe). This handsome cat is in a very different movie; we imagine he was the heartthrob of high school. He’s probably the student council president and gunning for Harvard.

Sir Rotty Weiler

Rottweilers are heavily underrated and today we’ll attempt to change that. First of all, look at this face. Is this not the sweetest boy ever? This precious child deserves to be kissed and cuddled. We must also give them some belly rubs and nose boops.

Image Credit:

They’re amazing as a family pet. Rottweilers are also very good guard dogs. If you train them properly, they’re set for life. You get to have a loving, loyal companion, and a sense of security. It also helps that Rottweilers look amazing and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood. 

Corgi Adventurer

May the lord have mercy on our poor soul. This listicle is a torture to write. We basically have to stare at artificially generated photos of adorable animals for several hours straight and don’t get to pet any of them. We do not care for AI anymore. 

Image Credit:

AI isn’t making our life any better, that’s for sure. In fact, we refuse to be impressed by technology until someone invents a way for us to download food and pet cute animals through the computer. Someone better find a way for us to cuddle this corgi. 

Jedi Padawan Pup

Any Star Wars fan will be familiar with the term “padawan.” Padawans are basically Jedis in training. However, things didn’t end too well for these disciples. Spoiler alert: most of them were exterminated after Order 66 was invoked. It was quite a tragic event. 

Image Credit:

However, guess who survived the extermination. It’s this sweet pup! They have the warmest puppy eyes, and Anakin would have melted at the first sight of those doe eyes and stopped the mission. This is why you should adopt dogs. They are shields given by the gods. 

Ewok Bounty Hunter

This is the first appearance of a fictional animal in this listicle. We promised you adorable animals, but we didn’t say anything about all of them being real. Star Wars fans would be pleased to know that we have a few more additions inspired by the franchise.  

Image Credit:

Despite their small stature—standing at only one meter all—Ewoks are curious and courageous beings. However, they can be skittish around new things. They are often described as ugly. We, however, believe that they’re adorable. This little bounty hunter stole our heart.

Lion Samurai

From what we know, lions didn’t exist in the Kamakura period. After all, the “king of the jungle” roamed the forests of Africa, and Japan was thousands of miles away. However, with Dylan and the magic of AI, we can get a glimpse into that alternate universe.

Image Credit:

A lion on its own is formidable enough. However, if you hand it a samurai sword, you have triple the amount of danger. However, we cannot complain. This baby lion is only a picture and samurais are long gone. Therefore, we have nothing to fear… for now.

White Tiger Cub

No, this isn’t a fictional, impossibly cute animal. You would be pleasantly surprised to know that white tigers actually do exist. Usually, tigers are bright orange, but rare mutations can occur within the Royal Bengal tigers in Bangladesh and India.

Image Credit:

However, this happens very rarely in the wild. Most of these cubs don’t get to reach adulthood, and there are currently none living in the wild. Though perhaps this lone cat has been hiding and is here to liberate the roughly 200 zoo-bound white tigers.

Gandalf The Monkey

Dylan seems to be very fond of the cult classics. Many of his edits are inspired by classic fantasy franchises. It’s no surprise he delved into J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. If you know this series, then surely you know of Gandalf.

Image Credit:

If the word “wisdom” had a photo in the dictionary, it would be Gandalf’s face. He’s lived a long time and seems to know the answer to all of your questions. He could probably answer if the chicken came first or the egg came first—it’s the egg, by the way.

A Fancy Duck

Sorry, fellas. It’s that time of the listicle again where we start spewing a bunch of duck and bird-related puns. They’re quite tasteless, to be honest. Don’t blame us. Blame Dylan. They’re the one who made so many duck edits and awakened the inner dad in us.  

Image Credit:

This lil’ duck is probably a cousin of agent Perry the Platypus. Perhaps, he’s a ducktective (sorry, that was bad). This little gentleman conDUCKts investigation when things seem quacktionable. When he’s working undercover, he becomes a seDUCKtive casanova to uncover precious intel. 

He’s Got A Quest For You

You already met Gandalf the monkey. Now, it’s time you meet Bilbo the capybara. Guess what? He happens to have a quest for you. We don’t know about you, but for this capybara, we’re willing to trek through the underworld and walk on lava. 

Image Credit:

Did you know that capybaras are the biggest member of the rodent family? They’re also the “Chad” of nature. They’re friends with everyone in the wild, and you can see many photos of birds and animals chilling on capybaras. Even crocodiles are friends with them.   

Kitten Jedi  

Move over, Yoda. Your days of being the cutest Jedi is over. Kitten is now back in town. They will outshine everyone with their cute visage. Not even the baby Yoda can combat their cuteness. That’s a controversial opinion… but we know we’re right.

Image Credit:

Maybe this is Puss in Boots’ son. They certainly bear an uncanny resemblance to him. Perhaps, they crossed universes and became Jedi at a young age. They are looking mighty fine with their green lightsaber. The kitten has what kids these days call a “drip.”

School Picture 2.0

Dylan is back at it again with his school photo trope. This time, it’s with a dog instead of a cat. We were resisting from suggesting making a high school movie around animals; however, Dylan is making things hard for us with these edits.  

Image Credit:

Just imagine; the cat would be the cold, cynical protagonist that we see in almost all high school rom-coms. Meanwhile, this happy pup is the secondary lead who gets their heart broken (because nice guys almost never win). Someone make this movie and give us the royalties.

Jedi Padawan Frog

We’ll be honest here, and this opinion might anger a few people, but the truth needs to be spoken and we are willing to die for honesty. Frogs are ugly. There, we said it. They are ugly and we don’t see why people think they look cute.   

Image Credit:

However, we have no complaints regarding this Jedi Padawan frog. We hope they survived Order 66. Their big, googly eyes seem to hold all the answers to the world. We reckon he’s a skilled fighter. He probably won’t require a lightsaber; his long tongue is enough. 

Little Wanderer

Little wanderer themself is a source of wonder. How can anything in this can be this cute? Just look at those big eyes and those floppy ears. We’re angry that modern technology isn’t advanced enough for us to reach out through the screen and hug them. 

Image Credit:

Some of the netizens had humorously commented that the cat seems like he needs to visit the bathroom. That brings to this question: since they are cats, will they use a litter box? Or will they use a normal toilet since they are given human characteristics. 

Happy In The Snow

This is quite confusing; we have no idea what this animal is. It could be a dog, or a hyena. It doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that it’s a cute creature enjoying snow. While it’s still cold out, we should also strive to do the same. 

Image Credit:

Only those who have access to warm clothes in the winter can actually see the beauty in snow. Therefore, if you have any old warm winter wear that has shrunk, pass it on. The animals also need assistance. Give the strays shelter and food. Let’s all enjoy the snow. 

Judgmental Opossum

Dylan, this feels like a personal attack. It’s enough that our father is disappointed in our poor life choices. Why must you make this possum stare at us with such judgment? Are we that bad? Even AI-generated animals are bullying us these days.  

Image Credit:

Jokes aside, please don’t be discouraged. Being a young adult is harder than people think. It’s when you start becoming a functional part of the society and life starts throwing curveballs at you. Your parents and others will most likely criticize you for your mistakes, but don’t let that stop yourself from advancing.

Proud Prairie Dog

If we were that cute, we would be proud, too. Narcissism would be our middle name if we been born as this prairie dog. We would refuse to look at anything else but our face. We would have also made a bedroom out of mirrors. 

Image Credit:

Some of you might not know about the gem that is a prairie dog. These rodents look like a cross-breed between a squirrel and a meerkat. It’s the cutest thing ever. Hold on while we look up if we can adopt one; we need one of these in our life. 

Jedi Padawan Kitten

Feast your eyes, people. You’ll never see a cuter cat (except for our cat. She is a gremlin, but we love her). We have labeled various animals “the cutest” several times in this listicle. We can’no’t help it. They just keep getting cuter and cudlier. 

Image Credit:

After we are done writing this listicle, we’ll check blood sugar levels. We fear we garnered diabetes after seeing so many sweet animals. We might also look up how to apply for the position of a Jedi. We have to find a way to get closer to this kitten.

Ronin Panda

Did a fourth movie from the Kung Fu Panda franchise come out? How come we never heard of this. Someone please call master Shifu. Something happened to our soft boy Po. He seems very hardcore for some reason. The new villain must be quite a challenge. 

Image Credit:

We would also like to educate you on some Japanese culture, while we are still on the topic of ronin. Ronins are also samurais, but with a key difference. Ronins didn’t have a master. They were free swordsmen who roamed around at their own will. 

The Trickster  

Oh my, we didn’t know Nick Wilde from Zootopia had a little brother. He also seems to be following his brother’s con man career and becoming a trickster, too. Good for him. Those big brains have to be used for something. Although they don’t really need to do such things. 

Image Credit:

Their adorable faces are more than enough. If they look at us with that sweet face and tell us to rob a bank, we’ll do it immediately. Pretty privilege is a real thing, and this fox knows all about it.

He’s Small But He’s Got A Big Heart. And A Great Beard

How is his small face even carrying so much facial hair? We fear his neck might break from the weight. Then again, they are the GOAT (greatest of all time). Perhaps we don’t need to worry. This precious fellow will be just fine. 

Image Credit:

If you listen closely, you might hear the jealous sobs of teenage boys all around the world. Apparently, some claim you aren’t a man if you can’t grow a beard (please don’t listen to such nonsense. You perfect the way you are). In that sense, this goat is the manliest man. 

Old Meister Guinea

There is no nice way of saying this: we are willing to be a guinea pig for this adorable guinea pig. They can experiment with us all they want if they let us pet them a few times. Also, it is kind of fair. 

Image Credit:

We humans have been experimenting with various products on these poor creatures, it’s only fair they get the chance to do the same. In the meantime, you can stop this malpractice by boycotting all brands that don’t have the “cruelty-free” label on them. Support humane brands instead. 

Little Fennec The Hobbit

May the lord have mercy on our poor soul. There is so much cuteness in this world. Yet we only have two small hands and an embarrassingly empty wallet. Those are not enough for us to pet all the cute animals in the world. 

Image Credit:

Who said there is no he** on earth? If there is no he** on earth, why are still suffering this torture? In the next life, we want to be a tarantula with eight arms. Even then, it might not be enough. In anyways, we must find a way to cuddle this fennec fox.

The Red Knight

The sky is blue; the grass is green; water is wet; cereal is soup, and pandas are cute—these are all universal truths that are set in stone. If you deny them, there is something wrong with you (we are kidding about the cereal. Please don’t sue us). 

Image Credit:

We all know the iconic (and chonky) black and white panda. We know ’em, we love ’em. Meet the smaller, bright red cousin—the red panda. To say these Asian things are cute are an understatement. Sadly they are currently endangered. Maybe this red knight can fend off the poachers.

Astropup 2.0

Before you say anything, no, this isn’t a repeat photo. Sure it’s similar, but that’s just because Dylan likes to repeat themes with various animals. As you have seen, they’ve done multiple works with Jedis, padawans, and residents of Hobbiton.   

Image Credit:

He is very consistent in his work for sure. It’s amazing to think that all of these photos are generated by AI. Although Dylan had done some tinkering, the base image was generated with artificial intelligence. It makes you think about what the future could hold for us. 


Mr. Toad of Toad Hall is off to drive his motorcar. We previously commented how the fashion industry has done the gentleman a great injustice. There isn’t enough variety for them in which they can look unique. It’s the same suit, tie, and leather jacket over and over again.

Image Credit:

Mr. Toad seems to be perfectly fine. They are looking mighty fine in their cardigan. Mr. Toad is also adorning the signature pose of this generation, the “hands in the pocket” pose. Perhaps Mr. Toad is a Gen Z. He is quite the stylish fellow. 

He Just Can’t Wait To Be King

The Lion King was a huge hit, both the animated and live action versions. As per Disney’s tradition, there was a sequel, The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. However, we don’t remember it taking place in medieval Europe. Though the theme of overthrowing a usurper king is pretty European, don’t you think?

Image Credit:

Someone should make a movie out of this. If not, make a fanfiction out of it. We don’t really care, so long as it gets made in some form. We just hope Disney will give us some royalties for our amazing ideas. However, knowing Disney, that is highly unlikely. 

Samurai Tiger

What happened to Tigress? Was she upset that master Oogway chose Po as the dragon warrior instead of her? Honestly, if we were in her position, we would be upset, too. Imagine, working for something all your life and having an overweight panda steal it from you right under your nose. 

Image Credit:

No wonder Tai Lung was so enraged. We would have done the same. Maybe Tigress left China and went to Japan to become a samurai. It would certainly be a wonderful spin-off. We would love it if she had her own movie. We hope someone from Dreamworks reads this listicle.

Little Lizard Traveler

You may have already figured it out by now. Reptiles and us do not mix well. Cold blooded animals are not for us. We are very generic in the sense we love furry, fluffy animals. However, you are free to love what you want. 

Image Credit:

Don’t let our rigidness stop you from admiring reptiles, particularly this fella. This lizard has had enough of bland walls and ceilings. There is so much more to this world and this lizard plans on discovering it through his travels.

Jedi Kitten

Just when you think it can’t get any cuter, Dylan hits us with something like this. What else can we say except thank you? Jedis are awesome. But a cat Jedi? That is even more spectacular. Dylan just keeps making it better and better. 

Image Credit:

Star Wars fans will most certainly have a blast if they visit Dylan’s Instagram page. It’s filled with many Star Wars-themed edits. They also post other contents that are not strictly animal related. Regardless of your interests, you’ll have fun exploring their portfolio. 

Lion Samurai 2.0

We already talked about this. Dylan likes repeating themes. We have seen quite a few big cat samurai. Even though the last samurai left this planet 150 years ago, their legacy still remains, with even cute animals impersonating them. Perhaps AI isn’t so bad after all.

Image Credit:

While it made our lives easier, the fear of it negatively affecting the future will probably always remain. There is no doubt that with AI, we’re using our own intelligence less. This paradox is making us lazier. It’s also threatening the livelihood of artists. 

Tis the Season 

We saved the best for the last. As much as we love all dogs, pit bulls hold a special place in our hearts. They are so freaking adorable. Looking at their face makes our day and possibly year. It’s so sad that these dogs have such a bad rep. 

Image Credit:

Pit bulls are sturdy dogs that were used in illegal dog fights. That gave them the reputation that these are aggressive dogs and unsuitable as pets. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They are giant sweethearts that love cuddles. If you train them properly, they’ll become the best dog.