Artist Brings Objects And Food To Life In Anime Style

By Anthony K

Artists can draw some pretty amazing stuff, and they get even more talented as time passes and they practice more and more. But talent and skill are not all an artist needs; they also need creativity. Being creative allows artists to bring things to life and add character to their drawings.

Source: @javierdiazg/Pexels

Little details can provide information about their life, hobbies, and personality traits. Hence, it’s no surprise that people are intrigued by artists like Rinotuna, who can create lifelike figures based on everyday materials.

His designs are unique since he upholds the original object’s theme and color scheme.

Being a fan of Japanese anime and manga arts, Rinotuna started drawing at a young age. The artist would look up his favorite characters and try to recreate them in his own style. As the years went by, his skills developed greatly, but so did his creativity.

The artist was no longer happy with drawing creations from other artists, and he didn’t want to simply draw the things and people around him. Rinotuna wanted to do something different in hopes of leaving a legacy behind.

Rinotuna decided to contribute to the art world by bringing everyday objects to life. The artist is Japanese, so he follows his country’s artistic movements, including anime and manga. That’s why his pieces are all in anime style.

Photo Credits: rinotuna/Instagram

While most people draw what they see, artists like Rinotuna take things to a whole new level when they use inanimate objects as references to create characters. Not a lot of people would be able to come up with different characters based on Duracell batteries, and this piece just attests to Rinotuna’s creativity.