Benefits Of Graduating Behind Bars

By Anthony K

Every individual has a right to education. Beyond securing a job opportunity with a degree earned from prison, one can repair their self-esteem and approach to life. This piece explores various benefits of graduating from behind bars.

Key Benefits of Graduating While in Prison

It helps one regain self-esteem and self-confidence.

Thoughts of inmates are mostly associated with the idea of individuals that went against norms of society to end up in that unfortunate predicament. With the combination of folks from all walks, one is bound to meet individuals with different exposure to education. Pursuing education behind bars can help one regain the respect and trust of friends, relatives, and strangers. When competing in a fair environment, an ex-con graduate has an equal shot at available job openings.

Photo by: J Emilio Flores/ Cal State LA

It helps one Secure a Source of Income

Landing in prison may seem like a dead end as one struggles to secure a source of livelihood for themselves and loved ones. Graduating in a specific field improves an individual’s chances of exploring various job openings. With the collection of diverse skills, knowledge, and attitudes from behind bars, one can survive and thrive in competitive job markets. Making an honest effort to study and graduate ensures that an ex-con makes enough to fend for themselves and the immediate family.

Change one’s perspective of life

Most folks argue that idle minds provide fertile workspaces for the devil. To graduate behind bars, one must focus on the studies to ensure they earn desirable grades at all costs. Spending more time digging into books and recounting lectures helps one build a more positive towards education and the competitive job market while reducing the need to engage in unlawful behavior. Graduate inmates are likely to interact with friends and family from a different angle.

Photo by: Robert Huskey/ Cal State LA

Final Thoughts

Improving the lives of prisoners before and after serving time is receiving new focus. While behind bars, an individual can take advantage of programs like Cal State LA’s Prison B.A Graduation Initiative to seek further education and vocational experience.