Bizarre Bowls: Wacky And Wild Toilets That Defy Logic

By Ayomitide F February 14, 2024

Toilets! Now, we choose to ignore them or don’t talk about them that often. But the thing is, toilets deserve more props than they get. We head there multiple times a day for a combination of reasons: dealing with nature’s calls, scrolling endlessly on our phones, maybe flipping through a magazine, getting away from our nagging wives and girlfriends, or even brainstorming the next big idea. After all, great thoughts don’t just happen in showers.

Funny enough, you might even read this while chilling on your porcelain throne. Studies say we’ll spend around six months over our lifetime seated on our trusty toilets. Now that’s just wild, isn’t it? If you want to see more bizarre stuff, chill with us as we go through these wacky toilets with threatening auras.

Taco Bell!

Oh man, a Taco Bell-themed toilet? Now, that’s a spicy twist on bathroom decor. Imagine walking into a restroom and stepping into a Taco Bell wonderland – the ultimate homage to late-night munchies. It’s like the lost city of El Dorado but for fast-food enthusiasts.

Alex Pappas/Facebook

Let’s just say this particular one belongs to the one and only Emperor of Crunchwrap Supremes. All hail, the supreme porcelain throne! You gotta wonder what else is in store: “Does it play ‘Livin’ Más’ anthems when you flush?” or “What if it dispenses hot sauce packets instead of toilet paper?”

Iron Throne

It looks like someone leaned into their Pirates of the Caribbean fandom a little too much. Imagine you walk into a bathroom, expecting the usual, run-of-the-mill porcelain throne. But wait, what’s this? A skull-themed toilet seat staring back at you with its hollow, bony gaze.

All Thing About Skull/Facebook

This is the kind of toilet seat you display at a heavy metal concert for aesthetics and then sell to the highest bidder afterward. You can bet Halloween gets even more twisted with this one. Of course, this is the biggest, baddest, most hardcore toilet on the block.


Ah, the old scooter-toilet hybrid. This is one of those inventions that jumped straight out of a cartoon or the fever dream of a bored plumber. But, yeah, we can see the point, you know? Massive improvements in multitasking and personal mobility.

Albert Almazan/Facebook

You’re on the go, anywhere and anytime, with this porcelain special. Just scoot over to a discreet corner (legal and moral implications are a fuzzy area here, so let’s glide past those), do your business, and you’re back to the bustle in no time. If you’ve got no time to spare, this is the way to go.

We got the Keys!

Imagine this: you stroll into your bathroom, ready for a routine pit stop, and BAM! There it is, a classical piano right next to the toilet. Who in their right mind thought, “You know what this bathroom needs? A touch of Beethoven!” Someone might suddenly want to play wonderful music while doing their business.

Mick Perryman/Facebook

On the flip side, it’s the perfect setup for a bathroom concert. Forget reading magazines or scrolling through your phone; now you can enjoy some live piano tunes. But take it easy; you wouldn’t want to accidentally drop some notes in the wrong key.


Woah, a field of toilets. It’s almost like someone decided to sprinkle the whole land with a motley crew of porcelain thrones, as if they’ve all marched there for their final salute. Yes, you’ve just envisioned what could be dubbed a “graveyard for toilets!”

Mick Circeo/Facebook

It’s as if each one, from the sleek and modern to the quaint and vintage, has a story to tell. Maybe one was part of a grand old mansion, another in a tiny apartment. It tickles the imagination, doesn’t it? We can’t help but wonder what lives these toilets led before they ended up in this dump.


Imagine you and your significant other sitting knee-to-knee in the most vulnerable moments. This setup could be the ultimate test of a relationship. Forget about long-distance challenges, meeting the parents, or deciding what Netflix show to binge next. This is the real deal.

Markus Doehr/Facebook

You’ve hit peak companionship if you can share a toilet session with direct eye contact. It’s like, “Do you, dear, take this person to have and hold, in sickness and health, and in synchronized bathroom breaks?” Imagine the conversations, too. There’s no escaping the tough questions now.

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