Bus Driver Honored For A Selfless Deed

By Divya G

On a cold night, a man named Richard stepped on the bus of driver Natalie Barness. The lady from Wisconsin works for the Milwaukee County Transit System. Since Richard was a frequent passenger, Natalie knew him well.

Image courtesy of @anntarazevich / Pexels

After a little chat, Natalie learned that Richard no longer had a home. The authorities had condemned his house. Richard stayed on the streets for a week with no place for him to go. 

Becoming aware of the unfortunate event, Natalie lent out a helping hand. Initially, she offered Richard the warmth of her bus. She also arranged for some food for the homeless man.

Image courtesy of @fotios-photos / Pexels

She made the most of her connections and helped Richard get into a community shelter with the help of a friend. The community shelter helped Richard finally find a steady roof over his head.

A home isn’t the only thing that Richard gained from this incident. He also found a lifelong friend in Natalie. According to Natalie, Richard is a grateful buddy who regularly checks up on her.

Meanwhile, Natalie’s selfless act did not go unnoticed. She was honored by the MCTS. Natalie believes everyone needs a little help at some point in life, and she was glad to be there for a friend.

The chief of the MCTS revealed in a statement that her act of kindness was exemplary. MCTS Excellence highlights acts of kindness by its people every year. They encourage more people to spread kindness by honoring recommended employees.