Fuel For Thought: 45 Funny And Relatable Car Memes

By Arvyn B

Anyone with a car will know just how liberating it feels to have one. You can go almost anywhere that you want to, at virtually any time of the day. You can even jam along to whatever song you want to listen to! There is no greater way to travel. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of having a car is something that we will deal with almost every single day. Traffic! Just sitting there as time passes you, waiting for the traffic to end can be annoying. But never fear – we have the perfect solution for you. What is it, you ask? Well, it is a collection of hilarious memes, of course! You should only look at these when it is safe to do. We hope they can bring you some relief from being stuck in traffic!

Sirens all around

Sometimes, we have our music turned up so loud in the car that it is difficult to hear anything else that’s going on around us. So, when you hear sirens, you have to ask yourself, is that part of the song, or is it outside?

Image courtesy of miilkkk/Twitter

That is exactly what happened to this user! Usually, it tends to be from outside, as sirens are not usually in a song. If you’re not sure, you should definitely try turning down the volume a little bit to check.

Use your signal

Another infuriating part of driving is the number of people who simply fail to use their turn signal. It is there for a reason and keeps everyone safe because they know what you are doing. So, use it, for crying out loud!

Image courtesy of barnorama.com

Being stuck behind someone like this is just the worst. You have no idea if they are going left or right, which can make things quite scary. We strongly recommend that everybody uses their turn signals if you are, well, turning.

Let me through

This is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. Sometimes, you want to turn into a store parking lot (using your turn signal!), but other cars refuse to let you in, so you have to wait. Then the honking starts!

Image courtesy of memesandmoodz/Instagram

It really does feel like you can’t catch a break! You just want everyone to know that it is not your fault, and you are waiting for someone to let you through. However, sometimes you have to be aggressive.

Imagination vs. Reality

Any mom will totally agree that this meme is just too true. No matter how old your child is, you will always see them as being a little baby. Even if they are behind the wheel of their car!

Image courtesy of memes_with_faizan/Instagram

It does not matter how old you get or how fancy your car is. Moms care about their children and will refuse to see that they have grown up and are not their little babies anymore. You just have to keep trying to look older!

Driving with Mom

We have definitely all experienced this feeling before. Not only do moms always think that we are children driving cars, but they also seem to think that we are always speeding – even when we are doing the speed limit!

Image courtesy of splinz_/Reddit

A lot of moms seem to react exactly like this meme – shrieking, even if there is no immediate cause for it! We wonder what the story was like when they were younger. Their moms probably screamed like this, too!

Turn it down

This one is pretty bizarre, but we are sure that everyone has experienced this at some point in their driving careers. Whenever you need to concentrate on something specific, like following directions, we turn down the music. It is so odd!

Image courtesy of King Wrap Customs/Reddit

It seems very strange that we need to stop listening to use our eyes, but it does work. It is likely because less sound means fewer distractions, so you can concentrate more on paying close attention to your surroundings.

Bright light

Driving late at night can often be a little scary, as it can sometimes be challenging to see the things around you because of the darkness. Other times, it is difficult because it is too bright behind you, like this meme suggests.

Image couresy of thunderdugeon.com

You should constantly adjust your headlights and make sure that they are not too bright. Not only does it help other drivers to see better, but it can also help your car’s battery. So, you should keep it in check!

No more

Impatient people when driving are just the worst. We are not sure what makes people get so antsy in their cars, but it happens way too often. Control your road rage, people! We have certainly all felt this meme before.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

You try to be nice to other people, but they start honking their horns at you to let you through. It feels really frustrating, and you ask yourself why you bothered being kind to them in the first place.

It’s illegal

This experience is universal, and we are not sure why. Whenever you are in the car with your parents, turning on the backseat light is one of the worst things you could do. They would always say it is illegal!

Image courtesy of Fillthegap2/Reddit

In fact, it is not illegal at all to use your light when you are driving. Otherwise, the car manufacturers would not bother installing it in the car! It is more likely that the light can be distracting to drivers, especially dads.

Freaky friends

We all have that one friend that we absolutely do not trust when they drive but feel bad about telling them to their face. For whatever reason, it feels so dangerous, and you fear for your life when they’re behind the wheel!

Image courtesy of 6ix_zw/Twitter

The only way to fix this feeling is to tell them about how dangerous they are. Or you could try strapping on a dozen seatbelts like this woman, writing a will, and saying goodbye to your loved ones before you leave!

Swapping lanes

This meme is so accurate that it hurts. Picture this – you are in a lane with lots of traffic, and the lanes next to you seem to be going pretty quickly. Changing lanes feel like the best course of action.

Image courtesy of MasPopal/Instagram

But as soon as you do it, everyone else gets the same idea, and now you are in the slow lane, and the old lane is the fast one! You really feel like you’ve played yourself, just like this meme.

Just a little further

No matter where you are in the world, it always feels like gas is super expensive, so you try to make whatever fuel you have left last as long as possible. That includes not speeding and making short journeys whenever possible.

Image courtesy of BestBetJeanette/Twitter

Sometimes, you just have to wait until payday until you can refuel, and you end up taking more risks than you should to try and keep your gas going. Hopefully, none of our readers have ended up like this!

The gesture

It does not matter what language you speak, where you are from, or your thoughts about driving. It’s a fact – this hand gesture is the universal sign for showing that you do not understand what another driver is doing!

Image courtesy of Singlesourcedenver/Instagram

It is pretty funny how we all just know what this symbol means without having to explain it. At least once a journey, you will probably end up doing this hand signal because you are so confused about another driver!

Backseat driver

We all have a friend or loved one like this. Backseat drivers are just the worst, as they always seem to think that they know more about driving than you do, even though you are the one in the seat!

Image courtesy of Subtleasianfeels/Instagram

If you know anybody like this, you should definitely try asking them to calm down. It is really distracting and can cause more danger! When you are driving, you should listen to your instincts and drive the way that you feel comfortable doing.

It wasn’t my fault!

If you want to be a successful driver, one of the most important things to remember is that you need to consider every other person. That includes when you are driving along intersections, too. Don’t block anyone else if you can help it!

Image courtesy of ifunny.co

If you do, then you will probably end up feeling like this dog – embarrassed and pretending like nothing bad is actually going on. It is a really horrible feeling, and it seems like the whole world is judging your mistake!

I don’t see you

You could always try following this individual’s advice and try ignoring the other car completely! It will at least make you feel like there is no problem at all, although it is not exactly a great solution to things.

Image courtesy of thats_so_meme/Instagram

We have to say, though, this dog looks very cool wearing those shades. He looks so cool that even the driver in the other car is staring at him! Sorry, mystery driver, but this dog looks much better than you.

My Bad

Having other people in the car with you can be difficult for any number of reasons. One of the biggest issues is having to apologize to them for every mistake that you make. It just feels so embarrassing in the moment!

Image courtesy of daydaynews.cc

You end up giving them a look similar to this dog, no matter what the mistake is. Even if it is a pretty big one, this look appears to solve everything! Or you could try blaming them for distracting you.

That’s okay

We can not count the number of times that we have thought this before! Obviously, we are not encouraging anyone to make any illegal moves while driving. That would be ridiculous! But, we have all experienced this thought before.

Image courtesy of R3ckl3ss-****/Tumblr

It is a little strange that we know the maneuvers are illegal, and yet we choose to do them anyway because they are convenient. Still, it is quite funny that we justify it to ourselves by saying, “it’s okay!”

Road Therapy

Of course, being stuck in traffic is not a good feeling. For many people, it makes them feel extremely frustrated and annoyed. This feeling of anger when driving is called road rage, and it can actually be a good thing!

Image courtesy of @sixfootcandy/Twitter

It can give you some emotional release before you come home. Some people try using stress balls, and others simply get furious when they drive! However, it’s important to remember that any strong emotions can affect the safety of your driving.

I’m sure it’s okay…

We really hope that this meme is just a joke. Otherwise, this user has basically confessed to running over a person! We are not too sure how anyone can mistake a pothole for a human being – they look so different.

Image courtesy of nottoopretty/Instagram

Even so, it is a pretty funny meme, although it might be a little dark. Everyone should keep their eyes peeled and ensure that they do not have any ‘accidents’ like this. Drive safely, and make sure to focus at all times.

Were we driving?

Any long-time drivers will know this feeling, for sure. Sometimes, you can be so used to driving that your mind wanders, and you forget that you are even doing it! This makes you question why you even have a license.

Image courtesy of scrolldrop.com

Of course, they do not just give a license to anybody! The fact that you have one is clear proof of your ability to drive. If you do find you’re getting distracted, try speaking to a doctor about your concentration.

You can’t handle it

We have already seen a meme about the way that moms scream when you are driving your car. But that is not their only way of reacting. Sometimes, they will even grab the side handle to show their fear!

Image courtesy of awwmemes.com

In all honesty, though, does anybody actually know what these handles are for? We reckon that they are probably a safety feature, but it is unclear how they could protect you. They must have another purpose that isn’t for moms!


Another thing that can be really annoying when driving is when someone behind you insists on honking their car. The light has only just turned green, and they feel the need to urge you to go faster. Slow down, people!

Image courtest of Fatherlongleg/Reddit

It is never that serious, and if you are one of the people who do this, we have one question for you – why? It will not get you there any faster. It just makes everyone else around you feel annoyed.

A Doppelganger

Seeing a car that is the same model as yours is always a little interesting—but seeing someone with the same model and color as yours? That is just bizarre! So, we can totally relate to this user and meme.

Image courtesy of yoyoha/Twitter

What would be even weirder is if you saw someone wearing the same clothes as you, driving the car too! In any case, the funniest thing you can do is to tell them “Nice car” as you drive off.

I’m sorry!

For every bad driver, there are a dozen good drivers instead. Whenever you come across someone who will let you cut in, it feels like you have struck gold. And then the light changes, and they are left behind!

Image courtesy of TheSecretVice/Instagram

If only there were a way to let them know how grateful you feel! Of course, you feel nothing but annoyance when it happens to you. We find ourselves doubting why we were ever nice in the first place!

We are not cats

Some of our friends need us to remind them that we do not have nine lives as we are not cats – we are people! Driving recklessly isn’t a good course of action, and you should always try to keep yourself and others safe.

Young drivers, in particular, should keep this in mind, as they have a mindset of being completely invincible. Unfortunately, nobody is really that way! You should follow traffic regulations and check your speed. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

I believe I can fly

Speed bumps are there for one reason and one reason only – to slow you down. However, sometimes it is hard to see them, and you end up going much faster than you probably should. It feels like you are flying!

Image courtesy of 50nerdsofgray.com

As this meme suggests, you end up shaking a lot and feel like you have just gone on a rollercoaster! It can also seriously damage your vehicle. Let this be an important lesson to any fast drivers out there.

Sing it

One of the purest forms of fun is singing along to music in your car. There is something so enjoyable about rocking out to your favorite tunes while driving along. Sometimes, you even forget there are other people around.

Image courtesy of Rhodes411/Twitter

So, when you end up making eye contact with someone as you are singing along with your favorite tune, things just feel awkward! We love this user’s advice, as it is a great way to assert your dominance while you are driving.

Which way?

Here is just another reminder to use your turn signal. You really do not know how annoying it is when you are behind someone who has an inability to use theirs! It feels very frustrating and is so dangerous.

Image courtesy of NewJerseyMemes/Instagram

It is not like it’s a particularly difficult thing to do, either! Just one small lever to press down or push up, and, hey, presto! The turn signal is working! It’s a major convenience for everyone when you use it.

Why is there traffic?

We really hope that this meme is a joke and that nobody is stupid enough to actually think something like this. There are many reasons why there is traffic, including accidents, animals on the road, too many cars at one time, and more.

Image courtesy of Samuelescareno/Twitter

Of course, sometimes people are just slow drivers, and this causes every other driver to be held up. If you’re stuck in traffic, there is no easy way to get out of it other than to just sit there and wait.

I will survive

There seems to be a recurring theme on many of these memes – psychotic friends who have no care for the road! If you have a friend like this, we strongly recommend you let them know about being safer. Or send them this meme!

Image courtesy of Memesandmoodz/Instagram

Unfortunately, you sometimes have just to keep your mouth closed in the car and say nothing to them. You end up having a look on your face like this Baby Yoda. We have definitely all been in this position before!

Karma sucks!

Whenever something like this meme happens, it can feel gratifying. They should never have tried to cut you off in the first place! You have to try hard to contain your laughter when this happens. It’s just too funny!

Image courtesy of Memesandmoodz/Instagram

To make revenge taste even sweeter, you could even try waving at the driver as you go past them, just to let them know how badly they have messed up! Nothing tastes better than seeing karma take effect in front of your eyes.

Into hyperspace

Driving in snowy conditions really does feel like you are going into hyperspace, like in Star Wars! The snow falling down might look magical, but it is actually a real pain to manage when you’re driving. It can cause dangerous conditions.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

You should always try to keep a shovel in your trunk to help remove any snow in your path. If you live in a particularly snowy area, you should get snow tires to keep your vehicle moving along smoothly.

It wasn’t me!

It is a fact – whenever we see a police officer, we always feel we are in the wrong. As soon as the sirens switch on, you assume that they are after you, even if you have done absolutely nothing wrong!

Image courtesy of Babyyodathechildyay/Instagram

At least this emotion is universal, and you know that it’s not just you that feels this sense of fear and dread. The worst part is trying to make yourself look less suspicious, as it usually has the opposite effect!

Bubble wrap

Anyone who suffers from road rage should definitely consider this technique. It’s a sure-fire way to keep you calm and prevent your stress levels from rising too much. Everybody loves to pop bubble wrap! We bet it’s very satisfying of your steering wheel.

Image courtesy of stepfeed.com

Lots of disputes could probably be solved with a bit of bubble wrap. There is something so calming about being able to pop those pockets of air. Bubble wrap is better than a stress ball because it actually makes sounds!

Bye-bye backseat driver

We have already spoken a little about how annoying backseat drivers can be. This meme is quite literally how we feel when someone tries to tell us how to drive. You are the passenger, not the driver, for a reason!

Image courtesy of iamchris_carter/Twitter

Not only does it feel very annoying, but it’s also pretty rude since it suggests that they have no faith in your driving abilities. It can also be pretty distracting too. So, we really love this meme and hope you do!

Stop stopping!

We have seen drivers that go too slow. We have seen drivers that go too fast. But what about the drivers that just don’t seem to…go? They’re just as annoying as the rest of them, and we really dislike it!

Image courtesy of MarylandProbz/Twitter

Some drivers appear to keep stopping every few meters. This can be for many different reasons, including poor visibility in bad weather. Sometimes, it is because they keep letting people cut in, causing so much traffic to pile up.

Father-son advice

Anyone who is teaching their child how to drive definitely deserves a lot of praise. It is a really difficult task! You have to be very patient, kind and need a ton of understanding to do this successfully for the benefit of your child.

Image courtesy of acidcow.com

Of course, giving advice like this is also pretty useful, too! Everyone seems to think that they drive the ‘best’ way, which is obviously a contradiction in itself. That should give you a little more confidence with your skills!

I’m watching you

We are not sure what it is, but something is interesting about looking at other people while waiting at the traffic light—looking at the car next to you offers so much entertainment. We recommend it for anyone feeling bored.

IMage courtesy of the_duluxe_meme_page23/Instagram

We love people watching! We enjoy thinking about the life story of the person next to us and creating an idea of how their life might be. Is it weird? Just a little bit, yes. But, it is certainly very enjoyable!

So that’s the reason…

This meme hits home a little too hard. When we are at home, everything feels great and relaxed. But, there is something about sitting in a metal box on wheels that brings out the worst sides of us all!

Image courtesy of AbbyHasIssues/Twitter

As soon as we step into our vehicle, everyone becomes a problem, and we suddenly start to feel very angry! It probably has something to do with the fact that we think everyone else drives in a terrible way.

What a mess

There is a story behind this meme that we love to know about. Just how on Earth did a full plate of spaghetti get in the back seat, complete with a fork?! Cleaning it up must’ve been a nightmare.

Image courtesy of scrillamemes/Twitter

We are not even sure why someone would be eating something as messy as this in a car. Perhaps it was all staged for this photo and joke – we would certainly hope so! Either way, it is a very relatable meme.

Parallel Problem

Parallel parking is easily one of the hardest maneuvers to complete when you are driving. There are just so many things you need to consider while you are doing it! So we do not blame this user for avoiding it.

Image courtesy of LifeOfAGirlxo/Twitter

It makes total sense to us! Unfortunately, that is not how it is in the real world, as parallel parking is not entirely unavoidable. But, you can bet that we will try our hardest not to have to do it!

BMW Blunder

We would really like to know what it is about BMW drivers that gives them the feeling that they own the road. No matter how fast you’re going or how well you’re driving, they always seem to press up behind you!

Image courtesy of Meme_dawg420/Twitter

Maybe it is because of the high price tag that they feel like the kings of the street. But they are not! At the end of the day, they are just like the rest of us trying to get home.

Absolutely no way

What could be worse than sitting in your friend’s car as they drive? Your friend is driving your car! Seriously, what gives them the idea that they can wreck your car like that? The idea of it is hilarious!

Image courtesy of vidmid.com

So, we totally agree with and feel this meme. Either way, we’d probably end up dying if we let our dangerous friends drive their cars! At least we can joke and laugh about it instead of getting into a wreck.

Singing alone

We have already talked about how much fun singing by yourself in the car is, but it can also be a little scary. Especially when you listen to a song that has a long solo part – it is suddenly terrifying!

Image courtesy of Thefunnyintrovert/Instagram

It feels like you are in a music video, especially when the rain starts falling. Rest assured, everyone else around you can hear your music thumping out of your speakers as you screech along. Just have fun as you sing!