Cats Showing Off Their Claws Help Remind Fur Parents To Keep Their Mits Off The Toe Beans

By Areeba T

Everyone loves cats; we love cats, you love cats (we know that because you’re here), and in general, there is nothing wrong whatsoever with having cats as pets, right? Right?! Wrong. Cats can be very temperamental, and anything from their breed to the environment in which they are raised can affect their behavior. Some are aggressive, lazy, hyper, or affectionate simply by nature, and we have to deal with them on their terms, not ours. Cats, big or small, love showing us exactly how much they love us by displaying their adorably deadly claws by spreading out their little toe beans. A subreddit specifically dedicated to these fluffers, called “Murder Mittens,” is very popular amongst cat people with felines who love to show off their nails.

Mister Ninja

Tiny, he may be, but this young one is no less than a fierce knight in shining armor ready for battle. Flaunting his sharp knives, he’s prepared for anything. Is that a bug under a sofa or a paper ball? Instant death to either!

Image courtesy of TheBoldMove / Reddit

His majestic murder mittens show no mercy to anyone or anything. Forever on his adventurous journey and an excellent spy, he’s not a fan of playing it safe. Beware when you walk through the door. A quick pounce most definitely awaits you.

Touch the Toe Beans and fingers go to smithereens 

Did you know cat toe beans do not exist as personal stress reliever toys for humans, but they actually have a functional element to them? They are shock-absorbers that help cats land safely from high jumps. However, there’s more to these adorable pink buttons.

Image courtesy of if***edhemingway / Reddit

They also hold access to the claws. Pressing these bean buttons unleashes their paw-knives. Shown in the image is the amazing kitten weaponry. That is enough proof that you are one zoomie attack away from getting your fingers to shred apart.

Wicked Lad 

If you see this picture and think “cuteness overload,” you have fallen into his trap. He is not an ordinary fluffball. All that charisma! This kitten is ready to lure you into a dark place. Don’t be fooled by those swoon-worthy eyes.

Image courtesy of deleted user / Reddit

Hypnotizing, some might even say, But those eyes are asking you to do the forbidden. Reach out for a delicious bag of treats and hand it over. Do not even think about resisting; he has weapons, and he’s not afraid to use them.

Prepare to suffer 

This black fluffball has had enough of his human’s neglect. Dinner was supposed to be served at 8:00 pm, but it was done at 8:07 pm, yet again. How irresponsible. Fluffball had to drag his human away from his workstation.

Image courtesy of beeryogacheese / Reddit

How does one heal from such mistreatment? Worry not; we all see how weapon-savvy this lad is. Time to suffer the wrath of the dark lord now. These claws aren’t just for show. His hooman shall reap what he sowed. 

I want attention and I want it now! 

We all know and love cats as tiny independent fellows that roam around the house and go about their business. However, many of them are fond of snuggle-time. Cuddling hours are for warmth and bonding in the cat world, especially in kittenhood.

Image courtesy of maxim_karki / Reddit

Diagnosed with severe cuddle deficiency, this munchkin knows what he wants, and that is instant snuggles. Adorably threatening, this baby with his endearing eyes and razor-sharp claws is on stand-by, waiting for the perfect moment to attack you and earn some chin scratches. 

The Protagonist

Straight out of the movie, this floofster just had THE realization. Please wait a minute – beyond the chubbiness and an illegally cute face, he is fierce as well. One can’t help but wonder what kind of heck he might raise with this information. 

Image courtesy of 2noserings / Reddit

Will the belly rubs transform? Will the kitchen cabinet bugs bid farewell to their families? Will he learn how to put his power to good use? Only time will tell. Be on the lookout for The Floof Found His Claws, coming to theaters soon.

Tell me your skincare routine! 

Known as excellent groomers and self-care queens, cats are all about hygiene and wellness. Long ago, before the skincare trend hit the markets, cats were already well-acquainted with the idea. Carrying their mini-exfoliator on them at all times, aka their tongue, they are pros at big mlems.

Image courtesy of mycatownsmeforever / Reddit

They have learned from us that sharing is caring. This cat uses his surgical instruments to inspect if all is good in the hood. Five minutes with him and your skin will never be the same; take that how you will. 

All about mindfulness!

Doing a big stretch to have a fresh start on his morning, nature’s most prestigious stretcher is sending joyful vibes our way. Teaching us the art of living in the moment, he rests easy. But why are the murder mittens on display? 

Image courtesy of Mechanical-Apple / Reddit

That’s the key. He might be soaking in the daylight, but he’s on guard. Prepared for anything, such as mice minding their own business. While this urban city boy indulges in yoga, he stays connected to his true carnivore nature.

Ornithologists’ nightmare!

Cats are the perfect and most adorable killing machines. Has your feline friend brought his leftover gourmet meal for you after his trip outside? Congratulations, he loves you so very much. Good for you; you are a friend and not a foe.

Image courtesy of Foofynono86 / Reddit

Studies have shown indoor cats can have a deadly effect on the bird population and advise us to keep an eye on them when they go out on adventures. This adorable tabby cat is flaunting its fierce power by showing off its claws with a fresh-out-of-the-salon look. 

The trip you would most definitely pay for 

This fella is keeping the murder mittens on display during vet visits. Coincidence? Most definitely not. Cats are incredibly smart animals, and there’s a reason they flee at the sight of their carrier. They associate it with being removed from their territory. 

Image courtesy of you-spooky-b**ch / Reddit

A vet visit doesn’t add many happy memories to the whole experience either; it’s not surprising that they are not pleased. Contemplating how to get back at his human, this boy is thinking very angry thoughts and giving a subtle hint of his plans.

True to kingship! 

The descendant of the big cat family, this tabby can be found in all sizes in every nook & cranny of the city. Looking squishable, this royal boy has arrived in the kitchen following his trusty nose that suspected the presence of a freshly opened can of tuna.

Image courtesy of thecatisin / Reddit

His stomach may not be grumbling, but the smell was loud enough to wake him up from his precious nap. With a big stretch and a hint of a threat to his human should they get in his way, Mr. Sleepyhead has come to acquire his fish supply.

Lil’ Wizard 

Exceptionally cute, this baby might never have to use her paw-knives. Ready to bewitch anyone with those round eyes, this lil’ wizard knows how to get any job done. From getting extra treats to unlimited cuddles, she can get away with any crime.

Image courtesy of thahsinulislam / Reddit

Her most meowgical spell, called “Murrp,” is so powerful it makes the listener want to melt into a puddle. Legend says that no one has ever escaped it, and anyone who hears it promises their life to protect the master of magic. 

Invited or not, cats love to share food. These independent spirits are built to follow their hearts and fulfill their dreams. Here’s a rule of thumb for cats who are food connoisseurs; any unattended morsel they can see is theirs to taste! 

Image courtesy of AdamWestsButtDouble / Reddit

In search of a delicious new meal that must be sampled, this sneaky boy has decided to put his claws to good use with the utmost skill. Impressive. One can tell this cat is a master of stealth and this is not his first time. 

Murder mittens of a baby kitten!

Small but fierce, this baby is unaware of the enormous feline power she carries. Make no mistake, this palm-sized kitty is still an apex predator and can unleash his sneak attack anytime using his her baby murder mittens. But will she?

Image courtesy of HangryHangryHedgie / Reddit

Bare ankles. A resting hand. Prepare to receive a beating that will at most leave a tingle. This ferocious beast will show no compassion, so make the most of the time you have of his kittenhood and try to train her with soft chin scratches and head pats.

Always feel like somebody’s watchin’ me…

This feline friend’s grim expression and mysterious aura give away that she watches her human sleep. It doesn’t matter if you are a sleep talker or walker; nothing surprises her and nothing will stop her from staring. She might even pounce on you from time to time.

Image courtesy of erubadhriel / Reddit

The human’s sleeping app might miss out on his sleep cycles, but not this dedicated young lady. Should such behavior be taken as an understated warning? Who knows? But those sharp claws are not helping her case at all. 


Adorably chubby, this striking beauty is just the ideal good charm for his human. With a curious tail, a round, innocent face has arrived in front of its human with a purpose in mind. His plan is one-fold; listen to him, right meow! 

Image courtesy of dcedwards77 / Reddit

The cute begging stance for the food that, judging from its eyes, is placed behind the counter is to die for. Not to ignore his amazing sharp claws, steady and assured, this cat knows that if need be, they can make a run for the food via their human’s body. 

It’s dangerous to go alone – here, take these!

Make way for the best trio. Their little faces are to die for and we are already prepared to fight to the death for their safety. This tiny lovely group will make such wonderful friends. And, also let’s not forget: triple the kittens means triple the murder mittens!

Image courtesy of chlotastrophe / Reddit

Whether you are going on a serious quest to get the newspaper out of the door or require gardening buddies, this happy package would have got you covered. Remarkably tiny in size but big in spirits, their humans can count on them for purrs and protection. 

Philosopher Spookes 

This cat right here looks like he has a thesis defense due in 3 weeks, but he just realized he hates his topic “What was I thinking? Significance of rats on the ecological cycle? What’s wrong with me? What will I tell my parents?”

Image courtesy of EarlNeonCog / Reddit

Sure, none of them eat rats or ever will but this goes against their heritage, doesn’t it? This poor little guy is staring into a philosophical abyss. Or maybe he saw a bug and is preparing to pounce. We want to believe the former, but the latter is more plausible.

The legendary sensei 

Revealing his magnificent claws, this cat has no time to lose. Judging from his stance, his big three are clearly in the “always hungry” house. Dig a little deeper and you’d discover that he is Fluff Rising, Cuddly Moon, and Angry Sun.

Image courtesy of icant-chooseone / Reddit

All in all, he is nothing less than a soft baby. Putting up a powerful show, this cat can rock an anime superhero who is in the middle of training his apprentice to face the harsh world. 

Her bed now

Looking at its bold, beautiful tiger stripes & mesmerizing eyes, you almost ignore that this graceful cat is reaching for knives. Surely, the epitome of “desperate times call for desperate measures.” It seems her sharp talons were not enough to battle her enemies.

Image courtesy of kaylrobs / Reddit

With her weapons, it is not time to once and for all take what is rightfully hers: the entire bed. The humans have been living in luxury for too long while the cats are stuck on their tiny trees. This ends today.

Cute but will fight you! 

One lovely thing about cats is that they have all their unique personalities and quirks. Some of them must receive their daily quota of snuggles, while others do just fine with a couple of head pats. The youngling just wanted more affection.

Image courtesy of dacuqui / Reddit

Please make no mistake; her human has been informed. Still, he tried to get up. Hence, things turned claw-full, and the kitty resorted to using her claws to leave a serious warning. He must complete the cuddles quota before going about his day.

Smol & fierce

This baby ginger kitty is ready to put a smile on your face and melt your heart. Her liveliness and personality can be felt through the screen. Babiest of the babies, this orange fluff must be protected at all costs.

Image courtesy of Frannycesca95 / Reddit

Worry not. Nature has got her covered with mini-daggers that accompany her while she takes on the world. This kitten has nothing to lose from the trips to the neighbor’s lawn to quick face-offs with street cats. She will always win.

Sunbathing Floof! 

The love for warm beds and sunny mornings for cats is endless Basking in the afternoon sun has never looked this serene. Cherishing his deep slumber, this black cat is destined to sleep two-thirds of its life. That sounds pretty amazing.

Image courtesy of rootietootieFnF / reddit

Dreaming about chicken and tuna, he has no care in the world. Free housing, unlimited food supply, unlimited love. It only makes sense he’s radiating tranquility. No thoughts, just a living dream of an endless supply of catnip and kitty treats. 

Wolverine, is that you? 

While the rescuer soaks in the joy of saving him in the wild, the kitten contemplates how to get back at him. The “hero” had wrecked all of his plans. The stars were aligned in his favor. Everything was purr-fect.

Image courtesy of spookyluke246 / Reddit

Today was the day to finish off his rat enemy. Perplexed at the human’s audacity to hold him like a tiny baby, the wolverine in him came out. His little yet magnificent claws are peeking out and waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. 

The Sock Thief 

Ever since she was a kitten, she had a love for socks. The human often wondered where they went. It was only after discovering a secret stash of socks behind the couch that its human realized who the culprit was.

Image courtesy of DuckyDoodleDandy / Reddit

First, only the sock drawer fell victim to the paw-knives. But as the kitten grew, so did the hunger for growing her sock collection. There’s no stopping her madness and at the sight of any sock; worn or not, she wants to call it her own. 

Tiny Trickster

His mocking gaze needs no description, but this adorable trickster’s rock-solid plan was indeed a booming success. He has officially become a villain there is no going back. He successfully thwarted a whole vet visit with wits alone. A true master.

Image courtesy of danniedeb / Reddit

And the best part is, the silly little human remains clueless. Did he add catnip to his drink or put him to sleep with his magic purring? Guess we’ll never know. After declaring his victory, let’s just adore the majestic stance from such a tiny being! 

The forbidden cave 

All cats are very territorial, and we probably all respect that about them. Sheltered away from the human noise, this cat is clearly in need of me-time in his safe house. He is sending out signals to be left alone.

Image courtesy of DorMau5 / Reddit

This carbon copy of a jungle lion wants to nap in his dark and cozy bed. He is even flaunting his claws, so nobody decides to disturb them. Wishing this introverted boy a happy recharge so he can return with full energy and ready to play!

A queen watching over her kingdom 

Carrying out her morning ritual, this gorgeous queen with heterochromia is patrolling her kingdom. The murder-mittens are out in case things turn claw-ful at any moment. She was ready even before a nasty bug with no respect for its life sat on her back.

Image courtesy of illustrioushat / Reddit

Not only did it receive a well-deserved swat (as a warning) but because it persisted, it was taken from this world. With no guard or soldiers in sight, this queen flies solo. Aware of her power and wisdom, she takes the defense of the realm very seriously. 

At one with Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather 

Did you know domestic cats share a 95% similar DNA with nature’s most vicious predators? From ninja attack mode to speedy runs, it is all in the genetics. It is amazing that domestic cats carry the traits of wild felines and yet make for such great pets.

Image courtesy of terrymsmith1 / Reddit

Every time your cat reaches out with lightning reflexes and scrams after stealing a piece of chicken, that’s just the tiger in him. Just like this tiny cat is not hesitant to shred the couch while waiting to be graced with your attention.

Caught Mid-meow 

This cat with tiny weapons has two things that he is excellent at. The first thing is being on time. He is also a slave of his routine, a creature of habit, if you will. He loves the predictable life.

Image courtesy of time4stew / Reddit

Along with that, he is the master of leaving his food bowl shiny and clean. Following this trait comes his amazing napping abilities. It does not matter if the weather is too cold or too hot. For him, it’s perfect for taking a nap. Even hurricanes will not disturb him. And you’d better not, either.

Defender of the realm 

Carrying the royal blood of her big cat ancestors, she honors her heritage by at least chasing down one animal per day. Fond of naps and terrorizing small animals, this cat, known as one of the gentlest and friendliest when dealing with her human charges, is all about balance.

Image courtesy of deleted user / Reddit

She’s obsessed with snuggles, but can’t let the prey get away without some struggle. As seen in the photo, she starts her mornings right with knife sharpening and a big stretch, aware of the paw-sibility that prey could enter the scene any moment.   

The mom friend

Soft, kind, and caring, this black cat is radiating complete mom friend vibes. Just like the mom friend in your squad who is not afraid to stop you from eating that delicious ice cream because she knows you’re lactose intolerant.

Image courtesy of lenakinz / Reddit

This cat, right here, also wants to use her profound knowledge of self-care on her favorite human. Though the murder mittens do not have a malicious aim, they for sure are being used to keep the human in place as she gives her a bath.

The cutest investigator

Mister Oreo, lying adorably at his human’s work desk, has found out the secret and is telling us with his cutest face that his parent needs to spill the beans. The human who believed they had carried out a perfect crime has been caught red-handed.

Image courtesy of hyperRed13 / Reddit

Not once but a couple of times, the no-longer-trusted human has been seen sneaking Oreo’s food outside. And then, Mr. Oreo caught the scent of the other cat. Betrayal! Found guilty, the human has been charged to pay one can of tuna every day. 

Black Panther 

Warm and toasty during his sixth nap of the day, this fluffball is thinking about when to take the next one. Though he is irresistible to pet, one mustn’t disturb such a glorious cat. He may be chilling at his most vulnerable state right now…

Image courtesy of Sophivpple / Reddit

But those murder mittens are not on display by accident. He has watched all the Marvel movies and resonated the most with Black Panther. You’d best believe this big boy will practice all his superhero moves on the nap disturber when the time comes. 


Closed doors spark cats’ curiosity like nothing else. Even if it is the room they are quite familiar with, closed doors are always a big no. Clingy at best, some cats like this in the photo also just want to hang out all the time! 

Image courtesy of Monsterbones / Reddit

The paw-knives arrive first and announce the arrival of the fluff boy. You are not allowed to be away from them for fve minutes in the bathroom, and you’re lucky to get that. Well, on cat-clock, that’s time wasted that you could have used for better things, like petting or playing with them. 

The dawn of kittysaurus 

This munchkin looks calm and serene while sending out warnings to all the dogs. See her surprisingly neat claws resting close to the Artful Dodger’s picture. He may be a few weeks old, but one thing he is sure of is his aversion towards the dog kind. 

Image courtesy of malgalpal / Reddit

Unlike his poised existence, they are loud that this kitty is not a fan of Hoping the owner finds the righteous path and discards this cap as soon as possible. Else, his murder mittens are perfectly capable of getting the job done!

Barely survived this attack 

Shining through this photo is the sheer fear and adorably deadly threat that the hooman must have felt at this very moment. Relatives called; friends came over and parents stayed on face-time after the close call. We think that the owner should have an ambulance on the speed dial.

Image courtesy of ironicallyhot / Reddit

You’d have to, right? Who knows when this youngling pounces? However, it was confirmed after a visit to the vet that with his size, the intent of the pounce would only be to receive the warmth and love of his human.

Tiniest evil

Very new to kittenhood, this pretty kitty is still getting the hang of things. The epitome of tidiness, cats are obsessed with self-grooming and self-love. Using their scrubby-tongue like a washcloth, they sweep themselves up several times a day.

Image courtesy of deleted user / Reddit

This small baby might not be the best at giving herself an elaborate bath but tries its best, and that’s all that matters. Showing her tiny claws to add to her deadly adorableness, this kitten is the perfect example of killing with cuteness.

Angry at paparazzi 

This handsome boy has had enough of their human acting like a paparazzi. Just because he is incredibly stunning does not mean that humans should always take their pictures. The day is not far when the human will get a taste of his paw-knives.

Image courtesy of the-olrazzledazzle / Reddit

Vengeance shall be dealt with for invading his space time and time again. On the other hand, one can’t blame the human. Even in this image, the kingly posture is a sight to behold, and while we pray for the owner’s safety, we are grateful for this shot. 

Work never stops

As a responsible citizen and an excellent purr-fessional sectary, this cat wants to do its best to help his human work from home. He is nailing it perfectly. Straight from the cozy bed to the warm laptop, the duties await no one and must be fulfilled. 

Image courtesy nicknormal / Reddit

His cute mittens help him write better and faster. Unlike his human who says glued to the screen, this purr-fessional lad has a strict work-life balance. Right after clocking out of work, he resumes his naps right on the laptop to make the human get rest as well.

The warmest welcome! 

After a long day of work, this cat is welcoming his human. What a gorgeous ball of fluff. Although cats are rumored to be aloof and shy, this boy breaks all stereotypes and goes in for a hug with the brightest smile.

Image courtesy of plsmrsdahmer / Reddit

Using his paw-knives to hold onto better, he is getting all the love with his favorite head pats. His schedule was to be mad at his human for leaving him alone, but all of that anger poofed away after seeing his beloved buddy. 

High-class Spa Day 

This caring cat does not want to keep good things to himself, so he has decided to give his human an authentic spa day experience. After all, his human does deserve the absolute best for being a good human.

Image courtesy of snowyday / Reddit

Locked with the claws and loaded with lots of his love, he is indulged in a massage session. The human might even have to say farewell to the outdated shampooing thing. For the real deal is the barbed tongue of this cat.

“Please, forgive me Pretty please!” 

A few moments before this image was taken, this cat lost his senses under the effect of zoomies, and the lounge sofa got a makeover. It very much could have lived without. He is begging for forgiveness. He isn’t playing fair.

Image courtesy of CHUCHFALA / Reddit

Using all his arsenal, not only the murder mittens this time but those big moon eyes as well, the owner is a goner. The trick here is to deliver slow blinks every couple of seconds to make the human forget about the not-so-budget-friendly sofa fixing. 

Purring Machine 

Playing with an energetic kitten is one of the most precious feelings in the world. Like human babies fond of putting objects in their mouths, kittens also interact with the world by tasting their environment. This might be your food, or your fingers.

Image courtesy of deleted user / Reddit

Offering a fair mix of sweet purrs and soft scratches, this kitty is obsessed with her human. Developing her weapon savviness using her trusty human as a prop. Her baby murder mittens aren’t dangerous, but she feels ferocious, nonetheless!

The Stealthiest

Showcasing his enormous talent is this grey tabby kitty with his childhood friends. We are all completely mesmerized. He has an excellent grasp of how to put your murder mittens to the best of one’s ability and look fabulous while doing it.

Image courtesy of Airith160 / Reddit

His human should instantly get him in a kitty beauty pageant. Well, on second thought, this photo is enough evidence of his looks. Let this mighty hunter live his best life instead, hunting the bugs and birds in the yard.