45 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Chaos Of Life

By Jishnu B

The Internet is a wonderful thing. Just when you think you have seen it all, mother internet slaps your face with something so bizarre that it slackens your jaw. All sorts of things happen around the world, and they are likely to be presented in front of you as a meme.

Whenever you feel alone or sad, look at memes; they will definitely make your days a little more bearable. When you do something dumb, memes will let you know that you are not alone. There are nearly 8 billion in the world, and at the end of the day, we are all chaotic in our own ways.

For this listicle, we scoured through the vast internet and compiled 45 of the funniest and most relatable memes for your enjoyment.  

West Virginia!

We hate to say it, but the appreciation for country music is ceasing slowly with time. The newer generation is more obsessed with genres such as pop, rock, hip-hop, or EDM. Youngsters who like country music these days can be counted on one hand.  

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

However, there is something magical about this country anthem by John Denver. It is a timeless classic that unites all boomers, millennials, and Gen Zs alike for a small moment. You could sing this in a crowd and have everyone else harmonize the lyrics after you.


Sneezing is a weird thing. Your whole body buzzes after you let out a sneeze. In the worst-case scenario, you let out many consecutive sneezes in a short period of time and start feeling light-headed and weak. It’s not a very fun activity, to say the least.    

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Weirdly enough, it also feels deeply unsatisfying not to sneeze. We have all been through this dilemma. You feel the urge to sneeze, and it dissolves all of a sudden. Therefore, you just sit there with your nostrils flared for an incoming sneeze. Meanwhile, people around stare at you as if you are possessed. 


This is relatable to the point it hurts. Not many can afford luxurious cars. Yet, just because people cannot afford them does not mean they stop dreaming about them. You live only once. It’s only fair to want everything good that the world has to offer. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Sometimes you have to DIY things to live your dream. This fellow may not have thousands of dollars for a real Jaguar. However, they do have a man’s best friend: a dog. To be fair, having the love of your dog is a luxury that not all Jaguar owners can afford.   


No, we see no such thing. Just like Sandra Bullock right here, we cannot see any future between you and your crush. Therefore, please, listen to what we say and go on to find a more suitable person. This person who doesn’t want you is not a proper fit.

Image Credit: Reddit

What they say is right; your friends can smell the worst qualities in your potential partner. If they express their concern about your choice, you take it into consideration. It’s better to listen to their advice and feel upset now than regret your choice later on.

Don’t Go In

We are convinced that one day we will die trying to pet something we shouldn’t have gone near. Curiosity may have killed the cat. However, we will be killed for our temptation to see the cat. Good thing we weren’t present in this location. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

This place looks like a serial killer’s hideout. If it is indeed a serial killer, they happen to be a smart cookie as they know how to garner the attention of pet lovers like us. We just can’t help it – we love cats way too much to miss the opportunity of seeing and petting them!


Children sometimes act like cats. Did your cat ever bring a dead animal home and present it to you because they love you? You probably get mad when it happens because you have to clean up a dead rat. However, your heart still melts because you know your cat loves you. That’s what happened here. 

Image Credit: Reddit

You can’t be the only one hogging all the love from your child. During the wedding, you vowed to share all the joy and suffering with your partner. Since you’re sharing your happiness with them, it’s only fair they tolerate the same suffering as you – even if it costs two expensive paint jobs. 


There is no doubt that Iceland is an extremely beautiful country. Iceland offers you all sorts of scenic beauty and adventures. Icelandic natives are also very welcoming to tourists; hence, we recommend visiting them. Even though the trip will be costly, we promise it’ll be worth it.  

Image Credit: Reddit

While Iceland’s beauty is easy on the eyes, the country’s language is not so easy on the tongue for non-natives. We wouldn’t be too surprised if someone lost a tooth trying to pronounce one of these words. And to think that it’s questions like these that show up in our exams!


It is a universal truth that everyone is sick of certain measurement units. Even people who were born and raised in countries that use the imperial system can’t seem to get a hang of it. These people often have to find alternative ways to measure things.

Image Credit: @Kasfuh/Reddit

This man was tired of the imperial metric system. Hence, he invented his own method of measuring things: comparing their size to his size. Had we encountered this man on eBay, we would’ve purchased his TV, even if we didn’t actually need one.

Worcestershire Sauce

It is unfair to only give the Icelandic language heat for being difficult to pronounce. The English language is not innocent either. After all, they made the pronunciation of a very prominent sauce unnecessarily difficult. This certain condiment is a key ingredient in American-style barbeque. 

Image Credit: @CA_AUA/Twitter

If a grocery store employee finds a buyer struggling to say the name of a condiment, they’ll immediately know which one they mean. Perhaps England should take the blame for this ruckus. After all, the sauce was named after an English city.


No. You are not the only one, $mash. It is very common for people to find their favorite food from a menu and stick with it for the rest of their life. It is almost like finding your soulmate. Why would you look at someone else if you have already found what suits you best? 

Image Credit: @casht130/Twitter

It’s best to stick with a ‘tried and true’ in a franchise like Subway. They give their customers the option to customize their sandwiches. With all the ingredients, there are hundreds of sandwich combinations. Any person could get confused by that. Hence, it’s best to have a regular order.  

Prison Bird

We’re all aware of the saying, “Justice is blind.” It does not discriminate between rich, poor, men, or women. Everyone is identical for the law. Even thieves of other species will be held accountable for the crimes they have committed.  

Image Credit: @campbellxemma/Twitter

The Dutch PD has no time for cutesy; a criminal is a criminal, no matter how adorable they are. Hence, this sweet bird was put behind the bars. However, they were treated quite well with food and anonymity. We finally understand why the Netherlands has such a low crime rate.

Move On

Having unrequited feelings for someone is very painful. You think day and night about them. Meanwhile, they barely spare a second for you. Sadly, almost all of us go through this at some moment. However, there are many things you can learn from it.  

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Just like John Carti said in this tweet, you need to move on. It was never meant to be. It’s wiser to move on and focus on healing and improving yourself. You only live once. Don’t waste your minutes on someone who doesn’t return your feelings. 


Unpopular opinion: snowmen can also be pretty ugly. When we think of a snowman, we think of an adorable humanoid. We would cuddle them if only we didn’t fear hypothermia. And if you don’t put effort into it, your snowman will look horrendous. That’s what happened here. 

Image Credit: fartgalleries/Twitter

This snowman started off decently. However, in the dark of night, devils must have possessed it. Now it looks like an icy version of Slenderman, watching you through your window on a cold night. This snowman could easily be cast in the horror adaptation of Frozen


Someone call Sigmund Freud! We know he’s dead; however, he direly needs to be resurrected, as only he can interpret this phenomenon. We do not know about you, but we do not recall ever seeing our smartphone in our dreams – even though we dreamt of many mundane objects in our life.  

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Just like most people of the 21st century, we will woefully admit that we are way too attached to our phones. Yet we never see it in our dreams. Freud said that dreams are the manifestation of our deepest desires. Since we love our phones so much, shouldn’t they appear in our dreams?


Mario time? More like Mario’s crime! A tattoo is a big investment for anyone. A good tattoo can stay on your skin for a whole decade. Hence, you need to make sure the tattoo is right. Unlike marriage, you cannot just serve papers and get a divorce from your tattoo. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

If you think getting a tattoo is painful, you should try removing one from your skin. Spoiler alert: it’s even more unbearable. The ink is burnt off your skin with a laser. It’s not a fun experience. Therefore, you should have a clear blueprint set up before you sit down for a tattoo. 


We were confused as to what this could be. It looks like a regular car seat. Did the OP not find their iPad after all? It seems we are just as slow as the OP, and we regret to report that we spent 13 hours trying to understand this photo. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

We will save you many valuable hours by giving you the answer. The iPad was camouflaged perfectly with the car seat. They are the same color and have a leathery texture and similar symmetrical patterns. It’s as if the universe was playing a trick on us. 


This one is painfully relatable. Even if we hadn’t gone through these raging emotions, we have definitely seen someone in this state, and it leaves a bitter memory. However, sometimes you can’t help it. There are days the universe decides to test you.

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

We recommend going somewhere quiet and being alone for a few moments when you are having a fit of anger. Don’t give yourself the chance to be rude by taking time out. Even if you forget it, the others won’t forget the moments you were an inconsolable jerk. 

Eye Worm

The more you live, the more you see, and the more you are surprised. There are certain things in life we all experience, yet we cannot put them in words or visualize them as they are so minuscule. They don’t even come up in conversations. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Yet this artist somehow managed to make an actual photo of what we see after rubbing our eyes too hard. Just like this Twitter user, we have no idea how they even came up with this. We would love to meet this person and have a cup of tea with them. 


Yes, Mia. We indeed did that. However, it is very bold of you to assume we only did that when we were little. As a functional adult of the 21st century, we would like to kindly inform you that we still do that —- unabashedly.

Image Credit: miajewitt/Twitter

We can’t help it. Somedays, our best friend, the bed, betrays us for some reason. Regardless of the position we try to sleep in, it does not matter – comfort or sleep won’t come to us no matter what. Therefore, we migrate to the bottom of the bed to feel some sleep.


Ikea is a regular part of our lives at this point. We buy durable furniture from them at a relatively affordable price. They also sell an incredible Swedish hot dog. Aside from how oversized the Ikea stores are, there’s nothing negative about Ikea.

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

They are also the lords of truthfulness, it seems. Unlike their complicated instructions manual, their food court remains simple yet delicious. Ikea refuses to do any sort of false marketing. Therefore, they left no room for confusion. We do love the sarcasm in this meme.


As people who are used to working up until three in the morning, this meme hits us in the soul. We have to wake up four hours later and have no clue as to how we are going to make it through the day without collapsing. Thankfully (and alarmingly), this is not our first rodeo.  

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

We attended midterms without sleeping for 48 hours. Albeit, we passed out for the whole day after the exam. The point is, we will be fine (we hope). This is not a healthy lifestyle for sure. However, what other choice do we have but to hustle until we crash? 

Nostril problems 

If you have a sinus issue, this will hit you close to home. Do you not remember when you last inhaled or exhaled comfortably? If you have sinus problems, you have to go through this nonsense regularly. Sometimes, not even the allergy meds work!

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Unfortunately, humans aren’t immune to colds. Voldemort is a lucky man. He does not have to suffer our pain because he has no nose. Spring days are even more painful because the air is full of pollen. Days like those make us feel like chopping our noses off! 

Hand In The Air

Everyone does this. In fact, we are glad that this person brought this up. We used to think we were weirdos for doing this exact same thing. Perhaps, we were trying to be edgy and recreate one of those anime moments. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

We’re glad to know others have the same quirk as we do. The sensation of holding our arms up like this is quite fun. It feels like your arm has a mind of its own as it swings around in the air. We recommend you give this a try. 

Coming Home

Going back home is not always fun. Children of immigrant households might relate to this. If you have strict parents or a partner, you might also find this familiar. We know we do. This is a little too familiar for our comfort. This is giving us PTSD, to be honest. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

There have been instances where we came back home after having a good day with our friends. What we were greeted with after coming back home were our parents’ angry visages. We can assure you: it’s not a welcoming scene at all.

Hardest Decision 

Personally, we do not like getting calls. Our introverted soul will prefer a text over a phone call on any given day. Some of us get anxious when we get a call. What if it’s important? What will happen if we stutter? There are millions of things swirling in your head. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Phone manufacturers are not making things easier for anxious folks like us either. Even someone confident will become confused after seeing this. If someone from the phone company is reading this, please make a simpler design. Help out your anxious customers, will you?

The Biggest Joke

This is a lie we tell ourselves over and over again. Yet we still fall for it. Sorry to say this, but the bed is not the place to study. It is scientifically proven that when you lie down on the bed, your brain sends signals indicating your body is ready for sleep.   

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Hence, resting your back for a small while becomes resting for the whole night. Just like this chocolate buddha, we dissolve into our sheets. You can’t even tell where we begin, and the bed ends. Ironically, we are also on the bed as we are typing this. 

You Don’t Say

The Internet is big enough to be home to all sorts of people in the world. Chances are that you’ll meet an odd fellow once in a while. They will say things that will blow your mind. It’s not because of how profound they are; it’s because they aren’t very smart.  

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

There is no polite way of saying this: if you want to see something jaw-droppingly silly, just go to Facebook. It’s like an art exhibition of foolishness. You will have a field day seeing all sorts of things, but we cannot guarantee you’ll enjoy all of them.   

The Right Way

“5 minute Crafts” started off as a brilliant venture on Youtube. They taught us simple crafty things that did not require much effort. However, at some point, their mine of creativity ran dry. All that remains are absurd life hacks that do nothing to make your life simpler. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

From them, we learned that not all life hacks are life hacks. They are redundant things that make your life more difficult. There is no one correct to go about things. Everyone has their own way of executing a task, but that does not make it wrong. 

Hide Your Girl

You know what, this guy’s concerns are perfectly legitimate. If we were in this dude’s shoes, we’d be so scared. We might have fainted at this threat and forgotten to text our girl if it were us. And that’s why he deserves kudos for acting fast.

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

They say you need to treat your girl like she is a treasure. And treat her like a treasure, he did. If our lady caught sight of this prepubescent Walmart Logan Lerman in the streets, she might leave us stranded. Therefore, it is a risk we absolutely cannot take. 

Typical Arizona 

Just another day in Arizona. Sometimes it is so hot out there you could cook an egg on the pavement during the day. However, the next minute it might start pouring rain. If USA states were humans, the state of Arizona would have been a bipolar teenager. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

They have way too many mood swings for it to be considered healthy. Sometimes you have to deal with the heat of their ire. The next second you have to watch them cry a waterfall. Thankfully, teenagers grow up and mature. Sadly, Arizona’s weather will forever remain like this.  

Ducky Understands Us

This inflated ducky had quite the day. It started off bright in the morning. It seemed ready to take on any challenge thrown in its face. However, with each picture, the poor duckling lost its enthusiasm. It is relatable to the point it hurts. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Rate yourself from this mood board. Currently, we are at level 9. It’s been a long day. We just want to go to sleep and not think about anything else for the next five months. Unlike this duck, our joy cannot be revived with simple air. 

Just Dad Things

There are certain things that are crucial for dads to know and have. First of all, they must know some banging dad jokes. They must arrange barbecue parties every summer. And most importantly, they must know how to identify good produce. It’s an essential dad skill. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

However, some of our fathers are seasoned veterans by now. They no longer need visual cues to identify a good watermelon. The sound is enough for them. The OP Farhan should not feel discouraged by this. As time passes, his “dad skills” will improve. 

This cow is just like us

All working adults can relate to this cow. This animal seems to be having quite a moment. It is seemingly having a transcendental moment, according to our astute observations. It also seems very much at peace. We wish we could feel the same. 

Image Credit: Reddit

We already have this cow’s physique. Why not go for mental peace as well? We wish we could leave our desks and take a walk by the ocean. Feeling burned out is a common theme among this generation. For many, small vacations offer relief. Maybe we should do the same.      

You mean rooster, right?

Nope, we are not going to say it. Keeping things PG13 is an oath we have taken. However, you get the idea. In your mind, you may have already figured out the next rhyme. If you have not done so, good for you. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Never change that pure soul of yours. Do not be like us who have thrown our minds in the gutter. However, we cannot help but worry about this rooster. Why would someone put this smelly sock on its face? Is this not animal abuse?   

Got you!

Moments such as these are quite awkward. Getting caught frolicking on the internet after saying goodbye is like getting caught stealing cookies by your mother. How do you even explain this situation to the other person? We are asking you on behalf of a friend.   

Image Credit: Reddit

This is why we prefer not to talk to anyone. If you are antisocial enough, you will not have anyone to disappoint or lie to. Hence, this sort of situation can be avoided. To be fair, they only said ‘goodnight.’ They never said anything about going to sleep.  

A universal experience 

There are certain zones on your body that you absolutely cannot hit. The result of those parts being impacted leads to a very painful sensation that brings tears to your eyes. You know what we mean if you have ever hit your toe on the coffee table. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Your elbow is one of those delicate parts that can cause you massive amounts of pain. We do not claim to be experts in anatomy. However, we’re pretty sure there are lots of nerves in our elbows that hurt us so much. We literally shiver when we hit our elbows.

Am I a car? 

This guy is asking the right questions. This indeed looks and functions like a car wash. The water hoses from all directions certainly remind us of a car wash, not that it is a bad thing. We are sure this is an enjoyable shower. In fact, we would love to give it a try. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

However, we are also intimidated by it. From the photo, it looks like a lot of water is spraying in the same direction, and the pressure seems to be high. We fear we might end up drowning while standing. We also fear it will wash off all hair from our scalps! 

Coke Milk?

To the person who couldn’t decipher this: we want you to know that you are not alone in this. No need to feel ashamed. It took us fifteen minutes to get the joke. If all of us fail to get it, we are not dense, right?

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Speaking of coke and milk, we recently discovered that there are many who enjoy drinking a concoction of these two ingredients. We tried it, and it was gross. How anyone could like that is something we will never understand. By the way, the OP wished you a “legendary” day.

What a creative mom! 

Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame inflicted so much anxiety and trauma on us that we could not enjoy any Marvel-related memes for a long time. However, this tweet made us laugh like crazy. Kudos to this mom for bringing back humor to our life. 

Image Credit: spidechelle/Twitter

We are sorry for the elf, though. It’s not fun to be one of the unfortunate 50% who vanished after Thanos snapped his fingers. Imagine how the young kids will feel once they wake up and find out that their beloved elf got turned into dust.


There are days when you are tired of being generous, and it is perfectly fine. It’s okay to gatekeep certain things and not share them with your peers. When you think about it, it feels kind of unfair. You work day and night to afford the basic things in life, after all. 

Image Credit: kasfuh/Twitter

You pay the Wi-Fi bills, yet your friends get to enjoy it for free. That is indeed unfair. It’s okay if you don’t want to share the password with them. However, telling them outright will come off as rude. Hence, just throw them curveballs like this. 

This is worse than a divorce! 

Dogs are our best friends. It’s amazing how one creature that cannot talk or think critically can bring us so much joy. We truly do not deserve dogs! However, that does not mean we will stop loving them. However, accidents happen sometimes, and you are the one at fault. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

When you step on their tail accidentally, the poor thing thinks that they are being punished – which is far from the truth. However, your puppy cannot understand your heartfelt apology and thinks that they did something wrong. There is nothing more heartbreaking than that.  

Is that an accomplishment? 

This is what graduates fresh out of college feel like. Almost every high-position job requires you to have some sort of work experience. However, you cannot get good gigs while you are still an undergrad student. Hence, life is quite hard for graduates. 

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Therefore, this man’s resume makes total sense. He is right; he was indeed a former child. We should give him points for truthfulness. After all, we have seen many people lying and putting fake credentials on their resumes. At least this man is honest. 

Emo kids 

To be honest, even our eyes were color-blind for a moment after seeing this photo. Perhaps working in front of the computer for extensive hours has finally done the final damage to our eyes. Thankfully, that is not the case (for now).  

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

Our eyes will retain color for a little while more, hopefully. This is just a specialized section of the store. In contrast to the other colorful collection of the shop, that portion stands out due to its gray tone. Not every child wishes to adorn rainbows, it seems. 

When you don’t get a break at work 

We understand this man’s state of mind on a spiritual and physical level. If we knew being a grown-up would be this tiring, we would have preferred staying a child forever. Maybe we should just move to Neverland. This exhaustion is not going well with us.   

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

The poor fellow fell asleep on the floor while still working. It’s heartbreaking. He must have been very tired. Kudos to the homeowner for being so kind, as anyone else might have called the company. Speaking of the company, we hope they did not scold this tired man. 

And then you have to rewrite the whole thing!

You can capitalize all the letters on your keyboard by simply pressing the “shift” key. However, there are times when we accidentally press the Caps Lock key and leave this function on, which messes up everything that we might be trying to write.

Image Credit: questionabletweets/ Instagram

When you leave the Caps Lock key on and then you press shift, your letters look exactly like the letters in this tweet. They have the same vibe as the young man wearing an oversized jacket. The worst part is that, in order to fix it, we need to rewrite the entire sentence!