Comical Dad Stars In Entertaining Photoshoots With His Little Girls

By Martin B

Sholom Ber Solomon, a doting father of two young daughters, Zoe and Olivia, has found a unique way to capture the precious moments of his children’s lives by creating hilarious and creative family photoshoots. For the past five years, Solomon and his daughters have donned a variety of outfits and engaged in playful situations, bringing laughter and joy to their family memories.

Source: Sholom Ber Solomon/Instagram

In these photoshoots, Solomon and his daughters dress up in a myriad of costumes and act out amusing scenarios. One photo captures Solomon looking shocked at his empty wallet while one of his daughters grins from her mini BMW, surrounded by shopping bags. In another snapshot, Solomon poses as a cat stuck on a tree branch while his daughter comes to the rescue dressed as a firefighter.

Among the numerous photos they have created together, Solomon shared his absolute favorite during an interview. In this memorable image, Solomon is dressed as a princess while his daughters give him a makeover, complete with makeup and painted nails. He recalls the children’s laughter throughout the process, making it an especially cherished memory for the family.

These photoshoots have not only allowed Solomon to preserve the fleeting moments of his daughters’ childhood but have also created an opportunity for the family to bond and share laughter. As Gretchen Rubin’s famous quote suggests, “The days are long, but the years are short.” By capturing these playful memories, Solomon is ensuring that his family will always remember the fun and joy of their early years.

Source: Sholom Ber Solomon/Instagram

As the years pass, Solomon’s creative and funny photoshoots serve as a testament to his love for his daughters, their evolving relationship, and the importance of cherishing the time spent together. The photographs are a stunning testament to the importance of parents maximizing their time with their kids, constructing moments that will have a lasting impact.