Couples Take First Wedding Photos After Almost 80 Years Of Marriage

By Stephen M

After 77 years of marriage, this lovely couple has finally taken their wedding photos with the help of their hospice workers. Royce king, now 98, and Frankie, now 97, married in 1944, during his two-day leave. Soon afterward, he traveled overseas for World War II, missing the chance to take wedding photos.

Photo credit: Hilary Michelson / St. Croix Hospice

However, after that long period, they had the chance to take some memorable photos during their 77th anniversary at the Kings’ home in Oelwein, Iowa. With the help of the staff at St. Croix Hospice, Frankie dressed in a vintage 1940s wedding gown, while Royce wore his Air Force Uniform.

Frankie walked to the “aisle,” holding a bouquet made from flowers from the patio at the King’s home. Speaking to TODAY, CEO of St. Croix Hospice Heath Bartness, said, “the connectivity you almost feel that you were a part of this, and thinking back to what it was like in World War II the first time, and how meaningful and how emotional this second opportunity to do this was. There’s an overwhelming sense of pride in not just the company and what the organization did, but more so just as an act of humanity.”

Photo credit: Sue Bilodeau

A staffer at St. Croix, Hilary Michelson, who is also a professional photographer, didn’t miss any of the breathtaking scenes. Despite the unplanned nature of the wedding anniversary, the couple’s daughter, Sue Bilodeau, graced the occasion. She told TODAY, “I couldn’t stop smiling, and I couldn’t stop being so happy for both of them. I was happy to see mom in her beautiful wedding gown.”