45 People That Know How To Make Their Coworkers Laugh

By Ridwan S

For many, life is already challenging enough. However, when you throw in work, including the tasks and interpersonal relationships, you will surely appreciate any little thing that will make you smile for even a moment. For many, these acts come in the form of small gestures from significant others and loved ones. In other cases, funny jokes, pranks, and little drama going on among colleagues at work is more than enough to make us smile. From friendly banter to playful notes, some coworkers have some hilarious tricks up their sleeves to make their colleagues’ days. In fact, several people have documented funny moments that gave them a good time at work. We have listed 45 such moments in this article. Enjoy reading.

Customized stamp

A birthday is always a joyous day. In most workplaces, the company does something to acknowledge the special day. For some, a cupcake and cheery tune of “Happy Birthday” suffice, while others go a little further with personalized birthday cards.

Image courtesy: crabmando/Reddit

Brendan clearly isn’t one for celebrating. He couldn’t even be bothered to scribble a few words. Instead, he got a custom stamp made so that he could put in the least amount of effort every time a birthday rolled around. The recipient might not like it, but we got a good laugh at this one.

Drawing time

If you are lucky enough to have your workspace stationed close to the window, you are likely to see your coworkers coming from afar. If you’re tired of being spied upon, consider getting to work earlier than usual. You can either stay away from prying eyes, or…

Image courtesy: aBABYrabbit/Reddit

…you can leave a message for your coworkers. Need some inspiration? Draw a silly doodle where everyone can see it. This person used a thick layer of snow, but you could use something in the snow, or grab some chalk if you don’t have anything else to work with.

Manifesting your dreams

Sometimes, the only thing you need to work through the day is a good snack. Besides some morning coffee, greasy breakfast bacon, or afternoon chocolate. Sadly, we usually need to get our butts up and go for a walk to the nearest store to satisfy our cravings.

Image courtesy: lobsta042/Reddit

If you’re feeling bold, consider challenging your coworkers to help satisfy your hunger. Write down what you “demand” and empty threats, like this person. You will either get some gullible coworkers leaving you gifts, or friendly ones happy to play along.

The slash pranks

Getting your friend to leave their workspace for a moment and relax may prove abortive in some cases. This is particularly true if they are so engrossed with the task at hand, that forgetting that break can help them to work even more efficiently. If you find yourself in such a situation, consider “slashing” their tires.

Image courtesy: SpanishDynamite/Reddit

“Hey, mate, did you notice that your ride’s tire has been slashed?” Just watch the speed at which they leave the office to check on their car. They might freak out for a moment, but hopefully, you’ll get a good laugh when they spot a rockstar taped to their car wheels.

“Decorated the tree, boss.”

No Christmas celebration is complete without a tree adorned with tinsel and ornaments and topped off with a beautiful star. Even if you can’t get a real tree, there are faux evergreens that can fit in your apartment or office.

Image courtesy: pimack/Reddit

Unfortunately, this company gave their laziest employee the job of decorating the office tree. No one wants to do more work than what is expected of them, especially if there’s no extra pay involved. Still, we think that this tree is sure to get more attention than a plastic fir in the corner would.

Hilarious family picture

Sitting in the same place for eight or more hours a day can get really boring really quickly. Some people choose to decorate their desks as a way to lighten their mood. For many, that means having a picture of their loved ones in sight at all times.

Image courtesy: speeb/Reddit

But be careful if there’s an office prankster. Nothing is sacred when there’s someone with a clever sense of humor around. This person found their lovely family portraits had been edited. We hope that everyone had a good laugh at this.

Decorate the desktop

There are many ways to mess with your colleagues. One of the most benign ways is to mess with their desktop. We don’t mean moving around or renaming folders; simply changing the background image can be enough. Like this one…

Image courtesy: davbis93/Reddit

They even went a step further and added some eyes to complete the look. We don’t know if there’s any special reason they had Cookie Monster as part of the setup, or if it was an easy “prank” to pull.

Halloween time

Halloween holds a special place in our hearts. It is, without a doubt, one of the best holidays for kids, and thinking back to all of our previous costumes gives us serious nostalgia. If you’re lucky, growing up doesn’t mean growing out of such traditions.

Image courtesy: sodamn_insane/Reddit

This man’s office had a costume party. Now, it’s hard to tell by the picture alone, but he’s actually 6’6″! We’re getting a bit of a headache trying to piece it all together in our heads. It’s such a simple outfit, but it’s well done and sure to mess with his coworkers.

Women and lunch purses

It may be cliche, but it’s true that most women have crazy big purses that they carry around. We blame it on the small pants pockets, to be honest. And it seems like guys will never understand the struggle ladies have to go through.

Image courtesy: Nyrfan82/Reddit

This guy referred to the bags in the fridge as “women’s lunch purses.” While it may be a sexist stereotype, it’s not far from the truth. We hope that this was just a staged picture. We can’t imagine why several people put cooler bags in the fridge!

Conference call bingo

A conference call has always been a vital part of office life. And with Covid-19 and working from home, they’ve become even more prevalent. Though, one thing most people can agree on is how annoying and often dull these calls are.

Image courtesy: OyVeyzMeir/Reddit

That’s a simple way to make conference calls more bearable and even, dare we say, enjoyable. Just don’t tell the boss that you’re playing a game when you are supposed to be putting all of your attention into your work.

Celebrate your colleague

Work-life is always better when you function as a team and have each other’s backs. This means celebrating accomplishments both big and small. For example, getting your citizenship is a big deal and worthy of celebration. This office certainly didn’t forget about their coworker’s accomplishment.

Image courtesy: brenmariano/Reddit

And, what better way to show that you care than to make a joke out of it? There’s nothing mean-spirited about this fake Tinder screen. Honestly, we’re going to remember this joke next time there’s something we want to congratulate a coworker on.

Celebrate yourself too

Even if you don’t like being the center of attention, we bet you’ll make an exception for getting recognized at work. After all, that’s why “employee of the month” exists. But what happens when you spend months or even years at a job and never earn that spot?

Image courtesy: EverythingFerns/Reddit

You make it yourself, of course! On his last day at work, this guy had to let all of his coworkers know just how good he was at the job. Though, without the OP giving us context, we initially thought that this poster was complimenting the dog, not the guy.

Pimped locker

Some jobs require all employees to have a locker to put their stuff in when they clock in and out. Aside from hanging a picture of a loved one, most people don’t go as crazy with the decorations as they did with their middle school lockers.

Image courtesy: 69saurus/Reddit

Scratch that; most people don’t put any effort. This person, however, saw the empty locker as a canvas and unleashed their creativity. It’s a mini club in there! We wonder if this is a way of them sticking it to HR when they said to stop the parties at work.

Noise in bathroom

Workplace pranks are either hit or miss. This one is definitely the former. It’s unobtrusive and the only people to fall for it are gullible or happy to play along with the shenanigans. What would you do if you saw this in your office bathroom?

Image courtesy: Wababro/Reddit

Do you think anyone actually fell for this? Or were the only noises coming out of the bathrooms loud laughs from the employees who saw the sign? It would be far more impressive if it was actually voice-activated, but we’re just as happy to see harmless pranks like this.

Escape the bear

There are some signs and instructions posted in workplaces for a reason. This office felt the need to warn the employees about a dangerous situation outside. We don’t know if everyone bothered to read the sign, but we know one person did…

Image courtesy: Flyingpigtx/Reddit

…and they got a pen to make some “corrections” to the safety notice. Sure, we have seen this joke before, usually on novelty t-shirts from ski resort towns, but an office is the best place to hang such a sign.

Don’t call me

Sadly, adulthood doesn’t have winter or summer vacations — we work all year round, except for holidays. That’s why vacation time is so valuable. We earned that time off! A week or two reprieve from the daily responsibilities is priceless.

Image courtesy: rayzirxy/Reddit

Vacation days are more precious than weekends, which is why we hate to be disturbed. Chilling on the beach is not the place you want to get emails asking for help. We applaud this person for telling his colleagues how he really feels.

Public apology to Steve

We have so many questions. For starters, what happened with the donkey? We can’t imagine a workplace incident involving donkeys other than a farm, and there shouldn’t be anything worth apologizing for there. Since they used a picture of a guy in a suit, we can only guess that this was an office space.

Image courtesy: pete_jones91/Reddit

This is one heck of a way to apologize. Whatever happened, it was either bad enough to warrant an apology so big that the whole town could see, or it was too funny to keep it contained to a single office.

Don’t Mess With IT

When it comes to office pranks, it’s usually assumed that everyone in the workplace is fair game. Well, maybe not the CEO. But, everyone else could potentially be the subject of some office shenanigans. But this IT guy begs to differ.

Image courtesy: Nyrfan82/Reddit

IT is one of those departments that you don’t notice until something goes very wrong. And, if you mess with them, you might just find yourself needing their help, only to come up empty-handed. The IT office is a spoiler-free, prank-free zone!

Sneak shot

Most people use photo editors to clean up selfies and family photos, but some mischievous souls out there will use those skills to mess with their coworkers. Don’t believe us? Just look at the photos this person took of their coworker…

Image courtesy: okonst/Reddit

Who would have thought that Snapchat filters would be good for more than entertaining small kids by giving them dog faces. Okay, we don’t know if they used those filters, or if this person was just super bored and decided to Photoshop their colleague.

The Hungry Games

One thing we never seem to grow out of is the “I don’t know what I want to eat” feeling. And when you’re in a group of people, that indecision gets even worse. When it comes to lunchtime, the last thing you want is to stand around and deliberate what you’re going to eat.

Image courtesy: AC0URN/Reddit

Pulling suggestions out of a box is a brilliant solution! Though the creativity didn’t stop there. This office not only created a selection system, but they gave it a personal touch and even gave it a name: The Hungry Games.

Cap the hair

Everyone, especially those with long hair, knows the importance of keeping your hair up while working with food. If you work in the food service industry, there’s likely even a dress code mandating having your hair covered to prevent stray hair from falling into the food.

Image courtesy: billybobjoe4000/Reddit

But what do you do when you can’t contain your luscious locks in a hat? This lady got complaints from her manager about her hair being too long. They say not to put a hat on a hat, but we think that this is the one exception to that rule.

The tiny violin’s effect

Have you heard the joke about playing the world’s smallest violin? It’s usually a joke referring to fake sympathy, and the person who says it mimes playing a violin between their fingers. Well, this person decided to take the joke one step further…

Image courtesy: PHIL-yes-PLZ/Reddit

Behold, the tiny violin! The OP noted that they bought it to use whenever their coworkers complained. This must happen a lot if they felt the need to buy a prop to accompany their false platitudes. Though, we wonder if it actually works…

Avocado-toast injury

Depending on where you work, having signs marking the number of days since an accident can be vital. But office spaces don’t have such issues. Well, most of them. This office apparently has some serious problems with their avocado toast.

Image courtesy: emzieees/Reddit

Was there that much of an issue over who got the ripest avocados? Or perhaps someone was hogging the toaster oven. They certainly take their fruits seriously. At least, if there is a food fight over avocados, you’ll just get some yummy guacamole.

Getting creative with markers

Remember the Photoshopped family photos? Here we have another contender for most creative colleague when it comes to messing with family pictures. Instead of replacing the pictures in the frames, this person grabbed some whiteboard markers and started drawing on the glass.

Image courtesy: linssen/Reddit

It’s a good thing they know how to stay in between the lines of the frame. Whiteboard markers might be easy to get off of glass, but wood is a different issue. The OP commented that this is a frequent occurrence. We wonder what else they dressed up the baby photo as.

Dress up the Harley

Motorcycles are synonymous with toughness. This is likely due to their association with biker gangs, but in general, you need to be brave to travel around with only a jacket to protect you on the road. Now, can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?

Image courtesy: SwissArmyBumpkin/Reddit

It’s so simple, but pink frills on the handles are the perfect prank for a tough biker coworker. Now, the kick-butt rider looks like a two year old riding their tricycle. But, the joke’s on them! Pink used to be considered a male color. Ride on, dude!

Shrunken Desk

We spoke about the joys of vacation earlier and how we all deserve a break, but what does it look like from the other employee’s perspective? While their coworker is off soaking up the sun, they’re stuck inside. That’s when office pranks come into play…

Image courtesy: PirateJC/Reddit

The man in the picture is the “art director” as he puts the final touches on the shrunken desk. This takes some serious dedication to make a scale model of your colleague’s desk. That’s one way to be welcomed back after a relaxing break.


Pregnancy is a big deal, and expecting couples can’t contain their joy. This means that family, friends, and even coworkers are bound to hear all about the updates over those nine months. Usually, this involves sharing pictures, but this man refused to be normal…

Image courtesy: tinykoalaa/Reddit

To him, the first photo of his future child looked like a piece of art. In a way, human bodies are works of art, so we can’t disagree. If anyone didn’t see the Scream painting like he did, he Photoshopped the sonogram image onto the painting. Well done, sir.

Hammer for hard reset

One of the major downsides of living in an age of technology are the frequent technical issues. While the default first response is “did you turn it off and on,” that’s not always enough to fix it. If the problem persists, IT might need to get more serious with the fixes…

Image courtesy: Kimentor/Reddit

This doesn’t exactly fit the standard definition of a hard reset, but in a way, it’s true. A few good whacks with that hammer and your computer will be cleaned of all information. Sadly, it’ll also be cleaned of all useful components, leaving only dust behind.

A reminder pillow

Wishing a coworker goodbye on their last day can be difficult, especially if they were a good employee and are only leaving for personal reasons. So, how do you celebrate their time in the office? A cake and farewell party? A goodbye card?

Image courtesy: maxxl/Reddit

Those are perfect for the one leaving, but everyone in the office is sure to feel their absence. That is, unless you get something to remember them by. This office made a pillow with the face of their departed coworker so they could always see his “smiling” face even after he left.

The “stick figure”

Cubicles are ideal for shutting out distractions, but they also block you off from your coworkers. If you’re tall, it’s not too much of a problem to stand up and “stretch” …and lean over to gossip with your cubicle neighbor.

Image courtesy: renerdrat/Reddit

But what about shorties in the office? This lady came up with a great idea: put her smiling face on a stick and peek up on her neighboring cubicles. Honestly, if that was us, we’d yelp in shock. That smiling face is more creepy than inviting.

Revision needed

Whether you work in a company with five people or fifty people, there’s no escaping the problem of messy coworkers. We don’t blame the office manager for getting angry when people don’t clean up after themselves. This person was so frustrated that they wanted to type and print out the sign as soon as possible.

Image courtesy: IamKingOfTheLlamas/Reddit

But that backfired. In their haste, the office manager left many typos…which one of the cheeky employees was more than happy to correct. This just goes to show that you need to be composed when making threats, otherwise you’ll be the butt of the joke.

His only friend…

Remember what we said about cubicles before? Well, not every office has such a setup, but that doesn’t mean that management welcomes chatty coworkers. In fact, if you’re too noisy, you might just have your desk moved like you’re back in middle school.

Image courtesy: Nikki9doors/Reddit

The OP was one such chatty employee and he got moved while his friend got a cabinet instead of a new desk neighbor. Although he was cut off from his colleagues, he hadn’t lost his good spirit. Where he used to see his coworker’s face, the person put up a picture of Wilson to talk to instead.

Cravings satisfied

Some people are really blessed with helpful and super friendly colleagues. They are ready to go the extra mile for you and will help you satisfy your needs. If you ever complain about feeling cold, they can bring you their extra cardigan the next day or get you a hot coffee.

Image courtesy: CorporateGranola/Reddit

And, if you’re lucky, your helpful coworker also has a sense of humor. The OP was craving some Cheetos, and likely said something about it. In response, their coworker stepped up and bought a bag. In fact, they bought enough to “share with the class.”

Wallpaper upgrade

Depending on who you are, you might feel calmed or frustrated by office wallpaper depicting nature scenes. We fall into the latter category; we’d rather be outside than just looking at a picture of it. This OP clearly feels the same way…

Image courtesy: mortalbug/Reddit

They decided to mess with management and added a personal touch to the new office wallpaper. If you don’t know, that’s Wicket, an Ewok, from Star Wars. Well, if the forest picture was taken on Endor, then this cameo is plausible.

Top and Bottom secret

Everyone wants to be in on the latest gossip. Even if you’re not a busybody, you can’t deny the burning curiosity you might feel upon hearing that there’s a secret in the office. However, not everyone is privvy to such information.

Image courtesy: metalmuzic/Reddit

But with a little creativity, you can make your office a spy’s espionage target. “Can you get the top secret file?” sounds so much cooler than, “go get the file from the top cabinet.” Of course, to complete the scene, you have to have the bottom secret, too.

Spring is just around the corner

If you work indoors, you probably don’t get much experience with the changing weather. Sure, it’ll be hotter or colder when you clock in and out, but that’s about it. So, how do you know when the seasons change other than using a weather app?

Image courtesy: frommyt78/Reddit

This employee knows how to update their coworkers. We can’t say that spring isn’t around the corner, although it’s not exactly the spring everyone was looking for. We just hope that this didn’t come from any important piece of equipment.

Star Wars warriors

If you and your coworker share common interests, it can make the 9-to-5 bearable, or even something to look forward to. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hobby or favorite TV show. It’s the bond that matters. This person is clearly a Star Wars fan, and we hope that their coworker is, too.

Image courtesy: SpudTheSpartan/Reddit

The likeness is uncanny! All they’re missing are the lightsabers! Obi Wan and Anakin have a complicated history, but we hope that the guy on the left’s scowl is just for show. If we worked there, we’d have a hard time not playing the Star Wars theme every time those two walked in.

Decoration contest

Some people can’t contain their joy when their favorite holiday comes around. For some, they need to get their holiday spirit out by decorating their workspace. In fact, some offices encourage it with decoration contests. We’re not sure if there was a competition here, but we know who won…

Image courtesy: Bamfimous/Reddit

Is this the same person that “decorated” the Christmas tree? We’re just glad that they printed out “ditto” instead of doing something even more sinister by stealing some of the decorations. Even if they don’t win the decoration contest, the person on the left deserves smoe points for creativity.

Missing piece

So far, most of the pictures we’ve seen are witty and wacky people responding to something going on at work. But here, we have someone who decided to have some fun apropos of nothing. Check out this funny missing poster…

Image courtesy: kenbez123/Reddit

This sign is sure to make anyone laugh. We love people like this; those that will put in a little extra effort to brighten someone else’s day. We wonder what other silly jokes this person has made in their workplace.

Adventurous stapler

There’s a universal joke about stolen office supplies. After all, even if you get paid well, it never seems to be enough to compensate for the emotional stress of clocking in every day. Normally, this just means taking some pencils or paper clips, but this person took it one step further.

Image courtesy: mitllo88/Reddit

The office probably has a problem with people stealing supplies, so they resorted to labeling everything. But that backfired when this jokester went on a “world tour.” Floor 4 must be jealous of their well-traveled stapler. We love harmless jokes like these.

Fire alarm

Smoke detectors, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers are all things we hope to never have to use, but they’re reassuring to see around. However, it’s still pretty stressful to see them around. What if you do have the need to use them?

Image courtesy: Mega_Raikou/Reddit

Look, we never hope to have a fire break out in our homes or workplaces — even if it would get us out of a boring meeting — but the tantalizing Jiffy Pop has us hoping for a small incident that might heat it up just enough for a mid-afternoon snack.

Track your pet

We love it when people bring their pets into the office. There’s nothing better than reaching over and giving a furry dog a belly rub to relax after a stressful meeting. But if you’re the pet owner, you need to be careful and keep an eye on your furry friend.

Image courtesy: chompersthecorgi/Reddit

How do you keep track of your pet and let them roam free and say hi to everybody? This person has the answer: a helium balloon. This is perfect for the dog owner…and for any coworkers that are looking for an adorable corgi for some happy pets.

Average IT support day

The IT department is underappreciated. They have to deal with a whole host of problems and be ready to answer whatever comes their way. And, of course, they need endless reserves of patience. This IT employee knows how to make light of the worst customer complaints…

Image courtesy: gafen/Reddit

The first troubleshooting questions are always “clear your cache,” “delete cookies,” and “did you try turning it off and on?” We’ve seen several jokes before about computer cookies, but this one is, hands down, our favorite. Poor Cookie Monster probably never has a working computer.

Best sidekick 

We commend anyone that does manual labor for a living. It’s tough work and our society wouldn’t exist without such hard-working people. But just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it needs to be dull. This poor guy drew the short straw and had to dig in the rain.

Image courtesy: Hijae/Reddit

His coworker got to relax inside the machinery as his colleague slaved away in the rain. To help out, he put an umbrella in the machine’s claw. We can’t tell if this is a slap in the face or if it’s actually a kind gesture.

Pick a side

This office knows how to wish their coworkers farewell. Rather than the regular “good luck” and ” congratulations on your new opportunity,” they made sure to let them know what they were leaving behind. Not only that, but they delivered the message in a “sweet” way.

Image courtesy: SkyeEDEMT/Reddit

It’s not a stretch to say that this was all done in good fun. No one would put in that much effort if they hated someone. Come to think of it, it’s actually a compliment to get such nasty farewells from your coworkers. It means that they want you to stay.