Creative Studio Brings Children’s Dream Bedrooms To Life

By Divya G

Being adult is literally the most overrated thing in the world. Our tasks are seemingly endless – we always have to worry about things like canceling plans without offending others, doing laundry every week, and paying bills.

But among all the disappointments of adulthood, there’s one that takes the winning prize: having a boring-looking bedroom. Lots of folks had amazing bedrooms when they were kids, so it’s really upsetting having to sleep in a plain room.

Many children are enthusiastic about the things they love, and their bedroom ideas can tell a lot about their personalities. This is exactly what the London-based studio NeoMam Studios planned on doing. They decided to let seven children draw their dream rooms.

Credits: @cottonbro / Pexels

With the help of realistic CGI renders, the experts from the creative studio managed to bring those drawings to life. Their goal was to bring out the latest source of room design and décor inspiration through a child’s perspective.

They asked seven kids from different countries on different continents to doodle their dream homes. The results were outstanding as they showed the type of bedroom each of the children wanted.

The project was taken care of by Andrey Barinov, a CG artist who collaborated with the managing editor and art director at the studio. Together they created digital and realistic designs of those bedrooms.

Credits: @toulouse / Pexels

Children have the most creative and unique minds. They can display their creativity through various things, especially drawing. The bedroom drawings created by these seven children, which were transformed into realistic bedrooms by experts, helped their parents see what their children liked the most and how their personalities were.