Pug Life: Artist Turns Her Experiences As A Dog Owner Into A Cute Comic Series

By Peace L

Pets are more than just animals we share a home with; they’re companions. We provide them with love and attention, and they do the same in return. They lift us when we’re feeling down, and they bring endless joy into our lives. Dogs, in particular, hold a special place in people’s hearts. Sorry cat lovers, but there’s no replacement for that energetic tail wag dogs greet you with.

One person who knows this feeling is Gemma Gené, a Spanish cartoonist. She has a series of delightful comics showing what life is like with these four-legged friends around. Any dog owner will agree that her comics are spot-on. Join us as we look at a collection of some of her hilarious comics.

Pupper sandwich 

Dogs are one of the most loyal and emotionally attached animals you can keep around. They want to follow you everywhere you go, eat whatever is on your plate, and, if possible, never leave your side. This is why we love dogs so much.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

The same thing goes for puppies. Once they realize you are their caretaker, they will never want to leave your side. Puppies love to cuddle in bed with you, as Gemma has portrayed above. So, if you have a puppy, be prepared to share your mattress.

Forever mama’s boy

Dogs also can feel complex emotions such as love and even anger. It is quite typical for your dog to get attached to somebody else more than you, especially if you are part of a big family or if they love their dog walker.

Image source: Instagram/@157ofgemma

This comic depicts how dog psychology works. No matter how much your dog loves everybody in the house, there will always be that one person they automatically run to at first sight. It is pretty much the same with kids.

They protect with all their might

There are times when you get into a little roughhousing with your friends or family, and it is just one of those things that families do. However, when your dog will do anything for you, it can sometimes sense when you need it the most.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

Dogs will always try to protect you in all circumstances, especially if they sense that you’re in danger. So, we can see this fluffy pup telling the bully to knock it off, even though the couple is having a good time. However, the puppy feels there should be a limit.

They can do no wrong.

It is so hard not to love dogs, from their waggy tails to their cute little barks and playful nature. So it is no surprise that most people that love them will get one as a pet, and they will go to almost any extent to make sure their dog is okay.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

As a dog-lover, you will know how hard it can be to get mad at your dog, and even if you do, there’s this way they look at you that just melts your heart. Others might feel you’re taking it too easy on your dogs, but they are just so irresistible.

Somewhat shady 

Dogs are loyal to the core, which is one trait that makes us love them so much. Your dog will always want to be by your side, and there is no bone of betrayal in their body. If dogs were humans, we would most likely be freaked out with the level of attachment.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

Gemma expresses just how attached dogs can be in this comic. The little buddy is standing over her bed in the middle of the night, watching over her with a big grin on his face. If it were a human, we would have called the cops.

It’s a crime 

Apart from their level of loyalty and attachment, another thing that makes dogs so likable is their constant cuteness. No matter the time of the day or whatever they’ve been doing, dogs always look cute, and this is so unfair.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

If you’ve tried taking a selfie with your dog, especially if you just woke up, you will understand the pain. You’ll be looking so haggard and puffy, but that little mutt will be looking so darn cute in every picture you take.

You can’t know until you try them. 

Once your dog sees something going in your mouth, they will also want a little taste of it too. Also, because of how much we love our dogs, we can hardly say no to them and usually end up giving them what they want.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

One funny that happens is; even if you give them something new, and they don’t like it, they won’t hesitate to beg you again if they see you eating it. This is because dogs are so adorable and forgetful when it comes to food.

Humans are weirder than dogs

Sometimes, we have to wonder how our dogs perceive things. We try to read our dogs’ behavior and understand them. In more desperate times, we even try barking in a bid to communicate with them so they will respond back to us. 

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

However, have we ever stopped to wonder how our dogs perceive what we do? Maybe our dogs are not weird, but perhaps they see us as strange beings. For example, we sniff at our dogs at random times, and perhaps the little guy is thinking, why the heck is this weirdo is doing that. 

Appreciate the small things in life 

We all know one thing dogs love more than food is going outside. There is something about nature that just appeals to dogs’ senses, especially smell. Even if you make the slightest indication of going outside, they go all crazy.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

However, we don’t want to spend so much time outside compared to our dogs, and we almost have to drag them back inside when we’re finished.  But maybe we should learn from our dogs and appreciate the little things nature has to offer.

Why oh why 

We, humans, feel we’re the smartest and most mentally developed species on the planet. However, this might not be entirely true. Sometimes, we see animals do certain things that surprise us, and we have to question if it’s intentional or not.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

This comic is an authentic example of moments like that. The situation here must have happened to any dog owner at least once. You take your dog out for a walk and potty time. Then you run out of bags for the pop, but they just keep pooping like it’s intentional.

The pressure is real

Every dog owner can testify to the fact that the top three things on your dog’s list of priorities are you, food, and a walk outside. Unfortunately, dogs don’t joke around with these three things, and if they sense any of them coming, you can see their tails wagging from miles away. 

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

This is especially the case with food. You might have put food in their bowl earlier and decided not to give them anything for some time. However, those little rascals have a way of coercing you to do what they want without making a sound. It’s always the eyes.

Rare instances 

Because we love our dogs so much, there are some things that we can’t let them have, no matter how bad they seem to want it. Although, most times, we tend to give in to their will because they’re just too adorable.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

However, there are rare instances when we have to put our foot down and maintain that harsh “no.” Moments like that break our hearts because our dogs show signs of disappointment, but we have to stand our ground and resist the cuteness. 

Five more minutes always turn to 5 hours

Ninety percent of the time, our dogs act like they are connected to some of the world’s most powerful batteries, and we can hardly keep up. However, it can also be frustrating to get them to move when they are so lazy.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

It’s almost like our dogs are having moods swings or something. They go from jumping and scattering the whole house to being so lazy and sleepy. Then, when we try to wake them up, they just look at us like they’re asking for a bit more sleep time. 

It takes an exorcist to clean their ears. 

Every dog owner knows that there is always that time when a covert operation is required. For example, you can’t say you want to groom your dog without doing some spy-related activities because once they’re onto you, they’re out of there.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

There is something about getting cleaned that pisses dogs off. We don’t understand why they hate it so much. They make us feel like we are torturing them. Anything related to getting clean is a no, from clipping their nails to having a bath.

Life with a dog is a beautiful life.

We can’t deny the fact that living with a dog is one of the best things anybody can ask for. There is a lot we learn from them and plenty that they do for us. Dogs are loyal, caring, and they’re always on our side.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

Living with dogs also helps us relate with others because it is not the easiest of tasks to take care of dogs; your patience will be tested at some point. However, all these frustrations help build our patience and love for them in the end.

Privacy Deleted 

Dogs are super clingy, and if humans act the same as dogs do, we’ll likely be freaked out and even get a restraining order on that person. But, on the other hand, your dog is always ready to follow you no matter where you go. 

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

You can forget the concept of privacy if you have a dog living in your house. Dogs will never let you be alone. Whether you want it or not, they will follow you around the house. If you make the mistake of closing the door on them, they will scratch that door down. 

Me and only me 

You need to make time for your dog. Even if you decide not to, you can trust your dog to take matters into its own hands. Dogs are not so different from humans, and they also want attention and love.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

We think dogs have the same emotional intelligence as humans, but they do a good job hiding it. However, there are times when they slip up, and we get to see that little genius in hiding. When your dog decides it’s time to give it attention, nothing can stop it.

It’s our fault 

One thing dogs don’t joke with is their walk time. Once you can set a regular time for their walk time, you can trust your dog to remind you when that time is near. It is incredible how they can remember things like that.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

If for some reason beyond your power, you can’t take them out for their walks, you just know you’re in for it. Even if rain is falling, your dog will expect you to do something about it so they can go for their stroll. 

Can’t resist 

Unlike humans, dogs don’t have that sense of boundaries. So, no matter how hard we try to establish them, you are sure to see that little guy violating the boundary in the next few minutes, or at least when you’re not looking.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

Sometimes, it feels like they know they’re too cute for us to do anything about this breach of boundaries, and that’s a fact. No matter how much we push them off, we’ll still end up allowing them in.

Cuddle medicine 

Life can be stressful during certain times. After a long day at work, we may come back home just to hear shouting feel that the other humans in the house are annoyed. And then we see our cute dogs. The warm welcome they give us is enough to melt away the stress.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

They don’t just stop at the warm welcome. After we shower and finally settle down for bed, they are ready to get in bed with us and give us warm cuddles all through the night. Dogs are the best, and there is no arguing that.

He just wants to be helpful

Dogs can be more valuable than other humans in some cases. There are some things that our dogs do for us other people would not do willingly. Dogs are super helpful, and they are usually so full of energy.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

There are times when workers come to our home to do things around the house. You can trust your dog to follow the workers around, trying to help. Most times, they just get in the way, but the point is that they make an effort.

Mine and only mine

One common trait that we see in all humans is possessiveness. We humans hold on to things, especially if we feel it’s unique to us. This is normal, and sometimes if we see that particular thing or person with others, we feel jealousy.

Image source: Instagram / 157ofgemma

This feeling is not restricted to only humans; our dogs also feel this way. Sometimes, we see our dogs chase other dogs away from their favorite toy or bowl. However, the one that touches us most is when they act this way regarding us, their near and dear humans. 

Ruining their survival skills 

Animals were initially all wild beasts roaming the earth and surviving. Then, humans started capturing these animals and training them into pets, and over the years, this concept has become the standard, especially when it comes to dogs. 

Image source: Instagram / 157ofgemma

Dogs, too, were once wild animals, and they had this survival instinct before. No matter how domesticated a dog might be, it will always have its survival instinct. However, we love our dogs too much and prefer to protect them. 

Gotcha, mom 

While still on the topic of survival instincts, this part of animals was necessary to hunt their prey and survive in the wild. Although domesticated animals also have this instinct, it is not as sharp as their wild counterpart, like wild wolves.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

However, dogs still try to exercise these survival skills while playing with us. It is usual for your dog to try to sneak up on you. We often know what they’re up to, but we still feign surprise to encourage their effort.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Apart from the emotional comfort and love our dogs provide us, another significant part of having a dog is watching some of the funny things they unconsciously do. There are times when our dogs do unexpected things, and sometimes, we might try to get it on video.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

If you have a dog, get a mirror, and place it where your dog can see itself. Watching your dog in front of a mirror is a sight that can never get old. They react in so many ways that surprise you. Sometimes, they admire themselves, and other times, they don’t like what they see.

You can’t tell me what to do

If you have more than one dog, you will realize that dogs also have personalities. Dogs are not all the same. And you can compare them to us, humans. We have the ones that are quiet, loud, naughty, gentle, and so on.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

The naughty ones usually get on our nerves most of the time, and also the ones that do the funniest things around the house are always a pleasure. The naughty dogs are the ones that will do that exact thing you’ve warned them not to do a million times. 

Pet ticket 

Honestly, it is easy for us to despise other humans because they can be so annoying and selfish. There are times when we just want to ignore anything that walks on two legs and focus only on ourselves and our to-do list. 

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

However, no matter how cranky or displeased we might feel with other people, we can never feel that way towards our dogs. We like to call this inability to be pissed off at our dogs the pet ticket, a pass for being so cute.

Nobody gets left behind

Some people feel satisfied with having one dog around the house. However, some of us like to have two or more. We feel that if we’re not around, our first baby with become lonely. We might wonder who will play with the dog. So we end up getting two or three.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

Also, when we’re home, we don’t just play with one dog while the other is doing something else somewhere. So, if we’re going to have fun, then the whole gang will have fun together, and all the dogs must be a part of it. 

Bathroom guard 

Dogs are the best companions anybody can ask for. There are some things that other people will be unwilling to do for you, and sometimes, you can’t even ask them. However, dogs are different, and they will follow you anywhere. 

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

A good example is waking up in the middle of the night to pee. You surely wouldn’t want to wake other people up just to ask them to follow you to the bathroom. However, once your dog senses you getting up, you can be sure they will be right there.

There’s that one favorite. 

It is usual for us to get attached to certain things or people. Of course, it is not like a planned action, but we sometimes find ourselves getting attached to a certain person that we can’t get enough of. The same thing applies to our pets.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

No matter how much we love all our dogs, there is always that particular dog that just stands out in our hearts. You can deny it all you want, but you’ll discover that you’re treating the dog better than others.

Stalker alert 

We’ve all seen movies or read novels that involve a stalker, and we know how the stalker acts. Stalkers have an insane obsession with who they stalk. They take numerous pictures, try to get the person’s attention, call them, and so on.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

In this case, you might think your dog is the stalker, but you’re wrong. The stalker is most often you, and your phone is enough evidence. All dog-lovers are guilty of having numerous pictures of their dogs doing random things.

We can’t resist the cuteness

Dogs are, without a doubt, the cutest and most adorable pets. It is no wonder that we love them so much, and they can do no wrong in our eyes. We never get tired of watching our dogs because they’re always doing something cute.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

There are times when our dogs are just there, resting, and we can’t take our eyes off them still. Their cute eyes, fluffy tails, and jiggly butts all add to their cuteness. It is no wonder that we take so many pictures of our dogs. 

Bath torture 

One of the biggest challenges for any dog owner is bathing them. If you have bathed your dog without any struggle from their side, then you either knocked them out, or your dog is an alien because that’s just not normal.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

To be more precise, many dogs hate water soaking into their fur. It’s like the dogs are determined to give you an equally hard time with the bath. Sometimes you wonder the bath is more of a torture device for you rather than them.

Ultimate stress relievers 

Sometimes, it feels like we are too bright for our good. Our minds are powerful tools that keep turning, and we think up different things that stress us. Sometimes we can’t help the product of our overactive minds and end up overthinking.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

Fortunately, we have dogs, and dogs seem to have a way of knowing when we are stressing ourselves. Also, dogs seem to know how to calm us down and get us to relax when we can’t. So, they are a big blessing and a natural emotional support system.

Their bed and no one else’s 

One thing we like to do with our dogs is sleep in the same bed with them. Most of us buy doggy beds for them to sleep in, but our dogs seem to prefer our bed. Most of us don’t mind this.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

However, know that there is no going back to the doggy bed once you allow them to sleep in your bed. Your bed becomes their bed, and you have no right to that bed, or your favorite spot, ever again.

That head tilt

It is easy for us to tell people ‘no’ most of the time. However, it is not the case with our pets. Of course, there are times when we want to tell our pets ‘no,’ but those little rascals have a range of skills up their little paws.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

One common trick to overrule our resolve is their eyes; dogs have a way of looking at us that just cracks our resolve. Then when they throw in that head tilt, our resolve just crumbles completely. Who can agree?

The time that is so long 

Most of us have to wake up in the morning and head to work. The time spent at work can be one of the most strenuous times of the day. We have a load of work to do, annoying bosses to deal with, and more.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

However, while we think we’re having the worst day, our dogs are at home missing us like crazy and feeling bad for being left at home. And every time we get home before we even open the door, we can already hear them welcoming us.

Playing with friends 

One of the things we like about our dogs is their energy and never-ending vibe. When other dogs are playing, you can be sure that your dog won’t be left out of the fun irrespective of its size or breed. 

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

It is fun to see our dogs getting in the mix of it all and showing the other dogs that they can do just as much as they can. Also, no matter how engrossed they are in their shenanigans, they are always conscious of us and keep watch.

Favorite human

You know what it’s like to take your kid to school for the first time for those who have kids. They bawl their eyes out and beg you not to leave and even try to hold on to you. But, unfortunately, our dogs also act that way.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

Even if you’re leaving your dog with somebody it knows, once it can sense you leave, no matter how short the distance, you can trust your dog will try to get away to come to you. Dogs love their owners, and that doesn’t change.

Morning exercise 

Once you start sharing your bed with your dog, you can be sure that the bed now belongs to it. And the dog will make use of the bed as it sees fit. But, unfortunately, you can’t tell it when to get up or move a little.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

Instead, it is your dog that will now control the affairs of the bed. This is especially true when you want to make your bed in the morning. The fact that you’re done sleeping on the bed doesn’t mean your dog is.

They don’t make life easier

Nothing in this life is perfect. Everything that gives us pleasure will also come along with some stress. This theory is valid for all things, both human and animals alike. But with dogs, it’s the best way possible.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

It would be a lie to say that our dogs don’t stress us out sometimes or that we don’t feel like locking them in a room for a couple of minutes. However, they also bring us joy most times and make life a lot better.

No consideration 

Dogs are so simple sometimes, and we need to learn from them. For example, they don’t stress themselves out as much we do, they don’t overthink, they don’t hold grudges, and several other tiring activities that we engage in.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

Sometimes, it feels like they try to tell us to stop stressing and be more like them. There are instances when we are worrying over something or trying to do something that is stressing us, and our dogs just come up and lay down on what we’re doing. 

Chunky boys for life 

The fatter and cuddly the dog is, the more adorable it looks. It isn’t advisable to let your dog become too fat because of health concerns. However, we can’t resist dogs that almost look like pandas or big fluffy teddy bears. 

Image source: Instagram / 157ofgemma

Dogs that look like teddy bears are rated among the cutest types of dogs. Their chubby faces, bouncy bellies, and fluffy butts make them all the more adorable. Think about corgis, for example. They are amongst the cutest, fattest, and fluffiest dogs around.

Flip flip flip 

Dogs are incredible when you need some emotional support, and sometimes, they don’t even have to do anything to make us feel better. Other times, their small gestures make us feel so happy. Like when they fall asleep by our side.

Image source: Instagram / @157ofgemma

There are times when we’re doing something, and our dogs just come and stay with us; it brings a feeling of love and reassurance. There are other times when we just make quick eye contact with our dogs, and they start shaking their tails in excitement. 

It’s always better where the pups are 

There is the saying, “no place like home.” But, we’d like to rephrase it to, “there is no place like where our dogs are.” There are times when we take out dogs to the vet or other places, and the whole house just feels incomplete.

Image source: Instagram / 157ofgemma

Dogs have a way of making a home feel like home because they bring out so much love and joy, and it is hard to describe how perfect they are. One thing is for sure. There is no other experience than having a loving relationship with a dog.