Exciting Fall Facts

By Anthony K

As summer is coming to an end, have you thought about what you will be doing this fall? Some might be like, oh no! I will miss those summer parties, camps, or even those fantastic family times we had at the beach. But let’s look at it this way: finally, the temperatures will go lower. That scorching sun that needs you to have a hat on and your sunglasses on all the time is out that door, baby, bye-bye-bye! We are ushering in the new season. And in line with that, let us give you facts that might get you excited for this fall.

Get that Halloween Costume

Please tell me you already know who you are going to be this Halloween! My favorite time is when I go shopping with my family for Halloween costumes. The shopping rush hits different! I mean, who doesn’t love Halloween! The parties, the candy, the creativity, the scary themes are just the thrill we look for each Halloween.

Hooray! Bird watching time

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock / Artush

Did you know that this season is when different species of birds fly to the south in search of a warmer climate in preparation for winter? If you didn’t know, there’s a chance for you to join bird watchers in different spots like New Jersey, Great Salt Lake, Utah, or even Cape May. What would be more intriguing than watching thousands of different species migrating in beautiful formed patterns and none like humans with no traffic and overlapping? How brilliant does that sound?

Amazing Choice of food

Image Courtesy of Homesteading

You probably know that fall season is harvest season, right? If you don’t know, we are here for that reason. From corn to potatoes to pears to pumpkins, seriously, are you already feeling hungry just thinking about all the foods that will be at your disposal? The beauty of fall harvest is that both small-scale and large-scale farmers are involved, and there are feasts all around.

What a beautiful season to be alive!