Fascinating Things You Might Not Know About Laughter

By Anthony K

Laughter is more interesting than you might have thought possible. When you laugh, there is so much emotion running through your body. Let’s go straight into those fascinating ways that you might not know about laughter. And get to see why the saying goes, “laughter is the best medicine.”

Monkeys and Rats Laugh too!

Image Courtesy of imgflip.

Hilarious, you might think. When I first learned about this, we laughed hysterically. We were like, well, for monkeys, that could be possible, but for rats, that’s utterly impossible. We said to ourselves, “well are we talking about rats from Ratatouille the movie or real rats?” After research, we found that scientists have done a study, and it is true when you tickle monkeys, chances are it will laugh, but apparently, even rats have very ticklish necks. The only distinction would be the sound they produce when they laugh. Unbelievable!

Every human laughs before they can talk!

Image Courtesy of Bounty

We’re pretty sure that everyone has had an encounter with a baby. It may not be physically but even from the funny clips that circulate in the media. Have you ever realized that we learned to laugh before we could even talk? Laughter comes out naturally and is evoked by the funny, fun feelings we feel inside. From that cute little chuckle when you were a baby to that baboon laughter you are releasing now. Forgive us if yours is among the nice ones.

You can’t breathe when you are laughing!

Have you ever heard that if you have too much of something good, it is poisonous? A long giggle or laughter can be dangerous also. When we breathe, the lungs squeeze the excess air out. Imagine if now you have laughed out even the good air in? We will leave you to think about that.

Above everything, it is safe to say that laughter is very therapeutic, and it keeps getting better when we are with our family and friends.