40 Photos That Prove That Life And Fate Always Have A Way Of Surprising Us

By Jhoana C

Life throws at us the most unexpected things. We never know what is waiting for us around every twist and turn. Many things that change our lives make us smile and say, “thank you,” but others may leave us upset, leaving us to ask, “Why me?” Whatever fate deals you with, you have to embrace it wholeheartedly and make the most of every situation. C’est la vie, after all. However, taking a more lighthearted approach to this rational way of looking at life, we put together a list of various instances when fate clearly had a role in what was happening in people’s lives. From avoiding a big nail to a bird readily jumping on a pan for breakfast and a perfectly cooked yin and yang egg, these instances are nothing too serious, just a few things that will help make you smile and brighten your day. Fate probably brought you to this article if you think about it, so we know something here will make you smile!

Thanks for the ID but whoever found it won’t be needing it now

Usually, identity theft would leave us seething with rage. Let’s face it, nobody wants other people to pretend to be them, but this case left us laughing. The person who posted this photo lost her identification card in a pub.

Image courtesy of Christina egan

Well, as fate would have it, someone found her ID and used it for some time before returning it to her. And what was their reason? Whoever found it turned 21 and won’t be needing it anymore to get into the clubs. Hey, at least they were honest!

Catch a fish and get a bonus

We all love getting bonuses and freebies, even if what you’re receiving is something a little unexpected. If you say you don’t, we might have a hard time believing you. Fancy some free frog legs for dinner? You might be a little shocked if you caught this particular fish for dinner!

Image courtesy of MadCarlotta/Reddit

We imagine the people who caught the fish were shocked when they opened its mouth and saw the little frog. The fish came with a friend, and it seems that the frog is not distressed at all because it looks like he’s having a chill time in there.

Jaws at your local beach

People would be flocking to shore if they saw this at the local beach! For that matter, the beach would most likely close for safety reasons. However, the shark you are about to see in the next photo is a friendly one. It won’t bite or even move!

Image courtesy of sidjameslaugh/Reddit

Why? Because it’s just the image of a scary shark that’s painted on a rock. Perhaps they wanted to petrify people from one area of the beach, and since signs didn’t work, they thought of using a shark because who in their right mind would want to go near one?

A balenced breakfast

These eggs are perfectly balanced, and we’re not just talking about nutrition. Whoever cracked these eggs perfectly in the pan should be employed in a Michelin-star restaurant if they aren’t already. Seriously though, this is something that’s not that easy to pull off.

Image courtesy of NorthGoingZaks/Reddit

We can barely cook a single egg perfectly, let alone two. Apparently, this person didn’t even deliberately cook these yin and yang eggs to turn out like that. This was just a happy coincidence. Remarkable, right? It’s the small and simple things in life!

The happy cake

This is one happy cake, even after the owner dropped it on the floor. It still found something to smile about. If only we could be more like this cake after we have been dropped, rejected, ignored, or stressed out!

Image courtesy of Deleted User/Reddit

Just when you thought that your cake couldn’t turn out any better after being dropped, you pick it up and see that it has even more good vibes than it did before! We should all be more like this cake. We never thought we would say that!

What a difference a year makes

Do you also take pictures of the same thing after a year just to compare how things have changed? We do because it’s always exciting to see since we’re so caught up in our daily lives. A year ago, these folks were up to their necks in snow.

Image courtesy of creatorofscars/Reddit

They must have been trapped inside their homes because of the heavy snowfall. This year, it looks like they didn’t receive even an inch of snowfall. Sometimes, the weather can get a little crazy, or it can remain completely neutral. We bet they were shocked!

The crow

No, we are not talking about the movie here but the animal. Crows and ravens belong to the same genus, and they are some of the most interesting and smartest birds that exist. Crows have regional dialects, and they’ve even caused blackouts in Japan.

Image courtesy of iamchairs/Reddit

This crow, though, doesn’t speak and doesn’t cause blackouts. It’s just paint in a paint tray that has somehow taken the shape of a crow. This white crow is rare and only makes an appearance for very special people.

Where did the pilot go?

This is a situation you don’t want to be caught up in. Imagine yourself sitting comfortably on the plane and looking out the window, trying to admire the view below, when you suddenly see someone on a parachute with a sign saying that he was your pilot!

Image courtesy of invalid_username/Reddit.

We would have a heart attack because our minds would immediately jump to who’s in charge of the plane? It only means one thing – something terrible is happening, and the pilot has abandoned everyone! Luckily, this was nothing but one big joke.

Art in your very own bedroom

Never mind if you’re someone who’s not into art. You don’t even need any artistic talent for this because fate itself will decorate your room. How exciting is that?! This guy was just lying on his bed and doing nothing when he noticed something beautiful on his wall.

Image courtesy of djbootybutt/Reddit

Then he noticed a beautiful masterpiece being reflected on his wall. It’s the building across the street. If only all of our bare walls could be decorated this way with zero effort. Everyone would be happy. But then again, if that were the case, true artists would be out of a job!

Would you wish this was your wife?

Is this lady’s husband still ok, or did he have a heart attack after seeing this picture? This is the perfect way to get back at a husband who has been ignoring you or one that has been unfaithful. He clearly won’t forgive you, but who cares, right?

Image courtesy of vk.am

However, that was not the case for this woman. She was just trying to inject some humor in her and her husband’s traumatizing situation instead of worrying themselves crazy about the sinking car. Her husband was in on it too, as he was the one who took the photo.

When the planets align

Sometimes, you just happen to be in the right place at the right time, and beautiful things occur, and this photo is one of those occasions. How else can you explain the butterfly sitting in the skull and positioning itself perfectly so the dot on its wing resembles the eye of the skull?

Image courtesy of neatorama.com

We have no explanation whatsoever for this, so we shouldn’t complicate things and just admire the beauty and magic before us because this is something that doesn’t happen all the time. This is truly a rare occasion, and this person was lucky to snap a photo of it.

Bird for breakfast

Who wants bird for breakfast? And it’s not just any bird – it’s a bird that has voluntarily submitted itself to the ordeal by jumping straight on the pan as if it’s ready to be fried into an omelet. We don’t mean to be presumptuous, but that’s how it looks.

Image courtesy of cheezburger.com

Bird is on the menu today, so what avian dish would you like to have? Not a lot of animals would do this, but all jokes aside, how many people have woken up to such a delightful surprise? We know it’s not that many.

Blame FedEx

If you’ve ever bought things online or waited to receive a package, then you’d know that various problems can happen when it comes to shipping. Your package can get lost or damaged, and sometimes, you don’t receive what you paid for.

Image courtesy of DaddyJohno/Twitter

In this case, it wasn’t the shipper’s fault but FedEx’s. This person’s new pair of shoes was accidentally delivered to the neighbors instead of his home. When he knocked on her door, he noticed that the old grandma was already wearing the shoes. Would you have the heart to tell her that they’re not hers?

A pumpkin for the holiday season

Pumpkins have become the universal symbol of fall and Halloween. Think of pumpkin spice lattes and jack-o-lanterns adorning homes during the spooky season. However, with this pumpkin, you don’t need to exert too much effort to make it look scary.

Image courtesy of Dumpaday

This person was cutting this pumpkin for cooking purposes and not for holiday decorations, but it was so scary that whoever cut it forgot what her purpose was for using it. This pumpkin is more than ready to scare naughty little children.

What kind of a fork is this?

In any business, it is important for manufacturers and other companies to hire quality assurance analysts to ensure that whatever they put out in the market won’t disappoint or harm customers or risk the company’s reputation.

Image courtesy of superotter19/Reddit

This company’s inspector hasn’t been doing their job well and has let this defective work slipped right through the cracks. Granted, this isn’t something that is such a big deal and is actually kind of funny. At least whoever received this set has a good sense of humor!

“Don’t disturb me. I’m sleeping”

Deep sleep is necessary to function properly and do your tasks efficiently, whether it’s at home or in the office. If you’ve ever worked for 16 hours nonstop, you’ll know what we mean. You will be severely impaired and prone to making mistakes.

Image courtesy of Goofyjeff4/Reddit

This gecko understands just how important sleep is, so it’s dozing off and catching up on his much-needed ‘Zzzzs.’ He doesn’t want to be disturbed, so keep your distance and remain silent. He’s not going to be happy if you disturb him.

Did the rabbit pay its fare?

How many of you have hopped on a bus just to be surprised by an unexpected four-legged passenger, such as this rabbit? What would your reaction be? The first thing we’d want to ask is did the rabbit pay its fare and how much was it charged?

Image courtesy of MattHepburnClan/Twitter

We’d also want to know where the rabbit is headed and what urgent business it needs to take care of that it thought it would be necessary to take the bus. We have many questions, but we bet we won’t get answers knowing that the adorable bunny doesn’t speak. It just looks cute!

Somebody ruined the surprise

If you want to rekindle your relationship and bring the romance back to your marriage, you should go out of your way to make your partner happy with a few pleasant surprises. The person who took this photo wanted to surprise his wife with some relaxation time in the tub.

Image courtesy of Imgur

However, their pet dog had the same thing in mind. He wasn’t extended an invitation to the spa treatment, so he took it upon himself to crash the party, much to the wife’s dismay. Way to ruin a romantic evening, pal.

Sense of humor gone too far

We have always heard the importance of marrying someone with a sense of humor, someone who’s going to cheer us up and make us laugh when we come home from a rough day at work or when things just don’t go our way. Good looks can only go so far!

Image courtesy of Bierrr/Reddit

However, this husband’s sense of humor went a bit too far. His idea of a “nice surprise” for his wife was bringing a live goat into their bedroom and putting it on top of their bed. We may be wrong here, but we even see goat droppings on the blanket!

What happened to the lemon?

If you’ve read the news or watched a few documentaries, you know that only the best looking produce makes it to the grocery stores. Produce that is considered ‘ugly’ is thrown away, and we all know that they taste just as delicious even though they are aesthetically inferior.

Image courtesy of OJRemiX1/Reddit

The big, ‘ugly’ lemon you see grew in this person’s garden. They bought the smaller and better-looking one from the store. We bet you there’s no difference when it comes to flavor, and there’s a big chance that the homegrown variety tastes better.

Baby and mommy butterscotch

There are people that feel like they pulled the short end of the stick when it comes to life, and then there are also some who seem to be favored by fate, such as the person who submitted this photo. We love butterscotch candies, and we are always happy to receive extra!

Image courtesy of blogtravel.com

This person bought a pack of butterscotch candy and found out that one of them came with an extra half-sized butterscotch. What a treat! How come this has never happened to us, not even once? We all deserve extra candies!

When Grandma does it better

If your parents say no to you, you should go straight to your grandparents because they are most likely to say yes and give you what you want. This granddaughter clearly loves her grandma, and for a special occasion, they decided to try “twinning.”

Image courtesy of Jenn123097/Twitter

If you’ve been living under a rock, “twinning” means wearing the same article of clothing. So, they decided to sport the same dress. The granddaughter looks good in the dress, but we can’t deny the fact that the grandma does it better.

The breakfast buddy

Somewhere in South Africa you can wake up in the morning and have breakfast with giraffes. In this household, you can have breakfast with a kangaroo, and his name is Joey. But you better wake up early before the kangaroo gets bored.

Image courtesy of Arris1/Reddit

However, we think that the kangaroo should be included in the family breakfast as well! We mean, it’s not every day we get to experience this occasion. Seriously though, this picture was probably taken in Australia as the kangaroo is basically one of their well-known symbols.

How does the charger do that?

This charger is a mystery that needs to be solved because how in the world does it charge itself? We have never seen something quite like it. We’re going to go ahead and assume that this totally unique, self-sustainable charger must cost a fortune.

Image courtesy of jambrand/Reddit

We have visited numerous electronic stores both locally and internationally, but we have never seen something quite like this. Does this mean you don’t need to plug it into a power source? We really want to know how it functions!

Accidental coffee art

We have always been fascinated by coffee art. Seeing baristas make shapes out of espresso and foam such as hearts, plants, and animals is fascinating, and one day, once we have some extra time, we would like to be able to learn as well!

Image courtesy of Know0neSpecial/Reddit

However, in this situation, the remains of the coffee grounds remind us of one of the many teacups in Professor Trewlaney’s collection from Harry Potter. The eccentric teacher taught divination at Hogwarts, and even though we may not be able to see into the future like her, but we can certainly learn coffee art.

Prance, Vixen, and all their reindeer friends

The Northern lights are some of the most beautiful natural phenomena on earth and many people have made it their ultimate dream to see them in person. You can see the northern lights in many places, such as Iceland, Swedish Lapland, Canada, and the Finnish Lapland.

Image courtesy of fluffyfluffballs/Reddit

What would make your northern lights experience even more unforgettable is the presence of reindeer. They are mystical, beautiful, and magical creatures that some people never get to see even once in their lives! The person who took this photo has Lady Fate smiling upon her.

Would you like to eat South America?

Many people love a delicious and tender steak straight off the grill. It goes perfect with a side of mashed potatoes and green beans. Or maybe cut up in some fresh tacos! We can feel our tummies rumbling just from talking about it!

Image courtesy of elcharlz/Reddit

If you fancy having a steak now and then, you might enjoy having one that looks exactly like the continent of South America on your plate. This was just out grilling to perfection, and he didn’t expect his steak to be in the form of this beautiful continent.

Half orange half lemon?

Grafting is a horticultural technique used to join parts from two different plants so they grow to become hybrid plants. If you are into plants, you must have certainly seen the result of this process. We’re not sure about grafting rules, but we do know it’s pretty amazing.

Image courtesy of Midlyintresting/Reddit

If we didn’t know better, we’d say that this fruit is the product of grafting an orange and a lemon. Well, we’d like to think that half of the fruit is an orange and another half is a lemon. We wonder what it tastes like.

Icy nightmare

Some people love winter, but many despise the icy temperatures and being stuck at home during snowstorms. They would rather be in the tropics, donning their bikinis and swimwear and enjoying the sun. If you saw this bony and icy finger, you might start to despise winter too.

Image courtesy of logangrey123/Reddit

This is a sight that is straight out of a horror movie. It’s not going to be a good morning when you wake up to this menacing icicle. It’s true that there are times when Mother Nature is stranger than anything movies can come up with.

Would you want a boyfriend like this?

Everyone is struggling to find true love these days. It is challenging to find someone who will genuinely love, understand, and value you. So, if you happen to have someone in your life who loves and appreciates you unconditionally, you should consider yourself lucky.

Image courtesy of Imgur

Never let go of someone who does not only love you but also has a wicked sense of humor. Where else can you find a person who is willing to dress up as Jabba the Hutt to surprise you and make you laugh?

That is one angry toy

Perfect timing doesn’t happen often, and when it does, it feels like all the planets aligned, and things fell into place just for you. You’re hit unexpected results, such as this one. At first glance, you’d be alarmed by what you’d see in the camera.

Image courtesy of KevlarYarmulke/Reddit

But there should be no cause for stress here. It’s just a toy taped to the trunk door. If we’re right, we’d say that’s Stone Cold Steve Austin right there, and he’s not looking too pleased. Watch out because he is not messing around.

Prelude to a horror movie?

If you have seen plenty of horror movies, you’d know that most evil spirits come from old things such as antiques. The older things are, the warier you should be of them. Regardless of how pristine these old things look, always keep them where they belong.

Image courtesy of PousseMoussue/Reddit

This person discovered what seems to be an old marriage certificate from 1841. Fearing horror and being hounded by bad juju, they hurriedly put it back. The last thing you want is for the spirits to haunt you for disturbing their marriage certificate.

Even Siri gets confused sometimes

Almost everyone today has heard of or has used Siri. Apple’s virtual assistant has changed the mobile industry game and now has many imitations. If you need anything or have questions about the weather, just call on Siri and she would be more than happy to assist.

Image courtesy of wattae_/Instagram

However, Siri is not perfect, and she also gets confused like the rest of us. This man wanted Siri to remind him to dye his hair. However, ‘dye’ and the more worrying word ‘die’ have the same pronunciation. Siri ended up reminding the man to kill himself.

An electrical panel that hisses

There you were about to open your electrical panel to check on something when you suddenly hear a hissing sound. What do you think is wrong? You open the panel and see a snake coiled around some of the wires.

Image courtesy of vkmag.com

Our soul would have left our bodies! How did that thing get in there?! More importantly did it tell anyone that it was going to be staying there for the time being, and did it sign a tenancy contract? How much does it owe the homeowner?

Show me your ticket!

Private institutions such as museums, art galleries, zoos, and other places require memberships or at least a ticket to get into. Some entrance fees are affordable, while others are on the pricey side. Whatever the price is, you must show your ticket to be allowed entry.

Image courtesy of BBC

This cheetah must be working for the security department because look at it checking everyone’s ticket before letting people in. There are no exceptions, and it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or famous. You must be able to show a ticket!

Leaves that look like flowers

Flowers make any space feel and look more beautiful and livelier, and they also make people happier. Flowers come in diverse shapes and colors, and most of them are so pleasant to look at. But have you ever seen leaves from a flower that look like birds?

Image courtesy of Hamzii_/Reddit

Feast your eyes on this Australian plant with leaves that look like hummingbirds. Gorgeous is the first word that comes to mind after a closer inspection of the leaves. This is a plant that we most certainly want in our garden.

The gigantic rainbow

So many things have been said about rainbows. Some are true, but most are false. For example, they say there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but the truth is you can never actually reach the end of a rainbow.

Image courtesy of 30s/Reddit

Another fact about rainbows is that you are less likely to see them during the winter. Regardless of what is untrue of rainbows, one thing is for sure, and that is everyone loves them, especially gigantic ones such as the one you see in the picture above.

The orange within an orange

Suppose you’ve watched the movie Inception, one of Christopher Nolan’s masterpieces. In that case, you’d know the movie’s premise involves professionals stealing information from others by infiltrating their subconscious and going inside their dreams. The phrase “dream within a dream” came from that movie.

Image courtesy of miahi/Reddit

This is the fruit version of that movie. What you see in the photo is an orange within an orange. We have no idea how this happened, but it’s like fate designed the orange that way. It may not be the best-looking fruit we’ve ever laid eyes upon, but we’ve never seen one like it!

The Queen’s Gambit in winter?

Have you ever seen chess pieces fashioned out of ice? Neither have we until today, that is. So this is how the icy Queen of Gambit looks like. On a serious note, Mother Nature has a way of surprising people.

Image courtesy of ulvetid/Reddit

You thought you’ve seen it all, but you clearly haven’t. These beautiful chess pieces were made by nature 100%, but they might as well have come out of a factory by the way they look. We’d love to get our hands on a set.

Fate was on his side that day

The picture you see here is proof that fate was on this man’s side that day. How else can you explain how he managed to avoid that very long nail? He had such a close call but still managed to save his tire from imminent danger.

Image courtesy of blackbanhmi/Reddit

It must be a lucky day for him because that gigantic nail would have most certainly caused a lot of damage. We can only imagine the money he would have spent on a new tire and the stress a flat tire would have caused him. Fate was definitely on his side!