Fifth Grade Teacher Receives Complete Home Renovation From Her Former Student

By Stephen M

It is often said that teachers have a special spot in heaven. However, if you greatly impact your students, you should surely enjoy some good rewards here on earth. Such great reward is what educator Yvonne Sims received from her former fifth-grade student, the Academy Award winner Halle Berry.

Photo credits: @HalleBerry / Instagram

To show gratitude for the impactful training and nurturing she received from the woman, Halle undertook a complete renovation of Yvonne’s old home with some assistance from the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott.

While exhibiting her construction skills in an episode of Celebrity IOU, Halle recounted the huge difference and impact her fifth-grade teacher made in her life. According to her, Yvonne was more of a second mother; and meeting her at that point in her life was divine. She went on to add that her life would be completely different if not for Yvonne.

According to Halle, her mother was the busy type who was always working to raise enough money as a single mother. But Yvonne stepped in most of the time to play the motherly role and took her in under her wing.

Photo credits: @HalleBerry / Instagram

Halle revealed that, while her mother was white, Yvonne taught her everything about the culture of her people and being a black woman. She recounted the moments Yvonne invited her into her home for some deep conversation while sitting at the kitchen table. They started calling such talks “cookie talks.” With her home now being renovated, this unlikely yet precious duo will surely continue to have their cookie talks in a more convenient and livelier kitchen environment.