Find The Meaning In Your Life

By Stephen M

How often in life do you ask yourself the hard questions? We mean the soul-stirring questions. What matters to you most? Are you aware of your deepest values? Have you strived to find out your main purpose in this life? Our concentration on work, family, and other related issues sometimes keep us from exploring the most critical aspects of life. We try to satisfy our physical needs and, and with our emotional and psychological needs, we remain on the surface without delving deeper.

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The world is currently full of competition, forcing many people to venture into fields not meant for them. Instead of discovering our own paths, we engage in unhealthy competitions in our bid to be successful. We compete with family and friends and strive to surpass their milestones in an unhealthy manner. This has left many people to live lives rife with disappointment, frustration, anxiety, and anger.

It is worth knowing that life becomes fulfilling and worth living when you do what you were called to do. However, the fear of failure and lack of confidence prevent many of us from charting our own voyage.

You can prevent all these messes by searching within yourself for a life purpose and living by set values.

Relevance of values to your life purpose

Values are adopted qualities one wants to live by and follow religiously. Of course, they don’t have to be at all related to theology. It could be how you want to relate with others, keeping your integrity, honesty, and courage no matter the consequences.

Values are different from goals. Goals are transient, and once achieved you try to move on with others, while values live with you forever. They are the very guide for your life, personalized and unique to you. Goals are set but values manifest themselves in every action and aspect of life. Living with values gives you greater satisfaction, and fulfillment than money could buy.

Scan your life


To know your life purpose, scan the various areas of your life and rate them according to your commitment towards them. Rate them from 1 to 10, with the higher numbers representing greater commitment and consistency towards them.

How did you score each aspect of your life as stated above? The areas with the highest ratings are those you value much. The area you rated highest is your dearest desire. Write down your values in those aspects and work towards improving them.