Talented Artist Creates Incredible Food Art Inspired By Our Favorite Characters And Animals

By Aakash M

We bet you never thought food could look so lifelike! Today, we’ll be taking a look at amazing food art inspired by animals, famous celebrities, and pop-culture characters. The talented artist behind these creations is one Harley Langberg. 

Langberg is a food artist from New York City. He’s known for creating visually appealing yet edible images with different ingredients and snacks. He has been practicing this skill for nine years, honestly, it’s quite the exceptional talent.

Because of this unique ability, he has gained the attention of about 40,000 followers on social media and worked with more than 75 companies. This guy is certainly on his way to becoming one of the most recognizable names in the food art industry, so we thought we’d share some of his best creations with you. Enjoy!


The cutest part about this “Elmo” food art is the ears, which, believe it to not, were made from tortillas. Although he is red and technically a Muppet monster, we all can agree that he’s still a very adorable character. Also, how can anybody forget that laugh?

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

He first appeared on Sesame Street back in 1980, which makes him a true TV veteran, but he is only three! “Elmo” even has a whole section for himself at the end of the show, which shows just how popular he is. So, we get why he’d be on this list.

Rubeus Hagrid

“Rubeus Hagrid” from Harry Potter has been made with great precision here, and we love how real his skin looks! Langberg was also very creative with his depiction of Hagrid’s long hair and beard. We’d say that’s creativity at its finest. Who knew pasta could be arty?!

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

This one has to be one of the most impressive food arts on the entire list. Though we know that not everyone likes pasta or even noodles, we admire the fact that Langberg chose to incorporate them in one of his iconic pieces.

Queen Grimhilde

Those who have watched Walt Disney Productions’ very first animated feature film, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, or even read any of the books know this face. “Queen Grimhilde” is undoubtedly one of the most cunning and evil antagonists on Disney.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Honestly, we think she looks even more vicious as food art! It looks like she’s coming out of the frame to force-feed us the apple of death. Yikes! With this piece, Lamgberg makes it clear that “Snow White” was really no match for The Evil Queen.


This food art is extraordinarily similar to the real face of Mufasa. If this was actually a dish you could order at a hotel, can you guess what its name would be? We think it’d be ‘Crispy Mufasa,’ primarily because of the bacon! It would be a popular breakfast special.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

He is undoubtedly one of the most loved characters from Disney, and for good reasons. Everybody loves seeing a gentle giant who is capable of massive destruction being goofy, playful, and kind-hearted. We think we are due for a rewatch!

Hector Rivera

That’s “Hector Rivera” from Disney Pixar’s Coco. He was an aspiring musician and “Coco’s” father. His story is quite sad since he died at the age of 21 after he was poisoned. Although he was a loving husband and dad, he left his family at a young age to pursue music.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

All in all, Coco is a fantastic movie to watch with your family. In addition to the numerous catchy songs, it also sheds light on some serious and intense topics like death and betrayal, and most of it is done through “Hector’s” story. As fans of the film, we love what the artist did here.


We have to admit that Langberg is incredibly accurate with all his food art. The pieces all look extremely similar to the actual characters, like this next one featuring “Tigger” from Winnie The Pooh. He’s probably the oldest character on this list since he first appeared on screens in 1928!

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

We have always loved how “Tigger” refers to himself in the third person and a species as a whole! Ever noticed that? With this one, it appears that the artist used orange peels to bring out our favorite tiger to life, which is nothing short of impressive. We’re tempted to try it ourselves!


“Velma” is one of the main characters in Scooby Doo. She’s the smartest, and most of the time, she is the one who solves the central mystery of a case in the episodes. Her trademark turtleneck and black glasses have been captured brilliantly here.

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

Her full name is “Velma Dinkley,” and as kids, watching her frequently lose her glasses was one of the funniest moments of the show. And now we can’t get the theme song out of our heads! Anyway, it seems that bacon is an excellent choice for hair in food art. We hope you’re learning!


Langberg undoubtedly got the colors and ears right on this one. We noticed quite an interesting thing about “Fiona” recently. When she’s a human, she doesn’t always wear her crown, but when she’s an ogre, you can’t spot her without it.

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

“Shrek” and “Fiona” have a beautiful love story. Theirs was a romance that followed the typical fairytale but also managed to be unique in a way. As usual, the artist did it justice with what appears to be some veggies and dried fruit.


Aside from the movie itself, posters of It were pretty scary because “Pennywise” has a very eerie vibe, which we think Langberg captured quite perfectly. Fun fact – Stephen King made “Pennywise” a clown because kids are terrified of clowns.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Contrary to the myth, the clown in the movie doesn’t technically eat kids; he just consumes their fear. Though he isn’t the typical slasher villain, he has a lot of supernatural powers. Who knew his scary demeanor would be captured so vividly with veggies and pasta?

Salvador Dali

This next one is a piece featuring Salvador Dali, a Spanish painter famous for his surrealist imagery. Well, since only an artist can capture another artist perfectly, we declare this piece perfection. If it had to be named, it would probably be called ‘Salvador Deli.’ No? Well, we tried.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Two museums, one in Spain and another in Florida, are devoted to his work. His influence on pop culture is undeniable. Did you know that the masks the characters on Money Heist wore are called Dali Masks? Well, now you do.

A dragon

That dragon looks fierce, and the way its expressions have been portrayed is simply amazing. Admittedly, we were quite surprised to learn that it was made out of cucumbers! But that fact only made us appreciate the insane level of effort that must have gone into the details.

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

The eye is simply the highlight here because it looks more real than any other part. It almost makes it look alive. Though we are used to seeing red dragons more, like “Mushu” on Mulan, we are certainly glad we came across a different one.

Hei Hei

For those who haven’t watched Moana, this food art is inspired by a chicken named “Hei Hei” in the movie. If you Google that, you will notice how closely this creation resembles the actual image of the chicken from the movie!

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

In Maori, the word ‘heihei’ itself means chicken! He’s “Moana’s” pet rooster; if we are being honest, he is not the smartest Disney sidekick out there. Luckily, he is super cute with his big eyes and goofy face, which Langberg captured with strawberries, of all things!

Albert Einstein

This image needs no context because the portrait is of an extremely famous person, and it has been done so well that it doesn’t take time to guess who the artist was trying to create. The eyes and the mustache make things look much more realistic here.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Lamberg replicated Albert Einstein’s famous image of him sticking his tongue out while looking at the camera. Frankly, we think he did a fantastic job with it by giving it a completely different texture and an even more endearing appeal.


Meet “Mushu,” a Disney character from the feature film Mulan. He’s a dragon who refers to himself as the guardian of the lost souls. He’s also hilarious, self-absorbed, and talks very fast. From this image, you can tell he’s adorable as well.

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

With such impressive qualities, it’s still funny that he appointed himself as “Mulan’s” guardian when she decided to go to war. Once again, strawberries were the food of choice when it came to creating another beloved Disney character, and honestly, we can’t complain.

Scooby Doo

This food art is so good that if it were placed side by side with the actual poster, and we had to look at both of them from afar, it would be very difficult to tell the difference between the two.

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

By the way, here’s a fun fact that might not have gained that much attention when you were a kid; “Scooby’s” full name is Scoobert! While we couldn’t like to admit how old we were when we learned that, we know we are not alone in that regard.

Kermit The Frog

And now we have one of the most recognizable characters both in the world of Muppets and that of memes. “Kermit the Frog” has carved out a space for himself in social media that none of us could have anticipated when a couple of years ago.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Kermit is so accomplished in his career that even Hollywood officially recognized him by giving him a star on the Walk of Fame. That’s how you know you’re a bigwig. Langberg did a great job, as usual, capturing him with the most unlikely thing; peas.

Didi Pickles

How many of you remember this hilarious character from Rugrats? She was a part-time school teacher and child psychologist. She’s also “Stu’s” wife and the mother of “Tommy” and “Dil,” so most of the time, she’s shown as a mother and housewife.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Despite that, she was way ahead of her time. Not only was she the mother to two children, but she was also the main breadwinner of the family in the ‘90s. She was also quite stylish, as you can see, and Langberg ensured he aptly represented that in his piece.


This one isn’t based on a character from a show. It’s just a simple lobster carved from a watermelon. Though we used the word simple, we are certain there was nothing simple about making this piece. Watermelon slices can be very slippery, so we really appreciate the effort this took.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Since this is an image, it’s quite easy for us to tell exactly what it is. However, we think that if we had seen this watermelon lobster in real life from a 10-15 meter distance, it would have been a bit harder to tell if it was real or not.

Charlotte Pickles

We must applaud Langberg’s creativity here because the eggplants were used very wisely in this piece to make things as realistic as possible. “Charlotte Pickles” is another character from Rugrats who’s a strong-willed, assertive woman and also a very stern but caring mother.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

She’s a busy woman, and as the CEO of Mega Corp, she was often seen talking on the phone to “Jonathan,” her assistant. Never in our lives would we have imagined seeing a “Charlotte” made out of eggplants but once again, Langberg nailed it!


“Scar” is the main villain in The Lion King movies. He has quite a dark story that made him turn into a villainous and vengeful lion, but before all that, his name was “Taka.” Though lions are carnivorous animals, this one is more of a frugivore!

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Back to “Scar,” did you know that his character is loosely based on King Claudius, the antagonist of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Not only has he been ranked as one of Disney’s greatest villains, but he’s also considered one of the greatest antagonists in all of film history!


Meet “Helga Geraldine Pataki” from the show Hey Arnold. She always teased “Arnold” by calling him a ‘football head.’ Though she started off as his bully and frenemy, it was revealed that she had a secret crush on him, and she even later became his girlfriend.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

“Helga” is more of a tomboy character in the show, and the expressions in this food art captured that aspect quite beautifully. It takes a true artist to get the hilarious scowl she always had on her face right, especially with food.

Nemo and Dory

These two cute fish friends have our hearts. Finding Nemo was indeed a lovely yet emotional movie, and the voice actors did a splendid job, just like Lamberg did with this unique and special Oreo food art for the two fish.

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

“Nemo” is a clownfish, and there are numerous amazing facts about these creatures. For starters, they are all born male and have a hierarchy where the most aggressive female is at the top. When she dies, the dominant male takes her place and becomes a female. Fascinating, right


We didn’t think pop-culture icons would make it to this list, but we must say we are delighted that they did. Even better is the fact that the artist chose one of the most fabulous and talented celebrities we know, the inimitable Ru Paul.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

He has won many awards, including 12 Primetime Emmy Awards and a Tony Award. For his work, he is widely recognized as the ‘Queen of Drag.’ With a large serving of pasta and some veggies, Langberg did a fantastic job creatic Ru Paul.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix passed away too early. But although he had a short career, it was enough for him to become one of the most influential electric guitarists of all time to date. His legacy still lives on through his amazing music.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Hendrix was also recognized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music, which is a pretty accurate description. So, the greatest guitarist indeed deserves a great food art piece for his contribution to the industry.

The Notorious B.I.G.

Here is another legend who passed away too early, but his short career didn’t stop him from being one of the most respected and influential rappers of all time. Rolling Stone even crowned him the greatest rapper that ever lived.

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

Biggie’s contribution to hip-hop and the music industry at large is still felt today, and he serves as an inspiration to millions. Though we are not entirely sure what Langberg used to create this legend on an Oreo, we have to admit that this is the most incredible cookie we’ve ever seen.

Michael Jackson

Then there’s the King of Pop, who is literally among the most significant people of the entire 20th century. With a career that lasted four decades, Michael Jackson made a mark that most artists can only dream of. He’s also the inventor of the famous moonwalk dance move.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Michael Jackson is undoubtedly one of the most awarded recording artist in all of pop music history, and honestly, we’d never see the end if we talked about his accomplishments. All we can say is that his music lives to this day, and this food art is simply beautiful.

Lion King

Imagine you are living in a house where one of your relatives is a food artist. You wake up one morning and, after inquiring about what’s for breakfast, you get a strange answer; Lion King! You would be confused, wouldn’t you?

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Well, this is how that breakfast would look, and it honestly looks quite delicious as well. We all know this iconic scene, and Langberg captured it with a great amount of detail. We feel so grateful to have stumbled on his Instagram!

Susie Carmichael

You can tell how deeply Langberg has observed the characters in this list by the level of detail that’s so apparent in his art. With this one, not only did he pay attention to how “Susie’s” hair looked, but he also made sure to add the little red headbands that she wears.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

“Susie” was introduced in the second season of Rugrats, and she went on to become a recurring character. What’s lesser known is that her name was inspired by the song Suzanne by Leonard Cohen. Even her mother, “Lucy,” has the same initials as Leonard Cohen! Coincidence?


Meet “Arnold,” the protagonist of the show Hey Arnold. He’s unique in his own way, with his hairstyle, small stature, and, of course, the shape of his head. His unique head shape is also why he got the nickname ‘Football Head.’

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

His last name has always been a low-key secret. But it was recently revealed that his full name is “Arnold Philip Shortman.” Not to judge, but “Shortman” is quite an apt surname for this character! We love how his hair is made out of french fries here. Now we’ll never look at it the same!

Stanley Ipkiss

Even if you haven’t seen the movie The Mask and even if you don’t know that the name of this character is “Stanley Ipkiss,” we’re sure that you recognize this face because it has been made famous, thanks to memes. 

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

For context, “Stanley Ipkiss” is a typical Edge City bank teller by day but by night, he becomes a vigilante superhero known as “The Mask.” Jim Carrey did an incredible job portraying the character, just like Langberg did with his food art.

Alice and Caterpillar

The caterpillar that has been made so perfectly here is a fictional character from the famous book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Can you believe that the book came out in 1865? It still has some amazing bedtime stories for kids today!

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

The “Caterpillar” is also part of the 1951 Disney movie Alice in Wonderland. The books and the movies represent the struggles of a child in an adult’s world quite beautifully. We’re still in awe of how amazingly talented Langberg is because though this piece may seem simple, you can tell that a lot went into it.


You might think of them as flying dinosaurs, but they actually weren’t. Because their front limbs can stretch to the side, they are considered distant cousins of dinosaurs, even though they were just more of a flying reptile than anything else.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Out of all the ones we have seen in movies like Jurassic World and Terrordactyl, we have to admit that this is the cutest pterodactyl we’ve come across. Made entirely out of vegetables, which we have seen are a favorite medium of the artist, this extinct reptile got one more chance to fly again.


Who could have imagined that the food art of one of the greatest poets who ever lived would look so lifelike? Here’s an interesting fact about Shakespeare’s work – there are moons that have been named after some of his characters!

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

These moons are orbiting Uranus, and a few of the names are Juliet, Oberon, and Ariel. Allow us to let you in on another one – his grave has remained untouched since 1747 because he left a strict warning saying that anybody who moved his bones would be cursed!

A beautiful scenery

This is such a delightful scene, and what makes it even better is that you can eat it all up. The leaves are literally portraying larger versions of themselves here, but other than that, we love how the toucan is sitting calmly, watching the sunset.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Watching this sunset is almost as peaceful as watching a real sunset, and this one takes less effort, so we give more brownie points for that. This depiction of the jungle with a river running across it is nothing short of outstanding and proof of the undeniable talent Langberg has.

Wednesday Addams

“Wednesday Addams” is a character from The Addams Family, a fictional family created by cartoonist Charles Adams back in the ’60s. But that was then. Now, Wednesday is a supernatural horror comedy based on the same character, available on Netflix.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

The story revolves around “Wednesday” as she tries to solve a murder mystery at her school. She also has her mother’s psychic abilities, which help her along the way. We also love how the artist included “Thing,” her sidekick, in the piece.

Tanya Mcquoid

And now we have food art inspired by “Tanya Mcquoid” from HBO’s White Lotus. Sorry for the spoilers, but interestingly, she’s the only character from the first season who’s going to be making a return to the show with a crucial role to play in the second season.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

This food art does look an awful lot like Jennifer Coolidge herself. She might be selfish and privileged, but she knows what she wants and is most certainly not afraid to ask for it. She is such a delight to watch.

Porky Pig

It’s hard for a ’90s kid to forget “Porky Pig” from Looney Tunes. However, his first appearance on the screen was way back in 1935, which makes him really old. With that said, he is still one of the most beloved animated characters for the children of this generation as well.

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

His most notable trait is his stutter, and he’s also known for his famous last line at the end, which Langberg also included in this piece, “That’s all, folks!” It’s amazing that all this is made out of things you can eat!

David Bowie

We only have one thing to say about this one – we highly doubt that there will be another piece of food art that’s as accurate and realistic as this. So, we’ll wait until somebody finds one! David Bowie would’ve been delighted to see this piece.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

Many people believed that both his eyes had different colors, but that wasn’t true. Both his eyes were blue, but he had one permanently dilated pupil. Though that is not as accurately depicted here, we think Langberg’s version of that feature was still incredible.

Jason Voorhees

Finally, we have it – the food art of the most notorious villain of the ’80s. He is what you call a typical slasher villain. Friday the 13th is such an amazing yet uneasy-to-watch series, especially the final chapter of the franchise.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

The mask that Jason Voorhees wears is so famous that it has been used in many other places, including classic video games like Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Not only is there a movie series, but there are also novels, video games, and comic books around his story.

Dolly Parton

We know that the classic Oreo looks best, but to be honest if there was an Oreo variation involving Dolly Parton, it would be the buzz for a long time. Though we know not everybody would eat this Oreo, we can all agree that it looks a lot like her.

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

For those who don’t know, Dolly Parton is also Miley Cyrus’ godmother. She’s an extremely accomplished individual in her field and has won more than 30 awards. Also, let’s not forget she has two Guinness World Records under her name as well! A true legend.

Winifred Sanderson

“Winifred Sanderson” is the antagonist of the 1993 Disney movie Hocus Pocus. Come to think of it, this could be used as the animation of the character for a food art-inspired animated Disney movie in the future if that would ever be a thing.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

She’s a woman who had sold her soul and those of her sisters to the devil in exchange for magical powers. If we were to describe her character, we’d say she has a bad temper, is evil and very sadistic, but she is also extremely intelligent.


Food art on Oreos has definitely caught our attention. Previously, we saw Dolly Parton, and this time it’s “Shrek.” The funny thing is that if you search for Shrek Oreos on Google, you will actually find images of packets of Shrek Oreos!

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

It makes us wonder when this variation was released. Had it gone mainstream like the other Oreos, it would have become really famous, and Langberg might not have made food art based on it. Anyways, we think that this “Shrek” Oreo is equally incredible. 


If you’re keen, you will notice that more than half of Scooby Doo’s main characters are already on this list with their own exceptional and unique food art. Maybe the artist loves the show and its characters just like we all do.

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

This time, it’s “Daphne.” She’s the most fashionable member of the gang and often ends up getting in danger, which resulted in the special nickname ‘Danger-prone Daphne.’ She’s certainly beautiful, and you can see it in this piece of art.

Queen Elizabeth II

She was crowned at the age of 27, on 2 June 1953, in front of a TV audience of around 20 million people. She was also the longest-reigning monarch in Britain, and more than 15 prime ministers in the UK have served under her reign.

Instagram/ harleysfood_art

There are many more interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II, but here’s a truly surprising one – she was the only person in the entire United Kingdom who was allowed to drive without a license! That has to be one of the coolest things ever, just like this food art.


Just when we thought we had seen too many villains in unique food art, we landed upon this. Here’s the main antagonist of the Saw franchise on an Oreo, of all things. Truth be told, it looks really amazing and also quite tasty, which is confusing since it’s The Jigsaw Killer!

Instagram/ harleys_foodart

He’s different from most serial killers because he never plans on killing his victims directly. Instead, he sets up and concocts various lethal traps and places his victims in them, forcing them to go through immense trauma in order to survive.