40 Outdated Things That Remind Us Of The Good Old Days

By Liezel L

One day, you’re just enjoying your low-cut jeans and thinking you’re the coolest kid in the world. And then, suddenly, you’re reading about them in a magazine article titled “Fashion trends that should never come back.” That’s how fast the world changes. And it never stops changing, even if we refuse to acknowledge it on a day-to-day basis. It’s simply the natural order of things, and it’s something we need, even if we don’t want it. It’s how we, the human race, move forward. But that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to feel nostalgic for times gone by. As some people say, we should stop looking to the past for a better future, but if it weren’t for the past, we wouldn’t be here now. So, are you ready to go down memory lane? Let’s go!

Adorable Erasers That Didn’t Actually Work

These erasers were all the rage back in elementary schools. Some of them would even smell so good. Kids would proudly bust them out from their pencil cases during class. And sometimes, they might even substitute them as toys during recess. 

image courtesy of DualCay0te/ Reddit

The only problem is that these erasers didn’t actually work. Instead, they tore your paper apart and smeared your pencil everywhere. Then again, they were probably just made to catch the eyes of kids and make their parents buy them for them. It’s marketing, we tell you.

Those Pulldown Maps In Classrooms

These days, a lot of classrooms have projectors or even better, huge, luxurious TV screens where teachers can showcase visual learning material to the students. Gone are the days when teachers would have to reach high up just to pull down maps or charts like this one. 

image courtesy of DualCay0te/ Reddit

For some strange reason, these things never really pulled down all the way. And if you sat at the back of the classroom, you’d spend the rest of the period squinting to see whatever the teacher was pointing at. Still, many people could memorize every state and capital by that method, so we guess it wasn’t so bad.

When You Had To Follow Every Step Properly To Turn Off The Computer

These days, we’re just so used to how fast technology evolves. New iPhone models are coming out every year. Every quarter, there are also better PC features coming out. It’s just standard nowadays. Most of us are guilty of hitting “remind me later” for updates.

image courtesy of 1800generalkenobi/ Reddit

But it wasn’t always like that. There were even times when most people would panic if someone just pressed the computer power button to turn it off. Those were the days when we’d almost lose our minds, fearing what would happen to the computer if we didn’t shut it down properly.

The 80s Style Skates That Never Actually Skated

Oh, these roller skates were quite a hit back then. They were so appealing to kids. The funny thing is, once you had them, you’d immediately want to take them back. And that’s because they weren’t really all that fun.

image courtesy of B34TBOXX5/ Reddit

Sure, the skates had all the nice colors, and they looked cool. But the problem with these is they never allowed you to skate properly. They also made you prone to tripping and scraping your knee. So you’d just have to clomp along on the sidewalk looking like you had McDonald’s feet. 


We can’t say the Tamagochi is outdated right now because it’s actually coming back as part of the ’80s revival trend. It even made an appearance in the Pixar film Turning Red! We don’t think it’s ever really going away. How could it? It’s surprisingly addictive.

image courtesy of RobertPaulsen39/ Reddit

Back in the days when this was all the rage, kids would panic when their Tamagochis would start making noises to be fed. And if you think about it, it was actually a great tool to teach kids responsibility, especially about having pets. 

Addictive 3D Pinball For Windows

Pinball! This was one of the most addictive games that windows put out. People would spend hours sitting in front of the computer, clicking away wtih as much fury as a real life pinball machine. They’d say, “One last game…” but we all knew that was a lie. 

image courtesy of heeroo0/ Reddit

It was such a simple game, too. Even though there wasn’t a physical ball, it was still just as much fun. And while you couldn’t cheat by tipping it, like a real pinball machine, we all know that one person who would still try.

Adorable 90s Bedding Sets

Before minimalist home decor or monochrome themes started creeping into kids’ rooms, these bedding sets were always the favorite of children everywhere. Parents would usually buy bedding sets featuring their kids’ favorite movies or characters. Sometimes, it even came complete with curtains. 

image courtesy of heeroo0/ Reddit

If the kid really likes a movie or a character, it wouldn’t end with the bedding. It would go all the way to their pajamas and school supplies. Seriously though, these things are the very representation of our childhood innocence and joy. And seeing them just brings about so many happy childhood memories.

Those Cute But Uncomfy McDonald’s Burger Seats

If you weren’t here yet when these seats came out in almost every Mcdonald’s out there, well, you’re pretty lucky. These seats might have been very cute and on-brand, but trust us, they were the hardest substance known to man.

image courtesy of dinomango/ Reddit

While we understand that McDonald’s wanted to make the experience a lot better for the kids, these seats didn’t do it. In fact, they made kids so uncomfy. So, parents had to deal with whiny kids who wanted to either swap seats or straight up just go home.

The Visualizer in Windows Media Player

These visuals weren’t really that great. They were just a bunch of lines and blobs that kept moving on screen while your music played. But for some reason, we would stare at these things for hours like we were hypnotized by them.

image courtesy of ZaPandaz/ Reddit

But when these first came out, they were considered to be cutting-edge graphics. Some people would even spend a good chunk of their time choosing which one was right for their playlist. Sometimes, we kind of miss it, too. The visualizer just gives a whole other experience to music.

In the 2000s, Everyone Had Their Own CD Cases

Ah, CD cases. Now, those were really the champs. Back in the 2000s, everyone had their very own CD cases filled with the albums of their favorite bands or pop stars. Of course, not everyone could afford to buy the newest album, so a full CD case was a point of pride.

image courtesy of DoesThisMatter/ Reddit

These were also the times that you knew a guy was serious with you if he burned you CDs of his or your favorite songs. But, it’s not just about the CDs. Browsing through these cases is part of the whole experience. You get to appreciate the music and the memories you associate with them a lot more.  

Those Fun Multicolor Pens

Why carry around a stack of different color pens when you could have just one that contained the whole rainbow! Now, we don’t really think these pens are outdated just yet. They’re still everywhere, and let us tell you, they’re fantastic. 

image courtesy of peter-s/ Reddit

With so many ink sticks, this pen could basically last you a year if you tried. It’s just a little harder to hold onto, but it was a small price to pay. Also, who else here has tried to push them down all at once?

Colorful Solitaire Card Backs

Along with Pinball, one of the most popular games on PCs before was solitaire. Kids would spend hours and hours on it. Some of them would even learn the cheats. And some have even become solid experts on the game because of the computer version of it.

image courtesy of AstroSlytherin/ Reddit

The most fun part of the game was the card designs. There were so many to choose from, and each design even had a feature. For instance, in the one with the castle, the bats would move. And they made winning all the more fun.

The Adorable Art At The Back Of The Golden Book Series

If you’ve held these books as a child, you probably still remember the feel of the cover and the smell of these books. The best part about them was the art on the covers and the backs. The publishers really took the time and the budget to make sure the kids loved them. 

image courtesy of wileycoyotea/ Reddit

After reading these books, kids would often stare at the back of the book identifying each character. Sometimes this would even lead to them creating their own stories, which we think is absolutely fantastic for the development of the kids’ imaginations.

Hard To See Teacher’s Grade Book

We know that generally, teaching is not an easy job. It’s such a huge responsibility. But we think teachers today somehow have it a lot easier than teachers before. Just take a look at this grade book with all those dizzying numbers. 

image courtesy of RexLayne/ Reddit

Teachers today can just plug in the numbers into excel and have a program do all the math for them. Back then, teachers had to do it manually. And they had to double-check and triple-check. Thankfully, they had multi-colored pens to help them make it easier on the eyes.

Manually Rolling Down Your Car Window With This Handle

With all the new cars nowadays, you just have to press a button to put the window down. You can even lock the controls for that button. Before all that fancy-schmancy stuff, though, this is what we used to roll the car windows down, and we still somehow prefer it. 

image courtesy of Kara Knight/Shutterstock

It’s not because we love doing all the work, but because many of those old cars with these are actually pretty great. The fact that they’re still running well means they were made well. Second, these handles can actually save your life, especially if you’re stuck in high water. We’re not hating on the button ones, though.

The Ride That Made Almost Every Kid In The 90s Vomit

For some reason, we think safety never really crossed the mind of whoever made this ride. People were just expected to stand to the sides and wait as the ride spun like crazy, hoping they wouldn’t get tossed around like fresh lettuce in a salad spinner. 

image courtesy of sundog925/ Reddit

Despite that, this ride was fun as heck. Kids would get dizzy and have jelly legs afterward, but they’d still keep lining up for the next go. And we don’t blame them. The adrenal pump of that ride is addictive. Thankfully, almost everyone could hold in their vomit up until they got out of the ride.

The Magical Slate

Oh, this thing was absolutely golden! The more innocent kids would play games like Hangman or Tic-Tac-Toe on these things, while the naughtier ones would scribble bad words or crude images and magic them away just before their parents saw it. 

image courtesy of Jfonzy/ Reddit

Lifting the film and hearing that “scritch” sound was so satisfying — even more than peeling the plastic off a new phone. Plus, they were a lot friendlier to the environment. You wouldn’t have to waste paper or erasers, and you can keep reusing them for a very long time. Hopefully, they’ll make a comeback.

Fake Fruit Candy

These weren’t the best candies out there, but for some reason, kids flocked to these fake fruits like flies. So many of them would even get their teeth destroyed by this powder candy. They also weren’t healthy at all, which makes us wonder why in the world parents let their kids have so many of these. 

image courtesy of jasonliebigstuff/flickr

But the appeal of this candy wasn’t just in its taste. It was the fruit containers themselves. After the candy would run out, kids would usually play with it, acting like the bananas were walkie-talkies or filling them up with water and using them as squirters. And they’ll just spend hours with just that and be perfectly content.

Turning Off The Computer This Way

We really don’t get people who would just close their laptops or wait for their computers to go to sleep and consider it done without actually and properly shutting down their devices. First, it’s such a waste of power, and second, isn’t that kind of dangerous?

image courtesy of Reddit

Apparently, some people go months without shutting down their devices. And they only do so when there’s a specific reason for it. Fortunately, there are still some good people who truly care about their devices and do the right thing, so this practice isn’t too obsolete yet.

The Classic Rectangular Garfield Comic Book Sets

If you were a huge fan of Garfield when he was still 2D, there is a high chance you might have spent a good amount of time holding these rectangular books and pouring over each and every page. You might have even had your very own collection of them. 

image courtesy of Karuboo/ Reddit

What’s amazing about these books is that you never really get tired of them. That cat is just so sassy, and he’ll keep you entertained for hours. And for some of them, they get better with time. So they’re a treat to find when you search through your childhood stuff.

Sun Visor CD Holders

Before everybody started using Spotify to listen to their favorite artists and albums in the car, this was how you did it back then. Most people would even burn two copies of the same CD so they’d have one copy at home and one for the car.

image courtesy of Get-off-my-wave/ Reddit

Although, we admit that these weren’t too safe when people were driving. If you didn’t have a passenger to pick the CD for you, you’d have to do it on your own, and that meant looking away from the road, which was dangerous. It’s a miracle not many people actually crashed because of picking out a CD.

When You Didn’t Have To Give Out Personal Information To Win These Cap Promos

We just love those cap game promos that soda companies put out. We know there’s such a tiny chance we’d actually win something, but just the tiny hope of it keeps us going with it. There was a time when it wasn’t just hope that got people to participate.

image courtesy of tralletz/ Reddit

Back in those days, you’d just have to look at the back of your soda cap without having to download an app or filling out any forms. The best part is you actually had a chance of winning something, which was often just more soda.

Old Glass Stereo Cabinets

In the ’90s, almost every building that used for speakers had these huge glass cabinets where they’d put their stereo system. When you push the doors to open the magnets, you’d hear this click. And you always had to be careful with your elbows, or else you might just damage the glass doors. 

image courtesy of Ok-Hotel3872/ Reddit

They would also often be a burden to carry, so they’d be moved around only when needed. These speaker systems were high quality, though. They were perfectly loud enough and they didn’t muffle the songs nor distort them in any way. So they’re still winners.

Before Cellphones, This Was How You Called On Friends

If you’ve watched Stranger Things, this scene might seem familiar to you. This was how the kids on the show would “call on” each other if something important was about to go down. And true enough, this was how the kids of the ’80s did it.

image courtesy of CharlieJ821/ Reddit

One kid would usually start the rounds, and as they’d go further down the street, their numbers would increase until they’ve reached the furthest house of one of their group. And everyone would chafe a little and be a little bit sunburnt. But, oh, were those really fun days.

“Busy” Movie Theater Carpeting

These funky carpets were a staple in every theater, no matter where in the country you were. They were a part of the vibe that got you excited to see the latest film. But, did you knwo that there was a purpose?

image courtesy of DualCay0te/ Reddit

The colors and patterns were designed to hide the spilled drinks, candies and popcorn. The dark color hid soda, and candy blended into the neon swirls. Sure, they’d still clean them, but with these carpets, it was less of a priority.

The Origin Of That Pizza Love

People all over the world always wonder why Americans love pizza so much and why they can’t seem to have enough of it. Well, here’s the answer to that. Blame it all on the animators of all those kids’ shows that made pizza look so good. 

image courtesy of Grave_Warden/ Reddit

They made pizza look like the most delicious thing on Earth; it’s no wonder why kids would always request it. Plus, come on. It’s pizza. It really is a dish that is a gift to mankind. The cheese, the tomato sauce, the crust — thick or thin — oh, just thinking about those makes our mouths water.

The Sight Of Your School After Dark

Kids would usually come into school when there’s sunlight already flooding the hallways and leave when the sun is still up in the sky. They’d only get to see their school after dark for special occasions, like a school performance. 

image courtesy of DualCay0te/ Reddit

No matter how many times you’d see this sight, it was pretty hard to get used to. There’s just something about dark, empty halls that gives us the heebie-jeebies about it. It’s like a whole other place all of a sudden.

Those Old Computer Sections In Libraries

The main purpose of libraries is for learning and research, right? So, it just made sense to dedicate spaces for computers so people could have access to more resources. Before we had those rows of sleek and flat-screened computers, this was the usual setup. 

image courtesy of thenewyorkgod/ Reddit

We all know that research wasn’t the only thing done by people, especially kids, on those computers. One of the main reasons kids lined up for those was to play games. Sometimes, groups of kids would gather around one player, trying to stifle their cheers and laughter. 

Those Old Disney Stores

Disney holds a very special place in the hearts of kids — both now and then. Back in the day, though, Disney presented its shops in a very different way. One of their trademark designs before was this huge mountain of toys that was the shop’s centerpiece. 

image courtesy of mayapapaya102/ Reddit

Although it looked so tempting just to jump right in, it wasn’t a good idea. While those toys looked like they’re piled on top of each other, there were wooden shelvings behind them. The staff just made sure that the illusion was well carried out. 

Scented Markers That Don’t Actually Work Well

Oh, these markers were all the rage. Almost every kid wanted a set of these, and who could blame them? They looked fun. Plus, they’re all scented! That’s the best part about them. The downside is that because of their scents, many kids developed a habit of sniffing these things. 

image courtesy of Diva_Bot/ Reddit

Some kids would even dare to lick these things just to see if they tasted the same as they smelled, but sadly, as expected, they don’t. And while the label says nontoxic, we’re pretty sure nobody still recommends for kids to lick or inhale those things.

Mini Popcorn Machines

Who needs those fancy popcorn makers you see in cinemas when you can have your very own popcorn at home with this small and handy device? Seriously, this thing might be old, but it’s still one of the best popcorn makers out there.

image courtesy of endlive/ Reddit

It didn’t occupy too much space, and it could also heat up your butter at the same time while popping your popcorn. It was so much better than a microwave, too. And it was the perfect gift for that friend or family member who loves movie nights. 

Foil-Wrapped Kit Kat

In most places around the world, Kit Kat has abandoned their foil wrapping and opted to go with just plastic. Maybe that’s why the number of people who don’t eat Kit Kat the proper way has increased. It’s because the current wrapping has allowed for a free-for-all eating style. 

image courtesy of jeepy321/ Reddit

When Kit Kat still had foil wrapping, we’d painstakingly unwrap the foil and properly break off the bars. That way, we could wrap up any uneaten pieces. In our opinion, it was a much better way of storing Kit Kat rather than just leaving it open in the fridge.

When Transparency Was All The Rage

Transparency is an important thing. People hold it in high regard in relationships, politics, governance, and so many more aspects of life. Back in the ’90s, people also loved transparency, but not the same kind we hold so dearly today. 

image courtesy of 2ezyo/ Reddit and computerclan/flickr

Back then, being able to see the insides of your gadgets and basically leaving them naked was all the rage. And in fairness, these things did look cool if done right on the right objects. If not, they just looked cheap and exaggerated their plasticity. We still love them, though.

Magic “Mitts” That Kept ’90s Kids Amused For Hours On End

These may look like some part of a kiddie makeup kit with a matching tennis ball, but it’s far from that. If you’re unfamiliar with these, this is actually how ’90s kids played catch. Someone would throw the ball and use the pads, which were covered in some Velcro-type material, to catch it. 

image courtesy of mcmcdonough/ Reddit

While catch was a pretty ordinary game, the mitts somehow made it a little more special, and because of that, plenty of kids would spend the entire afternoon playing with these. A lot of them would even continue the game indoors, against their disgruntled parents’ wishes.

Wood Grain VHS Storage

In almost every ’80s household, you’d see one or two of these on the cabinet by the TV. And it’s where people would store their bulky VHS collection. Some people also used them for their cassette tape collections. Our audio and visual media was so special, so we needed an equally special place to store them.

image courtesy of Toadman005/ Reddit

They were great storage places and you could even repurpose them today as storage cases for all sorts of things. Although the worst thing that would happen to them was when the cardboard boxes tore, and they would get stuck, so you couldn’t completely pull the entire tray out.


We’re not sure why the creators of these toys thought that the best animals to assemble and disassemble were ants, but hey, many kids found these toys to be really fun. Not only did it teach them to build things, but it also let them bring out their creativity. 

image courtesy of TriggeredVeteran/ Reddit

It’s understandable if you’re kinda freaked out by these bugs, though. Plenty of people are. It’s pretty easy to see them in a Toy Story-esque horror story. After all, these are bugs that are torn apart. Still, they’ve made many great memories for many kids.

The Old Comedy Central Logo

Do you remember Kids in the Hall or Mystery Science Theater 3000? Oh, those were golden shows, and they represented the peak of TV. So many people, especially kids, would be running home excited in the afternoons for these shows. 

image courtesy of Ekh0es/ Reddit

When they’d turn to the channel, they’d see this precious logo. Now, it’s just a boring design with a double C. The content has also seemed to churn down. And while we still go to the channel once in a while, it’s not as addictive as it once was.

The Mac And PC Commercials

“I’m a Mac and I’m a PC…” Who else remembers these two and their iconic opening line? Clearly, in their time, marketing and advertising weren’t still at their peak. So we can still give a pass to whoever came up with the idea for this advertisement.

image courtesy of SparklePony3/ Reddit

It’s ironic, though, because most people holding a mac would be the people in suits, and those using the PC would be the average guys. That’s why it’s also kind of hard to relate to his advertisement in some ways. But they must have worked a bit, right?

A Complete Kids’ Medical Kit Toy Set

If you dreamed of becoming a doctor when you were a kid, you probably had one of these medical toy sets. Usually, it would have a stethoscope, a blade or scissors, and maybe even a toy syringe. This one has the complete set of tools. 

image courtesy of fishnwirenreese/ Reddit

With this set, kids would often use their siblings or even their parents as their fake patients, and well, we can’t say anything too bad about it. It helped build their dreams and gave them a feel for the stuff, right?

Ringtone Commercials

Ringtone commercials? That just sounds absolutely weird today. But, back in the old days, when touch-screen phones weren’t everywhere — they were super expensive in the early years —and these ads actually took up airtime on TV. And some people actually paid attention to them. 

image courtesy of Reddit

You had to pay a couple of bucks for those custom ringtones, sadly. Thankfully, we’re far from that now and we can select and change our ringtones at will today for free. Also, we don’t think we’d want to hear those commercials interrupting our shows ever again.