Doctors Who Made No Bones About Going The Extra Mile For Their Patients

By Sachin P

A medical appointment seems unlikely to be among the most anticipated event on your calendar. We’re sure your four-legged companion isn’t thrilled for theirs either. “Unexcited” is a nice term to describe most folk’s feelings of anxiety, sickness, and dread when visiting a doctor or a veterinarian. Most of us worry that perhaps the doctor may discover something wrong with us or our pets. And others dread the “ambiguity” of what they might find in the clinic. As a result, we’ve created a compilation of shining examples of doctors and veterinarians trying to make their patients feel more at ease. As you go through this list, prepare some tissues, as some posts might awaken the softer side of you without you even knowing.

Our hearts can handle only so much cuteness

Just look at this. This is the epitome of unconditional trust and love. Something even we as humans cannot replicate. Okay, might be a bit dramatic. But you can always count on a dog to return your affection and love a hundredfold.

Image credit: 8outof10cats / Imgur

This interaction must indeed have made that vet’s day. We sure hope it did!. He also seems to be soaking up the affection the dog is giving him. If only we had the chance to start our day like this.

A little humor never goes amiss

Ever wondered why doctors and midwives keep encouraging women in labor to push? Well, it’s to guide the baby out of the womb. But in reality, there are a few steps that need to happen before that dramatic moment they always put in movies.

Image credit: PiusThicknesse / Reddit

maybe the moms who are wheeled through here aren’t paying much attention since other – more important – things are on their minds. But this is an absolute prime example of a dad joke. Now it seems perfect, does it not?


Doctors and vets undergo several years of grueling training to become qualified in their respective fields. Because, at the end of the day, they are responsible for the lives of human beings and animals. So, they need to know what they’re doing.

Image credit: nthensome / Reddit

We’re talking about those who genuinely love their profession and their patients. When it comes to the quote on this mug, it’s 100% true. Web MD doesn’t have the hands-on experience like real-life doctors and vets do. Every doctor should have this!


The bond between vets and their charges is something that nearly everyone has come to cherish. Not sure if everyone remembers, but there was a viral video a while back of a vet dancing after hours with one adorable kitten.

Image credit: MissyTheSnake / Reddit

So looking at this, it’s not that far-fetched to imagine that’s what transpired here as well. Just look at the look of love in the vet’s eyes, which is reciprocated in the cat’s eyes as well. This is just so cute!

Paw-sitive reinforcement

My, my! Talk about getting a double bonus. A dashing vet who is prime eye candy and a dog that is adorable as heck. Look at it just riding along in the pocket like a plush toy. What a way to start one’s day!

Image credit:

Really, though. One can imagine how much this person loves animals? He could have been a model but here is, helping animals in need and saving their owners from inevitable bereavement. If that’s not amazing, we don’t know what is.

A cuddle a day keeps the doctor…closer

It is as good as cuddling a loved one when you cuddle a pet. Wait, we wish to take back what we said. Pets are loved ones; there is no doubt; no second-guessing about that fact. It’s set in stone.

Image credit: Blumkinpunkin / Reddit

See how relaxed the vet looks when cuddling her patient? Endorphins must be rushing through her system. If therapy does look like this, then sign us up for a session. Yessir, no questions asked. Who would pass on a chance to cuddle a dog?

He does have a point

Well, the statement does have some truth to it, not going to lie. Any illness, injury, or malady is top priority, but some become even more important when considering the person’s overall condition. One has to always look at the bigger picture here.

Image credit: thatsimsgirl / Reddit

That’s what the T-Rex is trying to say. Sure, your injury is significant, but it will be attended to soon enough. Just as the doctors sort out how to treat this person with a horrible concussion. Everyone is cared for at the end.

Cringe: activated

One of the most accurate ways of reading someone’s temperature is to take it rectally. We can all imagine why, but we still prefer any other method. Animals don’t have the luxury of another option. Just picture it. This veterinarian clinic has a solid point.

Image credit: 180311-Fresh / Reddit

It is one of the most dreaded methods of taking temperature, as you can see here. So while this threat isn’t super serious, it is definitely funny! We would all like to stick with our customary under-the-tongue method, thank you.

Fat Cat

Cats being overweight can be caused by several factors. Firstly, the most common cause is an energy intake-to-use mismatch, in which the feline consumes more energy than it would potentially spend. Obesity becomes much more likely as cats age.

Image credit: gyoonyoo / Reddit

In addition to natural declines in energy for exercise, this condition can also be brought on by poor dietary habits such as high-calorie meals, an alternate diet, and regular snacks. We can only imagine how obese this catto was. We hope that it’s okay now!

How can we not taco bout this?

Just look at this utterly cute ball of fluffy taco! It is positively melting our hearts. We can’t imagine the joy on the owner’s face when they saw their pup dressed up like this. Now we want to experience this for ourselves.

Image credit: TranceMakesMeDance / Reddit

Bless the vet for going the extra mile. It looks like a lot of work. But the happiness it brings to the owner of this adorable pup is what truly counts in the end. It’s the smallest things that have the most significant value sometimes.


As all of those tiny hand muscles are strained, many doctors’ penmanship deteriorates through the day. Doctors might even be able to pause and lets their hands rest, but it’s still a lot of writing. This is how they got their reputation.

Image credit: DoodlingDaughter / Reddit

Most doctors are hurrying from one patient toward the next. This is why the handwriting looks like a blindfolded raccoon trying to write without knowing the concept of letters. That sounds a bit harsh, but we mean it in the most loving and admiring way.


We mentioned it takes years to become a doctor (for people or animals, or even teeth). Based upon their specialty, the time required to become a surgeon will differ, but medical students will still spend the better part of a decade getting their education.

Image credit: pdmcneely / Twitter

This surgeon taking time off his busy schedule to this to a child is genuinely adorable. He spent years getting degrees and going through internships to reach this moment, and we have to say, we’re thrilled that this guy is a doctor.

This is sooo sweet!!

Christmas stockings. A centerpiece ornament on par with the Christmas tree itself. The story of how these came to be is also pretty interesting. Once there was a father with three daughters. He didn’t have enough money to wed them off.

Image credit:

So St. Nicholas heard this and dropped gold coins through their chimney. The gold coins fell into socks left out to dry. But these stockings contain something that is infinitely more valuable than gold coins. Children are priceless in their parent’s eyes.

Round of applause

Ahh, the common cold. One of the simplest sicknesses but also one of the worst due to this simplicity. It can be caused by not one but by hundreds of different viruses called rhinoviruses. Antiviral drugs work against some but not all.

Image credit: eaglel66 / Reddit

So the best thing to do if you catch a cold is to stay at home. Don’t be the one to spread it to other people. That’s the most sensible thing to do. That’s why what this doctor said makes total sense.

Get thee to a punnery

Nothing like wordplay to get the day going. If you like that sort of thing. If you groan at the slightest dad joke moment, well then, this is not your cup of tea. But we adore a good pun, so just bear with us.

Image credit: lizzistardust / Reddit

Get it? Drawing blood can have two meanings. It can mean the doctor is taking blood out using a hypodermic needle. Or it can mean him drawing a drop of blood, Yes, we know it’s more funny to see than to read about.

Sméagol approves this

Who can forget the masterpiece that is the Lord of the Rings? Peter Jackson outdid himself when he adapted the magnum opus of J.R.R Tolkien. And he adapted it so well that even after two decades, the films are still legendary.

Image credit: kiffmeizter / Reddit

Andy Serkis, who played Sméagol, aka Gollum, in the movies really outdid himself too. He remains a pioneer of motion capture. What makes this funny is, in the film, Gollum had terrible teeth. So the joke pans out very well!

Creativity 100%

Why do we wholeheartedly back this chart? Because even though it looks comical, it addresses the issue quite clearly. When they see the chart, the patient can have a clear idea about the pain they feel and then consult the doctor accordingly.

Image credit: toastermonkey02 / Reddit

It’s this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that saves a life if you stop to consider it. The graphics make it easier to understand the language used is quite simple. So if you find yourself in pain, this chart would be better to use than the one with frowny facces.

Stinky pun

In the 16th century and before, the “Groom of the Stool” was a figure of the entourage of old kings whose job would be to assist the monarch in using the “stool” in the most dignified manner feasible. Okay, enough history. This genius pun made us smile.

Image credit: jake_aldoroty / Reddit

Any doctor or sure who would go out and buy a tiny stool fit for a dollhouse just to make this pun work deserves a raise and all the possible accolades. We hope this brought many smiles to the worried faces of their patients.

Virtual Doctor

It is safe to assume yes when most of you know about the TV series Modern Family, an 11-season television spectacle where three unique and dysfunctional families somehow get through their day-to-day lives. The antics they got into were hilarious.

Image credit: SixteenSeveredHands / Reddit

When we see this image, we’re reminded of Phil Dunphy, the father of one family unit, who used this exact method to get in touch with his family. This brings the job done, and it maintains all the social distancing protocols.

An X-Ray, 65 million years in the making

So for this image, you will need a bit of context. What happened here was this. This lady took her family cat to the vet. Her son tagged along with her to the appointment, and had brought along his T-Rex with him.

Image credit: DonutNinjaa / Reddit

After the cat was diagnosed, the child asked for an X-Ray for the T-Rex because it was not feeling well. The vet, being the sweet soul he was, indulged the kid’s wish without any hesitation, and examined and diagnosed the dinosaur. Adorable.

We understood that reference

The waves you see in an ECG are the spikes and dips within line tracings. To put it simply, having lots of staggered lines means you are alive, and one long flat line means your heart is no longer beating.

Image credit: l34u05 / Reddit

So flatlining, a term you have heard in many movies and TV series, can be related to heart failure and the lack of bioelectrical activity. This cardiologist office made their own meme here, and we are big fans of their sense of humor.

As long as it works

Well, isn’t this a novel way of caring for your plants? Come to think of it; this is kind of ingenious! If you get a business call dragging you away for work, leaving your plants with no caretaker, this helps.

Image credit: Hyperi0us / Reddit

Just on the water part, though. You might have to figure out a way to get the plant sufficient sunlight without letting it wilt. This doctor had plenty of sunlight to keep their plant babay alive and thriving while they made their rounds.

Free eye checkup

C, D, E, F, L, N, O, P, T, and Z are the characters used on the Snellen chart. One eye is closed during a vision test, and you will be required to read the characters of every row loudly, starting just at the top of this list.

Image credit: waffleshavenocrust / Reddit

As we have made abundantly clear, we love puns and good jokes, especially in settings where we are in the most need of a laugh or chuckle. When an optometrist has this in their bathroom, you can rest assured the staff will be friendly.

We do like the sound of that

Dogs enjoy tummy massages because they make them feel happy. Researchers estimate that dogs enjoy caresses, particularlyon their stomachs, since it is linked with social grooming. So pay attention if your dog flops on their back and looks at you expectantly.

Image credit: Psijudge13 / Reddit

This is not only a show of surrender; it’s a statement of faith. Now you know why dogs enjoy getting them, and we enjoy giving them. But wary of cuddling cats as if they were dogs. Our feline friends each have their own preferences when it comes to affection.


Ceiling Cat is a Photoshopped joke inspired by a picture of a feline peering through what looks like a crack in a ceiling. Its internet success spawned a slew of knockoff figures, notably his rival Basement Cat as well as Basement Horse.

Image credit: Bitman2816 / Reddit

Now, this has no cat peering through a hole in the ceiling, but it’s good to note the similarities here. Come to think of it, this kind of looks like the scene in the Simpsons Movie where Homer introduces us to Spider-Pig.

On point

We stand by this notion. Neuter your pets so that they won’t create unwanted offspring that will end up in shelters or the streets. These babies can turn feral and damage whole ecosystems if we don’t do our part to curb their procreating.

Image credit: dusk27 / Reddit

So neutering is the most humane and sustainable way of achieving this. That way, we don’t have to resort to the inhumane act of killing feral cats and dogs. As far as the weird friends and relatives, we decline to comment.

The dogtor will see you now

Oh my word! How adorable is this? This is just positively melting us. So, the context to this cuteness is this. This lady was taken into surgery. She, of course, had her service animal, this cutie, with her at the time.

Image credit: Cimeronrider / Reddit

Since she is such a good girl, the surgeon decided to make her an honorary surgeon. So, she was given a safety cap and some scrubs. By just looking at this, we know that Clara here was on her best behavior.

That’s one way of handling drama

The fundamental explanation for why cats and dogs quarrel is that the dog is a predator, and the cat seems like prey to a dog. We know if they are raised together they can overcome their nature – and in fact, the cat might end up being the boss.

Image credit: sundayhungover / Reddit

But precaution is always advised. That’s why this doctor has two entrances. Even the door handles look different. This is cute and clever, but we wonder what happens if we were to take our cat and dog at the same time?

Can we go here, please?

Now, this seems the kind of vet you don’t need to make a fuss about attending. We can see cats and dogs getting ready to visit this particular vet, even at the slightest issue. Why, you may ask? Take a gander!

Image credit: LionBrassiere / Reddit

Because of the treats, we say! They have treats for dogs, cats, and treats for their owners with that level of service and consideration, who doesn’t want to visit this vet? We know we do. Can we petition that they all start doing this?

Something he truly deserves

Now, how cute is this? Sure, Simon here might not understand the concept of a certificate, but the owner does, and any fur parent would definitely appreciate that gesture! That’s what counts at the end of the day, in our opinion.

Image credit: ReReMac17 / Reddit

So, what happened here is that this brave doggo underwent surgery. The vet thought it would be good to commemorate how brave he was by giving him a little award. Now, how excellent would this look hanging above his bed?

How can we apply?

Well, heck! If getting unattended comes with this many perks, well then, count us adults in! We sure hope the doctor would be lenient with the age gap. Does being a child at heart still count? Because if it does, we qualify!

Image credit: STELLAWASADIVER / Reddit

Nobody told us being adults would be as tiring as it is. If we were told, we wouldn’t be in a hurry to grow up. Maybe that’s the case here. Complimentary espresso and a puppy. An offer no sensible adult could refuse.

We see what he did there!

Everyone wants to boogie when MC Hammer starts playing. “Can’t Touch This” is such a timeless hit. It’s still a jam when you want to dance like nobody is looking. Also, those Hammer pants! We’re still stuck on those babies.

Image credit: gutenworgen / Reddit

Speaking of trends, thermostats and men have these long-standing bonds. There are countless dad jokes about dads and their thermostats. So if you want to make a statement about keeping the room at a uniform temperature, who better to announce than MC Hammer?


Just look at these gosh darn mitts on the table legs. How cute are these! They do give a whole a touch of uniqueness to otherwise bland office furniture. Plus, it will make people feel good that their vet’s office cares so much about adding adorable details.

Image credit: DinoTherapy411 / Imgur

Because no one wants to be the kind of person who steps on the feet of their pets! We wonder if someone in the office made them from scrath on their days off. Even if they were store-bought, we love whoever came up with this idea.

Practical and festive

This reminds us of all those crafting videos we’ve watched on YouTube. Since the holidays are coming up, we all want to get in the spirit a little and decorating is the easiest and most fun way by far! This office use what they had on hand.

Image credit: jacks_human / Reddit

No, our puns never stop. But neither does the festive feelinginthis office. We can tel they spent quite a bit of time on it, and even made it perfectly coordinated. Look! They even wrapped the stand in cute wrapping paper.

Tooth Fairy

A custom known as the “tand-fe” (translated as “tooth fee”) is mentioned within The Poetic Edda, the oldest known literature of Nordic and Northern European customs. Parents and guardians gave youngsters a little bit of money whenever they list their first tooth.

Image credit: loie519 / Reddit

What for? Teeth were considered essential and lucky, and also some warriors make necklaces out of many teeth to safeguard them and protect them from harm throughout combat. But nowadays, we get dentists dressed up as fairies, and that’s all we need to know.

Jeremy Bearimy, anyone?

Jeremy Bearimy is a concept of time in The Good Place TV series, rather than a title or a person. Though not in a basic circle, time inside the beyond cycles, while time on Earth runs in a straight line.

Image credit: skinny_pete12 / Reddit

The shape of time resembles this sheet of paper filled with illegible doctor’s signatures. This would make a cute background or wallpaper. We hope it’s hung up somewhere in their office. And we wonder what the point of it was?

One chonky cat

We talked about obesity in cats. The most prevalent cause is simply over-feeding them. The older the cat, the more you have to watch what they eat because they tend to run around less. This series of pictures made us giggle.

Image credit: here_iam11 / Reddit

How many of us have lost hours of our lives to watching videos of cats doing silly things? Those who have can definitely imagine this scene playing out in perfect HD clarity in their heads. We hope the poor cat wasn’t hurt, but we’re pretty confident he was fine.

Monsters beware

Nearly everyone one of us believed monsters were hiding under our beds or in the closets. Hiding, waiting to drag us by our legs which are not tucked in the blanket properly. That part of childhood seems to be universal.

Image credit: ComeBackHereJessicahNOWjessicahhh / Imgur

That’s what makes what this particular doctor prescribed for this child all the more adorable. They could have easily passed it off as a stage or something silly, but they went out of their way to indulge the kid. That’s commendable.

Nosey, much?

We have to guess that nobody NOSE who built this lamp. It kind of reminds us of the curio shops we went to when we were little. NOSE-talgic type there. It looks like it’s made out of marble of SNORTS.

Image credit: DeliciousConfections / Reddit

We hope we know how to operate this properly because we don’t want to be SCENT home because of one mistake. We are also happy to see a bocx of Kleenex right next to it in case it starts running.


CCTV and visual and audio surveillance modes have become so commonplace that we hardly even give them a second glance anymore. What was once private is now debated. Is one’s privacy greater than the security of the masses? We’re not experts.

Image credit: Arthro / Reddit

Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Just because there’s a camera doesn’t mean that it has to see everything which happens here. This way, privacy gets protected. Patients are happy, and the doctor also is commended for being conscientious.