Because Everyone Needs A Laugh, Here Are 40 Relatable Memes

By Peace L

Humans are at the top of the food chain. It is due to this superior intellect and development of our brains that we can do and feel things other species are incapable of. We can feel complex emotions such as sadness, love, joy, and even all of those at the same time. Humor is another human trait born from our super-developed brain, both the ability to recognize something funny and respond to it. How lucky are we to live in the age when memes were developed? We have here a list of some hilarious ones that we have found across the internet that have put a smile on our faces. We want to share some of these jokes with you to hopefully make your day (and this crazy year) a bit better. Sit back and enjoy! 

Pretending that the card matters 

Ah, birthdays, a time of year everybody loves. It is a great time to be grateful to be alive, celebrate your years with loved ones, and maybe take a nice break from the daily grind. The best part, however, is the gifts. Don’t even lie!

Image courtesy of

We all have those relatives that like giving us money inside our birthday cards, and these are the only special greetings we care about. But in order to seem polite, we have to act like we are reading that Hallmark-generated message of good cheer. 

They overshot it 

Back in the day, as technology began developing at a crazy rate – more specifically artificial intelligence – we were all worried that robots would take over jobs and all. We were thinking the world would soon be overrun by machines.

Image courtesy of AdalgarDietbitch / Reddit

Were we too quick to assume, or did we give too much credit to the AI? This image is funny because we can relate to several other instances where the supposed artificial intelligence makes us raise an eyebrow at the “intelligence” part.

Tell it like it is, Tank 

You know, the way we see people around us get older, and we just know wow, this person aged well. We can say that because the person probably still managed to maintain their youthful energy or something close to it.

Image courtesy of GeorgeResch / Twitter

Also, we say a person doesn’t age well when we see unexpected changes in their features that make it clear that they are getting old fast. Well, Tank, sure didn’t see 2020 coming, and when he did, he admitted his naive mistake of being hopeful.

Futuristic innovations 

Over the years, we have seen exponential boosts in technological development, from the stone age right up till now. This drastic improvement we witnessed left us with high hopes for the future and the things we hoped to achieve.

Image courtesy of waynecoyne5 / Instagram

Looks like all those plans and expectations were just for us to have musicians performing inside isolated bubbles. We would love to see the puzzled looks on the faces of archeologists a thousand years from now trying to decipher this meme.

You WILL enjoy this 

Hanging out with friends is most people’s favorite pastime. You do things together, play games together, cause trouble together, and all that. And of course, you send them memes and share with them all the movies and music you enjoy. Sharing is caring, after all.

Image courtesy of

Have you ever picked the movie that you and your friends will be watching? Trust us when we say that nothing is worse than when your homies start scrolling through their phones at your favorite parts. Be considerate when the situation is flipped, okay? We don’t want to have to stare you down like Kilgrave.

Innovative Car technology  

We are an advanced species with a very high level of intelligence, and we can come up with the most ingenious methods of solving problems. We see this every day and even online with some of those ingenious hacks we all love. 

Image courtesy of

Well, here’s a good one for you, especially if you don’t have parking sensors on your car. I mean, who needs expensive parking sensors when you can just install affordable rubber chickens with sophisticated squeak responses? Now, that is innovation.

It’s a win-win

The lottery is a government-oriented program that gives all and every American the opportunity to change their fortune and become millionaires, or so they present it to us. A lottery is based purely on luck, and anybody can win, but many also lose.

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The only set of people who never lose is the government. When you win that big prize, the government is also equally happy for you because they know that more than half of the win is coming back to them.

You got this, honey  

Love is a beautiful thing. That feeling of knowing there is somebody there that has your back and your best interest in mind. It is even more perfect when you end up marrying the person you love and can spend the rest of your life with them.

Image courtesy of XplodingUnicorn / Twitter

This image is a very solid description of what a couple in love should be. You are always helping around the house no matter what your spouse might be doing. And every couple should strive for this level of hilarity.

When you’re expecting, but don’t know what to expect

Okay, here is a wholesome meme to give you the warm fuzzies. Technology is an amazing thing. There is so much it has allowed us to accomplish. There are some simple pleasures in this life that some couldn’t enjoy due to certain conditions.

Image courtesy of

One such pleasure is the joy of an expecting mother seeing the ultrasound picture of her unborn baby. A blind mother would have missed out on this pleasure back in the day, but technology has made it possible, and the smile on this mother’s face makes us a little teary.

Thanks for the present

Pets are a joy to have, they give us this emotional support and affection, and sometimes it feels good to know there is somebody that looks up to and depends on us. These pets have their way of showing their love for us.

Image courtesy oif 9GAG / Twitter and Warner Bros. / YouTube

Take cats, for example, who have a habit of bringing their prey to their owners, and in most cases, the prey is an unsuspecting rat or mouse. The cat is probably showing off to you or trying to repay you for all the kindness.

Caring Canadians 

One of the things that make us human is our ability to recognize injustice and speak up against, or to take measures to prevent it. The way we express our disapproval varies from person to person. And Canadians have their own special way.

Imaeg courtesy of

A simple sign with a peaceful show of discontent is sufficient in Canada. They’re well-known (and stereotyped for sure) for their politeness. We’ve all seen a meme of similar meaning that says, “Canadian graffiti be like: your mom is a nice lady.”

The fancy pants kid 

Childhood is a period where we are readily susceptible to influence from the things that we see around us. We are easily affected by things that we see on television or when scrolling social media, or even watching our parents.

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This pretty much explains most of the ridiculous things that we did as kids. We probably saw adults drinking exotic drinks in fancy glasses, and we wanted to give it a try with our apple juice. Nothing topped this feeling, especially during a special occasion.

It’s a happy moment 

One thing that is constant with humans is growth. We grow both physically and emotionally – or at least, we are expected to grow emotionally. We all hope to learn from our past experiences and mistakes and turn them to reference points.

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A sign of growth is when you look back on some of the paths that you took in the past or some words that you said and feel irritated by them. This shows that you’ve learned something along the way.

Ultra-awesome Uber

The way the world is today, you don’t have to know how to drive anymore, because we have this fantastic invention. No, not taxis, you silly goose. With the introduction of more comfortable and user-friendly driving services, such as uber, we have a little more control.

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The best part is there is a grading system that gives you some of the power; it is a star system where you give feedback based on how well you enjoyed your ride. For introverts, all you need is a quiet driver, and they’ll get their five stars.

This is what friendship is for 

Friendship is a very beautiful union between two people who love and understand each other. We all know that life without our friends would mean we’d have no one to share memes with or talk about our problems to. But there is so much more to friendship than this.

Another thing better than befriending someone who likes you back is moving friends who have the same sense of humor as you. This is why you can share a meme with your bestie across the room and burst into laughter together. 

The cheese is lying to us

Humans have been able to accomplish several feats thanks to our superior intellect, as we have mentioned here already a few times. However, this intelligence can sometimes be the bane of our existence. Ignorance might indeed be bliss, friends.

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How can our intelligence be a bad thing? Sometimes we tend to overthink, and this is a good example. Cheese has holes, and the bigger the cheese, the more the holes, and the more the holes, the less the cheese; now we have a problem. Just pass the crackers, man.

Smart student 

Our education system purports to teach our kids some of the basic things they need to know in life. We all remember the Pythagorean theorem and whatnot, right? And how many of us tried to come up with innovative ways to make the work easier? Some of us showed real potential.

Funny Homework Answers from Kids Who Are Going Places
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Talking about recognizing the potential in kids, it is easy to spot a kid with an above-average IQ in school, and this kid got an extra dose of sarcasm. This child should be specially groomed to maintain and perfect this trait. We like their thinking.

Impressing the interviewer 

It is a harsh world out there, and the competition to survive is tense. There are a lot of people that have the same qualifications that we do, and to achieve greatness, we have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. 

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One of such ways is thinking outside the box and being able to come up with ideas and answers that others can’t think of. Take this image, for example. You are given an option for three words, but why not do it with one and shock your interviewer? Bam, hired.

Of course, we are

The internet is a very crazy place, and this is not surprising since it is a global village and different from all over the world converge on it. There are some things that you never pay attention to until somebody on the internet points it out.

Need a Laugh? 15 Hilarious Memes To Get You Through This Week
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This is an almost universal feeling. We have here what all of our laptops or TV screens have seen at some point. Yes, Netflix, we are definitely still watching. We thought we heard a rumor they were getting rid of this feature, and we think it’s high time.

Accuracy is vital 

Movies are an escape from reality for some, a source of entertainment for others, and an art form to admire for some. The point is to enjoy the movie and maybe take a lesson or two away from it. If it is that kind of movie.

Social media

However, not everybody can accept the fact that it is just a movie and the things done are being acted. An example is a living actor who plays a dead person in a film. But whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well, so we’d better not see any breathing!

And make sure you…

Our parents are now becoming enlightened and are using all that technology has to offer us in the modern world. Bye-bye letters; hello, Instagram and FaceTime. We now see our parents using their phones and gadgets for more functions, but they still prefer to call us.

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It is easy to spot a person on call with their parent, especially their mom. How? The most constant reply to the person on the other end of the phone is usually “okay,” and it can go on for the whole conversation.

It’s for babies 

One of the joys of life (for some) is having a baby. It marks a new point in the lives of the couple and also presents a new responsibility for them to take on. Every parent wants that their child to make it in life.

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While we suggest that children should be allowed to make their own choices of carer later in life, there is nothing wrong with giving them a little nudge in the direction we want. And this father is doing just that, with the appropriate material mind you. We’d say the child doesn’t approve.

Wait it out 

Life can be stressful especially when you’re answering to somebody, maybe a boss or a teacher. There are always endless assignments that you’re expected to complete within difficult deadlines. Even as adults, we still get the urge to hide under our blankets.

Social media

There are times when you can’t meet these deadlines but the assignment is still there, so what can you do? Simple! All you need do is curl up in your insect pod and hide, and the deadline won’t find you. Modern problems require modern solutions.

It’s a cat’s world  

Animals make amazing pets, especially cats and dogs. They are great at keeping your company, they don’t talk as much as humans, they don’t attack your mental health, and are very reliable. And they are fluffy and cute, which is our favorite part.

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However, nobody is perfect, either human or animal, and sometimes we just feel like throwing our pets out the window, onto the cushioned couch below. Our feline friends especially tend to do weird things in the middle of the night.

Senseless smelling 

We mentioned earlier that the internet is a breeding ground for all sorts of people, and while some appear normal, others are certifiable. But one glorious thing is that some of us with weird habits and brain functions can easily find others like us!

Image courtesy of abcdrih / Twitter

Like this person who wanted us to smell the perfume through the image. Seriously, who requests the help of others in smelling the scent of a perfume over their music blasting? How do they expect us to smell it with so much noise in the background?

When the brain says do it

The human brain is a complex entity that scientists have been trying to understand over the centuries. They have made considerable progress but they still have a lot they don’t understand regarding this amazing structure. Like why we love doing stuff like this.

Image courtesy of

There are sometimes when our brains compel us to do certain things for no good reason, and we just have to do it. This image is an excellent example; everybody has done this at some point and we can’t even explain why.

Yes, yes, NO

Cats are one of the most common pets around the world. It is safe to say that up to date there are still some things they do that we humans have yet to fully understand. They’re temperamental and fickle, to say the least.

Image courtesy of

Both dogs and cats – and even some of us, if we were to admit it – enjoy a good belly rub, but cats do stand out because they can switch from enjoying that belly rub to being angry about it in the twitch of a tail.

Steady, steady 

It can be difficult maintaining a pet sometimes, especially cats, as we have said. Cats are very complex animals that do things that surprise even us. One thing that is common with most pets is the urge to go outside and escape – we mean, play.

Image courtesy of STU_ACTOR / Twitter

Cats are even more difficult to restrain because they are very sneaky and lithe. Sometimes we even wonder if our cats are reincarnations of people. And your fluff ball can tell you’re about to open the door. They have this extra sense.

Always press skip

The internet is a great place, it provides us with a lot of entertainment and fun. However, one aspect of the internet that irritates everybody is the constant stream of ads that pop up unannounced on our screens. It’s so annoying!

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Looking at it from the point of view of the ad designers, this is a good thing because a lot more people get to see their brand. However, we the viewers don’t appreciate this disruption to our browsing and always skip these ads.

Gone in a blink

Time is a wonderful thing and sometimes we don’t even understand it. Some tools and gadgets have been designed to help us keep track of the time, such as wristwatches and calendars. But nothing can slow it down (except waiting for pizza).

Image courtesy of bendubberley_ / Reddit

However, there are instances where we check the time and have to question if these things work. Take this year as an example; it seems like just yesterday that we started the year and now it’s already December. More accurately December is half over. 

What is your flavor

Some of us love to cook, and some… well, we just never got the hang of it. But many people have tried their hand at it in the last year-and-a-half. Some of the results have been worthy of applause, and then you have these people.

Image courtesy of

They never skip any part of the recipe, and measure each ingredient precisely. So when the book or online recipe says to chill in the fridge, these diligent folks will do exactly that. Whatever it takes for the perfect cookies, right?

That’s not me

There is this working theory that claims that everybody has a doppelganger or a look-alike somewhere. This theory can’t be completely disregarded as we have seen some people that are the spitting image of someone else. It happens all the time, really.

Image courtesy of Tiffany Bell / Pinterest

This cat, on the other hand, seems to completely disagree with this theory and it is not happy to see a poor look alike of itself. It is probably thinking “who is this low-life wannabe me.” Well, somebody had better start apologizing or have their toes attacked tonight.

The almighty hairdo 

The concept of miracles is something that strongly revolves around believing in a higher power. Some of us are familiar with stories of fantastic things happening to people of long ago. But nothing compares to the power of memes!

Social media

Well seems like somebody tried to recreate that miracle where the Red Sea was parted using this young man’s do, and boy, did they do a good job. This one had us laughing for an embarrassingly long time. Some people just have the vision.

Unbearably cute

This life is full of mundane days and routines, right? We go to work, scroll memes, eat (this is our favorite activity), and sleep (almost our favorite activity). We hope to find a hobby or something to fill the rest of the time. Mostly, we want to get by.

Image courtesy of

But sometimes, life blesses us with hilarious moments and people clever enough to recognize them. Who cares where these photos took place? The point is, these bears were almost certainly supposed to be hanging out and got the location wrong.

Memers 4 lyfe

If you want a peek into our lives, this is an actual picture of our office. Just kidding! We’d never run out of coffee or let a moment go by without a functioning coffee machine. But we relate so hard to all these memes hung up in protest.

Image courtesy of Sanktus107 / Reddit

We don’t even need to be privy to the inside joke; we can just appreciate the meme-age here. The only one missing is that guy with the angry, confused face saying, “y u have no coffee machine?” But maybe they added that later.

Real sus

Of all the things the internet gives us – medical diagnoses, recipes, DIY crafts – one function we all need as we age is the urban dictionary. We don’t know when we stopped being cool, but we do know there have already been several occasions we have had to look up new slang words.

Image courtesy of itzyaboichipsahoy / Reddit

Now, we definitely agree these windows look totally sus. And we are forever grateful that some people still use the full word. But what we are happiest about is that someone shared this with the world, because we have been giggling for, like, five whole minutes.

Real life = best meme template

We talked earlier about the little gifts we get from life sometimes. There have been many photos going around of hilarious coincidences – people wearing shirts that match the interior of the city bus, or the carpet. We live for funny coincedences.

Image courtesy of Noofnoof / Reddit

But this one takes the cake – all the cakes, in fact. We don’t care much about why this person has a racecar in their pocket. Why wouldn’t they? We all need our fidget toys. But the big question we have is, where can we get that sweet shirt?

You evil genius

Any of you that have seen even a few memes know all about this game the younger generation came up with. It’s a lot like what we millennials had with The Game (haha, made you lose!), and we admit it’s not any sillier.

Image courtesy of Foosili / Twitter

Let’s take a moment to admire the poster’s humor and willingness to share a glorious meme during these trying times. It takes a true internet hero to make such sacrifices, amiright? What a pal. He did it for the likes, but we can appreciate a meme aficionado when we see one.

Our greatest mysteries

Maybe life can be mundane, but it is also full of mystery. Why do the irises of our eyes look like nebulae? What happens at Area 51? Who killed (insert famous assassinated person here)? Some of us really grapple with these questions.

Image courtesy of

But the real question that has haunted us since childhood? The thing we really want to know? What we’d ask the Almighty himself if we ever had the chance? Who in the world let the dogs out? Someone, tell us!

Find me on Etsy

Many of us were downright bored during lockdowns. We all saw people go viral, get famous, and start raking in the dough after making it big on TikTok or whatever. All while we sat at home eating chips and sleeping.

Image courtesy of

Some of us discovered a talent! Cookie decorating perhaps, or even music. And then others (we may or may not be included in this category) went to YouTube to try some five-minute crafts and came up with something like this.