Comical Clothing: 30+ Questionable And Hilarious Shirt Designs

By Saniya B

Shirts first appeared in Europe as underwear, and by the 18th century, the garment had assumed importance. Nowadays, they are more than clothing; they are walking advertisements and political statements. The shirt is the perfect canvass for your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

How often have you walked the street and come across a funny or thought-provoking tee? Some quotes make you question everything. On the other hand, others make you laugh out loud. Surprises await where shirts are.

To whet your appetite for funny tees, we’ve compiled some of the most hilarious worn in public. All these pictures are posted on the Instagram page, Good Shirts. Check it out if you want more.

Let’s not waste time and dive into the sea of amusing and questionable shirts.

When Women Decide to Spit Facts!

When it comes to movies and series, you’ll find that the role of most women is to take care of the male protagonist and act as their therapist. Yet, the person wearing this T-shirt decided to drop some truth bombs on those planning to date!

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

Indeed, women shouldn’t be expected to deal with the insecurity and instability of the men they’re dating. After all, they’re their life partners and not paid therapists. This goes both ways! Nobody should let their partner carry their emotional baggage. 

Just Two Besties Vibing

We came across so many #bestiegoals on Instagram and other social media channels, but nothing can top this duo and the T-shirts they’re wearing! The picture shows how you will be forever young with your best friend, regardless of age.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

This shows the dynamics of almost every friendship. One always creates a mess, whereas the other is responsible for cleaning it up! It may get tiring, but the relarionship stays alive and full of fun when two opposites are involved. 

A Whole New Definition of DILF

Well, we all know what D.I.L.F stands for, don’t we? But, have you ever seen an entirely new definition of the term? This T-shirt completely changed its meaning into something much more adorable and innocent. 

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

The person wearing this is into frogs. They’re wearing a T-shirt that says “D.I.L.F” or “Dude, I Love Frogs!”. Aside from the new definition of the term, we adore the frog cartoons that seem to have taken too many happy pills.

Preach Woman!

You’ll frequently come across men and women who only have respect for the objects of their affection. They don’t mind trash-talking and generalizing the rest of the opposite gender, especially if they’re not appealing. This shirt not-so-subtly throws a dig at such people. 

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

Some men only respect or are friendly toward women who they find attractive. When it’s a woman who’s not appealing according to their standards, they may engage in casual sexism and disrespect them! Ladies, that’s a big red flag. Run away in the opposite direction as fast as you can.

Cat Memes Never Go Out of Trend

If there’s one trend we’ll always be on board for, it’s cat memes. There’s no way to hate cat memes. They’re cute, quirky, and sometimes, even relatable. The Happy Happy Cat and Banana Cat memes have taken Instagram by storm! 

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

Hence, this T-shirt is also one of our favorites, showcasing an adorable cat trying to look threatening. We love how the “Death” and “Destroyer of the World” angles are opposites to the cat’s innocent face and calm demeanor. We’re not intimidated.

Women Empowerment All the Way

Hot flashes are common in women going through their menopause. We don’t want to get too scientific here, but in case you didn’t know, they are a sudden feeling of warmth near the face, chest, and neck areas!

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

We love how this tee has a different take on hot flashes, which often affects older women. Instead of thinking of it as a weakness, the female half can believe it is power or wisdom coursing through their lovely bodies.

The Capy T-shirt is a Cool T-shirt 

If you spend much time on Instagram and TikTok, you must’ve noticed the latest capybara trend! Capybaras are rodents in South America known for their lovable and innocent looks. They became famous when their videos got more than 116 million views!

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

The manufacturer probably took inspiration from the capybara memes for the design. They went for a chill design and the famous line from The Black Eyed Peas song. We’re not complaining because this can make you capy-slay!

How Do You Interpret These T-shirts?

Many couples go for matching everything – phone wallpapers, nightsuits, and even T-shirts sometimes! Sometimes, this idea may not work out that well. For example, check out this couple shirt set we came across! We can’t say we’re impressed, and sure you won’t be too.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

The shirts are saying, “Nothing Makes Sense When We’re Apart.” The hilarious turn of events here is that you can also interpret it as “Nothing Sense We’re Makes When Apart.” Now, this doesn’t make any sense, and we’re shaking our heads in disbelief.

When People You Work With Are Annoying

It’s inevitable to have days at work when you’re tired of the everyday hustle and dealing with obnoxious co-workers, customers, and bosses? We found the perfect clothing for such occasions, so you can politely ask those around you to keep quiet! 

This shows how you don’t want to deal with anyone’s drama. Isn’t this the best thing to wear around a co-worker who chats or tries to all day? Can’t say the same for bosses, as you might end up fired! Hopefully, those who see this can take the hint.

One for All the Plant Lovers

Growing a plant can undoubtedly help when everything’s going wrong in your life. If you believe in this mantra and love growing and taking care of plants, you need to get yourself this relatable shirt and hurry; it’s selling out fast!

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

This may look lame with plant prints on it, but we guarantee that green thumbs will chuckle at this. Look a little closer, focus on the word “Horticulture,” and see how “cult” has a different color than the rest of the text! We’re sure that the “leader” makes more sense now.

Should You or Should You Not Shave Toes?

It’s crazy how the Internet unanimously agrees that some things are just weirder than others. We never knew this until we stumbled across this shirt comparing “shaving toes” to a “crime” lightheartedly. A lot of people would be locked up in jail.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

The person wearing this think shaving toes is ok, but believes others think of it as a crime. If you hold the same opinion, you shouldn’t worry either. Go ahead and shave your toes. Life is too short to worry about what others think.

A Humorous Word Play Indeed! 

This is one of the T-shirts that got us laughing. We’re confident that everyone who sees this will get the joke. As you can see, the shirt has two prints of Tutankhamun, the world-famous pharaoh whose tomb you can still find in Egypt.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

Funnily enough, the manufacturer has printed two Tutankhamun faces instead of well-formed bosoms. The best part is the wordplay; they’ve written “Tuts” and asked everyone to keep their hands away from the chest area! Don’t mess with the Tuts.

When You Have an Affinity Towards Toxic People!

Let’s be honest; we all have had some questionable dating choices. Most of us are into “bad boys” or “rebel girls” who can spike our heart rates and make us feel butterflies in our stomachs. On the other hand, there’s this guy.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

The shirt states the guy doesn’t want a “princess” or a “sweet woman.” He wants to live his life on the edge by taking his chances with someone who has psychotic tendencies and will drive him bonkers. You only live once, so better make life exciting.

Gaslighter, Who? 

Gaslighting is one of the terms that became popular due to social media. It means trying to make somebody question their sanity or reasoning powers! While we disagree with gaslighting, the manufacturers cleverly used the term in their T-shirt design.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

You’ll often find self-deprecating memes on Instagram and TikTok with templates like “Girlboss. Gatekeep. Gaslight” and “Gaslighting myself to believe in something.” If you believe there’s a gaslighter around you, this would make a lovely gift for them!

Found a T-shirt for Shopaholics! 

We’ve found the fitting shirt for women who love to shop. If you’re into hauls, consider buying this tee. This way, you can tell people you’re a serial shopper without saying a word. Caution, this is going to send men running to the hills.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

The WB logo is used for and by the “Warner Bros” production company. The shirt company put its spin on it and changed it to “Women Be Shopping.” The next time you feel like splurging, you can rock this shirt and spend all your wallet’s contents.

A Twist to Thrift Shop Lyrics

Do you remember 2012 when Thrift Store by Macklemore was playing literally everywhere? This shirt is a tribute to the famous song, but with a dark twist. “Walk into the club like whaddup” are from the song, but something unexpected came next.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

The designer decided to mix things up and deviate from the original lyrics. The shirt implies how the person walked into a funeral instead of the club. What an awkward situation that would have been. Hopefully, whoever wears this doesn’t do the same.

The Right Print for Thrill Couples!

This is yet another set of couple shirts, but this one’s for those who love the thrill of rollercoasters! As you can probably see in the image, the matching shirts are from an amusement park in Ohio, (obviously) Cedar Point.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

These are also appropriate for couples where one loves rollercoasters, and the other only gets on the ride for their partner! Nonetheless, we’re rooting for partners who wear these, regardless of whether they are in a theme park. Yay for adventure and love.

Well, Not the Best T-shirt in Town 

If we have to give an “L” or loser rating to any shirt on the list, it’d be this one. There’s often a misconception that women are gold diggers and are after wealthy or famous men. Folks, we’re no longer in the dark ages. Women today are capable, and this T-shirt needs canceling ASAP.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

This may seem innocent, but it perpetuates the concept that females see nothing but dollar signs. We beg to disagree. Many women are boss babes who have their own businesses, work hard, and are perfectly capable of providing for themselves and their families.

Here’s to Taking Chances

One sibling is always considered the “black sheep of the family” for rebelling and wanting to do things differently. We love how this tee celebrates the black sheep of families, and takes things in stride. Not all are bad people.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

It says the “black sheep” turns into the “Goat.” The Goat here doesn’t stand for the animal. Instead, it’s an abbreviation for the phrase “Greatest of All Time.” You need the tee if you think you’re the black sheep trying to do something good!

When You’re Bad at Everything That You Do

We love self-deprecating humor, and this one definitely tops the list! Many times in our lives, we’ve made bad decisions, and yet we’re here still, like a cat with nine lives! If this sounds like you, you’ll love this design. 

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

The shirt is all about doing bad things and doing them well. Walt Disney once said, “Whatever you do, do it well.” This gives us the same vibes. You should be committed to your endeavors, regardless of which side of the spectrum they’re on.

The Right Outfit for When You’re Stuck at a Bad Job

If you’re currently stuck in a lousy job, you ought to check out this tee. It is just *chef’s kiss* for jobs that suck the life out of you and make you question all your decisions. If you ever regret taking that job offer, get this shirt.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

The pun is pretty straightforward! Instead of running to burn calories, you’re running out of patience and, obviously, money. After all, bad jobs in this economy hardly ever pay enough to cover the rent! This guy is better off somewhere else.

Glitch In the Matrix

The “Live. Laugh. Love” quote was famous in 2012. It was on frames, Facebook profile pictures, and social media captions! The quote was often used with girly themes, so seeing this unusual design was a pleasant and welcome surprise.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

Instead of choosing soft colors like pink, white, or peach, the designers considered giving it a “Matrix” theme. Yes, the famous Keanu Reeves movie. They likely decided to take the green pill before sending the design for printing.

Bug Kissers! 

The Internet is a hub for weird things, and this is a good example. We came across this design, and it made us double-check the image! Most of us hate bugs, but some people are fascinated with them and may love them too much.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

Some folks hate bugs, others tolerate them, and finally, a strange group wants to kiss them. Which do you belong to? Thankfully, the shirt acknowledges that kissing them is impossible because human lips are strong enough to hurt them. Phew

The Sisterhood Here is Real

You need to purchase these matching sets if you have a sister or sisters. They’re a perfect representation of every sister relationship! There’s one who’s always calm and peaceful, whereas another can wage on the world for you.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

This shows that you can depend on your sister. They’ll help you get out of difficult situations, and protect you from people who might not have your best interest. You might sometimes argue, but you’ll always be there for each other.

For Those Who Love Peas

Okay, this seems like a lame shirt, but the absurdity makes it funny. No sassy statements or profound realizations here, just a photo of a bowl of peas with text that says “bowl of peas.” How can you be more obvious than this?

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

We love and hate how low-effort the design is. No time for creative thinking, print the first thing that comes to mind. No need for fantastic graphics, get pics from Shutterstock. They didn’t even bother to remove the website in the photo.

Opposites Attract!

The phrase “opposites attract” is pretty standard in dating and relationships. Yet, this picture is proof. You can see that the girl is proud of her relationship and wearing a “keep calm” tee. We can’t say the same for the boyfriend, though! 

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

It feels like he is more of a person who loves pulling his girlfriend’s leg! Instead of wearing something cutesy, he wore a shirt that said “99 Problems”. Hopefully, this is only a lighthearted joke, and they are still together to this day.

A Legendary T-shirt, Indeed

In Barney Stinson’s style, this tee is legen-wait-for-it-dary! The print is reminiscent of a hip-hop group of our favorite characters from our childhood. It has Mario, Tom, Popeye, Bart Simpson, and even Bugs Bunny but with more swagger and attitude.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

Anyone who wears this tee is an icon and a trendsetter in our books. After all, the T-shirt brings back many childhood memories, whether playing Mario with friends or binge-watching Popeye eating away all the spinach.

When You’ve a Professor Who Asks Too Many Questions

We’ve all had that one professor in university or teacher in school who won’t stop asking questions! We remember how we avoided eye-contact with them, knowing they’ll ask us questions. If we only had worn these shirts then.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

These don’t have any impactful or hard-hitting quotes or facts. They have a simple request to not ask the person any difficult questions. You can also wear them in public places where TikTokers or Instagrammers often inquire. 

Printing Gone Wrong!

The funniest shirts are those with atrocious spelling and grammar. We’ve got one that changes the meaning of feminism and woman empowerment! The typo is quite evident. Instead of competent beings, this shirt makes it seem that women can only do one thing, and we don’t even know what that is.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

Instead of saying, “Girls can do things”, the shirt states, “Girls can do thing.” As you can imagine, this girl power T-shirt’s entire defintion is reduced to a joke. We can only hope that designers check the grammar before sending designs for printing.

An A-Maize-ing Joke!

Have you watched the “Children of the Corn” movie? Let us give you some context if you haven’t. The film revolves around a group of creepy children in a cornfield who follow a sinister preacher and kill people! This T-shirt has slightly changed the concept. 

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

The tee replaces “children” with “ladies” to create an intimidating picture of women. The next time a woman feels threatened, she can wear this and scare everybody away! The effect would be better if they had the same creepy eyes as those evil children.

A Satantic Turn of Events 

We’re all aware of the millennial and Gen-Z short forms like LOL, SWAG, ROFL, YOLO, BRB, and many more. They meant something totally innocent until we saw this shirt! So, , you should think things through the next time you message someone.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

Someone has been watching too many horror movies. The creativity that went into producing new evil definitions for these abbreviations is high! Not only are these impressive, but they’re also coherent enough for a satanic cult to use as their code language.

POV: You’re Into Bad Boys or Bad Girls

Movies like Fifty Shades of Grey brought popularity to a little-known group of people who find pain sexy. They get turned on by inflicting pain on others and by being “punished.” We have no one to blame but you, Christian and Anastasia.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

We can see this tee worn by such folks. What makes it funny is the little Nike logo at the bottom. It’s as if the shirt implores the other party to punish the other. Ok, we’ve gone too far. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

When You Draw a Doodle…

Don’t you feel a significant achievement when drawing a nice doodle? Something other than stick figures? This accomplishment makes you feel like the next Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh. This tee may not have fantastic images, but gives us the same vibe.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

Nowadays, anyone can be an artist. You don’t need to create something that will rock the art world. With a lot of hype, even a simple abstract painting can create waves online, and that says a lot about the kind of artists we have today.

The New Summer Collection Is Out!

Summer collections are all about bright colors, floral designs, cool prints, and cute quotes. This T-shirt is part of such a collection, even though everything written on it doesn’t make sense! “You’re an orange?” What in the world?

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

Whoever designed this must have been drunk or doesn’t speak and understand English well. No sane person would think of calling someone an orange and putting inspirational misspelled quotes on the same clothing. Let this be a lesson to everyone, always have a professional check your designs before production.

Spice Girls: The Dave Grohl Version 

Dave Grohl is a famous American member of the rock band Foo Fighters and, previously, Nirvana. In one of the interviews in 2001, the singer mentioned how listening to Spice Girls, the UK-based girl group, is his guilty pressure! He’s just like us. 

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

Coming back to T-shirts, the designers must have seen the interview and decided to make a Spice Girls edit with David Grohl on it. Aside from the graphics, the punny name “Spice Grohls” is funny. Won’t lie; the words have a nice ring.

Real-Life Naruto and Hinata!

You’ll find different types of couples worldwide, including those crazy about anime, just like these two. Forget about wearing matching T-shirts; they took it a step further by wearing Naruto and Hinata tees. If this isn’t a testament to true love, we don’t know what is.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

Naruto and Hinata are love interests in the famous Manga series Naruto. Clearly, these two are huge fans and wanted everyone around them to know. They still watch cartoons, and they’re proud of it. We still do sometimes, but we keep it a secret.

Animal Crossing Fans Unite

If you’re an avid player of the game Animal Crossing, you might get the reference of this T-shirt. Nintendo created the game, which dealt with a simulation world where humans live with anthropomorphic or human-like animals!

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

The “We’ll be making a water landing, but that’s okay because this is a seaplane” line is a humorous one in the game. It’s also used in many meme templates. So, it’s not surprising to see a shirt with this design.

The Beetboys! – Directed by Dwight Schrute

Dobie Gray, an American singer, has a popular song, “Drift Away,” with the lyrics “Give me the beat, boys, and free my soul.” Funnily enough, the T-shirt manufacturers gave the lyrics of this song a refreshing twist, and we like it.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

They printed the misheard lyrics of the song! Many think it’s “beet, boys” and not “beat, boys.” If you’re a beet lover like Dwight Schrute, you’ll love wearing this. We’re fans of the new lines and the vegetable on the shirt.

We Have a Pinocchio Fan

We’ve heard the story of Pinocchio. It’s about how Geppetto, a woodcarver, creates a wooden puppet named Pinocchio, who comes to life. His nose gets longer every time he tells a lie. This shirt has a typo, but without a doubt, it refers to the famous fairy tale.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

But we could be mistaken. If you have other ideas, let us know. We’re all ears. The meaning behind the shirt is still a mystery, just like the Bermuda Triangle. Although, it might be about how everything, including Pinocchio, is returned to Geppetto when it dies.

What About Women?

As of 2021, the world’s population was made up of 49.58% women. This means that the male and female populations are roughly equal. Why are we giving you such facts? Because we’re looking at this shirt and can’t make anything of it.

Source: Instagram (@goodshirts)

It says “Women.” Yes, women, but what about them? Does this mean anything else to you? We can’t clean anything much from it. Women are strong, independent, resilient, and self-sufficient. But, sometimes, they can turn into monsters.