40+ “Unique” Vacation Lodgings That Stand Out For The Wrong Reasons

By Jo Arazi

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

For most people, the allure of traveling the world and meeting new people is something to look forward to all year. Apart from exploring a new city or town, a major part of this adventure is booking a nice hotel or Airbnb to ensure the stay is comfortable. However, there are times when things fall apart and Murphy’s Law takes over. While some will get frustrated and see it as a bad omen of some sort, others will be able to see the funny side.

These unlucky travelers had some bad experiences, but they shared them online so we can all learn from them…and how not to fall prey to the same problems. Without further ado, let’s dive in to see some Airbnb and hotel fails that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

A Pool Area

Before you book a hotel, you need to ensure they provide some vital facilities. The pricier hotels often offer things like pools to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Many people don’t mind paying extra to enjoy facilities like a nice swimming pool.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Johnoplata

When this person wanted to book this hotel, he was told it comes with a pool area, and no one would have guessed the kind of pool they meant. Most would have packed their bathing suits when coming with hopes of going for a cool swim after an evening stroll.

Ocean View

There’s a saying that goes, “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.” After this experience, we’re sure this person will always ask for clarification anytime they come across hotels that offer a beautiful view of the ocean, but is unbelievably cheap.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Weully

In order not to fall victim to these scams, the best thing to do is to go through the hotel’s website and look at pictures before you book. This way, you can hopefully avoid any kind of disappointment that will start your vacation on a sad note.

Optical Illusion

There are several things you have to consider when traveling so your trip doesn’t become a nightmare before it even starts. You have to be careful of the kind of foods you eat, to avoid things you’re allergic to, and avoid things that can make you queasy.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Majoranese

Well, even if you escaped airplane sickness and you survived the rigors of motion sickness, your ordeal is not over yet. Although the carpet may be fun for some people, it’s an absolute nightmare for others. Just try not to look down.

The Fitness Center

Some hotel guests are very particular about their fitness, while some aren’t. However, we’re not sure where this hotel stands. Did they convert their fitness center to a cushion store, or they’re practicing a fitness routine we don’t know about?

Image source: Reddit / PineBadger

The options are quite limited. It could be the perfect place for couch potatoes, or guests can practice throwing the couches around to build strength. And for the more energetic and flexible ones, they can practice and enhance their skills in parkour.

Warning: Not for tall people

There are instances where some hotel accommodations should come with warning signs like, “not for extremely tall people.” We are not sure who this Airbnb was designed for, as it’s too small for even a regular-sized person, let alone a tall person.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Nevernomuffintops

The least the architect could have done was to create some sort of cushion for the user’s head while they go about their business. On the other hand, rather than look at it as a design fail, it could be another way of telling you to stop spending too much time on the white throne.

Unhinged DIY

In a bid to save costs, some Airbnb owners try to fix problems they notice in their units themselves. Sometimes, they end up doing a great job, and in most cases, you wonder what they were thinking to try something so audacious.

Photo Credit: Reddit / reckless7

This DIY solution is bordering between absolutely ridiculous and comically genius. The sight of this door will make you wonder what the fate of the former door was. However, the really important question is, how will guests lock the door?

Obey the rules

If you are wondering what it’s like to lodge in a Chinese hotel, this “Warm Notice” should give you some insight. For starters, we really love how they explicitly state their rules so guests know how to conduct themselves at all times.

Photo Credit: Reddit / code0011

The notice starts by warmly welcoming the guests to their hotel, but it also wastes no time getting to business. They plead with guests to obey the laws of the land which also includes avoiding certain actions that may get them evicted.


Besides comfort, another important thing guests look out for when booking a hotel is privacy. There is no denying that privacy is key to a pleasurable stay. For this reason, people will go to great lengths to ensure they are not disturbed.

Photo Credit: Reddit / stephanieplum77

This guest had to make do with what he had as he couldn’t wait to get the privacy door tag of the hotel room. Well, the type of door tag used doesn’t matter. What really matters is the message, and this particular message cannot be missed.


Here’s another quick tip you should take note of when booking a hotel or Airbnb – always check if the restroom is convenient, and things are within reach. And when we say convenient, we mean that it was not created for Elastigirl.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Chappssss

On a more serious note, how do they expect their guests to get to the toilet paper? At that point, you might as well just have it stacked on the floor next to the toilet. This isn’t the worst, but definitely not the best design.

Movie Time

For a second, imagine the joy you’d feel when you find out the hotel you booked has a movie theater. We’re sure you’d be absolutely ecstatic, right? This hotel wasn’t lying when they said they had a theater. What they didn’t state is what kind.

Photo Credit: Reddit / syrupdash

There are two ways to enjoy your movie here. Either you get there early to get a front-row seat, or, if you’re unlucky to be at the back, you’ll have to get a pair of binoculars. To make your experience worthwhile, don’t forget to pack some popcorn.

Confusing elevator

There are several reasons why we take the elevator. The main reason is convenience. Not everyone is in the mood to do their cardio by climbing a flight of stairs. So the last thing you’d expect when taking the elevator is to test your comprehension skills.

Photo Credit: Reddit / c0ffeeman

If you are the kind that ignores signs, you may be in for a surprise with this elevator. Not only will it cause a lot of confusion for those going to the 2nd floor, we wonder what number those that are going to the 6th floor will press?

One size

It’s great spending the night in a luxurious hotel and waking up to see your significant other in a robe while you order breakfast. Both of you can savor the moment with no worry in the world while you make plans for the day.

Photo Credit: Reddit / The_Trip_Doctor

However, this only works for people of average height. It’s pretty hilarious to see a very tall person in a regular-sized robe, as the hotels don’t often have guests that are way above the average height. To them, “one size always fits all.”

Blocked View

We know, even places without central air can be great! But the real issue is the window underneath the air conditioner… You can see that something is taped to the window – and we’re sure it’s a fake view for the guest.

Photo Credit: Reddit / JohnIsPogi

If you just want to reflect on life without any form of distraction, then this is the room for you. The major question we have here is, what’s the reason for putting the window in at all, as the room would do well without it?

Scary Stairway

This is a stairway from hell – and not a Stairway to Heaven – and it’s definitely going to give a few guests a difficult. For starters, it looks like a puzzle of some sort, and it feels like a trap, or a mean joke.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Zvek_Eagle

To make matters worse, the stairway has small steps, and it will be a little difficult for a sober person to climb down, let alone a guest that has had a few drinks. Well, maybe it’s a way of keeping the guests alert at all times.

Half of the bathroom

Whenever a guest pays premium price for a hotel, they often expect to get real value for their money. In truth, we don’t think the guests will be impressed with this bathroom no matter the amount they pay for it, even if it’s free.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Mercureeeeeee

The guests will probably be disappointed that they have to endure this throughout their stay, and bathroom breaks will be an absolute nightmare. They’ll have to pray no other person opens the door accidentally, or else they might get hurt.

Half-foot balcony

One thing we’ve noticed about most hotel owners on this list is how they get away with their shenanigans. Just like the pool table, this hotel owner must have had guests dreaming when he listed a balcony with a great view.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Eidahl

Most guests would have been dreaming of having breakfast or taking their first sip of hot coffee in the morning on the balcony, but that’s not to be. Well, technically, the balcony has an amazing view of the area, but it can barely fit a foot.

Heart Stain

There is nothing as embarrassing as sitting on a chair and then noticing a stain on it the moment you stand up. Apparently, it may have been an accident, but from the look of things, this stain isn’t new, and has out-stayed several guests.

Photo Credit: Reddit / iFoundSnape

This chair would be perfect to play pranks on unsuspecting guests, but it would be a little too cruel a prank, we think. Hygienically speaking, it’s best to get rid of it, or at least thoroughly clean it. Is that really too much to ask?

Impending disaster

There’s every chance this bathroom didn’t get checked by the authorities because this a disaster waiting to happen. It’s just a matter of time. Everybody knows electricity and water are the worst combination ever, so who let this bathroom design fly?

Photo Credit: Reddit / Vast-Comfortable

This electrifying shower and hair dryer combo will have guests buzzing with either shock or excitement, as it’s akin to playing a game of Russian roulette. Will you be shocked to your marrow or will you escape to live another day?

Out in the open

Bathroom time is a very private time, and most people don’t take it for granted. For some, they use the time to read a newspaper, magazine, or book, surf the web (for those that go in there with their phones), or reflect on things.

Photo Credit: Reddit / I_watch

However, this hotel took the concept of privacy a notch backward by adding a translucent door. We’d strongly advise that you should only book this hotel if you’ve really gotten comfortable with your partner and you don’t mind them seeing you in there.

The right angles

Perspective matters a lot. The way or angle you see certain things go a long way in your decision-making process, and this Airbnb owner made the most of it. This listing is a good example of the saying, “looks can be deceiving.”

Photo Credit: Reddit / robot_accomplice

The picture above is what was displayed for a vacation home in France on an Airbnb listing. However, we think it’s pretty obvious that it’s not a full-sized pool. But hey, at least, they got to enjoy some kind of pool.

The mini fridge

Usually, if you want something, it doesn’t hurt to ask. The worst thing that can happen is that your request will be turned down. The most important thing is you tried. This guest and his friends made a simple request.

Photo Credit: Reddit / MeddlingMike

They asked that a mini fridge be kept in their room, and to their surprise and joy, their request was accepted without fuzz. Well, it was too good to be true as the mini-fridge is so small that it can’t even hold more than two bananas.

Design fail

Traveling alone can be fun, but it also comes with its own disadvantages. However, if you travel with family or a group of friends, you are bound to have a good time. The only disadvantage is that you’ll hardly have time to yourself.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Misterpeaceguy

As luck would have it, there’s one room you can’t share with your friends and that is the bathroom. Unfortunately, this is not the case in this hotel, as the designer thought it was wise to put a window in the bathroom that looks into the bedroom.

Honey Moom

Your honeymoon is a very very special moment because you only get to do it once in your lifetime – well, for some people. This is the major reason people go out of their way to ensure every moment of it is memorable and special.

Photo Credit: Reddit / joshuabrose

However, if you get carried away with the excitement, something might go wrong, and it would be immortalized forever like the photo above. Although it’s insignificant, this bad spelling could have ruined all the effort the staff put into this.

Dirty pool

Just like we advised earlier, it’s best not to take the word of hotel owners to heart. A little due diligence will save you a lot of disappointment later, as it has been discovered that a lot of hotel owners are often economical with the truth.

Photo Credit: Reddit / jasonsmithatlanta

This hotel listing showed that it came with a pool. Upon further inquiry, the concierge casually disclosed that the pool was not accessible, so the guest just waived it off. You can imagine his shock when he discovered the reason the pool was closed.


One thing we’ve come to realize is that expectation really differs from reality for a lot of hotel owners, and it happens everywhere in the world. This happened in Russia, where the guest saw a sign that shows that the bathroom is wheelchair accessible.

Photo Credit: Reddit / fildakoch

It is quite surprising that nobody deemed it fit to point it out that a flight of stairs in front of a “wheelchair-accessible” door completely negates the purpose of the sign. Maybe the owner does not really know what the sign stands for.

Terrible carpet

We have a feeling that some hotel owners try to cut costs by doing certain things themselves, or getting the cheapest products they can find. The reason we arrived at this conclusion is because a designer that is worth his salt will not do this.

Photo Credit: Reddit / pookiemon

If they are not careful, they will have a lawsuit in their hands. This carpet design is not only confusing; it can also make you dizzy. It’s very difficult to make out the stairs in this photo without having to look twice.

Pool in a pool

There are some questions we’d love to get answers to. The first is, why is there a pool in a pool? Since the main pool doesn’t look bad, maybe they don’t have enough water, or could it be the guests didn’t show enough interest in swimming?

Photo Credit: Reddit / Shents

No matter how we try to rationalize this decision, we end up coming up with more questions that beg answers. The hotel looks like a very busy spot, judging by the number of guests present, so using the main pool would have been more ideal.

Look closely

If you don’t look twice, this carpet may completely freak you out, especially if you are the type that gets queasy at the sight of blood. Lovers of crime and horror movies would find this a little more interesting. But there’s less to the story than it seems.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Nick_Coffin

Contrary to what you may have first thought, this is not a murder scene, and everything is perfectly fine. The housekeeping cart does not have anything to do with the red wavy lines on the carpet. It’s just a harmless, if weird, carpet design.

How do you use it?

Some hotel design fails will have you wondering if the designer really had the user in mind in the first place. On the other hand, it may be that the designer simply wanted to get the project over with, without concern for the outcome.

Photo Credit: Reddit / I_watch

This bathroom is the best example of how not to design a functional bathroom. Not only will it cause you physical pain to use, it’ll cause you a lot of mental stress, just from looking at the picture. Something as simple as washing your hands will be a chore.

Is that Casper?

Have you ever seen a ghost? We mean a real ghost. Your answer will most likely be no, that you’ve only seen one in the movies, and most of us may not relate to it. You may not even believe in the existence of ghosts.

Photo Credit: Reddit / andydith

That notion was about to change for this person after he came back to his hotel room from touring the town. What turned out to be a prank would have given him a heart attack if it had been dark, but we’ll give the prankster bonus points for creativity.

Expectation vs. reality

Sometimes, there is a huge gulf between expectation and reality, and almost every online shopper has experienced this firsthand one way or another. For this reason, it’s advisable to always read reviews from other users to be on the safe side.

Photo Credit: Reddit / 0SafeBit

This was a lesson this traveler learned the hard way during his trip to Poland. After searching online for a few hotels, he stumbled across this and booked it without hesitation, thanks to the pictures. You can imagine his shock when he saw it in reality.

Swampy Bathroom

Sometimes a little inconvenience is enough to ruin an entire vacation. However, there are times you can manage the situation, like in this photo. This person thoroughly inspected his hotel before booking, but still missed something vital.

Photo Credit: Reddit / dmichaelmyers

Her realized after his first shower that the doors could not close. This is not because there’s something obstructing its way, but because of a 1-inch gap between the doors. So any time he showers, the floor becomes a mini swamp.

What a view

Booking a room with an amazing view of the ocean and city skyline is the dream, and this guest simply couldn’t believe his luck. His vacation couldn’t have kicked off on a better note, and he couldn’t wait to get to his hotel room.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Nevoska

It didn’t take long for his balloon to pop. He realized the amazing view that inspired him to book the room was a billboard placed strategically behind his window. The only thing behind his window was a fence and his air-conditioning unit.

Which is it?

If you like brain teasers that stretch your brain, then this hotel is for you. Everything about it will either leave you extremely impressed, or extremely confused, and it’s not dependent on how smart you are. This is some bad signage.

Photo Credit: Reddit / belleri7

Take a look at this sign and try to decipher its meaning. For starters, we know it’s the 3rd floor and… that’s about it. Your next mission is to find your room, and don’t try to rely on the numbers, or the arrows, as they are not helping matters.

Wrong placement

There’s nothing to see here! There is nothing unusual about these stairs. To this hotel owner, it’s quite normal to have a bathroom along the stairs, in case you have an emergency. The best part is the strategic placement of the toilet.

Photo Credit: Reddit / sandepants

So far, we have seen some pretty bad Airbnb bathroom designs, but this one may as well take the crown home, because it beats them all hands down. We can’t even imagine what the designer was thinking, and why no one stopped them.

No Sleep

When booking a hotel, something that is super important is security. If you plan to spend the night there, you need to make sure you and your belongings are safe at all times. That’s why this sign makes us wary.

Photo Credit: Reddit / tastes_like_thumbs

Unfortunately for these guests, every chance to enjoy a night of sound sleep will be defeated. First, you have to turn off the air conditioner before sleeping. And what could they possibly need to barricade the door against? Do we want to know?

Unconventional solutions

The saying that modern problems require modern solutions cannot be better exemplified. People often find creative, yet functional – or unconventional – ways of getting problems fixed. This person booked a hotel, and could not help but marvel at this.

Photo Credit: Reddit / sexybeast8209

This outlet and cord was the first thing that got their attention. What is it that’s plugged in? Where is it coming from? The questions are never-ending, but would you believe any of the answers anyway? We probably would not.

One-sided water pressure?

You may not know the value of certain things you’ve taken for granted until you lose those things. One of those things is bad water pressure. If you hate bad water pressure, then you’ll have a huge problem with one-sided poor shower pressure.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Epp-1-Steim

After a long flight, the first thing that comes to mind the moment you settle in at your hotel is to have a nice shower. Now imagine you have to make do with this shower with poor water pressure from one side for the rest of your stay. No, thanks!

Lighted Shower

This hotel is a serious mess. One thing is for sure, this guest had to find somewhere else to stay for the night. From the look of things, there’s water coming out from one of the lights, and we are not sure who to call, the plumber or the electrician.

Photo credit: Reddit / TheGreatHatsby24

From the look of things, the owners might end up calling the both of them. This isn’t exactly what the guest had in mind when he was told the hotel had a lighted shower. Next time, he’d have to ask them to be more specific.

Get Fit

Upon booking this hotel, this person was told that it came with a fitness center. So, he figured he could still enjoy his vacation without having to worry about his weight. He can relax and, at the same time, maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Photo credit: Reddit / Westonhaus

On his way to the fitness center, he nearly lost his composure when he came across this painting on the hotel stairwell. The picture freaks people out during the day. Now imagine if you’re not paying attention and you come across it at night!

Door Stopper

Some inventions may appear to have been made by a genius but at the same time, they may also be hazardous, which is definitely an unintended consequence. This door stopper will come in handy in this room, but it’ll also be the cause of pain for the guests.

Photo credit: bored panda

What could go wrong, you may ask? You now have something to stub your toe on every time you try to hang your clothes, or use the dresser. You are in for quite a time, unless you decide to cover the door stopper with an overturned ice bucket.

Hair art

Have you ever wondered where all the hair from the bathroom goes? Well, in this hotel, the owner has found a creative way to put it all to good use – in the form of art. As you know, the value of art is quite subjective, and based on several factors.

Photo credit: pupperish

The hotel owners apparently considered it valuable enough to the point where they showcased it, but to us, it’s a fail. Not only will guests find this gross, some people may completely lose their appetite from looking at it. The longer you look at it, the worse it gets.

Silent fire alarm

This hotel owner really prioritizes the comfort of their guests, and will go to any lengths to ensure nothing disturbs their peace during their stay. Even if it’s a life-threatening fire. Just like other hotels on this list, the rules are quite clear and must be adhered to strictly.

Photo credit: sciencephiles

You are not to make any noise if you are leaving the hotel, and you must not wake anybody up while exiting the building during a fire. We know that this exit must be open all of the time, but this sign still makes us laugh.

Funny food menu

A hotel in Saudi Arabia tried to cater to its international guests by translating its entire food menu into English, and they ended up creating a gem. The translator did such a terrible job that he unknowingly created comedic gold.

Photo credit: boredpanda

Some of these would be great band names like Metal Suspicion, An Order of White Eyes, Luxury Sofa, and Some Foul Metal. On the other hand, imagine your customers trying to seriously order “she is suspicious of cheese” or “popular problem.”