Cartoon Artist Tells Us What Our Animal Friends Would Say If They Could Speak Human

By Aakash M February 1, 2022

How many of you have thought about what your darling pets would say if they could talk? Sadly, the only thing we can do is imagine this — and for now, we are leaving any future technology out of the question. The thing is that people are quite curious about it, and who doesn’t want to listen to what our companions have to say from time to time? We’re sure they have an interesting perspective on the world around them.

Comic artist Jimmy Craig comes really close to killing our curiosities by answering these endearing questions. Through his comic series, They Can Talk, Jimmy presents relatable scenarios portraying what would happen if animals started talking, which is precisely what we want. Get ready for a lot of memorable twists! All the images you are about to see below are courtesy of theycantalkcomics on Instagram. 

We dig that one

Why is this one so accurate? Dogs often dig holes in the ground under fences, and they all sport the same face while doing it! It is like a creepy cute face they put on when they are trying to break through to the other side!

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

If there actually was a Johnny sitting on the other side, we don’t know how he’d feel. He’d be pretty creeped out for one, but he also might find it adorable because dogs are so cute. And for some reason, they are always determined to dig!

Angry birds

Geese are generally pretty calm animals. But, you should consider yourself lucky if you haven’t seen their angry side come out, because trust us, you wouldn’t want to be there for it. An angry goose is scary and also dangerous. Their bites and kicks can be devastating. 

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Usually, it’s pretty difficult to understand why these animals are so enraged. However, this comic gives us a new perspective on the matter. Who knows, they might just be curious. But, the question is if you are willing to risk it by staying put when an angry goose chases you.

Them humans!

We feed, play, and shower our dogs with love, and it’s pretty much a two-sided relationship because they also can’t stop adoring us. But, you know those times when your dog is randomly looking out the window? Do you ever wonder what’s going on in that brain?

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Here is what dogs might be thinking. Obviously, it could be one among the many things. Who would’ve thought that dogs would actually be in awe of how we walk on two feet? Well, Jimmy Craig did. Dogs should be aware that we took eons to master the two-foot walk.


Do you like to work out by yourself, or do you have a workout buddy? Let us be more specific. How many of you have dogs as your workout buddies? They are actually fantastic company! Some of them don’t mind at all, while some of them think you are playing with them!

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Actually, dogs are half-right, if that’s what they are thinking, and they only need to understand our reason for doing so. Sadly, they won’t know what we are doing and why. We are actually putting our bodies through a lot when we do push-ups!

They are nothing alike

We think this one is true, but it is also pretty frustrating. We are fascinated by how a mother sea turtle lays eggs on the land, and then all the baby turtles make their way towards their ocean. But, what’s with cat-scratching-the-couch-instinct!?

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Cats need to understand that these things cost half of our paychecks! But, this would only be possible if they knew how to talk and understand us. You need to teach cats many things, including potty training and commands, but you don’t need to teach a cat how to scratch and destroy a couch. They are born with that already.

Dog power

This one is something that we need to ask dogs because if not, it will forever remain a mystery. Now, their smelling power is on another level. It’s also a fact that some breeds are able to be trained to smell narcotics, while other breeds can smell diseases.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

It’s something that really makes you think! Dog’s sense of smell helps them and us a lot, but what would they say to each other when they come across a place where another dog marked their spot? Why do they take this territory thing so seriously?

Universal best friends

Beavers get it. Trees are one of the best things on this planet, and that’s the universal truth. They give us so much and ask for almost nothing in return. All in all, they make Earth a better place to live in, and they also look aesthetic, which is a bonus.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

The way trees help us is the same way they also help beavers. From their food, housing, and defense requirements, trees do it all. But we didn’t know beavers had enemies. Did you know this? And what do they use to fight them? You guessed it. Trees!

Bird problems

We feel sorry for this next creature. We also wonder how seagulls and other birds eat food that sitting on the ground? Most of the time, it’s all human food and waste, and it’s incredible how they tolerate it all. Or, maybe they don’t.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

This one could be an interesting conversation for us, but not so much for birds. That diagnosis is going to take a long time. On a serious note, it’s sad how much junk these animals put in their mouths. They should be eating fruits and all other healthy things.

Always angry

Cats are among the very few creatures that look more adorable and less ferocious (most of the time) when they are angry. It seems like they are made of pure anger because, to be honest, we rarely catch them in a loving mood. Either they’re mad or annoyed.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Perhaps, the reason behind their anger is unknown. Even dogs are confused about it! Well, it could be two things. One, they are never satisfied with anything, and two, they are absorbing all the anger in the world. Either way, bless those adorable creatures.

Food > everything else

Seagulls are pretty birds when they are at a distance. When they inch up and come creepily close, they can be pretty terrifying. Some of these birds aren’t scared at all, and it’s almost like they are domesticated pets.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Seagulls need to realize that there are larger beings in the world who have the potential to hurt them. We don’t know why it never crosses their minds. They are always the least bothered about these things. Instead, they’re busy searching for food 24/7.

Selective hearing

Dogs are so simple. They love food, affection, and everything around that. They love having all of our attention, and they also adore giving us all their attention. Nothing can change that fact. However, like seagulls, their love for food is something else.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

It seems like dogs will eat anything, and they always want a bite from us when we are eating our meals. We would obviously love to share with them, but who can make them understand that human food can be harmful to them? Yet, they go nuts when they hear the word “food!”


Judging by the way they trap their prey with their webs, spiders are great manipulators. Have you ever wondered what the conversation spider and its prey would have during that terrifying moment? The spider might be talking its prey into the trap.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

This one doesn’t even seem so far-fetched because we can totally see things like this happening in the insect world. Spiders must be coming up with new ways every day to lure their prey, while other insects must be thinking about new escape tactics. 

Name complex

Why did we choose such random names for such beautiful creatures? Scientific naming is justified because it’s all pretty much planned and organized, but common names of animals make no sense at times. Here’s a perfect example of one.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

This creature is literally called the “dung” beetle, which would be an awful name for even the strongest animal in the world. The truth is that dung beetles feed on dung. Thus, their name is appropriate. We hope they don’t have a problem with that. 

What’s happening?

Cats and dogs are common household pets, but we don’t know if they understand the difference between pets and strays. As of now, they could be all nice to us, but who knows what’s actually going on in their minds!

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Cats might be feeling so puzzled when they see another strolling outside freely because we teach our pet cats to stay home and step out only when we allow them to. We hope they don’t figure out the adoption thing, which could traumatize them even more.

Sharks won’t kill you

Sharks are majestic creatures, and watching one, even on TV, is an absolute delight. Despite all the myths, sharks are not our enemies. In fact, we are more dangerous to them than they are to us. Yet, thanks to all the horror movies, we consider them a threat.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Kevin here has a point. Maybe sharks want us to be friends with them, greet them by their names, and just be normal when we come in contact with them. But, instead, we refer to every shark as “Aaaaahhh!” That’s because those are the first words that come out of our mouths.

The number-two fact

Dogs always seem pretty embarrassed and nervous when they are doing their business. Now, it feels like dogs want you to give them privacy, but the thing is that they are vulnerable in that position, which is why they are staring at you.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

However, after they do their thing, it is our duty, as humans, to pick up after our pets are done. We don’t know how dogs feel during those times. Well, the go-to reaction must be the one that you see above. Or maybe we are overthinking, and they simply don’t care.

Importance of balance

It is terrible how people consider black cats as bad luck. Even seeing a black cat or watching one cross your path is regarded as a bad omen. The thing is that they aren’t bad luck. Black cats are as sweet and friendly as any other cat, but they’re still cats.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Although black cats are sweet, cuddly, and joy-bringers, they also maintain a life-balance like other cats. For instance, some furballs, a bit of tripping, some toe nibbles, scratching, and many other things. Cats, for one, have outstanding balance. They rarely fall down or trip.

Spider webs

Spiders spinning their webs to trap their prey is one thing, but spiders spinning webs in our houses is another thing, and let us tell you what that thing is. It’s nonsense, and it’s useless! If these are their shenanigans, they are only making us work harder!

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

It’s high time for spiders to stop with their interior decorating industry, even if they are doing it to impress one another because we are the ones who tear it down anyway! On second thought, what if spider web designs become a thing? Let’s not go there. 

That’s sad

This cat speaks the harsh truth in this comic. Although it’s still a comic, this one hits pretty hard. Sadly, we humans do trap other living things for our benefit, and the examples are never-ending. The irony is right there in front of us.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

So many of us love keeping plants and different kinds of pets in the house for our enjoyment. However, it’s not as terrible as this cat makes it out to be since most of us never intend to bring harm to them. Our intentions is to connect with them and bring about a sense of peace.

Ideal coping mechanism

There is stress waiting for us around every corner these days. So, having some kind of coping mechanism in place does a lot of good to help maintain our sanity. Considering that, this woodpecker technique is pretty awesome and something that we weren’t expecting.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Imagine the amount of stress this woodpecker deals with if he has to just peck on the wood to cope with life. We hope that’s not the case with woodpeckers or any other animal for that matter. Nonetheless, we should learn something from them.

The kings

Many of you might argue with us on this one since lions are the kings of the jungle. Well, that’s true, but don’t you think it has a lot to do with their build and hair? They look absolutely majestic. Unfortunately, it’s time to break the myth.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics/ Instagram

Did you know that a lion sleeps for 16-20 hours a day? Lions also never hunt. The lionesses do all the hunting and the exercise. But the lion takes the first bite and eats as much as possible. The lionesses and the cubs eat the leftovers.

Cat and dog bonding time

Dogs and cats are vastly different creatures, but they also do many similar things. For example, they both love to madly run around in circles. That’s one thing that they can put aside their differences for. We wonder what’s the fun in that when you can rest on your couch.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Both animals are in a whole other mood when they are running around like maniacs. Actually, it’s pretty amazing to witness them doing so. Who knows, they actually might be discussing when to start running in circles when they decide to communicate. 


Crows are notorious for getting caught up in these types of shenanigans. We think they’re going easy on us because if they unite and gang up on us, that’ll pretty much be a one-sided fight. It would also be a weird uprising that would honestly make sense. They are so smart!

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Since we just saw that perspective, we are thankful to the crows for only getting involved in small, harmless crimes. Things would really be very different if we were on their turf, which is the wild. There are no rules out there.

Just another day

Not all cats and dogs living in the same house are chasing each other around behind each other’s backs. They must bond with each other pretty well over the years. In fact, here is what a normal conversation between them would sound like.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Dogs might actually find rabbit poop better than lying in the warm sun. It’s gross, but it’s their thing. Nobody can help it. It’s almost like this dog spoiled that cat’s whole mood. We’re sure the cat can come back at him with something stronger.

Conversation between the cuties

Dogs are among the most enthusiastic animals, and this is among their best qualities. They are also pretty naive and innocent, making them all the more loveable. We better not go down that road because we can go on and on. Dogs are the best. Period.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Apart from raccoons being cute, they are cunning. So, we can actually imagine this conversation happening, and we can see the dog letting the raccoon pass. Some dogs are so naive that they don’t even care if a robber enters its domain. We even find that adorable! Maybe something is wrong with us.

Sluggish plan

Jumping into a pile of fallen leaves is so amazing, right? Heck, we love walking on a crisp leaf and hearing the sound of it crumbling under our feet. However, as much as being covered in the leaves is nice, the bugs partying inside the leaves will turn us away real quick! 

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

We are glad we came across this comic because it does remind us of sweet childhood memories, excluding the bugs, though. But maybe the slugs were in on the whole thing, and they intentionally wanted to hear us kids freak out.

Wisdom isn’t the only thing

Turtles possess some highly rare qualities. Their lifespan is longer than ours, in most cases. It’s also one of the many things that we admire about them. We can all agree that an old turtle looks like an animal with a lot of wisdom and experience.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

But what if that’s not the case? Maybe old turtles would actually be sick of their old lives? They might as well be missing their youth. We should never forget that growing old comes with its benefits, but also downsides and diseases, like hemorrhoids.

Queen of the jungle

We just now talked about lions being lazy animals. Now, let’s look at their female counterparts. Lionesses are pretty great, and they pretty much deserved to be called the queen of the jungle. They work hard for their families in order to live a comfortable life.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

They also put a lot of effort into hunting their prey, and they are the best moms because they always make sure that everybody fills their bellies. After all is said and done, they barel eat for themselves. In conclusion, lionesses deserve a lot of credit.

Caught in the air

We know how this rabbit feels. In fact, any small-sized animal might be playing this way. Small creatures always need to be on the lookout when they are in the open because they’ll be caught and finished off quickly if they mess around.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

The view from above is fantastic, but if a giant bird catches you, that view won’t be pretty for long. We pity small-sized animals, but you know, such is the way of life. Being a bird and soaring through the sky must feel great, but even birds need to keep their eyes peeled.

What’s that supposed to be?

This one is a myth, so let us bust it. According to many studies, dogs can mostly feel primary emotions like sadness and happiness. Sadly, there isn’t much evidence about dogs feeling secondary emotions like guilt, but let’s just go with it. 

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

However, dogs are still very loving creatures, and we can’t help but love them more when they curl themselves into a ball and making that puppy face when they do something wrong. But, we have never seen anything even closely related to that in cats. When that happens, the world will be a different place.

High on eucalyptus

Many people find it funny that humans aren’t the only beings that can get intoxicated. There are many other species that can feel the buzz.. However, one such animal that’s constantly feeling ‘groovy’ according to many peoples’ beliefs is the koala.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Although it’s pretty funny, this one might be happening all the time between koalas. But, the whole “koalas getting high” thing is a lie. Yes, they do sleep a lot and stare into nothingness, but it doesn’t mean they’re in another dimension. They’re just sleepy animals.

But I wanna play!

Have you wondered what dogs say or think when they spot another dog? It’s pretty interesting, but people don’t seem to know a lot about it. Well, it must be something good, since they greet each other with so much excitement most of the time.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

It could be possible that your dog on the leash might want to play with the dog across the road. That’s just an assumption. Nothing is for sure. Another possibility might be that we are villains, and we could be cutting off the conversations between them all the time.

Giving in to your desires

There are those people who don’t like to pop a balloon because the sound that followss is pretty loud and annoying. Then, there are those who love popping balloons. However, there’s no such category in cats. They love it no matter what.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

There is something about Christmas ornaments that makes destroying them pretty tempting. So, this comic renders pretty accurate since cats might be plotting to these shiny, balloon-like objects when they see them. Wow, such nonchalant creatures. But are we really surprised?

Everybody’s the same

Some species appear to be very gracious, while others don’t look this way at all. These things are usually because of their outside appearance, movements, and place in the food chain. However, every creature is equally silly, and it’s almost as if they forget how graceful they are sometimes.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

No animal can look away from good food, irrespective of how beautiful it looks. Even if sometimes comes from the trash can, most animals can not resist. It’s all about survival, and there isn’t an option in these situations.

A horrible day

It’s a very annoying feeling when somebody tries to wake you up, but you’re asleep. Here’s what’s worse. You are sleeping, enjoying your nap, while somebody constantly keeps knocking on the door. Since we know this already, think about how this insect feels.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

This feeling is pretty close to what we feel when the annoying neighbor knocks on our door while we’re asleep. But it’s also somewhat different since our neighbors aren’t predators. This beetle can’t even answer because if that happens, he might not come back.

Not the help that we need

As we saw earlier, cats are indeed known to be creatures without guilt that are also quite destructive at times. But, let’s consider the possibility of us being wrong all this time. Maybe, just maybe, they have been trying to clean things up. Does it make sense now?

Image Credits: theycantalkcomicsc/ Instagram

Who knows, they could also be helping us reduce the insects that have made homes inside our homes. Well, the bad part is that thei assistance and clean-up strategies are of no help. Instead, it results in devastating losses.

Above money

This comic makes us feel a bit depressed. It’s sad because here we have a little fish that’s oozing with confidence and thinking of its high value. But unfortunately, its just not the reality. But we most remember money doesn’t always decide the value of something!

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

This fish, any other fish, or literally any other pet, is priceless for most people, and many people also know that these things can’t be compartmentalized with money. So, let this fish believe that its value is really high because it is! It doesn’t deserve anything less!

A clash of the titans

Cats are undeniably among the best hunters in the world. Their family lineage consists of hunters you would never want to run into. The cat family has the tenacity and every other skill needed to bring the prey down with ease. Not many animals can match this skill level.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

However, there are some organisms that can match a cat’s skill. But they are way tinier than them. We are talking about bugs. Bugs can fly, and they are considerably fast, thus, they put up an exciting and fair fight.

Most disgusting of all

Humans can’t tolerate things like these, and most of us don’t even have the stomach to watch anything of that sort. We can’t even imagine why dogs eat their vomit and most of all, why do they not find it to be gross?

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Let science take care of that question. Now, dogs eat their vomit because of their fantastic sense of smell. We find it gross when we look at vomit. But, when the dog looks at its puke, it recognizes the food particles in it, which makes it go, “Yummmm.”


Pets learn a lot from our daily activities. Unfortunately, humans are equally weird and complex as them, and our decisions vary almost all the time. So, they can’t expect a lot from one action, and nothing is fixed with us.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Pets might be aware of our daily patterns, for instance, where we are in the house at what time. So, if we are going into the kitchen, irrespective of why we go there, for our pets, it means that it’s time for treats. That’s why they always follow you there.

2020 nostalgia

This cicada and other cicadas like this one are a whole new mood. Although it’s behind us, we all remember how we felt when 2020 happened. All those new year resolutions of making the most out of 2020 were shot down the drain.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

We feel awful for this cicada because emerging in 2020 must have been such a huge bummer. But, on second thought, bugs and insects weren’t on lockdown. Instead, they might have had a good time since us humans were locked away in our homes.

Hiding in plain sight

We humans aren’t the only ones taking advantage of our environment. Well, it’s not the same since we actually overuse it to a very unhealthy level, but even animals take advantage of it too. Many take shelter, or hide from predators, and there are so many examples of this.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics  / Instagram

Animals living in the snow use it to their advantage, but it can either save them or make them the scapegoat. In the snow, both the prey and the predator are playing the game of hide-and-seek, and it’s only about who finds who first.

Size doesn’t matter, hence proved

Big brain time. There are a lot of animals with brains comparatively larger than us, yet, we are at the top of the food chain. This one is the biggest example that shows that a considerable size doesn’t solve every problem. 

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics/ Instagram

However, this comic displays a remarkable fact. Although a sperm whale isn’t a very smart mammal, it has a brain that approximately weighs up to 20 pounds, which is a lot. Nonetheless, they’re doing great for themselves, so there’s no problem!

Every place is a toilet for them

Birds flying around and doing their business is pretty annoying, although they don’t have another option. But, since everything we do counts for something, shouldn’t it be the same case with birds and other animals?

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

People don’t get medals for everything they do, so that also won’t be the case for birds, especially if they are pooping around the town. That’s not going to count. At least, that’s what we believe. However, birds can do extraordinary things.

You wouldn’t want that kind of party

Dogs are naive, and problems like these have often made things worse. Rattlesnakes are nowhere close to a party. Instead, spotting a rattlesnake is more like a party-over ordeal since they are so dangerous. This dog must run for its life.

Image Credits: theycantalkcomics / Instagram

Encountering a rattlesnake in the wild isn’t a party, and even if your plan is to spot one, you need to take all the care that you can. We don’t need to say how nasty one bite from a rattlesnake is for both animals and us.