45 Fashion Fail Victims That Forgot To Check The Mirror Before They Left The House

By Paula L

This article was originally published on befashionly

A long time ago, clothes shopping was a simple experience. You knew your favorite brands and kept an eye on new arrivals and discounted items. You’d leave the stores with a couple of bags and a big smile on your face.

However, those days are long gone. Fashion is getting weirder by the day. Sure, there are items like jeans that become lower or higher-waisted, according to the trend, but some articles of clothing were never and will never be ‘fashion.’

We’ve gathered some of our favorite finds and shared our take, but we’re truly wondering what you think about them. Would you ever wear the eye of Sauron or a massive pair of Crocs with an unhealthy dose of bling? It sounds like fun and games until you see an actual photo of them! Tie those laces tight, and let’s get to scrollin’!

Walk like a camel

If you’re in the desert, by all means, act like a came, walk like a camel, carry water like a camel, and make sure you know where you’re going. If you’re anywhere else, please, keep anything that is camel related far away from you.

Image credit: plus4dbu/Reddit

This shoe design may look attractive because it’s different from what you’re used to seeing, but if you wear these shoes, you’ll be exuding camel toe vibes. It doesn’t look good on pants, and it doesn’t look good on your feet.

Loving by numbers

Some people seem to need instructions when it comes to their love life. Many people can feel awkward in social situations and never know when to take the first step. That’s why t-shirts like these exist to help give introverts a little push.

Image credit: LightSeppel/Reddit

It also exists to make people with great attention to detail go nuts. Follow the line, check each stop it makes and the path it’s supposed to follow, and you’ll see why perfectionists would probably slap the designer in the face if they ever met them.

How ‘xciting!’

We are all in favor of clothing articles that not only look fun but also help teach new things to kids. But what this particular item is spreading is misinformation. Rhino, yes. Tiger, yer. X-citing panda? What is this nonsense?

Image credit: bord_de_lac/Reddit

Also, why does only the panda get an adjective? The rhino and the tiger are going to become jealous and may try to fight the so-called ‘x-citing’ panda, which will turn this formerly child-friendly article into a bloody, furry mess. 

A catastrophic choice

We adore pets, and we like to see when their owners show how much they love them. Some send messages with photos attached, others commission paintings of their furry friends, and some… wear them as articles of clothing?

Image credit: justbeme0416/Reddit

This skirt may have been designed as a homage to a great cat, but we bet that if the kitty caught a glimpse of this monstrosity coming down the stairs, it got the heck outta Dodge and lept out the window, never to be seen again.

Well, that’s unfortunate

Many people love clothing with patterns that imitate the camouflage uniforms worn by soldiers. We think it’s a cool pattern, but it needs to be used in the right pieces. In this photo, you can see perfectly how to use it wrong.

Image credit: zoofashions.com

We wonder what the front of these pants looks like. If it’s anything like the back, we have the feeling the people who wear it are going to end up being arrested for public indecency… until the cops realize that’s actually fabric.

Too much excitement

We’re all excited to go to parties, meet our friends and family, or go out somewhere we really enjoy. However, it’s safe to say that this man seems way too excited. Sir, we’re gonna have to ask you to change, please.

Image credit: Patpatnotstar/Reddit

The idea of a record player on a t-shirt seems pretty cool, but due to unfortunate image placement, those who wear it will always appear as if they were aroused, no matter where they go. We hope this guy kept the receipt.

Making a ‘sass’ of yourself

Yeah, girl! You go, girl! That’s the attitude! You wear that ‘sassy’ t-shirt and show off your colorful personality. But don’t you even dare to close your arms, or you’ll end up looking like an ‘ass.’ See what we did there?

Image credit: KanasCurrent/Reddit

We’ve really got to question this designer’s decision-making process because something clearly failed along the way. We hope not a lot of people bought this sham. We don’t want to see a bunch of sassy ‘asses’ on the loose.

Moan a Lisa

Around middle age, some people experience an existential crisis. Poor Mona Lisa must be experiencing one right now, feeling that a part of her is missing. The people who did this cutting and sewing job almost turned her into a cyclops.

Image credit: graysonshelton/Reddit

So, if you enjoy and find pleasure in appreciating are, we suggest you go to a museum or visit a bookstore to buy an art book instead of purchasing a bag like this. We’re glad Leo da Vinci isn’t alive to see it!


Take a look at the hoodie in the photo for five seconds. Now look away. How many errors were you able to spot? If your answer is “three,” then you are as fast as us at detecting the work of a clueless designer.

Image credit: damla_is_cringey/Reddit

Not only does the writing on this item of clothing indicate that the city of New York is located in Sweden, but also that the Eifel tower belongs there… somewhere. Someone, please get this designer a world map ASAP! 

Oh, heck neigh!

Oh, the humanity! What have they done to that poor horse’s face? We get that this item is supposed to appeal to people who love the equestrian world, but we doubt that anyone who likes horses would like to wear something that cuts this animal’s face in half.

Image credit: liveheroes/.com

What was going through the mind of the fashion designer when they decided to print this garment? Were they drunk or just horsing around? Whatever the case is, we hope no one approaches a horse wearing these pants to avoid traumatizing the creature. 

Time for a wash, maybe?

If there’s anything we need more of in our lives, it’s confusion. Wait, we might be confused about that. It’s just that we’ve been staring at this photo for a while, trying to figure out if these socks are wet or if that’s part of the pattern.

Image credit: Wimc/Reddit

We suppose these socks could be used by someone who wanted to pretend they had been to the gym as if showing their loved one the sweaty pair would convince them they had been exercising instead of eating a donut in the car.


If we worked in a movie theater and this person approached us wanting to buy a ticket for an R-rated movie, we would not sell it to her. We would know that we were not dealing with an adult but actually two kids sitting on top of each other.

Image credit: cheezburger.com

At least that’s what it looks like when we look at this strange creation. This jacket was either created for movie theater escapades or for someone who was born with an extra set of arms. Whatever it was made for, it’s an abomination.

The center of attention

Patterns can be really cool. They can elevate any article of clothing that has a basic shape, adding a touch of color and fun and making the garment much more vibrant. But are all patterns great? The answer is a resounding no.

Image credit: Gundarian/Reddit

The dress worn by the woman in the photo seems flattering enough, with a mix of tones and a fabric that seems to hug her body just right, but if you keep looking down, you’ll find the source of our worries.  

Beware of the backpack

Honestly, we don’t know what’s better: to be the person carrying this backpack or the person who gets to look at it. If you’re the one carrying it, you’re doing the dark creature’s bidding, but if you’re looking, you’re being lured into the abyss.

Image credit: Creepy_Face_Thing/Reddit

Nobody will come out of this deal a winner, whatever the case is. We’re pretty sure that if we look deeply enough into the origins of this backpack, we’ll find out it comes with a curse. But, please. Be our guest!

Wait, what?

What is going on with the shoes in this photo? We can’t quite understand what we’re seeing. We get that there is an oversized, transparent sole, but what is happening inside? We hope your eyes are keen enough to figure it out.

Image credit: filemon147/Reddit

The sight of the plastic high heel inside the platform sole is already odd-looking, but what is really puzzling us is the white ball near the toe of the left shoe. Is it a golf ball, or is it a hard-boiled egg in case the person gets hungry?

Alright, we will… not

You know when you’re dating someone, and you’re not sure how they feel about you? Sometimes, they’re hot. Other times, they’re cold and confuse you with all their mixed signals. We think the exact same way about this t-shirt.

Image credit: nicobeporcodio/Reddit

“Don’t give up” is usually good advice, and it helps us to feel motivated to keep chasing our dreams, but this t-shirt seems to be dissuading us from trying anything. So, we should be giving up all the time instead? Alright, then.

Bling bling, baby

Quick! Think of the most fashionable shoe you’ve ever seen – one that looked so fancy, shiny, and exquisite that you knew only people like Beyoncé could afford it. Did it look anything like what you see in this photo?

Image credit: GalacticNugz/Reddit

We really hope it didn’t, because this shoe is a monument to bad taste. Crocs and their imitations are already not considered to be the classiest of shoes but add this gigantic sole and extreme ‘blingification’ to it, and it becomes the stuff of nightmares.

The all-seeing skirt

We’re all big fans of the Lord of the Rings saga, but we would never dare to wear something like this. The eye of Sauron is all-seeing, but maybe there are some parts of the female anatomy that we should only stare at in private.

Image credit: rebelsmarket.com

Who’s not going to stop and stare at this skirt when the pupil of the eye of fire is located directly over the wearer’s private parts? And if this is what it looks like from the front, we don’t even want to know what’s on in the back.

Get them an Atlas, please

You’ve got a feeling? We’ve also got a feeling – a feeling that this t-shirt’s designer has no idea where Portugal is located on a map. Otherwise, why would Africa be featured on it? Someone needs to brush up on their geography!

Image credit: Felix-Helix/Reddit

This is one of these t-shirts we get as a gift, unwrap it and say, “Perfect… to use as a rag to clean that stain that showed up on the floor when the radiator started leaking last week.” Is that what you were thinking, too? 

This looks sketchy

We get that Skechers wants to make fun clothes with cool messages, but they should at least try to make the messages make sense. Did they put the ‘S’ in fun? Like, ‘sfun?’ Or is it ‘funs?’ Or perhaps even ‘fusn?’

Image credit: MegaKeegan5375/Reddit

Maybe we’re being too literal and what the brand was really trying to say is that they put the “ass,” which sounds like “ess,” in fun. If that is the case, we may have to tell parents that this t-shirt is not for the youth.     

The lesser of three evils

What was your first thought when you saw this outfit? Ours was trying to guess if this person had a) rolled in the mud, b) spilled coffee on herself, and c) was not able to make it to the bathroom in time.

Image credit: custard84/Reddit

We have no comment about this outfit’s shape and design, which looks fun and flirty, but we do need to talk about those brown splatters. How could the designer have possibly missed that because no onlooker ever will.

Walk this way

NASA is becoming a very popular theme for clothing, with many t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories popping up everywhere. We wonder if the people who buy these items actually know what NASA means or if they just think it looks cool.

Image credit: Haggether/Demilked

The person who created these socks is clearly in the second category because they decided to attribute a whole new meaning to the acronym of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. We wonder if Aerosmith would ever wear these socks.

Animal cruelty

After finishing this article, we’re going to go online to look for the number of animal abuse hotlines to denounce the sadistic designer who thought hanging a plush giraffe by its neck would make a cute kid’s purse.

Image credit: Anvaya/Reddit

We don’t know how the designer didn’t realize how off-putting the final product would look. Maybe he was a poacher in his previous life, got trampled by a giraffe, and then came back into this world holding a grudge.


We know “headbanned” is not an actual word, but that’s what we think should happen to this unsightly accessory. Headbands are not the most flattering accessories for men, but this one makes all other headbands look amazingly gorgeous.

Image credits: wickedknot.com

Does the zipper have a purpose? Can you actually open it and store stuff inside, or is it just there to make the leather pop? We imagine that if you could put something inside it, it would really look like you have a bumpy skull or perhaps even a tumor. Yikes! 

You’re killing us, Louie

Is it a purse? Is it a man? No, it’s just a really poor fashion choice! This man seems to be such a fan of Louis Vuitton that he couldn’t decide between a purse and a jacket and decided to fuse them together.

Image credit: mrtuxedo9/Reddit

The shorts aren’t any better. They look like some hungry rats chewed on them after the man sat on top of a chocolate sundae that stained the whole backside. For us, this is a Louis VuiDon’t, right?

Unnecessary zippiness

Sometimes, fashion designers prefer to add some accessories or a cool button to make an item of clothing pop instead of printing something on the fabric. Zippers can undoubtedly be a cool addition, but only when they serve a purpose.

Image credit: miyagawadai/Instagram

The person who designed this particular t-shirt must have had a surplus of zippers. That is the only explanation we can find for this absolutely useless mini zipper placed right on the collar of this t-shirt. Zip, zip, hooray?

Waist a minute…

Frankly, we’re not that surprised something like this monstrosity was made. If you have been following fashion for the last two decades, you too have witnessed the gradual rising of the jeans’ waist. Did you not think it would go this far?

Image credits: cheesuscharlie/Reddit

It started it out with low waists, freeing belly buttons everywhere. Then, they became midi, followed by high. The day we saw there was something called “ribcage jeans,” we knew it was just a matter of time before they took over the entire body. 

It’s staring right at us

We’ve seen the Eye of Sauron. Now we found the Boob of Erica. At least that looks like what this dress is trying to bring to our attention. If Chandler from Friends saw this, he’d say, “Could that boob be any more obvious?”

Image credit: JivyNMe/Reddit

If we were this woman, we would take that dress off right away. Not only is it hideous, but it looks like something a lonely cyclops would wear when they are in heat to attract a male partner. That says enough.

Fashion no-no

Fashion photographers are real artists. They think of the smallest details to make sure the photo really calls attention to the product, making it appealing. The photographer who chose this setting for the shoot, though, was probably a newbie.

Image credit: mrriousz/Reddit

The dress in the photos looks like it’s beautiful, but we can’t really tell because of the effect the water is having on it. Is it just us, or does it look like this lovely lady might have had an accident in the pool?

Someone’s peeking out

When it’s hot outside, we try to find clothes that can leave part of our skin exposed to the air so that we can feel fresher. Shorts, skirts, and sleeveless tops are common articles of clothing, but what about a high-heel that can refresh your big toe?

Image credit: nottaP123/Reddit

For those who have to attend a formal event but tend to get hot feet, don’t worry! Now there is a fancy shoe that will leave your big toe completely exposed! We call it “Toe can play that game.”

Let’s go to “Newy Ork!”

Like most people, we’re huge fans of the Big Apple. What we’re not fans of is this baseball cap that changes the name of the great city to “Newy Ork.” Or maybe it’s referring to a different place altogether.

Image credit: Outtie_5000/Success Life Lounge

We wonder what Newy Ork is like. They must have places like “Timesq Uare,” green spaces like “Centralp Ark,” and cool buildings like the “Rockefellerc Enter.” We’ll start looking for flights now. They get much more expensive around the holidays.

Care to count again?

We really need to find the people who are thinking of these messages and make them enroll in school again because many of them seem to lack basic Geography knowledge. Either that or make them stare at a map for an entire day.

Image credit: akroe/Success Life Lounge

We love messages that promote an environmental attitude, but they’re not as effective when there’s a blatant error in them. Yes, we only have one planet, but we have a couple more oceans than that. Seriously, people. We’re starting to get really disappointed!

Scary proportions

Halloween is one of the most thrilling holidays of the year, giving everyone the opportunity to goof around and dress up as their favorite characters or scary creatures. But, what is the scariest thing about your costume was its inaccuracy?

Image credit: aliexpress.com/A Fabulous Store

We’re not asking for a realistic depiction of a skeleton here, but we’re at least expecting the bones to not be completely out of whack. Not only is that pelvis much higher than it should be, but this skeleton man has double the amount of arms a regular skeleton should have.

Insert text here

Who hasn’t at least once written an e-mail saying that they were sending an attachment, only to send it without the actual file attached? That’s the same kind of energy the outfit featured in this picture is giving us.

Image search: u/Kittysa_Cat/Reddit

It’s obvious the designer initially thought of replacing “Sample Text Here” with an actual message, but someone must have fallen asleep and accidentally knocked their head against the “Print” button. The person wearing the t-shirt doesn’t seem to mind, though.


When we have little kids to shop for, we love to go out and buy the cutest outfits we can find. We’re sure you like to do that as well, but have you ever made the mistake of buying them a present like this?

Image credit: MartynC65/Reddit

Some generations will look at the writing on this sweater and immediately think of Disney’s flying elephant, but we’d advise you not to risk giving this item to anyone, lest someone think you’re calling their kid “dumb.”

You must be joking

There are so many things wrong with this outfit that we don’t even know where to start. In case you don’t know, the man depicted in the hoodie is Jared Leto’s Joker, which nobody liked but the actor himself.

Image credit: ThePrisonSoap/Reddit

Sure, Leto might enjoy seeing a fan wearing something with his face on it, but he would certainly lose his smile if he saw the way Joker looks on these pants. Tough luck, Leto. Now you know how we felt when we watched Suicide Squad.

‘Belt’ you didn’t expect that

The older generations have a real problem understanding the used, faded, and ripped look, wondering why young people actually pay for clothing that looks like it’s getting ready to be thrown out. After looking at this photo, we agree with them.

Image credit: girolski07/Bored Panda

We’re all about ripped jeans, but when your jeans are so ripped that they become nonexistent, buying them is basically just throwing money out the window. Maybe buy a belt instead. At least it will hold up real pants.  

Like, as if!

Like it or not, we all must eat to make sure our bodies have the fuel they need so that we can perform all the big and little tasks we have on any given day. This t-shirt wants you to eat specifically bread and milk.

Image credit: malgreezy/Reddit

This t-shirt also wants you to forget how to write properly in English and to pretend the text in it makes any sense. Was this written by a Californian who forgot to add commas after the two “likes” while trying to offer us some nutritional advice?    


Knock-off brands will do whatever they can to make their products look like the original without actually using their logo or their name. Point in case: these Supre Reme sandals are perfect for those who want to look cool but on the cheap side.

Image credit: sugarmango_senpai/Reddit

Or maybe they were not trying to imitate Supreme at all. Maybe they were finally creating merch for Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME). Those guys do good work. But that still wouldn’t explain what “Supre” refers to. The Australian fast fashion brand for women?


What can we say about the item of clothing featured in this photo, other than it looks like a superhero outfit for Tie-Man, the most boring superhero that has yet to be invented? He possesses all the superpowers ordinary citizens could never have.

Image credit: u/DanielBrent/Reddit

He can balance your checking account, write a company-wide memo, or maybe even bring you a tray of canapés at a fancy party because, let’s face it, this weird shirt and tie combo is also very similar to an apron. Maybe we should name him “Confusing Man” instead.

Uh… what?

This is the story of some pajamas that wanted to be everything at once. It all began with a beautiful dream, but it ended with a horrible nightmare. How… what… when… We don’t even know how this even works!

Image credit: deleted-mayham/Reddit

Do these pajamas have a double opening on the bottom, so you can choose to use the pants or the skirt depending on how cold you are? If we bought this, we’d go for the bold choice and keep one leg toasty and the other one al fresco.   


We must confess; it took us quite a bit of time to realize those two little things hanging from the T-Rex costume were actually his arms. We kept staring at them, wondering why a dinosaur would have saggy boobs.

Image credit: Blurry_Jpeg/Reddit

Now, don’t you lie. We know you thought the exact same thing. We get what the designer was going for, but, unfortunately, the result made the costume hilarious in all the wrong ways. Should we wear it and shake the arms like nipple tassels?   

One of a kind

Everyone likes to think they are special, which is why they buy stuff with messages like, “I am unique.” Except that when they decide to buy those products from a brand that mass-produces, it kind of defeats the purpose of the message.

Image credit: GeneBeean/Cheezburger

It’s hard to feel like one of a kind when you walk into a café and find two other people wearing the exact same top. Our advice is to compliment them on their good taste and maybe form a one-of-a-kind club.

That’s, uh… ingenious

Fanny packs have been making a comeback for a while now, not only due to fashion trends but also because people love the feeling of leaving the house without having to carry a purse or backpack on their shoulders.

Image credit: gap343/Reddit

This person, however, is probably not the biggest fan of fanny packs and decided to create a different accessory that would allow them to carry what they need wherever they go instead. It’s not the prettiest thing, but it sure can be handy on a sunny day.

Not much better

Late better never than. Late never better than. Whichever way you read it, it doesn’t make sense. Unless you’re Zorro, and you start on the top right, then left, then bottom right, then bottom left as if you were reading Hebrew.

Image credit: wesster/Reddit

It’s kind of a shame because the hat actually looks fun, combining the color orange and a playful font. Here is some advice for the designer so he doesn’t mess up in the future: Better Read What You Write.