We’re Pregnant!: 44 Novel Pregnancy Announcements For Creative Couples

By Victoria M

Getting pregnant, especially for the first time, can be one of the most exciting times in someone’s life. It is no doubt that everyone wants to share the news and would probably go as far as shouting it from a rooftop if they could. We don’t recommend that, especially while pregnant, but this article does have many original and adorable ways to share the news of your new bundle of joy. Future parents love to come up with the trendiest and most exciting ways to announce their surprise. Many moms-to-be utilize their sense of humor and unique ideas for their announcement, while some prefer a more classic approach. This article highlights some of the most hilarious baby posts we’ve come across, from one momma painting her stomach like a Pokeball from Pokemon to another woman showing her husband with “morning sickness” when he finds out they’re about to have twins! No matter if you’re the one expecting soon or not, these announcements are very likely to cause baby fever! You have been warned.

Almost There

This picture and announcement is simple but genius. She wanted to make sure we knew how much time she had left until she was finished “loading” her newest bundle of love. This is a great option for someone that wants to wait a little longer before sharing the news.

Image courtesy of powerful minds

The amount of time you have to wait to meet your child can feel like it is taking forever, but at the same time, once your baby does arrive, you wonder where the time went. But once you finally load to 100%, it is the definition of “it was all worth it.” 

Another One?

Even if you believe that you completed your family, a surprise pregnancy can pop up out of nowhere. It’s exciting and overwhelming for both you and your husband. These people handled their miracle child with ease and humor. Sometimes your family will grow even beyond your wishes and plans. 

Image courtesy of The Bump

We can all concur that the kiddos in the picture don’t seem overly enthused. Tears of joy, perhaps? We want to say yes, but we know better than that! Even the oldest daughter seems a bit apprehensive about the newest addition.

Been Replaced

We sometimes forget the relationships that we have with our pets and treat them as firstborn children. Arriving back from the hospital with a new baby is definitely going to shift the dynamic in the home. This picture brings humor to the possible changes pet parents will go through.

Image courtesy of huffpostasdasd

This puppy is formulating a plan to keep its spot in bed without getting noticed by its parents once the baby arrives. Honestly, puppy, go ahead and claim that territory. They know that was your spot from day one!  

Halloween Baby

We can not be mad about this spoofy pregnancy announcement. The amount of time and effort this couple dedicated to carving this pumpkin is more than we have for our workout routines. It is perfectly done, with a tad bit of humor. We deserve to see more Halloween baby announcements. 

Image courtesy of Daily Edge

Finding a unique way to share your new baby with the world has become difficult. So many things have been done, and it’s hard to find something that stands out in a sea of other ideas. This couple did an amazing job tastefully incorporating Halloween without going overboard. 

Wii 3.0

This announcement had to of been thought out and debated by gamers and non-gamers alike. These upcoming parents did not come to play when it came to their color choice. All the fellow gamers are just geeking at this idea, and we are upset we didn’t think of it first. 

Image courtesy of One Little Project

Catch us in the electronic section looking for a white mini Wii controller for the baby we don’t have yet. That’s okay, we are preparing for the future, and thanks to this couple, we are all following behind them like little puppets. Baby crazy is an understatement.

Pull Out Fail

Though this baby may have left this couple stunned, they did an amazing job leaving us equally stunned with this photo! May this father’s patience be better than his ability to pull out on time. Obviously, after the first time, you would think he would have changed his strategy.

Image courtesy of music radar

Though he hasn’t learned his lesson, they used their surprise to bring their family and friends laughter. Thankfully he has some other great attributes, so that we will cut this man some slack. Plus, who can complain about bringing a new baby into a loving family? Sometimes surprises are undiscovered blessings. 

Full House

We can’t help but crack a smile at this family’s reaction to finding out a new baby will be joining them. The kids’ reactions were better than the father’s, and they knew how to play the role. The mother is, without a doubt, behind the camera laughing with tears from her hormones. 

Image courtesy of Pregnant Chicken

Sometimes, having another baby can be scary, whether this is a planned picture or a candid in-the-moment capture. His face screams the thought of potentially having four girls in the house and being outnumbered. Maybe a surprise boy will come into play!

Skeleton Baby

This would be an amazing Halloween costume to wear to your family’s annual spooky party. You can announce your new baby and remove the scary aspect by adding adorableness. Nothing can go wrong with this idea. This shirt shows the changes she is going through internally and her excitement for the new addition.

Image courtesy of xraypod

Although many people would argue that having an x-ray during pregnancy could be risky, we can all agree that this momma isn’t putting anyone in danger. Why is that the cutest little skeleton baby that we’ve ever seen! What a smile!

Four For One Deal

When prayers take the blessing a little too far. This couple was looking for a little spiritual help with their desire to conceive. It looks like their whole family came together to make sure a baby was on the way. As we can see, the prayers worked in multiple ways. 

Image courtesy of Herald Extra

This quaint family of two quickly became a family of six! The humor within this picture is unmatchable. We will continue to give out prayers and hope they have enough hands and coffee to keep up with what they’re about to experience!

Who Needs Sleep?

Parents deserve so much credit for the amount of time and work they put into raising their children. The limited sleep does not stop them from being outstanding parents and getting everything done for their families. We are honestly unsure how some of these parents hold everything together.

Image courtesy of totally the bomb

Being a parent is about allowing yourself to be selfless. You dedicate your life to making sure your kids come first and are safe in their environment. Sleep often becomes parents’ last priority despite needing those Z’s more than most.

Double Trouble

This candid photo of a couple sharing the news hits home to expecting mothers. The morning sickness hits you as if you devoured a tub of ice cream when lactose intolerant. If you take a look at the right side of the picture, you are bound to see the real magic. We know his nerves are dancing in his stomach at the thought of twins. 

Image courtesy of Fear52/Imgur

Having more than one baby can be unexpected, especially if it doesn’t run in the family. This is an official shout-out to all women who have gone through morning sickness and made it to the other side. We believe adding a bit of comedy will make the process a bit easier.

Late For The Date

Honestly, people should create announcements based on movies and tv show adverts because the options are unlimited. This couple utilized the zombie movie 28 Days Later, and it is absolutely perfect. The way this zombie movie fits like a glove with the realization of your cycle ending is too confusingly realistic. 

Image courtesy of Walmart

Is this a coincidence? We have to think not. It mimics the fear and anxiety of when you first find out you are late. Seeing that pink line can feel like seeing a zombie chase after you in the night. Either way, this couple made sure to use horror and humor in their surprise baby announcement.

Sidekick Special

This little boy is ready to take on the world with his new sibling. Watch out The Incredibles; this little boy has been training his family and is ready to get his new sidekick ready to take their spot. He knows how to zoom off into the sky; he just didn’t want to show off- no paparazzi, please. 

Image courtesy of What To Expect

If you have seen the movie Zoom, you understand how important and valuable a sidekick is. They are the backbone and the support to any good superhero. Who is more suitable to have by your side other than your younger sibling? Hopefully, they can hire Batman’s faithful butler to upgrade his super-suit. 

Flat Tire

It looks like they added a lot of air into their “tire”. We will have to give an E for effort because of the obvious explosion. The family was dedicated to the picture because they had to go to the same location for over nine months wearing the same outfit to create this memorable collage. 

Image courtesy of earthprom

Waiting for a baby is just as long as having to wait for your tires to be filled at a Discount Tire. As they stand there, getting these pictures for the result, we can only imagine the pedestrians confused as they drive or walk by.

Back to Back

True love came at them like a ton of bricks. Mel and Vanessa Roy fully embraced their feelings and future with each other. It’s so beautiful to see a same-sex couple unapologetically live the life they wanted as a family of four. These moments and experiences brought them closer as a family and couple.

Image courtesy of Lgenomix

After giving birth to their first child, they chose to conceive again a year later. What an experience it is for both of these moms to be able to go through pregnancy. The first woman to give birth definitely can understand how her partner is feeling.


Snapchat Surpise

Intel meets a newborn baby. The logo stands out, but if you are not aware of the Intel Logo, then you may not understand the meaning behind this picture. This lady states how she co-created a baby Luca and is carrying it. She did a great job using her humor and smarts for this one. 

Image courtesy of Letribunal dunet

We love how natural and calm this mom-to-be is. She’s sitting all comfy on her bed and casually taking a snap to send to her followers. Some of the greatest ideas show us that not everything needs to be overly complicated.

I Got The Position

We can all agree that a promotion feels better than a warm bath after a five-mile hike. The feeling of moving up and being a bigger part of something is why we strive to grow and be better. This little girl is ready for her new role as the big sister.

Image courtesy of Lauren Cepernoud

Not every child will react the same, but knowing that they are still a valuable part of the family can bring your firstborn a calm and exciting feeling. It’s all about how you break the news and make sure they still feel secure and loved.

Super Family

It seems Batman was not ready to leave his superpower life behind. Batwoman, however, is super excited, and we are living for her reaction. These costumes are amazing. They are definitely one of the cutest couples we’ve seen to date.

Image courtesy of Screen Rant

James and Alisha used to wear these costumes to charities, birthdays, and fundraisers. The couple revealed their true surprise on this particular day, a baby on board. The couple was excited to welcome Robin onto the team. We can tell their baby will be well protected. 

Naughty Or Nice

Christmas is a cheerful holiday and an opportune time to share your baby’s announcement with the family. But why not add a little bit of humor and make some family members a bit uncomfortable? This couple didn’t mind being on the naughty list this year. Big decisions can bring big rewards. 

Image courtesy of Powerful Mind

Surprisingly this year, the naughty list didn’t bring coal; it brought a baby! Hopefully, they can get back on the nice list next year, but our fingers are not crossed. May their baby bring an immense amount of laughter, surprise, and cheer, just as this picture brought us.

Jedi To The Rescue

The force was defiant with this couple when they conceived this baby. Right after they found out, they knew exactly how to share the news. No better way than to use the all-famous Star Wars movie. We don’t even have to ask who the father is. It is clear he has been putting in work.

Image courtesy of Lulus

They now have a team behind them, but these parents may need to take a break on the Death Star from the hectic household of their energetic children. May the force be with them and bring them peace and balance as they bring in their last Wang Jedi. 

Sperm Donor Miracle Baby

Whether you use a sperm donor, adoption, surrogacy, IVF, or conceive with your partner, pregnancy is beautiful for anyone wanting to have a baby. This LGBTQIA+ couple is bringing a baby into their beautiful family. She may not be the father, but they will both give the baby unconditional love.

Image courtesy of Ranker

This couple brings humor into the beauty and struggles of having a baby as a same-sex couple. The stigma that the more feminine partner should be the one carrying is long gone. We support anyone ready to bring love into the world and will treat everyone as a valuable parent. 

Breaking Babe

This photo is by far the most creative. Why just use what you have when you can utilize a TV show as a baby premiere. They even went the extra mile and added in the TV show and rearranged the show’s name to benefit their family. 

Image courtesy of fancied

Whether you are someone who just wants to tell your family personally or create an elaborate presentation, the public is never disappointed with the news. Having a baby is beautiful for everyone around you. It’s a journey everyone wants to be a part of with you, and this family knew how to draw in the family with a bit of joy.

Just Like Riding A Bike

Couples that exercise together stay together, or however that saying goes. This couple, Tiffany and Jon, are passionate about cycling and spirituality. With the help of Laura, their photographer, they were able to photograph this endearing moment. How better to enjoy your ride together on a tandem bike.

Image courtesy of a bit of pop Blogspot

Eventually, their little one will arrive, and the tricycle in the back will become all too real. They have worked together so far to continue enjoying what they love while learning a new level of love with this new baby coming. They will soon be cycling their way into parenthood. 

Ice Ice Baby

If you were around in the 90s, you know this song was a hit that never quit. The picture speaks for itself, and it screams a thousand words. The husband is too cool for school, and we can all agree he probably came up with this one. 

Image courtesy of Powerful Mind

Either way, this clever baby announcement brings smiles to our faces and theirs. Vanilla Ice never expected his song to become a well-known baby announcement theme song for years to come. We don’t doubt he is proud of the exposure his song is still getting, even if it’s for an ice ice baby. 

Merry Scream-Mas

Silent nights are no more; lookout, household, new energy filling the space very soon. But from the way it looks, it doesn’t seem like their nights were too silent after all. This family is present, already sleep-deprived and drained but ready for this journey. 

Image courtesy of parents

Luckily this family understands the changes their family is soon to go through. With a little holiday spirit comes a little bundle of surprise, and Santa made sure to make sure it came right on time for the holiday cheer. 

Making Lemonade From Lemons

Sometimes your new bundle of joy isn’t planned, but this couple chose to take a positive approach. We are clapping at the sound of that. No baby should be considered a mistake, but accidents do happen. Even unintentional, they can be embraced with love and humor. 

Image courtesy of Conservative Memes

Using Bob Ross as the theme of this photoshoot is almost iconic. Art is all about going with the flow and allowing your mistakes to become beautiful and meaningful within the context. The perfect way to describe your miracle baby is as a “happy little accident.”


You honestly can’t go wrong with chocolate. Kinder is made of a layer of chocolate excitement protecting the toy in the center. This mom is just waiting for the moment to get to the center and meet her bundle of joy. She must have been planning this reveal for years. 

Image courtesy of Hthayat Haberturk

When someone thinks of chocolate, they think of pleasure and satisfaction. This mom is clearly overjoyed with her pregnancy. She must be thinking of her very own chocolate ball of goodness and how it has the biggest surprise for her yet.  


Pokemon has always been a popular toy and show. Buying the cards and even the games used to be an adventure that so many kids enjoyed. This momma didn’t leave any crumbs on the floor when she came up with this idea. She plays into her inner child as she carries her own child; we love it!

Image courtesy of What to Expect

As we can tell, her husband was able to find and catch her Pokemon, and the results speak for themselves. The ball was lost, and now it has been found, with an extra twist. But the best will be when she finally breaks open the Pokeball and sees the wonderful new character come into their lives.

Humans Take Over

This couple is expecting a new addition to their rainbow family. These dogs are trying to stay calm, but they are definitely internally worried about their personal pride and joy- their toys. Sharing does not mean caring, and they are not sure if they can handle another paw on their things. We are sure they will come around.

Image courtesy of Viral Luck

Dogs are a great start to a family as they are messy and invading and build up the expectation of the home with kiddos running around. These mommies have practiced cleaning up and caring for their fur babies and are ready to transfer their skills over to their human children.

Pins In A Pod

This family is adding another addition to their empire. Who would think to use pins to share the news with the world? Most of us wouldn’t let’s not lie, but the thought is impressive. The photo is aesthetically pleasing, and the results are rewarding. Three pins in a pod, this mom has her hands full.

Image courtesy of the write addiction

Whether you’re having your first baby or tenth, getting pregnant is a joyous experience every time. The anticipation of finding out the gender and how they will look grows as time passes. Nine months can seem like years, but you will wish time slowed down a bit once the baby has arrived.

Harry Potter Is Born

A family who can’t see together stays together? Harry Potter 2.0 is on the way and ready to take on the family tradition. These two seem to have amazing chemistry and share a bond over their lack of 20/20 vision. Are they ready to share what’s next?

Image courtesy of My Moms a Nerd

We love two nerds falling in love and creating a bond like no other. Without hesitation, they assume that their baby will also need a pair of glasses, and they got the cutest pair in anticipation. Their son will be seeing in style and hopefully be just as quirky as they are.

Doggy Plan

Puppy is out here studying extra hard. Extra credit will not be necessary for this student. He is making sure to do everything right for his new family member. He was hoping for a fur buddy, but a human will do. He just has to figure out the do’s and don’t.

Image courtesy of rferrar1/Reddit

Sometimes you have to remind yourself you are still the top dog, leader of the pack, alpha of the alphas. Having a little positive self-talk reminds you that you demand attention. This doggo is about to learn every trick in the book to prepare for this baby.

Cravings For Dummies

We have cravings that we can’t fight off sometimes without being pregnant. We can’t even imagine the urge women must have while pregnant and their need to appease all of their sometimes peculiar cravings. Don’t be so hard on yourself; remember to eat for two now.

Image courtesy of Fun Cage

The husband is reading the book and his face shows his concern for the content. The wife is in her own world and living her best life with her wide variety of snacks. Regardless of what you crave, get the snack, sis, don’t hesitate.

Expectations VS Reality

When young people decide to Netflix and chill, this is exactly what their parents are worried about. They have to wonder what is happening besides Netflix because 2+2 is not equalling to 4. Well, this couple made sure to let us know how far Netflix and chill can go.

Image courtesy of nouveleviestudios/Instagram

Though many couples may not want to admit that their new baby results from a Netflix date, we’re sure it is more common than not. Watch out for your invites, ladies, and gentlemen, because you may get a little more than you expected after last night’s date.

Baby Manual

We all learned about the necessary steps to create a baby, but this family needed a bit of refreshing. Google didn’t have enough information for them, so why not take it old school and find a real manual. The instructions are confusing, but he will get the job done with a hammer in hand.

Image courtesy of ORv/Imgur

To the bedroom! To assemble to a baby, of course, what else? We hope that they have all the parts they need to put this task together. Sometimes it can take hours to get through a manual, but with patience, anything is possible.

Pick Me

Pets become your children’s best friends. They grow up together, and your dog will bond with your children on a whole different level. It’s a love that only they can express to one another. These pets are excited to stay involved and have a role to play in the new family dynamic.

Image courtesy of Hull Post

Certified to test out all the toys, guard dogs, and diaper sniffers. Of course, these pets will be certified to become the child’s best friend. Your pets will always be a significant part of your family, so make sure to find ways to include them in the new changes.

One More Wont Hurt

We can feel his exhaustion from here. As a parent, you get little personal space. Your children not only look up to you but follow you everywhere you go. This dad is beat, and another baby means he should take a nap now while we can. He may not get another one for the next 18 years.

Image courtesy of I Love My Kids Blog

They have been curious about the chances of another pregnancy for a hot minute. The answer made him pop lock and drop it to the floor. The children have to make sure he is still okay. The son even got overwhelmed by the news and decided to nap. Like father like son in its full glory.


This body is under maintenance as she carries her newest addition to the family. Construction seems to take forever in both types of labor. But when it’s done, you are riding a lot more smoothly because of the maintenance. Let’s hope it’s smooth sailing for these two.

Image courtesy of Conservative Memes

Relationship and being a parent isn’t always easy. You will have moments where it will feel like all of the maintenance is done. But you will have to continue to work on building and constructing the foundation for it to be solid. Regardless, this family is ecstatic about the construction and cant wait to see the final results.

Over Cooked

Why not compare growing a child to baking a loaf of bread. Both have to rise until they are ready to be removed. You have to be careful with baked goods and pay attention to how you are putting them together. Everything is handled with care, and that’s no different with your children.

Image courtesy of Etsy

She couldn’t forget the nuts; they are undoubtedly an important additive to complete her recipe for the delicious bread. The husband deserves some credit too. Every ingredient makes for a sweet result, just like the foundation of their family.

Did Someone Say Donuts?

If we walked into work and saw a box of donuts, we may not even notice the sign. Who could look at anything else other than fresh sweets on the table? Pregnancy can bring new changes to your body. These changes help you carry the baby, and why not carry everyone else with you.

Image courtesy of The Bump

If she’s on this ride, so are we, and we can disappoint the baby momma. The only question is, which of their coworkers is pregnant? Care for your new and seasoned pregnant coworkers because we can all agree that dealing with cravings is not easy.

Speed Bump

This couple hit a road bump into this pregnancy. It happened so fast that they didn’t even see the speed bump coming along. Luckily, they could make it out alive and will be presented with a brand new surprise at the end of the road. We need to watch out for those speed bumps from now on.

Image courtesy of Ninja Journalist

For couples who enjoy cars, this announcement is perfect for you. There is no better way than to stand in front of a sign, awkwardly smiling at each other at the side of a building. Who cares about how this might look to others, right? This couple requires speed and this bump isn’t about to stop them.

Ready Player Two

This is a family game that so many people love and adore. Mario and Luigi are two peas in a pod, and this couple is eager to press start. They worked hard to add another character to their inventory, and the download is almost ready. He is so excited to have another player as his sibling; player one is ready.

Image courtesy of Powerful Mind

The family was creative with getting the costume as well. They even taped printed paper on the wall in the font and color used in the game. Some of us would have just used a sharpie and hoped for the best. We have to appreciate the effort these parents are willing to make to create a memorable reveal.

Number 2 Is Better Than 1

Potty training is a bonding and stressful moment for many parents. This mom used the potty time to share the news with their family and friends. Why go number two when you can have number two, right? Not sure if this child will be scared to use the bathroom or excited after that.

Image courtesy of Photography Katabara

By the time she is potty trained, the baby will arrive, and it’s on to training the next baby. Kids are always drawn to learning and wish to meet milestones they didn’t know existed. But this little girl was too focused on her new gift on toiletry to understand her mom’s news. She will see you in 9 months, no worries.

30 Day Notice

This little girl is not ready to leave her crib. How dare she be kicked out so suddenly and with 27 weeks’ notice? That is not enough. It’s never easy to be kicked out and evicted from your safe space, but it’s even worse when it’s for another child. Someone hasn’t been following the guidelines.

Image courtesy of Pregnant Chicken

The parents tried to serve her the notice in peace and allow her time to process the change. However, this sassy girl is standing her ground and refusing to be moved out at all. Hopefully, she found herself a better room and is feeling a bit more at ease with the new addition by now because the court isn’t ready for her.