No Vacancy: 45 Nasty Guests That Hotels Were Happy To Check Out

By Aileen Dometita

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

For many, it sounds like a dream come true -owning a hotel. Thousands of flying 100 Dollar notes falling onto a newly renovated floor. And you earn bragging rights! “I happen to own a hotel, which I have someone else manage for me”. While we struggle with our sense of self-worth, yours is actually quantified. Net worth, they call it, and you get to mingle with people from all over the world in a truly cosmopolitan fashion! Of course, you built your hotel near a beach, an airport, or a tourist spot. Still sounds like a dream, right?

Think again.

There’s a reason why you keep your friend list to a minimum. The more friends you have coming over to your house, the more likely your place will get trashed. The same logic applies to running a hotel. Not that we want you to limit your guests. If you do, the business will suffer. But as you flip through this list, you’ll wonder how hotels manage to deal with rude guests. Every time someone checks in, you’re taking a risk that they’ll trash the place. These rooms bear witness to the raunchiest nights, and they’re definitely not the pleasurable kind, at least not for a hotel owner like you.

Left Unchained

David Lee Roth was a hardcore rockstar in the 80s. Known for his scraggly lion mane hair and wild personality, he wrote and sang hits that resonated with the masses. One of those hits he created was the song Unchained. Remember the lyrics – unchained, and ya hit the ground running, change and nothing stays the same? At least in this hotel room, nothing stayed the same.

Image Courtesy of Ultimate Classic Rock

They stripped the bed and threw clothes like they were confetti. They also flicked cigarette butts and food scraps across the room. All of it had been in the name of the Van Halen Tour of 1982. The band first rocked the city of Augusta, Georgia, and then made its way to South America. Along the way, they booked a night in this hotel. You can only imagine what their trailer looked like.

I Am What I Eat

When this man booked a hotel room, he ordered a meal of pork chops and some wine. In a few minutes, there was a knock on his door. It was the bellboy delivering smoked barbeque pork chops fresh from the rack. The climb up took some time, so you could expect that the heat and the smoke seeped into the cuts under the plate cover. It was so good, this man couldn’t wait to eat it.

Image Courtesy of World Travelling

Who doesn’t love honesty? Don’t worry, Dylan Wilson, we have all been there. We know what it feels like – going hungry in the dead of night. Our mouths would water over the thought of food being prepped and delivered to our room. We hope you savored every bit of it. We know we would have.

Popping All These Buttons

The cardinal rule to hotel management is personalized service. That means you should greet and speak to guests with genuine interest and concern for their welfare. So when a family of four checked into the hotel, they were ushered into a spacious suite. On the side of the room was a lush sofa set – with upholstered leather seats.

Image Courtesy of Green Lemon Me

Too bad their kid popped all the buttons as a pastime. He had been scolded by his mother earlier that evening for not having eaten his greens. “That’s it’, I’m putting you on time-out,” as she grips his shoulders and then pivots him towards the sofa set. He didn’t feel like he deserved it. Well, he surely deserves to be put on one now.

Save Your Tip

When complaining, it’s better to do so as something happens or immediately after. Ring the bell or call the front desk. That way, management can try to do something about it. There’s really no point in complaining this late. What this man wrote isn’t even helpful. If we had allowed this customer to do as he wished, we would have been fired.

Image Courtesy of World Travelling

No comprendo señor! We don’t understand why we would risk our job just to let you harm your health. No wonder hotels bill us expensive service charges. We may be feeling the pinch, but at least hotel staff are adequately compensated. That’s the least we can do given that they face customers like this, all year round.

Call for Help

Hi, this is from room 607. We’d like to request some help. We’ve found these organic bits on our phone. Yes, that’s right. They’re hard and sharp around the edges. Curved and ranging in size, we’ve assumed they’re the previous guests’ nails. Yes, you heard that right!

Image Courtesy of QQ News

They must have clipped their nails and used the phone as an ashtray of sorts. After finishing their call, they probably placed the handset over those unkempt nails, applied a mani/pedi, and then forgotten about the whole incident. Yes, we’d like to apply for a refund! That’s the least that we deserve, right? We don’t mind a free booking next time we visit the area. Thank you!

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers only works if you find something by chance. Then, you are entitled to keep it. But it doesn’t work if you find something inside the suite because you booked a room. Booking a room only means you’re entitled to use the room’s amenities – shower, heating, room service, and even refrigeration.

Image courtesy of Eternal Lifestyle

So that’s why they kept mouthing off about finders keepers. Since they found a mini-fridge, they thought they deserved to bring it home. With loud thuds and shuffling feet, they unplugged the mini-bar and hastily tried to load in in the car’s backseat. Unfortunately, they caught the attention of their neighbors who had crept outside and took a picture of the theft.

Just Keeping It Dry

Some folks swear by this. Before booking a suite, they check different websites for pictures of the hotel. That way, they get a good idea of the facilities, especially the rooms. After all, hotels would employ professional edits to images before they upload them online. Another essential feature is the diaper changing stations. Life would be miserable for mums without these lifesavers.

Image Courtesy of Fark

So imagine the horror of needing to use one and finding a soiled diaper on its surface. It was left right there for everyone to see. You don’t know how long that diaper has been on the counter. And even if it were there for a short while, we would hope those diapers are of good quality, like Huggies or Pampers. If it’s neither, the diapers may have gotten soaked through, which leaves you no other choice. Use the sink top.

Tricks From the Hat

If there’s one job we wouldn’t want to take, it’s being the manager. You have to oversee your staff. You’re obligated to work overtime. You’re the last to clock out and you have to be the first one on the scene. On top of that, you would have to face guests who lie through their teeth. Kind of like how this guest broke the sink. They must have pulled a dozen tricks to get the manager to believe them.

Image Courtesy of The Suns

And the worst part about being the manager is keeping a straight face. Imagine if your customer blamed their cat or made some flimsy excuse about water pressure parting the ceramic basin like it was the Red Sea. If we were a bystander, we would have laughed our heads off. But a manager couldn’t do that. He would have to keep up appearances.

Get You a Proper Wine Glass

We have only got one thing to say about this – if you can afford to book a hotel room through AirBNB, shouldn’t you be able to buy a gift item from the souvenir shop? Any single item can cost around $20-$100. If you’re not the extravagant kind, you can always take pictures of the place. But you can’t have both…not like this!

Image courtesy of Chaostrophic

Plus, this is something you would want to keep off your Instagram feed. How would your friends feel if they found out you were the type to take things just because you felt like it? For next week’s BBQ party, expect to eat out on the front lawn and drink wine from plastic cups!

Millionaire’s Bath

One of the things we would do when we hit the million-dollar mark is to bathe in money. Women clad in bikinis would be sitting by the edge of the Jacuzzi. There would be champagne bottles lined up on the floor. And the pool would be full of Benjamin Franklins.

Image Courtesy of Vom Krieg Blogspot

The only downside to money is that thieves are always in hot pursuit of you. To keep that from happening, you can bathe in a different currency- Magic: The Gathering Cards. For your information, one card can cost more than a Benjamin Franklin. The limited Alpha version sells for an average of $6000, but it can go as high up as $13,000. Now, imagine bathing in hundreds of them!

Access Denied

It was the dead of the night when this driver checked himself into a hotel. He probably didn’t think that anyone would need these parking spaces. But just like him, people might choose to stop over and decide to sleep on a firm mattress. That’s handy when you’re going on a long ride.

Image Courtesy of RV Camping World

A person rolled up into a parking space a few hours after this driver checked into the hotel. He couldn’t understand why the previous driver had to take up every parking space beside the building. He thought, “if this guy is this much of an inconsiderate driver, maybe he should consider sleeping it out in the RV!”. We understand the sentiment.

Going Solo Next Time

This person reminds us of our college mates. At one point in your lives, you must have had a roommate who had no consideration of personal space and who couldn’t find his left shoe after five minutes of searching. How come? Because it was strewn across the floor, or it was probably outside the house. They probably didn’t even know how to do proper housekeeping.

Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor

The woman who took this picture went on a Church retreat with a group of people. She was paired of with another woman whom she found easy to hang around with. They would share a lot of things – Bible verses, gospel hymns and their love for music. Unfortunately, her roommate also wanted to share in on her side of the room. This woman will probably want to book a single room next time.

Save You The Effort

One great way to help the hotel staff is to clean up after yourself. That’s probably what this group had in mind before they checked out. They tidied the bed, fluffed up the pillows, collected all their garbage, and then placed it in separate trash bags. Pretty cool, huh, wait until you sit on the mattress.

Image courtesy of The Sun

That’s why these folks were in such a rush to get out of the building. They wanted to divert the cleaners’ attention elsewhere. The hotel staff would probably think, “how kind of them” and then proceed to tow away the trash. When they change the sheets, they’ll uncover the torn-up mattress and the worn-out springs. What a sly trick!

Scales By the Side

Attention, guests, this is the management speaking. It has come to our attention that a snake made its way through the pipes and into the swimming pool. Please be advised to stay away from the pool until further notice—our shred of evidence – a clump of nails by the side.

Image Courtesy of My Net

We’re pretty sure that within a couple of meters, she was able to shed off her skin. The nails were just the start. This reptile couldn’t wait to get inside her room and then take off the adhesive. She just had to do it poolside, given that there was a lot of water around to wash her hands with.

Say What?

This woman made headlines when she chose an unlikely laundry shop. Word of caution – this isn’t how you want to go down in internet history. Apparently, she didn’t have pack any spare knickers. So she did what any self-respecting person would do, she had them washed. Guess where.

Metro CO Uk

Quick, fast and hygienic, she captioned. Sure, it’s fast and “hygienic,” but what about the rest of the people who might fancy a hot mug of coffee? Within a couple of minutes, people took to Twitter and lambasted her. She could have had just rinsed them in the sink like a normal person.

Spaghetti, Anyone?

Don’t you hate opening your fridge to spoiled fruits and vegetables? Think of the money you wasted on them, or the effort you put into carrying them from your car and into your house. Not to mention, they smell of decay and mold which turns the stomach.

Image courtesy of Trip Advisor

What caused the leak down there? We can only imagine how gross this fridge smelled when the cleaner opened its door. If you take your chances, you can still cook spaghetti with these overripe tomatoes. But it’s the fact that they came from someone else’s fridge that upsets us. They shouldn’t have left it to rot.

The Power of a Mob

This looks like a scene out of a horror movie. Sure, you would think there’s no way a lone person could have done this. And you’re right! That’s because six fraternities and sororities had caused it. They went on a ski trip at the Treetops Resort. But instead of skiing on ice, they chose this landscape.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail UK

That’s just the hallway! $40,000 worth of damage. Wait until you see the rooms! When they were asked to contribute for all the wreckage, they refused to pay up. Management took to the press. Only then did the chapter president issue a statement saying his fraternity was “embarrassed and ashamed” by some of its members. That’s the power of a mob for you.

Nothing To be Ashamed About

Up to now, we don’t understand the shame that goes with number two. Everybody does it. In fact, if you didn’t, then it’s time to call the doctor. You would be surprised at what people do to hide the evidence. They avoid high traffic like the plague, sweating it out even though it’s gut-wrenchingly painful. They pack some scents, and they time their flushing to mask sounds. Sometimes, they dispose of the junk in the most absurd places.

Image Courtesy of A Disc Org

In case you’re wondering, that’s a dirty diaper. It was intentionally placed behind the refrigerator. The cleaners hadn’t been able to find it, so when a new guest rented the room, he noticed an odd smell coming from the fridge. He decided to investigate, just when he thought of refilling his ice tray. Should we say he lost his appetite?

Humble Admissions

It’s funny. This hotel guest admitted that he had been a neat freak when he lived in his apartment, claiming he was Borderline OCD. Due to his work, he “literally” lives out of a carry-on, but he “can’t seem to keep that same neat approach to clothes.” One night, he went out for an evening gala and returned to his hotel room thinking, had someone broken in?

Image courtesy of One Mile At A Time

He concludes that he has just become “a really messy traveler,” and he shared this picture, amongst many, online. Within a couple of minutes, this picture spread like wildfire on the internet. Reckon he needs a new system? We agree, and so does every single netizen. At least, no one will want to rob him if they chance upon his belongings like this.

How About Some Wings In Water

Imagine wearing your bathing suit and then gracefully tiptoeing towards the hot tub. Your eagerness shows. Your arms are outstretched, and each hand is holding either end of your towel. You sway the towel from side to side, excited to hit the pool where you know your sore muscles will be kneaded. You slip your foot in, and then your whole body. As you settle and anchor yourself by the side, a bony wing flutters to your breast. Watch that chicken on the run!

Image Courtesy of Gent Side

It’s a Popeyes Chicken, well at least what’s left of it. Your eyes dart towards the other end of the pool. You can’t believe it. You wade yourself over and then inspect the food container. Disgusted with the pile of chicken bones, you haul yourself out of the pool and report the incident to management. Those chicken wings sure can fly!

Get It While Its Hot

Everyone goes crazy over pizza – seven different types of melted cheese over the chewy crust, steaming hot and served fresh from the oven. Friendships are tested. Loyalties are torn, and worse, manners fly out the window…or should we say they fall straight on to the hotel floor?

Image Courtesy of My Net

Everyone couldn’t wait to get a slice of pizza. If you were a slowpoke, you’d forfeit your share of the goodies. It didn’t matter if you got one or not. What matters is that you should have rushed to claim a cut from the box. Once the pizza was devoured, the group decided to leave the scraps by the door. They even pretended to clean – collecting the crumbs and dusting them under the door.

Ever Heard of Privacy

Most people will lock themselves in a room before doing this. They wouldn’t want any prying eyes to look over their shoulders and make fun of their dating preferences. But we guess he couldn’t wait. He just had to ask the front desk attendant if he could use the computer in the public Hotel Lobby.

Image courtesy of Blog Distinckt

By dating preferences, we mean the censored type. Imagine if a kid walked past him – the trouble that this man would cause because the kid saw something he wasn’t supposed to see. We’re hopeful he hadn’t clicked any of those thumbnails, or if he did, we hope there weren’t any speakers attached to the PC.

Find Me A…

How about we play a game? We spy with our little eye something beginning with K. Go ahead, rack through your brain. We’re not in a rush or anything. These guests have given us the go to snoop through their stuff. They’re trying to find something to open the door with. Have you guessed what we’ve spied with our little eye?

Image courtesy of Ashley Furniture

Keycard. To be fair, we were really just enlisting your help. We haven’t been able to find it for the past hour. And believe us, we tried to sift through their clothing, one area at a time. Of course, we’d return it. If all else fails, we just might give them a temporary card to open the door with. What’s the lesson of the story? Clean the room. You’ll find your things much easier.

Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are

Of all the items on this list, this seems like the least annoying. But that’s because we aren’t paid to clean the room. When cleaners encounter a room like this, they tend to assume that the guest has damaged some items. Then they’ll have to inspect everything – from the curtain rods to the sockets.

Image Courtesy of Awesome Inventions

It almost seems like a game of hide and seek. Come out come out wherever those damages are. That’s because guests will likely set the pillows down if they’ve torn the covers apart. In this case, they might have also ruined the mattress. That amps up hotel cleaners’ anxiety. So next time, don’t leave the room looking like a fortress.

Sound Sleep

You know what they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Any scandalous activity occurred far away from your suburban household. As far as history books are concerned, it happened there, and no one can breathe a living word of your indiscretions elsewhere. If only there weren’t any photos taken of you sprawled on your back.

Image Courtesy of edgy_jesus / Reddit

What’s worse, is that it had made its way on to the Internet. Unless you’re a powerful authority, this picture will never be taken down. It’s not like sleeping on the floor is that bad. It’s just that this man drank more than what he could tolerate, and mistakenly believed that he had made his way into the room before stripping his clothes off. We hope he got a good night’s rest.

Lost and Found

This is an odd one out. This picture might help explain why guests fail to clean up after themselves. We don’t know what emergency demanded this guest’s attention, but she forgot to bring her tablet, glasses, and digital camera with her. What’s worse is that she had left the tablet charging on the table.

Image courtesy of Target

It would have been a waste of time and effort for this hotel guest to travel to her destination and then need to come back to retrieve her items. We hope she had left some of her personal information so that the hotel could have a courier deliver them to her. Maybe she could be more mindful next time. Cleaning up might help too; that way, she’ll easily see her things on the desktop.

Made or Unmade

Made or unmade, that is the question. Success gurus and entrepreneurs swear by the habit of making your bed. They say that if you prime your brain to do a task repeatedly, then this discipline will spill into other aspects of your life. But there’s a growing number of health experts who demand that those sheets be left unmade. God knows they haven’t chanced upon a bed like this.

Image courtesy of Up Socl

During sleep, it’s likely that your body sweats. Of course, you wouldn’t feel it. You unconsciously change position until your brain decides that it’s cooler. The bed absorbs all that sweat(including saliva if you’re a drooler), for about eight hours. Now imagine a closed bag with your gym clothes in it. Open it up, and it smells ripe. That’s the same principle with making your bed so early in the morning. You’re basically sealing in the moisture. No wonder you keep changing sheets so often. Given your options, will you make up the bed?

A Sight for Sore Eyes

This is probably why most hotels have tight security. Try to bring paint canisters, and you’ll risk donating them for an unworthy cause. Not that management has no reason to ban you from taking those cans to your room. They might have had their fair share of vandals who loved to decorate the room like this.

Image Courtesy of Ashley Furniture

We can only imagine what went on here. That amount of damage would have sent other guests to call the front desk. But these folks had done it so skillfully that management discovered the trashed-out room after their check-out. Call it whatever you want, but this is not a creative form of artistry that we support.

Speedy Healing

We can only imagine what pain this man went through. He had been having a rough night. He tried to open his door, but his keycard fell so many times to the floor. And when he had gotten inside, he had been howling in pain.

Image Courtesy of

By morning, his sheets were soaked in sweat. On his bedside table lay a couple of tissues and this balm. We have heard that essential oils can speed up healing. We hope that the intense pain he felt had subsided. He should get that bandage checked. We wouldn’t want any recurrences.

Explaining the Analogy

Remember when we told you why you should keep your friend list to a minimum? Well, this is why. When you have this many people together, they’re bound to trash the place. With ransacked rooms and thoroughly soiled beds, you might want to rethink owning a hotel.

Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor / Thrillist Nation

This was found in almost every room they booked. It hadn’t been for a study session. They might have been forgiven for the espressos, frappes, and gallons of milk purchased in that case. These students had simply gone on a ski trip. Ten different sororities and fraternities sponsored it. What good are colleges for if they can’t teach students to clean up after themselves?

The Rich and the Famous

It’s what every PJ party looks like in chick flick movies. At first glance, it seems like someone had shred off the feathers from a worn-out boa, or that a chicken had run on the loose. But these feathers came from pillows on which you could prop yourself up while watching a movie.

Image Courtesy of

You wouldn’t guess the culprit to the scene. It was Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos. This was way back when she was sporting those hot pink tracksuits. Odd right – pillow fights amongst guys? We’d think they’d prefer to beat up punching bags, but it seems like they partied harder with fluff and confetti all around them.

Putting a Name to the Faces

Wrongdoers should think twice before committing an offense. Almost every wrong is brought to light in the age of social media. People only need to take snapshots of a scene, and they’ll have piles of evidence to prove their claim. That’s just how it was when a group of frat students rented a floor of rooms during a weekend stay.

Image courtesy of ABC News

These students gave the University of Michigan a lousy name. All the rooms were “incredibly dirty,” including mattresses that had been soiled and damaged. Anyone would be left wondering – what had these students been thinking, and how could they have slept in such pigsties?

Talk About This View

Staying in your hotel room can get lonely. A great way to pass the time is to get some air. You could walk the grounds or view the landscape from the porch. Maybe you could have some friends over. Have them bring food and snacks to binge on while you reminisce about the past. Just make sure to tidy up.

Image Courtesy of Way Fair

We can’t understand how these folks couldn’t stack food containers. If they were able to walk out of their hotel room, then surely they could have gone a few meters and placed their trash inside the bin. Some of us have even bonded over shooting hoops – pretending that our pieces of trash were a perfectly-rounded ball. That mop and the broom would have surely put us on a guilt trip.

Juice Me Up

What’s one thing soda dispensers and salad bars have in common? They test our restraint. That’s the same thing that had happened to this young boy. We have to admit; we sympathize with him. After paying his merch, he went straight to the soda dispenser, popped in his ice bucket, and then filled it up. When we were told we couldn’t do that, we played deaf. How’d you think this guy managed being told that?

Image Courtesy of Drddb / Reddit

He probably played it dumb. Meekly withdrawing from the lobby, he avoided the clerk and the cameras, then walked hurriedly towards the elevator and into his room. After setting the ice bucket aside, he would have narrated his brave act to his mom. At least, it was a single-serve right? All s forgiven.

Crime Scene Investigation

The cleaning staff inserted her keycard and was immediately shocked by this scene before her. It was horrifying. You could see trash everywhere, inhale sour, burning sweat, and sniff your way towards the other unmentionable smells. In the middle of the room lay this bed – its covers heaped up on one side. And at that moment, she knew she had to file a report.

Image courtesy of et-tuBrute / Reddit

Where had the bedframe gone? She filed a missing item report. The bed had disappeared, and its status as intact or shattered to smithereens cannot be confirmed. Within a couple of minutes, the head manager appeared, and they secured the scene. This crime will be resolved. As the CSI has put it, they will follow the evidence. Again and again.

All Grown Up

Amanda Bynes was a child star who brought everyone to tears with her funny jokes. Gracing the limelight in “The Amanda Show,” she had a promising career ahead of her. After all, she was able to play so many characters. She was literally the show. But whatever happened to the child star? Everyone’s left scratching their heads.

Image Courtesy of Washington Post

To sum up her career in an image, take a look at this disastrous sink top. Even a painter knows how to use complementary colors. Along the way, the line between acting and real-life disappeared, and Amanda started acting out the characters. Lately, she has voiced a commitment towards rehabilitating her life. She seems to be doing well; she has just received her Art Degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. You go, Amanda!

Think Twice JLaw

Oscar Award Winner Jennifer Lawrence got laughs when she made a late-night confession to Conan O’ Brien. On his show, she admitted that she would have loved to work as a hotel maid. It’s all of her “favorite cleaning”. Apparently, she doesn’t like to do the dishes or man the kitchen. But she loves to make beds, clean the bathroom and spritz it all clean. “Every day there are new people to snoop on!” We’ll bet she wouldn’t want to go through these people’s stuff.

Image Courtesy of Thrillist Nation

Those are styro containers with stale coffee, leftover food, and other unmentionables. It had been a rad party for a group of university students. But it wasn’t a laughing matter when news broke on their campus. Even cleaning staff have confessed that this is one of the most horrific sights they had to clean!

Found It

Some people will go to extreme lengths to find a misplaced item. Convinced that it is in their room, bag, or car, they will spend about half a day rummaging through their stuff. They might retrace their steps and ask people they had encountered if they had seen the item. After their discovery attempt, you will be faced with a room looking like this.

Image Courtesy of Way Fair

We can’t tell for sure what they were looking for. But we hope they found it, along with a hefty sum for damages. That bedframe must have weighed a ton. But in their dazed attempt to find the item, they were able to hurl it towards the side. Who knew you could gain superhuman strength when looking for common sense?

Party Like a Rockstar

Golden State Warriors Steph Curry makes headlines with yet another smash! But it’s not on the basketball court. You see, apart from basketball, he has taken a liking to golf. He has been pretty transparent about his hobbies on his Instagram account. And if it weren’t for this picture, we wouldn’t believe he had any outside course.

Image courtesy of Golf Digest

He had brought a few clubs to his suite on East Coast. He hadn’t planned on causing any trouble. But being the beginner that he is, he took a clumsy swing, and the golf ball hit the unsuspecting table. His bodyguard rushed to the room thinking Curry took a hit, only to discover that Steph Curry had been the assailant. Well, at least, our MVP won’t be spending time behind bars for this accident.

Addressed to the Manager

Speaking of hotels, this family is at the forefront of running them. The Hiltons own a massive number of hotels that are categorized into tiers. Some of which include luxury, upscale, midscale, and timeshare. With all that cash load, it’s understandable why so many people love to throw shade at Paris Hilton, heiress, and grandchild of the tycoon Barron Hilton.

Image Courtesy of World Travelling

When the scandalous tape of her was uploaded, almost everyone searched for it online. In a second, the enviable heiress was reduced to almost nothing. A few people sympathized with Paris, knowing that it was a distressing moment to go through. Someone even vandalized the hotel room to send a heartfelt note to her, “Respect Hilton,” it says, but don’t respect the hotel.

We’ve Got a Hostage

This trick is best for when you’re checking out late in the afternoon. The housekeepers will be able to clean the room by then or early evening. Imagine having a cleaner push her basket towards the room, enter it, switch on the lights, and come across this bulky figure on the bed. Who wouldn’t have a heart attack?

Image Courtesy of Punches_TheElderly / Reddit

Dios mio, she exclaims, as she does the sign of the cross and unwinds the telephone cord from around the dummy’s neck. Maybe someone is burrito-ed under the sheets. She pokes the covers just to make sure. This prank would send shivers down anyone’s spine – whether in daylight or under artificial lights. She has a terrifying tale to tell by lunch, but it is one she’d prefer not having.

Blurring the Lines

What’s one thing most rule breakers have in common? They see their errors a hazy gray in a world of black and white. Just in case it’s glaring, they smudge it. When one customer was reminded of the “no smoking” policy, he curtly agreed. But being a deeply ingrained habit, he just had to smoke. He couldn’t smoke inside his room. There was a sign there. Being the upstanding guest that he was, he smoked in the hallway.

Image courtesy of Green Lemon Me

Turning left and right, he saw “no smoking” signs. He had taken a cup from the room and placed it on the blue rug. The man lit the cigarettes and puffed two of them. He couldn’t dispose of it in his room. It would smell. He stuffed them inside the glass cup and placed it in front of his neighbor’s room. Then he did what any troublemaker does last – washed his hands clean.

Find You Some Skeletons

Everyone has a closet full of them – skeletons. These are our most embarrassing secrets, and they wobble from place to place, clanking against each other until we fess up. We try so hard to keep them in the shadows. At least that’s how it was when these guests played a game of truth or dare. By morning, hotel cleaners found this circle of skeletons underneath the bed frame.

Image Courtesy of Dick Sporting Goods

Would you have thought of looking under the mattress? We probably wouldn’t. We haven’t even dusted ours since a week ago. Hotel cleaners have to inspect these unlikely and hard-to-reach places to ensure the cleanliness of the room, and there are hundreds of suites in one hotel building.

Smells like College Spirit

This is pretty forgivable. In fact, this might pass as a college student’s dorm. We can just imagine what it smells like – sweat-stained socks. To top it all off, there’s a distinct odor of nicotine. The worst thing about this picture was that the TV was left on. How about saving electricity?

Image Courtesy of Buzzly FR

We don’t know what this guest does for a living, but if we were to take a guess, we would say he / she is a writer. The bin is full of crumpled paper and so is the floor. It’s like Hansel has gone on a trip but with the hurling wind, she’s gone on a tailspin – there are paper crumbs all around!