People Who Made Terrible Yet Amusing Mistakes

By Jhoana C

Here are 40+ hilariously awful mistakes that people have made. From something as simple as a mother mistaking the moon for a lampost to a curious man wondering why women do not need to take DNA tests to ensure they are the child’s birth mother. The best part? Most of these people were completely unaware of their errors and needed someone to point them out to them. We are pretty sure some are still scratching their heads, wondering where they went wrong. We have all been at the wrong end of the joke once or twice, and hopefully, everyone can learn to laugh and let it go. No one is perfect or exempt from making a blunder here and there.

#1 When you are even embarrassed of the things you do

Let’s admit it, we have done many things in our lives that we are not proud of, but that’s okay because nobody is perfect. Blunders are an inevitable part of life and what’s important is we learn from our mistakes and do better next time.

Image courtesy of Mcv_inmia/Reddit

This person wasn’t afraid to tell everyone on the Internet that he spent a good 30 seconds trying to fish a pickle out from the bottom of the jar only to realize that it wasn’t actually a pickle but her finger. We hope her boyfriend didn’t break up with her over this.

#2 Is this person having problems reading or comprehending?

We understand that some people, especially the male species, can’t take a hint. You often have to spell things out for them more often than not. This guy, however, either lacks reading comprehension, isn’t reading the replies, or doesn’t care at all.

Image courtesy of Ggcosmo/Reddit

We would also be annoyed if we were communicating with him- if you can call that communicating. Imagine reaching through the phone and hitting him on the head with the mobile phone he is using. This is just too much!

#3 Error on the brain

We can only imagine how difficult it must have been for people ages ago who had to do complex mathematical calculations without using a calculator or a computer. We would not have survived if we lived in that era because we are dependent on calculators when it comes to math.

Image courtesy of Riri_corn/Reddit

This person is just like us. The only difference is she didn’t know how to use her calculator. Just because your calculator said, Syntax Error doesn’t mean you can copy that on the board when your teacher asks you to solve a math problem.

#4 We wonder how it took him so long to figure things out

Bored and got nothing to do? Turn on your television or binge-watch Netflix shows. Today, you can watch countless movies and TV shows online to entertain yourself when you have nothing else to do. What are you guys watching lately?

Image courtesy of @maccoul_ /Twitter   shine_schweiz/Instagram

Don’t even worry if you don’t speak the language because you can always turn on the subtitles, but whatever you do, don’t do what this guy did. He accidentally changed the language to Spanish, and it took him a good ten minutes to figure things out.

#5 It’s called an identification card, not a couple’s photo

This is another example of you better do it right if you’re going to commit a crime or you’ll deal with severe consequences. Fake IDs are a common problem; ask any law enforcement officer. People use fake IDs for various reasons, the most common of which is drinking and gaining entry to bars while still underage.

Image courtesy of Grundy County Sheriff’s Office /Facebook      Mrkjm1550/Reddit

One crucial detail to remember when making a fake ID is not to use a couple’s photo because aside from the apparent inauthenticity, it’s your ID; your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t have anything to do with it. We’re shaking our heads with this one.

#6 So there are planets within our planet?

It’s been said that if you need information about something, Google is your friend, and unless you are Google, you shouldn’t act as if you know everything. A quick check on the search bar on Google, and you’ll see that people have looked up virtually everything on their search engine.

Image courtesy of 7110339/Instagram

This photo shows one person googling something fundamental and dense, something most people already know unless you didn’t attend your science classes. This could all be a joke, or we hope it is. At least, we won’t take this seriously.

#7 She must have forgotten where she was

There are rules meant to safeguard people and their credit cards. One rule to keep you safe is that your cards will be blocked if you travel abroad and forget to inform your bank. If you also see suspicious card usage, you can call your card to have it blocked right away.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adato/Photographer     stEPH_u_/Twitter

This gal saw her records of her card being used in Europe, so she quickly called her back to have it canceled. The only thing was she was in Europe, and she was the one using her card. Well, she knows what she has to do now, call her bank again to have her card reactivated.

#8 This was truly unnecessary

Some things need to be done and thought about with patience. These things need your attention and effort. On the other hand, there are many things that you can and should forget about. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Image courtesy of richie_rich77/Twitter

What you see in the picture belongs in a category of its own. The poster’s mom could have switched the contents of the jars to the correct label. Instead, she totally desecrated them! Sometimes we shake our heads at what people do.

#9 It’s important to know your fractions

Let’s face it; math is a subject that not many people enjoy. After all, who wants to solve complex equations which you won’t be using much in real life later on? Do you need calculus to apply for a job? Most probably not.

Image courtesy of Gizmosarrow/Reddit

However, a few math concepts will be valuable in real life, such as fractions. This person probably didn’t listen to her math professor or was absent when fractions were being taught, so she thinks that ¼ is greater than ⅓.

#10 Salmonella is waving

Care should be exercised when eating raw meat because, in the first place, not all types of meat can be eaten raw. Most of us have tried and even enjoyed eating raw fish, and that’s alright because they are delicious; take sashimi, for instance.

Image courtesy of Morgan Jane Gibbs /Facebook 

However, meats and poultry shouldn’t be eaten raw, and a perfect example is a chicken. Unless you want to volunteer yourself to go through a horrible bout of a salmonella infection, you should always cook chicken thoroughly.

#11 She’s a little late on the news

This person must have been living under a rock for decades and just emerged recently because it seems like she has only gotten wind of the government storing information about their citizens for numerous purposes. Ah, childhood innocence and ignorance.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adato/Photographer    Tash Thee Bae/Twitter

She is concerned about the government capturing and storing her images when she uses facial recognition. Still, way before that technology came along, governments worldwide already had information through various IDs such as your driver’s license. Oops

#12 We also wish that we were immune to the rain

A lot of things change as we grow up. We suddenly have bills to pay and various responsibilities, especially if you have children of your own. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming that you want to go back to when you were a baby when your only problem was asking your parents for milk.

Image courtesy of: Liya Cohen/Photographer   1000IQMoments/Twitter

A few things remain the same, though, no one is waterproof, regardless of whether you’re a child or an adult. Yes, folks, that’s right. Irrespective of whether you are eight months old or 80 years old, you will get wet if it’s raining and you don’t have an umbrella. This girl is just too cool for school, we guess!

#13 They don’t have radios over there?

Today’s generation is lucky because they didn’t have to go through the hassles of rewinding cassette tapes, as well as VHS tapes. They can download or watch shows and movies online, and they don’t have to save files on floppy disks.

Image courtesy of Binal.panchal.94/Instagram    McIgglyTuffMuffin/Reddit

But there is a downside to all of this; they weren’t aware of the technology used decades ago, not that this is entirely a bad thing. This person must have forgotten that there is such a thing as a radio.

#14 A panther is a panther

We don’t wish to be mean, but there are instances when we just can’t help but shake our heads in disbelief over some people. We’re all not gifted with a high IQ, but we should at least have some common sense.

Image courtesy of

Sadly, common sense is not very common nowadays. This guy just asked if the pink panther is a lion. Umm, no, it’s not because it is a PANTHER, as his friend replied, but he just kept pressing on. He was even more disappointed to find that panthers aren’t pink at all.

#15 It’s not the wrong number if you insist it isn’t

It’s easy to get numbers mixed up, and we have had our fair share of sending messages to wrong numbers and getting embarrassed. Hopefully, none of you have had the mistake of sending duck face pictures to the wrong number because nobody gets back from that.

Image courtesy of

On a serious note, we’re scratching our heads with this one because the sender kept insisting that he had the correct number even if the recipient emphatically told him that he had the wrong number. Perhaps believing that it isn’t the wrong number will make it the correct number?

#16 The host clearly didn’t watch the movie or read about it

Suppose you’re going to be tasked with interviewing people, especially on an event as prestigious as the Oscars. In that case, you should at least read up on the directors, actors, and films nominated. An embarrassment on such a global stage isn’t something you’d wish for.

Image courtesy of hoyarkive/Instagram

This host clearly didn’t read up on her assignment or wasn’t briefed at all. If you were a Korean director with a Korean cast making a film about the Korean social class, would you shoot the movie in Denmark and in Danish? We didn’t think so either.

#17 That’s what the library is for, my dear

Sometimes we can’t help but wonder if technology has launched us into the future or sent us back decades. Nowadays, we understand that people read books and magazines on their tablets or mobile phones more so than picking up an actual physical novel.

Image courtesy of ann_zet_24/Instagram    potatosalad001/Reddit

This person wondered if there was a way for her child to read as many books as he wanted and return them once he was done reading. The library is there for that purpose, and such a service doesn’t cost a lot of money.

#18 You can’t get a koala for $70

First of all, $70 for a koala is such a low price, and koalas are rightfully not for sale because they belong to the list of endangered species. This guy thought it hilarious that his girlfriend cried after knowing that the money she sent wouldn’t give her a real koala.

Image courtesy of Annashevtchenko_/Instagram   SirAustinOfDunn/Twitter

She was upset to find out that she’d only be sponsoring koalas, probably somewhere in Australia, instead of getting an animal at home that she could take care of. Hopefully, the boyfriend bought her a koala stuffed toy, at least!

#19 Perhaps she was overjoyed about the pregnancy?

A baby is a blessing, and finding out that your sibling will become a parent soon is exciting because it means you will soon have a niece or a nephew. Pregnancy is a cause for celebration, so we’d like to think that this person just got overwhelmed with the news.

Image courtesy of Liya Cohen/Photographer     6godxae/Twitter 

Why is that? Because she thought that she would either be an aunt or an uncle depending on the baby’s gender. She seemed to have forgotten that she is a girl and that no matter what gender the baby has, she will always be an aunt.

#20 How complicated can pregnancy tests be?

We are not all gifted with incredible intelligence bordering on a genius level, but most of us can understand a few simple things, such as reading pregnancy tests. After all, instructions are written on the package.

Image courtesy of: Evolutionofthestork/Instagram   97Vercetti/Twitter

There is a simple guide on how to read what the lines mean. This guy bought his friend four pregnancy tests, and they all came out positive, but his friend hilariously thought that she was pregnant with four babies. She might already have mom brain if she thought she was having four little ones soon.

#21 He might as well wait for eternity to charge the battery

Solar-powered power banks or devices are helpful, especially when no electrical plugs are available around you. All you need to do is put them under the sun, and after a few hours, you have power! How cool is that!

Image courtesy of Iknowicantspel/Reddit

This person, however, thought that because sunlight charges the power bank, he could use any source of light as an alternative. So, he turned on his phone’s flashlight and directed it to the power bank, which he was also using to charge the phone simultaneously. This is making our head ache.

#22 The case of the broken hot water

How do you send photographic evidence of a broken water tap? This tenant wanted to share a photo that represented no hot water coming out of the tap. Did you just get confused? Reread it. This is what happened to this unfortunate resident who told his landlord that the tap isn’t working.

Image courtesy of patrickTShep/Twitter

We’re not sure if it’s the choice of wording that makes this exchange between the landlord and tenant confusing, but we sure hope they could sort things out. No hot water from the tap is a bummer, especially in winter.

#23 People died in the middle ages too

Blunders may make us look stupid, but you will look even more ridiculous if you know you are wrong, yet you don’t admit it. Even worse if you then don’t attempt to correct your mistake. Fortunately, this person was more than willing to correct himself.

Image courtesy of NoStupidQuestions/Reddit

He asked how people in the middle ages knew what skeletons looked like because they didn’t have x-rays back then. Well, you don’t always have to be high-tech to know things. Also, people in the middle ages died and were studied for medical purposes; hence, they learned about skeletons back then.

#24 You won’t see any groom here

Before you start typing your comment on anything posted online, you better make sure that you read the whole article or watched the entire video and understand everything because if you comment without context, chances are, you’re going to be embarrassed.

Image courtesy of mefeater/Twitter

This person might have read the caption too fast. Or maybe her attention was on the lovely brides that she thought they were friends who just happened to get married on the same day. Her ignorance led her to ask where their partners were.

#25 Someone’s going shopping using her card

Certain occasions in life make us want to shout them out to the whole world or, in our case nowadays, post them on social media. However, some things must be kept confidential such as your salary, your exact address, or in this case, your credit card number.

Image courtesy of

This person must have been overjoyed that her AMEX credit card got approved that she wanted the whole world to know about it. The only problem was she also posted a picture of her card with the numbers visible. We bet someone’s going to go shopping on her dime.

#26 Whatever gave this guy that idea?

We had a college professor who once told us that the only parent who is sure their child is the mother. After all, the mother bears the child in her womb for nine months, so there is no need for her to take a DNA test.

Image courtesy of Zephyris CC BY-SA 3.0 /Wiki     @rllydumbtweetsi/Twitter

But for the father or the alleged father, should we say, it is an entirely different story. The only way he can be sure that it is his sperm that impregnated the woman is to take a DNA test. This guy must have skipped his science classes.

#27 You need to keep your social number to yourself

Nowadays, there are many ways criminals try to get your confidential details. They hack computers, send phishing emails, or put a keylogger on your computer to record your keystrokes. They do these things to steal your money or your identity.

Image courtesy of Sejiro_hiko/Reddit

But some people don’t even think before doing something that sometimes, criminals don’t even need to use sophisticated software to get what they want. Sometimes a question disguised as innocent and straightforward as the one posted in this photo can do the trick.

#28 Why did he even buy that watermelon?

Before you spend your hard-earned money on something, make sure what you’re buying is something you need, something you’ll use, and most importantly, something that you can take with you. Otherwise, it will only be a waste.

Image courtesy of Suddenslow/Reddit

A good example is this watermelon. The person who bought this melon got carried away with its low price, its delicious appearance, or perhaps the vendor’s great sales pitch. The only thing he forgot to consider was that the watermelon was too big to fit through the grills.

#29, No, honey that’s not the moon

We get the urge to post exciting things on Instagram because that’s what most people are doing nowadays to get a deluge of likes, but the thing is, you cannot and should not indiscriminately post things or else you’ll look like a fool.

Image courtesy of

This person proudly shared a picture of what she thought was the moon shining bright. The only problem is it wasn’t the moon; it was a lamp post. She should have looked closer before sharing the photo. Who wants to let her know?

#30 What was this person drinking?

We’d like to know what this person was drinking because it has us wondering what’s going on in his head. He’s asking where the W letter on his racket went because he couldn’t see it on the racket’s shadow.

Image courtesy of

The W must have gone on vacation, or he must have left it at the place where they were playing badminton. On a serious note, the W won’t show up on the shadow because the letter was painted onto the racket.

#31 How can you not know you have an avocado tree?

If we were this person who owned the avocado tree, we wouldn’t be complaining about the fruit being found in our backyard because have you even seen the prices of avocados nowadays? We would sneakily bring the fallen avocados into our kitchens and make guacamoles.

Image courtesy of Marysbackyardblooms/Instagram    MavenofHonor/Twitter

We wouldn’t even question where it came from because we don’t care at all. What we care about is that the avocado is of good quality and that we don’t have to spend money getting them. You should probably know what trees you have in your backyard on a serious note.

#32 Who would eat that?

Most meat-loving people like sausage. Sausage has been around for a long time and is made with ground meat from pork, poultry, or beef and is flavored using a variety of spices. Sausages also contain breadcrumbs, grains, and other extenders.

Image courtesy of Merricat_blackwood/Reddit

Countries worldwide have their own versions of sausages, but we’re sure only very few, or only this specific store, have sausages made with gummy bears. How would that even taste, and who would even eat that? It’s just plain weird.

#33 Why don’t you just use the charger to charge your phone?

Phones sold today come with chargers because how else would you make sure it has enough power. If you lose your charger, you can buy the cables separately at any electronic store. But we would never advise people to charge their phones in microwaves.

Image courtesy of cakidtalks/Reddit

Firstly, we want to know who thought doing so would be a good idea and spread the information on the Internet. That is like a surefire way to either damage your phone or start a fire. Please don’t put your phones in the microwave.

#34 Specific countries have specific celebrations

We have different nationalities, and we live in various places in the world. Although there are occasions celebrated worldwide, such as Christmas and New Year, some celebrations specific to Canada, for example, might be insignificant in other places.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Adato/Photographer    Chawderpuff/Reddit

The Fourth of July is considered USA’s Independence Day; it is not particularly relevant to Ghana or the United Arab Emirates. So, we’re a little confused why this person is asking if people outside of the US celebrate the Fourth of July.

#35 No, he has his phone

Nowadays, our phones have become extensions of our very bodies, and most of us can’t survive a day without them. We can’t call, text, or Whatsapp our friends without it. We even do various activities such as banking transactions on our phones.

Image courtesy of nuturingnavigator/Reddit

Accidentally taking someone else’s phone will be a big problem because they indeed can’t function without it. This lady was so worried about taking her friend’s phone that she must not have noticed that her friend was replying to her with the phone in question.

#36 Superman and Supergirl

Halloween is the time of year when you can be someone you have always wanted to be. You can be that superstar you always admired or that superhero you have always looked up to. It’s no secret that nowadays, adults enjoy Halloween more than children.

Image courtesy of Shapesshiftingprincess/Instagram    terryleeborror/Twitter

Going to costume parties as a couple during Halloween is fun. You can be Fred and Daphne from Scooby-Doo or Bonnie and Clyde, but please consider this before you go as Superman and Supergirl, as these two are supposed to be cousins. That’s just eww.

#37 He was better off putting it in his pocket

If you want to conceal an illegal item or if you’re illegally bringing something over the border, you better pray to all the saints in heaven that they don’t find out what you’re doing because you’re either going to be sent to jail or made to pay a hefty fine.

Image courtesy of Spanish National Police

You also better make sure that you’re concealed the item rather expertly. This man is an example of how NOT TO hide something. Everyone can tell that he’s got something in his wig, and it’s not a hematoma. E for the effort!

#38 When customers can’t get their math right

We’re going to admit it, math is our least favorite subject, and we don’t like doing calculations. We were lucky we passed our math subjects and didn’t have to repeat them. However, the same can’t be said of other people. Why do we say that?

Image courtesy of Serious.taste/Instagram     Amando Abreu/Medium

Well, a good example is what happened to A&W when they tried to compete with McDonald’s by offering customers more at the same price. However, the customers didn’t know that a third is more significant than a quarter, so the endeavor failed. They should have shown a comparison of the burger sizes in their commercials.

#39 Isn’t New York still in the United States?

The last time we checked, New York was still among the 50 states of the USA. We have not heard of New York suddenly being a part of another country. However, this girl went to the Big Apple and posted her excited goodbye to the United States.

Image courtesy of Natalia.winicki/Instagram

We know the feeling of stepping foot in New York. It’s the city that never sleeps, and the bright lights can easily disorient anyone. It’s one of the ultimate travel destinations, so perhaps she just got overwhelmed and forgot all her geography lessons.

#40 So, what’s the other group of people like?

If you’re going to be wearing a statement t-shirt, you at least have to make sure that the statement it’s trying to make is complete. Otherwise, you’re going to leave people wondering. Unless that’s what you intend to do, then by all means, go ahead.

Image courtesy of Jerrinq/Imgur 

However, if you want to avoid a barrage of questions about your statement t-shirt, make sure that the statement is complete. This professor’s t-shirt has people asking what’s the other group of people like. Obviously, those who asked belong to the second group of people. Get it?

#41 News flash, yes you can choose your baby’s father

Sometimes we wonder if people say things because they are trying to be funny or they don’t know what they are saying. This lady must have been in a rough relationship with her baby daddy that she said she wished people could choose their baby’s fathers.

Image courtesy of Hannah Phillips/Photographer    cripperella/Twitter

And she posted that on the Internet where people have no qualms roasting others for saying and posting the wrong things. Well, news flash for her, unless she was forced into marriage or pregnancy, she can choose her baby’s father.

#42 Is that search engine better than Google?

What is one of the non-negotiable traits you want in a partner? For us, it would be intelligence. We don’t need our partner to be a member of Mensa, but we need him to at least have enough IQ to figure simple things out.

Image courtesy of Euan.eduardo/Instagram    ShawnTheSheepxxx/Reddit

Why? Because we hate to be the ones always explaining things to him. We will immediately unmatch this person if he asked us if transgender is a search engine. Or we would tell him it’s way better than Google and see where this conversation goes.