Wild Mommas: A World Tour Of Expectant Mothers From Across The Animal Kingdom

By Ekhama O

This article was originally published on racooned
As humans, many of us are naturally fascinated with the world around us. From the different places to the diverse cultures and everything in between, we can’t help but be interested in it all. And one of the things that always seem to catch our attention is the other beautiful creatures we share this gorgeous landscape with. Whether it’s their habits and behaviors, their mannerisms, and even their features, many of us are enthralled by it all.We’re so fascinated, sometimes we forget how similar we are to them, and that they undergo most natural things we do, too, like growth and other forms of similar bodily changes. Speaking of similar bodily changes — have you ever been graced with the presence of a pregnant animal? It’s by far one of the cutest things ever. And, if you don’t believe us, here are 45 pictures to prove it!

Round Raccoon

Although we’ve never been in that position, we can safely say that being pregnant in the wild would not be the easiest of tasks. Animals need to pack on several pounds, so we can only imagine how difficult it would be for them to go about their daily activities.
Image source: TravellingBeard/Reddit
That’s why it’s always so shocking to us when we see heavily pregnant animals still doing their thing and trotting along, as agile as they were before they got pregnant. Like this raccoon perched on this fence; how is that even physically possible?!

Expectant Horse

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if an animal’s pregnant or not when we see it with a big belly. And, honestly, it’s kind of rude to ask. That was the exact case with this horse the first time we caught a glimpse of her in these pictures.
Image source: Rustic Pony Photography/Facebook
It’s a gorgeous buckskin, and the colorful ribbons around her belly, as well as the laurel wreath around her head, gave away the fact that this was her maternity shoot. But without those, we’d have just guessed she was a cute fat horse.

Fat Rat

Pregnancy can take such a physical toll on mothers, and expecting pets require some additional support from their owners just to perform some otherwise simple and regular tasks. With that big belly, things like walking around and even sitting up might require some assistance.
Image source: junkholiday/Reddit
In this case, though, the rat needed some help showing her baby bump to the camera. And the owner was happy to oblige! Now, we only wonder just how many babies she’s got in there and when exactly she’s due. Looks like she could use a break.

Preggy Guinea

Seeing any pregnant animal is a unique thing to witness, no doubt. But, we’ve always been particularly fascinated by small pregnant animals, and how they manage to carry weights we assume can equal as much as their average body weight.
Image source: Mars_rocket/Reddit
For instance, have a look at this very pregnant guinea pig. Looks like the masses of her babies (we assume there are multiple because… aren’t there always?) are making her body weight double, or maybe even triple. We’re not experts. How cute is that?!

Pregnancy Portrait

Besides our pets, there are other domestic animals that like to show off their baby bumps to their human caretakers. And, if you are lucky enough to live on a farm, seeing a bursting belly would probably be fairly common.
Image source: babygoatsandfriends/imgur
If you don’t live on one, well, you can thank the kind caretakers who provided us with photos like this one. From the looks of it, she can’t wait till her babies are out. Can’t blame her; we’d feel the same way too.

Wide Zebra

Being a zebra is hard as it is. You’ve gotta navigate some of the world’s harshest conditions and most unforgiving landscapes, and then there are the predators, lurking around, waiting for you to lose your guard so you can be their dinner.
Image source: spotclickpost/Instagram
Sounds tough, doesn’t it? Now, imagine what life must be like when you have to go through all that while pregnant, like the zebra above. No wonder she’s got such a stern look on her face. Regardless of the fierceness, we still think she’s pretty cute.

A foster pooch and her pregnancy shoot

You know what could make an animal’s maternity shoot even more special? Them doing it with their lovely and caring owner. If you’re looking for some proof of that fact, look no further than the utterly adorable photo collage below!
Image source: FosterDogsNYC/Twitter
This foster dog clearly lives in a loving home. We really appreciate this foster parent for taking the time and effort to get this amazing maternity shoot done, and we’re even more thankful to them for sharing it with the world. How wholesome!

Heavy Donkey

Every single baby is precious and worthy of love and attention; there’s absolutely no denying that, and we’d be cruel to think otherwise. That being said, we’ve gotta accept the cold hard facts that some young ones tend to be cuter than others.
Image source: the_hartley_farm/Instagram
And, if there were ever some cutest baby contest in the animal kingdom, a donkey’s foal would definitely be in the finals. We know this momma’s probably tired of having that huge belly, and we, too, can’t wait just so we can see her adorable young ones.

Big Stretch

Pregnancies alter the mother’s body in so many ways. And we’re not just talking about the obviously big belly and fluctuating hormones. No, no. We mean the fact that organs can shift to make room for the little ones growing inside of them!
Image source: PutMeInTheWheelyBin/Reddit
When this happens, two things can happen. You can spot pregnant people and animals in all sorts of weird positions to maintain their comfort. You’ll also see them doing regular exercise to keep in shape, though we don’t think the cat is a fan of the latter.

Standing Mamma Cat

Cats are some of the most beloved animals in the world. We feel safe in saying that, seeing as they’re present in many homes all around the globe. This means that whatever they do shouldn’t be new to us…but that doesn’t mean we can’t still find them cute.
Image source: HappyJacket3113/Reddit
Here’s a nice adorable pregnant momma cat. She’s about eight and a half weeks in and seems to be in pretty good shape. Luckily for her, she’ll be giving birth at any moment, and we’d do anything for a picture with her and her cute little kittens when they arrive.

Good Ol days

The beauty of taking pictures is that you’ll have something to hold on to; you can use it to remember the wonderful moments and milestones long after they’ve concluded. For instance, this old photo of a pregnant guinea pig named Fig.
Image source: baysidepiggies/Instagram
Her owner posted the photo three years after it was taken, remembering the good old days when her little girl was so huge and ready to pop. We can’t help but wonder how Fig and her pups are doing now!

Snack Time, Then Nap Time

When someone is pregnant, they get a pass for things that wouldn’t normally be okay. This is especially human moms, but all animals can experience this. And it’s understandable; having to carry that much weight can get kinda challenging, and tiring.
Image source: heyitskula/Instagram
Here’s an expectant mother that knows just what we mean — just have a look at her! She looks like had fun indulging in her cravings and passed out on the couch. And we can’t blame her for it; with all she’s got to endure, she can pass out anywhere.

Stout Goat

Momma goats are adorable! It’s not just the fact that they’re pregnant that makes us think they’re cute, but the sheer size of their pregnancy is also what gets us. For instance, take a look at this short and plump goat having her lunch.
Image source: goodlyearth/Reddit
We can’t even begin to imagine the work her legs are putting in to help he stay standing, and also how much pressure her ribs and even organs must be under. Anyways, she doesn’t seem too bothered by it, so why should we?

Huge Horse

We know, logically, that all animal species get pregnant, but we don’t think we’ll ever fully get used to seeing heavily pregnant animals. There’s just something really odd about their belly protruding that makes them look absolutely special and downright adorable.
Image source: Raikit/Reddit
Pregnant horses always catch us off guard. They’re usually galloping to heaven knows where, looking incredibly fit and energized. In fact, we consider them some of the most agile animals out there. This momma, on the other hand? Not so much.

Momma Elephant

Any and every expecting mother, no matter the size or species, deserves several trophies. Surely we can all agree on that, right? And we don’t think it’s a stretch to say that animals like elephants always deserve a special mention.
Image source: hypeness.com.br
It’s not just about the offspring’s size. Consider the fact that they stay this way for about eighteen to twenty-two months. Elephants have the longest pregnancy period of any animal on the planet! Now, that’s an award-winning feat, to say the least!

Chubby Daddy

In most species, it’s the female that carries the baby. It’s a rule we’ve gotten so used to now, that we assume just about every pregnant animal is a she, but there happen to be a couple of species where it’s the dad that does the hard work.
Image source: matt_testoni_photography/Instagram
Here’s a photo of a pregnant dad — a seahorse relaxing in the evening sun in a port off the coast of Victoria in Australia. His bright colors are absolutely stunning, and his big belly makes him look nothing less than adorable.

Maternity shoot

Pictures are taken so all sorts of wonderful moments can be immortalized, remembered, and looked back on. And what better moment to make remember than the months that led up to the birth of a new being into the world!
Image source: anapaulagrillophotographer/Facebook
And we’re not just talking about humans. Animals deserve this treatment, too. This precious mom had the wonderful privilege of having her maternity photos taken, and even though she might not understand what’s going on, her owners will, and they’ll have those moments to remember forever!

Chonky Ferret

We have always wondered how animals with long and slender bodies and abdomens would look when they are pregnant, but have always been too lazy to check it out online. Seeing this ferret, now means our curiosity has been satisfied.
Image source: syuk/Reddit
Her proportions look absolutely insane, and we can’t help but wonder just how many babies she’s got in there. We also wonder how she’s able to do stuff with a tummy that size! It would be so cute watching her trying to walk around like that.

Big mouse

Looking at smaller animals getting pregnant, we can’t just help but wonder how they do it. Not how they get pregnant, of course, but how they are able to go about their daily activities with body proportions that are distorted.
Image source: Josh_Dah_King/Reddit
For instance, we always wonder just how they’re able to crawl around with bellies that big. Do their abdomens drag on the ground when they do, or do they just not bother walking whenever they become that heavy? Guess we’ll never know.

Get that ultrasound

Pregnant animals should get regular checkups, just like humans do. While this might be impossible for wild animals, domestic pets have the privilege of getting the care they need from professionals during their journey through motherhood. And this doesn’t just mean checking their breathing…
Image source: garlicbreadslut/Twitter
The best thing about this photo isn’t just the fact that we get a great view of the cutest pregnant guinea pig belly, but also the fact that the mom looks so anxious! We wonder what the ultrasound is for. Maybe she’s dying to know the gender of her baby.

Hairless mom

We love cats of all colors, breeds, and sizes. We’re partial to the fluffy ones, but all cats are beautiful in their own right, especially when they’re expecting kittens. For this next picture, you first need to look past the hairless cat’s glare to see her belly.
Image source: RampChurch/Reddit
Pregnancy is such a wonderful time, but mothers can experience some terrible mood swings. We’re assuming that’s exactly what’s going on here. Maybe papa cat did something silly, or perhaps her humans didn’t buy the right cat food that week.

This ain’t no Yoga class

As much as pregnancy can be an invigorating experience for many, without a doubt, it can also be a very uncomfortable one. Many people have had to adjust and amend their ways just to accommodate their babies, and that goes for animals, too.
Image source: jen_nyugenx/Twitter
The pose you see above isn’t some yoga style for the dog, it’s the poor girl trying to fall asleep. You’ll notice her eyes are shut, and that’s probably the best position she can stay in to catch some zzzs. Nonetheless, we still think it’s utterly cute.

Thick Big Cat

Many women feel some level of bloatedness during the gestation of their babies, which usually increases as the days draw nearer to their delivery. Here’s a big cat that probably knows just what we mean, seeing as she’s nearly due.
Image source: Aakanksha Singh/CC BY-SA 4.0/Wikimedia Commons
She is a resident at a zoological park and was three months pregnant at the time this photo was taken, which means she probably had her babies just a couple of days or even moments afterward. How spectacular is that?!

Plump Rat

For every single species, being pregnant is certainly not easy, so we’ve gotta always hand it to our little pregnant friends — they’re bearing a heavy load! Some of them appear to be even twice their size; just check out this rat, for instance.
Image source: moonshadowrattery/Instagram
This photo was taken not long before she went into labor. Given how many babies rats can have at once, we can’t help but wonder just how many pups were cuddled up next to her. We might not be sure of their number, but we bet they’re all super cute.

Crouching Squirrel

Not to be rude, but sometimes, it can be hard to tell if someone’s pregnant, overfed, or just naturally has a huge belly. That was certainly the case when we first stumbled upon this photo of a happy little squirrel.
Image source: HotsumaGumby/Reddit
It turns out, she’s pregnant, and from the looks of it, pretty delighted with herself about that (look at her little smile!). She must be taking a rest after a tiring walk. With a belly that big, she’s certainly earned a break.

Huge hedgehog

We’re the biggest suckers for smaller animals, particularly pets. Don’t get us wrong, we love our Bernese Mountain Dogs, but there’s something about a teacup Poodle that melts our hearts — not to mention when their cuteness is doubled by them being pregnant. And it doesn’t just apply to dogs…
Image source: j01001010/imgur
This beautiful mother’s name is Gemini, and she’s so pregnant that she probably can’t even sit straight! We’ve seen some pretty adorable pregnant animals in our time, and we’re not one to rank, but we’ve gotta say, Gemini definitely belongs in one of our top spots.

Pale Pregnant Polecat

We’re some of the biggest fans of ferrets, so when we got introduced to their very close relatives, the polecat, we were just as excited as the day we discovered them. And seeing this photo made us even more ecstatic.
Image source: AtheneNocturna/imgur
Here’s a picture of a very pregnant (and very sleepy) polecat. Telling from her fur pattern, it’s pretty clear she’s a one-of-a-kind gal. We can’t wait to see her babies! Pretty sure they’ll be just as beautiful and unique as their mom is.

Pregnant Kitty

Cats are already known for being incredibly sassy, and pregnancy only amplifies that. Hormonal changes can make any momma’s emotions spiral out of control. So, we wonder just how sassy a pregnant cat might be. We can’t tell from the picture alone, but we have somewhat of an idea.
Image source: KittensForDays/imgur
This might seem adorable (which she is, no doubt about that), but we wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. If you look closely, you could even see she’s got a slight scowl on her face. Probably because someone’s taking unsolicited photos of her huge belly.

She’s Having Twins!

The chance of having twins isn’t as low as one might think (the odds are 1 in 250), but it’s still more likely that human moms will have a single-child birth. In stark contrast, it’s the opposite case for many of our friends in the animal kingdom.
Image source: erica21200/Reddit
A dog can have up to four or even five puppies, hamsters can birth up to twenty, and naked mole rats can have tens at a time. Of course, there are plenty that are like humans; goats can have up to two kids at a time, just like this expectant momma. We love how happy with herself she looks!

Incoming Calf

Oh, how wonderful it is to travel! You get to see so many different people and experience so many different cultures while seeing what their landscapes have to offer. If we were to plan our next trip, it would most definitely be to go on a safari.
Image source: misstara951/Instagram
Go on a safari and see some of the world’s rarest animals in their natural habitat, just like this person did. If you’re lucky, you could also spot a pregnant exotic animal just waltzing around during your time there. That would make for a really surreal experience!

More Maternity Shoots!

We just love a good old pet-owner bond, and anyone who ever takes out their time to have a maternity photoshoot with their pregnant dog certainly deserves extra points. Just look at how happy this girl looks as she’s having her photos taken!
Image source: caitiesfosterfarm/Reddit
It might not actually say much, granted dogs always look that way, but still, she seems like an adorable one, and it’s pretty clear to us that she’s well taken care of. She’s a foster, and we hope her next parents will be as equally caring.

Tree nap

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not one to pick favorites, and we think pregnant animals of all kinds are equally as wonderful and adorable, but there’s just something about seeing an exotic expectant parent that is profoundly intriguing to us, just like this big cat.
Image source: dream_weaver101/Instagram
We’re used to seeing them looking all fierce and aggressive, but looking at this one with her big belly who just wants to have a quiet nap on a tree truly is a sight to behold. We only wish we were there to witness this spectacle in person!

Another pregnant papa

Seahorses are some pretty unique sea creatures, and we’re not just talking about their specially structured bodies and the wide range of colors they come in. As we mentioned before, they don’t go with the flow of other species since the males are the ones that carry the babies!
Image source: heyimzel/Reddit
Just like this daddy above, seahorses incubate their babies in a pouch on their tail that expands as they grow and the days draw nearer to their birth. He’s an adorable papa, and we’d have loved to have a sneak peek at his fry.

We never get tired of maternity shoots!

Seeing pregnant mothers will never get old for us. There’s just something about their sparkling eyes and their wonderful bumps that just feels unique and different with every new expectant mother we see, and that’s why we love it so much.
Image source: elsa_means/Twitter
And, just like we love seeing photos of pregnant animals, we love seeing their maternity shoots just as much, just like this mother cuddling with her human. We know for a fact that those pups will have a loving home.

More sleepy kitties perched atop trees

We don’t watch a lot of content about different kinds of wildlife, so we were a bit taken aback when we found out loads of big cats can climb atop trees. Needless to say, we were even more stunned when we saw photos of pregnant ones resting on some!
Image source: shaji_mathilakam/Instagram
It takes ages for us to climb hilly roads on foot, so it’s really impressive to see these heavily pregnant mommas scaling trees like it’s a walk in the jungle. We’re also amazed at how she’s able to stay in such a position; it must be a really comfy spot!

Another Preggie Guinea

Ah, aren’t guinea pigs just the best?! We get one photo of them, and we can’t help but look up more online. We’re glad we do because each is just as unique and just as cute as the last. Take this picture of this heavily pregnant guinea pig, for instance.
Image source: NieNieL/Reddit
Her belly’s so big, she needs support from the sofa she’s seated on to be able to keep herself up straight! Her fur looks kinda messy, and just in case you were wondering, no, we’re not judging. Pregnancy really takes a toll on the mom. She doesn’t have time to brush her hair.

Happy Momma

We’re staunch believers that every single photo of a pregnant animal is adorable and should be praised at all costs, regardless of how tired and messy the mothers look. That being said, it wouldn’t hurt if they put some effort into the photos.
Image source: maya_tequila_jackrussells/Instagram
This expectant mother looks like she’s doing all that and more! And to think that she was just about ready to pop when this picture was taken shows us just how much of a bundle of joy this girl is for her owners, and will no doubt be for her babies as well.

Fat Lioness

Imagine going on an expedition to the wild to see the landscapes and the amazing creatures that call the place home, only to be graced with the gorgeous presence of a pregnant animal. And, not just any animal — a lioness!
Image source: jamestsanders/Flikr
Watching the queen of the animal kingdom strut away from you under the setting sun in one of the world’s most unique locations has got to be one of the most incredible experiences ever. Congratulations to whoever took this photo!

A Chunky Guinea’s Backside

We’ve got a lot of belly and side views of many pregnant animals throughout the course of this post, giving us a pretty good idea of how a pregnant animal would look like when we see them from that side. That’s why we decided to add some variety by including this picture.
Image source: brodiemanz/Reddit
Here’s the rear side view of a big and fat pregnant hairless guinea pig. As much as we love seeing her huge body, we’d have also loved to have a look at her cute little mommy face. We’re sure she’s an adorable one. Aren’t they all?

Don’t ask

Let’s get real; even though pregnancy can be a wonderful and sweet experience, there’s no denying having another being growing inside you won’t be the most comfortable feeling. That’s why people and animals stay in all sorts of positions just to have some moments of relief.
Image source: Fruitqueen/Reddit
And, that’s exactly what we think is going on here. Cats aren’t one for sitting on their bottoms, so this is something we feel is unique to this pregnant cat. She looks so cute with her tiny paws and big belly in such an odd stance!

Chunky Snake

We have seen loads of mammals from all over the world in this post, so it’s only fair to give our reptilian friends some love. To represent that class, we picked a fat and chunky snake as our next entry!
Image source: reagan_renee_royal_pythons/Instagram
We know that not everyone is a fan of snakes, but we hope that even snake-ambivalent folks would find this photo rather calming. The way she’s all wrapped up around herself makes her look super comfy, and we adore that.

Stern Momma

We’re ones to believe every single animal has some cuteness to them. Even the strangest fiercest looking ones have some substance of innocence in them, and the quality is even compounded if they just so happen to be pregnant as well.
Image source: thebullydistrict/Reddit
For instance, this tough-looking pooch right here! Sure, she may seem like she’s ready to break some bones, and she just might with that glare on her face, but if you look close enough, you’d also see the cuteness in her that we do.

Pregnant Potato

Coming across a pregnant animal can be a wonderful experience, but owning one is nothing less than a privilege. Imagine having the opportunity to spend so much time with an animal that cute, and taking the most adorable pictures with them.
Image source: whitewolfcritters/Instagram
This lucky owner didn’t know which of these four photos of their heavily pregnant furry companion to share, so she shared them all. To that, we say — good call! We also hope they share photos of the babies when they’re all out and scurrying around.

Pregnant Pony

Although this post has leaned in favor of common domestic animals, we’ve been graced with photos of all sorts of animals, like a giraffe and some big cats. We hope you’re ready because we’ve got another pregnant animal you probably won’t find at your friend’s house…
Image source: Virginia State Parks/CC BY 2.0/Wikimedia Commons
Ponies, to us, are like the smaller whimsical versions of horses, so it’s always a pleasure when we get to see one. That’s why seeing a picture of one pregnant is more than a unique experience. Looks like she’ll have the cutest foals!

A Chihuahua’s Shoot

There have been quite a number of dogs in this post so far, with each being just as unique and adorable as the last. And, let’s not forget, pregnant, too. This cute little Chihuahua having her maternity photoshoot is no different.
Image source: hgeovanna1/Twitter
Of course, there were no fancy photographers or big venues for her, but they still look just as precious and cute as her other furry friends’ photos do. They went for a Beyoncé theme, and personally, we think they killed it.