Moments Where Shade was Thrown at Self-Entitled People

By Aileen Dometita

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

These people were not prepared at all for the shade they were going to get for their behavior. Adults these days are so caught up in their busy day-to-day lives that basic respect sometimes comes second in line. What happens to people who don’t pay attention to their surroundings? They get shade thrown at them for their behavior. Be it not noticing what’s going on around you, hoarding insane amounts of material goods or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s all about timing and these people totally forgot that they were being watched. We’ve caught them in all their unabashed glory. In some of these instances, the shade was instant, while in others, passersby were just left to silent mutter in annoyance, and we’re doing the dirty work for them.

Play Pretend

Let’s pretend we’re busy. Take out that phone and play on it. Give off the impression that someone important has messaged you and that you have to reply ASAP. That’s a great way to completely transport yourself to a different dimension where other people’s presence doesn’t exist.

Image Courtesy of Capital Course/Reddit

Even if you do get away with it, that bag won’t. Place it on your lap. Seats are meant for people, not nylon or cloth. That senior citizen is already invading your space to play at your conscience. Have the initiative to offer the seat next time, or prepare to be nudged. After all, there’s so much space left and it’s not cool to hog all of it.

Heart Attack

Nature knows best. He’d better enjoy his remaining days because a countdown has been set, and the reaper will be claiming his due. After all, he only claims the lives of those who lack basic respect and this guy wasn’t having it that day and decided to hoard a bunch of meat. Was he going to have a cook-off? Or perhaps he wanted to stock up for next year?

Image Courtesy of PeopleBeingJerks/Reddit

Cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart failure, coronary artery disease? This grocery cart looks like an accident waiting to happen and we’re not ready to see it unfold. We’d rather he have a few portions of meat and a few vegetables. We hope he didn’t get everything from the meat aisle!

Entitled Kid

We’re downloading this, having it printed, and saving it in our wallets. We can’t imagine being parents for children like this. It could have been a joke, but posting this on your stories or snap doesn’t make you look good nor is it funny. It’s just kind of sad.

Image Courtesy of Bride Blush

Some people should be grateful for what they have especially since some people don’t even own iPhones. After all, we’re all in the same boat and not everyone can afford AirPods, let alone Bluetooth earphones! What about thinking about the things that we are grateful for instead of the things that we don’t have?

Beating The Curriculum

You’d need a great degree of influence to get away with something like this. If you sense that you’re going to flunk a subject, hit the books or ask your professor what points to improve on. Your teachers will always be there to help you as long as you take the first step to ask for directions when you really need it.

Image Courtesy of Bride Blush

You’re just not ready. And that’s okay. You can do better. Don’t blame it on the school, man. They’re just doing their job. Hopefully next time you’ll be able to study harder to get better grades. Also, does anyone else think he resembles a certain celebrity or politician? We’ll let your mind wander and imagine.

Scraps For Dinner

We never understood why some buffet spots would require that you finish your plate. It’s ours, and besides, we paid per head. It looks like these people didn’t even touch their food. What a waste! Our stomachs are grumbling in many different ways looking at this. How unfair to leave a table with so much food when there are people who don’t have the liberty to eat so much.

Image Courtesy of frisouille/Reddit

This amount of food could be enough to feed four homeless people. Maybe even five. Now they’re simply going to the bin. No amount of money can equate to this kind of wastage. We’d be wringing the dishtowels behind the counter if we encountered this. Now that’s what we call extremely self-entitled!


Panic-buying is infectious. You might lose that last pack of Lays Chips or bottled water. But at home where you have running water and soap, why would you go for hoarding this much toilet paper? Is it the zombie apocalypse? Or maybe they’re going to TP someone’s house? That’s an ungodly amount of toilet paper. Maybe they were on sale?

Image Courtesy of Nanami_Trash/Reddit

Is this the new fiat currency? Paying by sheet or roll? You can use cotton and alcohol to disinfect gadget exteriors or bleach for contact surfaces. Hopefully, there were enough for other people to buy too. It looks like the store will need to stock up on toilet paper because this person just bought everything in stock.

Forcing A Hand

Remind us never to have kids. We’re good with babysitting or managing our nieces. Just kidding. But it’s moments like this that make us rethink being a parent. We definitely wouldn’t want to be in this dad’s shoes. We’re revoking all privileges by the time they reach 10 years old. Here’s one reason why.

Image Courtesy of NextShark

Were you the same way when you were a teenager? Or when you were still considered their son? We hope not. Because if we were in that dad’s position, we would probably file suit and disinherit him on the spot. After all, that’s no regular car. That’s a BMW! Regular people would take years to save for such a prized car and this little boy scratched it like it was nothing.

Keeping It Clean

If this woman were behaving this badly in public transport, we can only imagine just how bad and worn out her ride is. Come on. They have those tiny cups in the airplane for small glasses of coffee or juice, and she could have simply asked for one. Throwing it on the floor is completely out of the question.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/bluecornersackofcrap

No one’s going to look after you. There’s no mommy here to pick up the shells of your wasted life. So have some decency, bend over, and put those in a paper bag. You could press the button and hand them over to your stewardess. She’ll even commend you for doing her a favor.

We’re Closed

Close that book. Slide the pen in the journal. We hope your eyes are photosensitive because they sure aren’t keen on perceiving your watch’s display. After all, couldn’t this person see that there were barely any people left in the café? It’s closing time and it doesn’t mean you have an extra 20 minutes to stay in just because the staff is wrapping up.

Image Courtesy of not_a_power_ranger/Reddit

Is it rude for the staff to request you to leave? We think not. We understand that they have families to go too, and a number of hours to sleep before “alarm, rinse, repeat”. Clean up that table as an apology too! We sure hope she left a good tip, because if we were the waiters we would be quaking in our boots.

Lack Of Personal Space

We don’t understand how some men can take up so much space when women also need as much space. Exhibit A, ladies and gentlemen. Or maybe his legs were just too long? We think it could be that this plane was just built too small. After all, it doesn’t look like he can straighten his legs.

Image Courtesy of

After having been told to sit properly, he manages to “accidentally” brush his leg against hers. Are those jeans too thick for him to feel that there’s contact between them? Or is his skull too dense to understand simple English and common courtesy?

Smells Fishy

Looks like this man wanted to cut his travel short by stopping by the fish market before meeting his friend. Talk about bringing your own food the potluck! The fish looks like it’s ready to be grilled or fried any second now.

Image Courtesy of Bored Panda

We’d advise against bringing a dead fish to any kind of public setting especially on public transport as this can cause everyone around you to pass out from the stench. No one wants to sit beside someone with a ginormous fish. Unless… you love fish that much.

No Exercise Zone

This lady clearly needed to stretch her legs. But she didn’t want to wait until landing time because that would have caused intense cramping. The best place to do stretches in the airplane would be in the aisle. But this could cause a lot of commotion and be a nuisance.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

We all know how long flights can be grueling and tiresome. Sometimes it’s better to just wait it out instead of causing a disruption. The discontent of the other travelers is imminent and they clearly weren’t pleased. Maybe some of them needed to go to the bathroom but couldn’t do so. Next time, in-flight manners should be observed by everyone.

Now You See Me

We’re loving this pink umbrella because it complements the child’s pink tights. She’s gonna grow up to have a unique sense of fashion! Perhaps a career in fashion design is in the making? But there’s more to this pic than meets the eye.

Image Courtesy of Bored Panda

Initially, this is cute but we noticed how she’s taking up the entire seat. After all, 3 people could fit there. Maybe no one approached her because of the flamboyant umbrella but still, she should have been a tad more mindful…

Wall Art

It looks like these two are having a ball. It’s fun to people watch sometimes and imagine the scenario they’re in. For example, this could be the kid’s grandmother or even a complete stranger cheering him on. By the looks of it, no one seems to mind the two.

Image Courtesy of szemettelepchannel/Facebook

Unfortunately, this kind of activity could result in a large fine. We hope they have something to wash off the spray paint! Graffiti is a beautiful art form but sometimes it can get out of hand such as in this instance. We hope they made a run for it if they got caught!

Looks Good On Pic

It doesn’t matter what biodiversity is damaged, or what living creature dies. This lady clearly isn’t an environmentalist and she could have taken the picture a few inches before the dunes. But lo and behold, today was the day she decided to break the rules.

Image Courtesy of Barnorama

It looks like social media is king here. Not nature. Nature comes second in this scenario. Hit that like, share that button, tweet and retweet. We wish there were a thumbs down option here so we could dislike this picture.

Paid For The Favor

You have to pay us for our existence. Had it not been for our royal requests, you would have no purpose in life. This seems familiar. It seems like this person thought that photography is a simple task, when in fact it’s very far from that. There’s a ton of work that goes into being a photographer.

Image Courtesy of barnorama

We volunteer to be the muse, and as an exchange for your non-existent status as an artist, we’ll give you “exposure”. This mindset is toxic and quite frankly, rude. We sure wouldn’t want to be in this photographer’s shoes at all.


You’ve survived the guillotine of that fateful shopping trip to your local mart. Cashiers were closing aisle after aisle. Items were disappearing off the shelves sooner than you can count by the second. You pack away your groceries and head on home.

Image Courtesy of Hopeful Swine/Reddit

It looks like this person plans on making a living from selling toilet paper. We wouldn’t want to be in the customer’s shoes. But seriously overcharging toilet paper and only demanding it in cash is pretty sick. And we don’t mean sick in a positive way.

Conflicting Ties

There’s nothing pleasant about having to be betrayed, even by a stranger. It really is awful, especially when this person is trying to report something that isn’t any of their business let alone violate someone’s privacy. Cool it, Karen. Just because you didn’t get an invite, you don’t need to take it out on other people.

Image Courtesy of Mishamooshi/Reddit

Bill invited us over for that barbecue gathering. How was it our fault? He managed to monopolize all the pork chops and lamb bits in the mart. Plus it’s free! Next time this person makes an event they had better make sure it’s private.

Singling Out The Men

When these two beautiful women pledged a lifetime to each other, this man got us thinking about our dwindling future. He obviously isn’t pro-LGBTQ, and he took it into his power to request these women to rethink their upcoming vows.

Image Courtesy of Blazar101/Reddit

Let’s be honest; his answer is so cringy on so many different levels we don’t really have words. The dealbreaker here is the almost assuming way that he seemed to invite himself and an equally unattached friend into the picture. We understand that being single isn’t easy – but to come uninvited and so intrusively is just flat-out rude.

Keep Right

When this group took pictures of their friend, they were met with incoming cyclists. They played an odd dodgeball of sorts. Guess who lost? The pedestrian was left with the short end of the stick here. Let’s examine the situation, shall we?

Image Courtesy of EntitledBitch/Reddit

It isn’t just a lane. It’s a way of living. Keeping right would have kept that group from being run down by cyclists. Honey, you can’t cry foul when you were begging for an accident to happen. Say sorry next time instead of playing the victim. You’d be doing both of you a favor.

Where’s My Dipping Sauce?

It seems like this woman really loves her sauce. We don’t blame her. We’re all about extra containers of BBQ sauce or even good ol’ ketchup. But to threaten McDonald’s for not serving her enough sauce sounds downright ridiculous. Also, threatening an establishment is not okay.

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

She could be a threat to society. Hey, don’t get us wrong, it’s okay to complain, but to threaten is a completely different road we’d rather not traverse. Hopefully, she learned to make do with the sauce she had. Life lessons!

No Parking Here

Even if you’re the CEO of a company, no title will justify acting like this. This is the definition of being rude, and this person clearly didn’t care about anyone else’s betterment. How could he have gotten a license for parking like this?

Image Courtesy of

We sure hope he didn’t get behind the wheel after drinking because this parking is simply unacceptable. Couldn’t he have picked one side and just stuck with it? Maybe he was in a rush but it still wasn’t okay that he did that.

Who’s There?

This artist just wasn’t feeling up to creating his own art and decided to sabotage someone else’s piece. We don’t recommend drawing over someone’s art — that isn’t cool at all! Even though the blue adds a pop of color, it still violates the original artist’s work.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/Hazmainian_devil

This kind of vandalism shouldn’t be tolerated. And maybe there should have been a CCTV camera around to capture this crime. By the looks of it, this person doesn’t have anything against horses cause he left this blank. But maybe he just wasn’t having a good day.


Internet service and data connection these days are factors a die-hard gadget freak would consider when relocating. You’d also expect them to mouth this problem when out on a run. After all, internet is sacred during these times when almost all jobs require it.

Image Courtesy of momcrotch/Tumblr

Those are priorities anyone should have in mind, instead of cell service and battery life. Well, except when you’re accidentally hurt. Then we’d understand why you’d want a longer battery life. To call perhaps? Being stabbed is worse than getting a low battery sign on your phone. We’ll have to give this person a plus for that comment.

Where’s The Bidet?

Bidets are popular in East Asian countries and less so in Western countries. They help with using less toilet paper and also save up on time because you do a quick wash and go. It looks like this toilet is missing a much needed bidet. This mom’s comment on her son’s actions is commendable and justified.

Image Courtesy of

After all, peeing on a seat is certainly not okay, especially when the person who’ll use it next needs to use it ASAP. This mom decided to take matters into her own hands and we don’t blame her for it. Good job, mom!

Package Not Delivered

Picture this. You’ve ordered the camera of your dreams, complete with a tripod, and all the right gear. Your order says it’ll be shipped in a week and you wait eagerly for the package, tracking its every move as it inches ever closer.

Image Courtesy of

Finally, the update says it’s delivered, but unfortunately it’s nowhere to be seen! What is a person to do? The easiest solution would be to call customer service or, we could just go around our house. This isn’t easy at all and sometimes it could take hours to search for our package. Oh no. And on the petunias too. Yikes.

Cleanup On Aisle 6

Kids and the excitement caused by new toys can often be a recipe for disaster, especially in a toy store. We feel bad for anyone who has to clean up after this mess. Could it be that a rhino found its way out of a zoo and managed to ravage a toy store?

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

We’re appalled by how this rhino could have made such a mess. After all, this doesn’t look like it could have been a human’s doing. But then again, we rethink back to the times when we were kids and remember how chaotic we used to get. Oh well! We hope the parents will teach the children to pick up after themselves.

This Seat’s Taken

A long day of grocery shopping can be grueling and we totally understand that falling in line, ticking items off your grocery list, all while pushing a heavy cart, can be cumbersome. We would advise to probably grab a chair or sit down on a bench outside and resume shopping after a while.

Image Courtesy of Reddit/IAmAllOfTheSith

Sitting on bread isn’t recommended though, because people are going to bring these home and they might not want to make pizza with the bread. We’re sure that at some point they’d want to use the bread for a sandwich too. Who will buy a squashed loaf?

No Parking Zone

It looks like this person really needed to get where they needed to go. It would seem they were in quite the rush to find parking. We highly recommend not parking on someone’s steps as this can, obviously, prevent the person living in the house from going outside.

Image Courtesy of

Also, this is totally an accident waiting to happen. Our next question is: how are they going to get down from there? We sure hope they were able to find a way or at least to have asked someone for help.

Keep Your Feet On The Ground

This person was feeling sluggish on the flight and decided to rest their soles on an armrest. Now they must have been extremely exhausted, but that isn’t an excuse to make other passengers uncomfortable. In fact, it’s a downright disgusting thing to do.

Image Courtesy of

We sure hope the flight wasn’t longer than a couple hours, because they would have definitely bothered the entire plane. We recommend bringing. a pair of extra socks on the flight. When you don’t, it can cause a lot of distress to other people especially if they have sensitive noses.

Innocent Until Caught

Some people have really got some nerve. This is a beautiful piece of logic here: ruin the merchandise then claim half a discount for the favor you’re rendering the management. Tell them you were justified, a quality check of sorts.

Image Courtesy of Imgur/cakejoke

Before employing this scheme, make sure that there are no CCTVs within the area. Have kids stay clear, because the moment they sniff out chocolate, they are sure to go loco. Should have practiced abstinence…from food…or maybe try intermittent fasting?

Walking Home

No wonder some people like to prey on bicycles. All too often, they’re either stolen, slashed, or mangled. It has a bicycle stand to lean on, let others park their wheels in the rack. Maybe another parking place is in order?

Image Courtesy of

We doubt this was his first time to see or use a bicycle rack. If we saw this at our campus, best believe he’d be walking home by the end of class. No pictures. No documentation. No excuses. He will be walking home with spare parts!


The local mart caters to the community. It houses spices and ingredients that hail from the owner’s country, and it stays open during odd hours for the convenience of its customers. The least the customers could do is not steal or harass people.

Image Courtesy of Bored Panda

Unfortunately, some people are simply ungrateful. Without any sense of remorse or compassion, they weasel their way out of store policy or basic propriety, feeling everyone owes them something. Judge, jury, and executioner, we’re grateful that this local shop owner employs all functions.


Conversely, management also has a way of duping loyal customers. Was this a company policy or did it happen upon the initiative of an employee? That was simply cruel to cover up a part of the apple that clearly wasn’t edible.

Image Courtesy of

We are dissatisfied with the kind of service this store employs. Rots are rots, throw them out. Nobody wants them in their produce. And nobody wants to pay for something that’s near expiry. Shouldn’t this be in the store’s policy? Maybe that’s a sign that the store should improve its system, or employ sales.


They could hear their names being called from across a 10-meter room. They have the enthusiasm to raise their hand and come over to collect their venti-sized drink. And even if it’s scalding hot, they’ll cup it with their hands like it were a prized treasure. We’ve all ordered a Starbucks drink at one point in our lives and didn’t finish it.

Image Courtesy of

And when they’re done, that level of enthusiasm will be gone. They’ll simply place that waste atop the bin. They’ll feign deafness when called out on it. And they will shrug it off like the thick-skinned individuals that they are.

What Sign?

There are dozens of excuses: she must not have seen them, or maybe she just completely missed the sign no matter how large it was. Think about all the time that was put into designing this area and the time it took for the flowers to grow, all destroyed by one mistake.

Image Courtesy of iamatotalpieceofsh*t/Reddit

But hey, she’s only human and sometimes we make mistakes. But…that was pretty clear signage. It had about foot-size letters and it was intentionally placed in the front. Next time, maybe phones or cameras should also be banned in this setting.

Return Policy

You were eager to get ribeye steaks. So you grabbed some chops and fill your cart with other essentials. While thinking about your existence, you changed your mind about the beef night. You probably had more guests who were vegetarians, so off to the veggie section you go.

Image Courtesy of Grocery/Pinterest

Without anyone else seeing you, you were free to pick those chops and place them by the counter shelf. It doesn’t matter. The grocery boy will take care of it. But come on, this is gross and inconsiderate. It’ll only inconvenience other people so make sure not to do this in the grocery.

Helping Out

As if those extended hours weren’t enough of a sacrifice, a cashier or shelf-filler has more than enough on his or her hands: cans, produce, carts, perishables. So why treat them in such a callous manner and make them have to be your personal cleanup servant?

Image Courtesy of FreshChills/Reddit

If they had only taken what they could consume, they wouldn’t have to cancel last minute. Void, please! That’s going to delay the line further! We think our annoyance is justified. Then again, it could have been Black Friday. But still, this person must be loaded!

Summer Rinse

That heat in the summertime can make you feel dizzy. Some wear loose clothing, while others take a plunge. That’s what this family did. Without any sense of civility, they climbed the fence and helped themselves to a stranger’s pool.

Image Courtesy of yomamascub/Reddit

This is the only time you’d find yourself amused by trespassers. If they could, we’d love for them to play all day or visit every now and then. Just keep those paws away from the pool’s edges. Otherwise, there’d be no reason for them to come back. And we can’t take that in this heat.

Graduate School

Those who pursue graduate degrees sometimes sadly opt out because of finances. Others simply don’t have the time, being parents or holding full-time jobs. This guy either doesn’t have the responsibility to look after others, or is short on budget. And this reason why would frustrate anyone.

Image Courtesy of UberHumor

Adversity does have its perks. But this level of entitlement is stifling. We hope for his sake, he learns soon. His parents shouldn’t coddle too close to home. They’re doing him a disfavor. Sure some people love being at home because of its pros but in the end, we’ll have to grow our own wings to create our own homes.

Helping Out

Speakers, headphones, earphones, earbuds, and now airpods. We wouldn’t be paying for convenience. But these airpods are causing us more distress than comfort. This is why. Whenever one piece goes missing you’ll have to buy the whole set. That doesn’t come cheap, unfortunately.

Image Courtesy of UberHumor

First of all, it seems like this could be a joke. But since he included his Cash App we’re almost sure he meant it. If you include any kind of email or username at the end it just means you’re extra serious. We sure hope he learns to earn the money instead of asking for it.


This is why some men have trust issues. In the end, your goals are your own. You’ll have to pay for them like the rest of us. You wanted an automobile, here you go, now bear the responsibility of maintaining it.

Image Courtesy of disabledemotions/Reddit

That’s not anyone else’s brunt. We don’t need men to provide for us. So stick to this mentality. You’ll be a better girlfriend, wife and mother for it, when the time comes. Being a parasite is a turn-off for everyone. If there was anyone who got away, it was him, honey. You did him a service! Boy, bye.

Hanging Out

You decide on a movie and realize that you don’t have any popcorn left. You don’t want to reply to any of your e-mails. It’s the weekend. Yet your brain is feeling all types of ways. A confluence of varying emotions that are roller-coastering through your head. Not the good kind that’s for sure.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@FiWoProblems

Gee, you’re running out of brainpower. You’re lying down and thinking of ways to pass the time. Because that is such a ginormous problem. How about exercising or journaling? That’s a surefire way to get your brain going. Boredom is a choice; it can be easily defeated with the right set of activities.

Time Beyond Work

When we’re at home, we would like work notifications to be kept at a minimum. We enjoy taking our time to read our messages and having to reply at leisure. But as Marie Kondo puts it, this one does not spark joy.

Image Courtesy of

You know that feeling when someone tells you “we need to talk”, and there are no smiles or reassurances of any kind. You’re immediately made to wonder what’s it about, and how you should prepare. You’re put on the defence. You can blabber, you can reject, or you can deny. Sorry, I’m at a meeting, straight from the bowl.

New Line Of Terrorism

Around 20 years ago, the world was edgy about taking planes. Security standards were stringent when it came to bombs and makeshift weapons of violence. Now, all you need to do is cough. That will irk everyone around you especially during pandemic times.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/@Dijahsb

That quarantine officer is heading towards you and focuses his entire weight on bringing you down. He puts a gloved hand over your mouth. Really, you would have surrendered. All you needed to do was to be shown the bathroom to wash your hands.