Girl Loses Toy During Vacation, Airline Employee Brings It Back To Her

By Anthony K January 26, 2023

Nearly everyone shares a story of misplacing something dear to them during travels. Imagine the joy of retrieving something you thought was gone forever. That alone is enough to brighten your day and mood.

Source: @cottonbro/Pexels

Although most things disappear without a trace and we can never find them again, there are instances when an owner has been reunited with their beloved possessions, and the feeling is worthwhile.

An article surfaced whereby a Southwest Airlines worker went the extra mile to reunite a little girl with her stuffed dog, which was named “Dog Dog.” On her return trip from a vacation with the family, Luna found out that her stuffed dog had been left behind.

Her mother, Jessica, then called Southwest Airlines and explained that her daughter had left the toy in a rental cab they used. They were lucky to find the stuffed animal after consultations.

Albeit away from home, it was heartwarming to learn that Dog Dog was in safe hands. As you would imagine, the little girl was beside herself with joy. The airline employee who found it held onto the doggo, taking it on amazing trips.

She proceeded to keep the stuffed animal safe until about a month later when its legitimate owners came back to pick it up.

Source: @cottonbro/Pexels

According to reliable sources, the employee took amazing photos of the doggo and its adventures and keep them as a memoir for its owner. We can just imagine the joy the young girl felt when she finally had the toy in her custody once more.

Currently, Dog Dog is in loving arms as it recalls the fancy rides she enjoyed while away from home.