Grandma Vs. Technology: 45 Times Older Folks Delighted Us With Their Posts

By Arvyn B

For most millennials and other young people, using social media is second nature. This generation, and of course, Gen Z, grew up surrounded by the internet, so they understand the key skills needed to interact with the digital world. However, for most older people, the internet is not just a different world; it’s a different universe. They are completely unfamiliar with the etiquette rules, and they sometimes lack basic knowledge of technology. We have to give them props for trying – it certainly is not easy to start learning something new, especially the world of the netizens, memes, and subtle jokes that have been built upon for over a decade. Even so, the results are pretty hilarious, although not intentional! Here are just a few of the funniest times that older adults used social media.

The Accidental Sleeper

Facebook started as a way for people to stay in contact with each other. But now, the site is often used to sell and give things away as well. And having a successful sale means posting pictures of your product.

Image courtesy of JAWS_OF_FIRE (Reddit)

Unfortunately, this mom posted one too many pictures to her product page. She accidentally included a picture of her sleeping daughter as part of the post. Hopefully, nobody thought that she was for sale – it’s just the Christmas decorations.


One great feature of many smart devices is the convenient speech-to-text feature, even though the kinks haven’t been worked out. This means that instead of having to type your post, you can just speak it. How clever! But the results are not always as you might expect.

Image courtesy of anonymouspipeline (Reddit)

This user’s father was trying to say “love Chuck,” but their phone corrected this to “truck” instead. The funniest part of this is that he was clearly trying to fix the issue, but the smart device included his correction attempts.

Good morning

This one is just really sweet. This user’s coworker is 60 years old, and every day they send the user a message in the morning. It might not be a particularly long message, but they’ve done it for over a year!

Image courtesy of markmyjohnson (Reddit)

There is something so touching about this. We love that the user responds to the messages in kind! We wonder if they say anything special on holidays, or if it is still the standard “Good morning” on those days too.

In the reflection

It is time for another trip to Facebook Marketplace for this hilarious picture. This older gentleman was selling an old guitar and took a picture of it for reference, but it looks like he captured his reflection in the metal plate!

Image courtesy of walterfilbert (Reddit)

The face he is making is so funny – you can even see the reflection of his body, bent over as he is taking the snap. At least, we hope it is a reflection and not part of the guitar’s design. (Just kidding.)

Movie Mixup

This user put a meme of a t-shirt on Facebook, which uses song lyrics from the Beatles. Yoda is a character who is known for speaking with awkward syntax. But Grandma seems to have confused him with someone from an entirely different franchise.

Image courtesy of brandlil (Reddit)

He is from Star Wars, not from Lord of the Rings! Perhaps she thought he was Gollum. It is an easy mistake to make after all – they are both small and have strange ways of talking. But Yoda is green, just so you know.

Lost in the Clouds

This grandma wanted to let the whole world know about her weight loss journey. We can understand why – losing 8 pounds in three months is a pretty great achievement! However, the picture she chose tells us this is a bigger deal than we even realized.

Image courtesy of _raouldukee (Reddit)

While this might not be the way we would celebrate our weight loss, she transcended the usual expectations and gave us something spectacular to admire. We love the look of contemplation set against a seaside sunset. She must feel great.

A new one every day

For some older people, the greatest hurdle comes with just trying to log into social media apps. They forget their password, username – or both! This user’s grandfather found a “clever” way around this – he created a new Facebook account each time!

Image courtesy guitaristHeimerz (Reddit)

The result is that every time it is his birthday, his friends get multiple alerts to post a message on his wall. So far, he has only created five accounts, but we can imagine that he has probably made many more since!


One user decided to post a news article about Pope Francis, who had announced that all animals go to heaven. Naturally, this made many people feel very excited. But it seems that this particular mom was a little too excited!

image courtesy of arronstothart (Reddit)

Thankfully, she made it clear under the post that this was just an error and was meant to be a comment on a completely different post. And in a totally expected turn of events, she could not figure out how to delete the comment.

DIY Emojis

On some Facebook groups, there are strict rules about how to format your posts. Apparently, for some, this includes using emojis, as this particular group banned using them. To get around it, this user decided to make her own emojis.

Image courtesy of unknown user / r/oldpeoplefacebook (Reddit)

She took the term “do it yourself” quite literally! We can’t imagine that many people actually used these emojis, but it is pretty hilarious to see her facial expressions anyway. They are so wonderful and funnier than the real thing!

Picture printout

This one is more impressive than it is hilarious. The user’s grandfather, who is 97 years old, really liked a picture posted on Facebook, so he decided to print it out so he could always look at it. That printout included the whole page.

Image courtesy of Maddierose1418 (Reddit)

We are so impressed with this grandpa. Not only has he figured out how to use Facebook, but he also knows how to work the printer. And besides, if he wants both photos together without the hassle of downloading them and making a new document, he did it the best way.

She’s not wrong…

Another feature that can be pretty challenging for older people to understand is how to take a screenshot. It’s a matter of holding down a button on most phones, but many people do not know how to make this feature work.

Image courtesy of soju_b (Reddit)

This user’s aunt decided to photocopy her phone instead! Technically, she is not wrong – it is a screenshot, after all, just a very odd one! We would not recommend doing this, though, as it could damage your phone’s camera.

Rihanna, who?

Sometimes, Facebook can be a great place for just venting your feelings. And that is exactly what this user did, as they posted about disliking Barbadian singer-songwriter, Rihanna. It seems Grandma has no idea who that is, but she has words of wisdom anyway.

Image courtesy of Fl4meingo (Reddit)

Her comment is good advice, even if a bit misplaced! Still, it is nice to see that this user’s grandma is trying to encourage friendliness on social media. If only everyone were this positive, then our world would be better!

Leave me alone!

Just what it is about Facebook Marketplace that makes people act so strangely?! One user posted an advertisement for a house, and someone responded to express their interest. Things suddenly escalated very quickly – take a look at the screenshot!

Image courtesy of idkwhat-to-put (Reddit)

We are not sure why they claimed to contact the attorney general, as we do not think this would be within their realm. All we know is that a TikToker named Lublin made a song out of this exchange, and it’s priceless.

How informative!

Facebook is a great place to stay in touch with people all around the world and let them know how you are getting on. For many older (and younger) folks, that includes updating the world on the ordinary parts of life, too.

Image courtesy of jumf (Reddit)

We do not know what Jeff was expecting people to say when he posted this update. It is pretty impressive that their cat ate some pieces of a banana. Someone on his friend list must love hearing about their feline family member.

Cute confusion

Something else that can confuse older folk is messaging. Some of them get confused with how to message in the first place. In the case of this woman, she sent a message to someone, complimenting their profile picture. Then, she forgot about it.

Image courtesy of xtugboatwilliex (Reddit)

A few months later, the woman message again. But this time, she thought the compliment was directed at her instead and wanted to express her thanks! This is a pretty cute mixup, and we hope it made her day. And that she never figured it out.

That’s not a horse!

A few years ago, there was a picture of a dress that went viral on social media. Some people could see a blue dress, and some people could see a gold dress. It appears this happened again with this picture.

Image courtesy of cpetti_ (Reddit)

Each person saw a different animal! Either that or they all need to go back to school to brush up on their animals and fruits. That is definitely not a bear, horse, broccoli, or cantaloupe! Everything about this post is goofy.

Text-to-speech Part 2

It is time for another case of text-to-speech problems. We present you: this post. This user’s mother uses the text-to-speech feature to help her text when she is behind the wheel. But this feature includes transcribing her comments in the car!

Image courtesy of whitebeaks (Reddit)

We can almost imagine their mom’s Southern accent as she said this! Thankfully, she did not have road rage and was pretty polite. We can only imagine how hilarious it would be if she started swearing! All those starred words.


This user went to Facebook to express their gratitude for the day’s weather. It was a comfortable 65 degrees, and they were very thankful for it being so pleasant. Unfortunately, they did not make this too clear in their post.

Image courtesy of assumetehposition (Reddit)

Someone else thought that he was talking about his birthday! We are not sure which one is the older person, as it appears that they both made a mistake. Perhaps they are in the same age bracket. Either way, it’s funny!

Marketplace Mistakes

Once again, we have another sales mistake. Can you guess which site it was on? Facebook Marketplace, of course! This person was interested in an advertisement they saw for a dish rack. Or they thought so. They appeared to have gotten very confused!

Image courtesy of Milvus-Milvus (Reddit)

We are not too sure how this mistake happens so frequently, but it does. The messages are even different colors, which is supposed to make it clear who sent what. It seems that is still not clear enough for some.

Feeling the filters

One of the funniest parts of older people using Facebook is how they use filters. Somehow, they often choose the most interesting filters and apply them. In the case of this grandma, one filter was not enough – she went for eight!

Image courtesy of marmosetohmarmoset (Reddit)

We do have to give her respect for figuring out how to use them on her profile pic. But with so many of them, it isn’t easy to see the text. It almost looks like it reads, “stand united, let hate win.”

It’s not on Facebook!

A lot of the time, people confuse the different sites. Usually, this is Facebook and Google, where they make posts about things meant to be searched in Google. Somehow, Joan made this mistake three times! Well, Joan, you’re definitely not alone.

Image courtesy of yumyum2222

We guess that she must have really wanted that banana bread recipe! We hope that she managed to find it using Google. Or maybe someone helped to point her in the right direction. Either way, it is a cute mistake!

Is that the solution?

This time, the user did the right thing and posted an update, asking how to log out of Facebook. This seems like the rational thing to do! What’s not so rational is the comment they left under the same post.

Image courtesy of Grace-Maree (Reddit)

We have a strong feeling that coconut oil is not the solution to logging out of Facebook! We guess that they were trying to log out of Facebook, so they could go to Google and search “coconut oil” there instead.

Another wrong site

We have already seen a few examples of people posting to Facebook, thinking that it is Google. Well, this user somehow managed to find the Facebook page for the Google Search App and posted to their page instead! That’s clever.

Image courtesy of HelpMyG403ls (Reddit)

They seem to pretty annoyed that they are the page is not giving them the answers. We hope someone told them how to use a search engine properly. Also, we hope they learned Google is “open” 24/7, 365 days a year.

An excited customer

It appears that Lora is a huge fan of Walmart. She is such a fan that she decided to post on their official page, but she wanted to express her thanks to them by praising them in the name of God.

Image courtesy of Geoff5093 (Reddit)

We wonder what she finds so amazing about them. Perhaps it is how they seem to have so many different things in their store, or maybe it is their great prices. Whatever it is, Lora is very grateful and knows how to show it!

Honesty is the best policy

One thing that we love about older folk is just how brutally honest they can be. This picture is a great example of this simple truth-telling. This user’s great aunt just told things as they will be, with no confusion!

Image courtesy of JuicyJake3737 (Reddit)

There is something funny about dropping a bombshell like this. After all, most of us would just scroll past – but not this woman! We can only imagine how hilarious she is in real life if she’s making posts like this.

Pretty Profile Picture

It is time for another case of older people using filters. This time, an older gentleman named Bill decided to use this strange electricity filter for their profile picture. We think he looks pretty familiar – can you guess who?

Image courtesy of malakaikid (Reddit)

He looks a lot like famous reality TV judge Simon Cowell! Obviously, it is not him, but the filter that Bill applied to the selfie is quite funny. We are not sure what effect Bill was aiming for, but we dig it.

How mean!

This user’s dad made a mistake when he sent his child a message telling them how much he loved them. We’d be happy if we got something like this. Unfortunately, it was done in error – something the dad made clear!

Image courtesy of deadinside222 (Reddit)

We are not sure why this dad wanted to clarify this, but we are sure that he loves the user. He was just being honest in the typical old-school fashion and did not apologize. Perhaps he was a little too honest.

Isn’t it clear?

This grandma’s reaction to her grandson’s Facebook update is just too cute. Joshua decided to share with the world that he was in a new relationship, and Sue, the grandma, wanted to know what his post meant. We thought it was pretty clear, but we grew up with it.

Image courtesy pengis2958 (Reddit)

Her comment, ‘”oh my goodness,” is so adorable, though. We imagine that she was shocked to find out that her grandson was dating. After all, most grandparents will always see their grandchildren as little kids, so it can be shocking!

Where are you?

We are not sure what we would do if we were in this situation. This user got a message from their grandma at 11:39 at night, asking for help. Normally, we would be pretty concerned, but this message is confusing.

Image courtesy of adamsr71 (Reddit)

The grandma claimed that her longitude and latitude were both 0.0. You might wonder where that is. Looking on a world map, it turns out that she was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a pretty funny error!


We are not even sure what this grandma was trying to do with this message. This user woke up to this text from their grandma, who probably thought she was on Google. Just what on Earth is a “magic octopus?!”

Image courtesy of hidee***656 (Reddit)

We cannot even guess as to what she was meant to write. Perhaps it was a code word for something, or perhaps it was the text-to-speech feature acting up (pretty likely). Whatever the reason, we are happy we got to see this.

An alarming picture

This user’s dad really liked a picture they had, so they chose to print it out and give it to them for Christmas. They managed even to take a screenshot. Unfortunately, they pressed the wrong button when they did this!

Image courtesy of Dabeeeeeeed (Reddit)

The “ringer” message is right over the user’s face! This was definitely a mistake, but we found it pretty funny that the dad still gave this picture as a present anyway. Our parents are truly amazing people to have around.

What does it mean?

Here is another picture with many layers to it. This user’s uncle posted a picture of a frog to his Facebook account without any caption or anything written with it. This would be strange enough – but check out the comment!

image courtesy of sullmeister (Reddit)

We are not sure what the uncle means by this. It was probably a mistake and was meant for another post. Either that or his uncle has transformed into a frog and wants to be appreciated. Both theories are vai!

Complimentary Grandma

If there’s one thing that we know about grandparents, it is that they love showering their grandchildren with praise. This photo is a great example of this! The user posted a picture of his fiancée, saying how lucky he was.

Image courtesy of atruthtellingliar (Reddit)

Grandma, who is one never to miss an opportunity to show her love, gave the user a delightful compliment. This is just so sweet, and we have a feeling that it made this grandson feel pretty darn great as well!

Not a robot

This grandma seems to think technology is more advanced than it actually is. She asked Facebook to post Christmas photos for her, thinking that she could command it in the same way you could command a robot to do it!

Image courtesy of Spiceypumpkin (Reddit)

It appears it might have just been a joke, however, as her husband was the one who set her up for it. Grandpa has a pretty good sense of humor, and we hope Grandma could laugh it off later on.

That’s one way to do it…

So far, we have seen quite a few mistakes on Facebook. Now, it is time to look at another popular social media site – WhatsApp. Somehow, this grandma not only managed to create a new group, but she did other things too.

Image courtesy of medly45 (Reddit)

She added the user, changed the group icon, then left the group. Bye, Felicia! At least she achieved what she wanted to do and got the message across. But she didn’t stay long enough to get an answer to her question!


We know the police are helpful for many different scenarios. And, apparently, that also includes getting confused about posts on Facebook! This is a pretty wholesome picture, and we are glad everyone could laugh it off. Just take a look below!

Image courtesy of ShunningResumed (Reddit)

We find it pretty sweet that the official police page gave Lorna some good advice and helped her out with her problem. It seems that a lot of people found it funny – the original post got over two thousand likes!


One user posted to Facebook, asking for some help with identifying the name of a plant. In a way, they got what they asked for because one of their older relatives replied with a name. They called it George! Perfect.

Image courtesy of _teadog (Reddit)

We strongly feel that this is not the kind of name that the user was originally looking for. But it probably has stuck now, and it will be forever known as George the plant. We really adore it, to be honest.

Too much information!

This is another case of older folk sharing a little too much information on Facebook. This aunt made sure that she let everyone know about her dietary and toilet habits. She shared that she had eaten six prunes, which doesn’t sound like a lot.

Image courtesy of Deleted User (Reddit)

What is funny is the emojis that she decided to include in her post – poop emojis! Thanks for the update, but we are sure that we did not need to know this. It’s a case of “too much information.”

It was that bad?

It is time for another funny review. This time, it is for an eye doctor’s office. This user wanted to express how great they found the place. Unfortunately, their phone autocorrected their original message to something much worse! And hilarious.

Image courtesy of phat_phruit (Reddit)

We have a feeling that this user should probably revisit the eye doctor to make sure they type the right message next time! At least they were kind enough to try and correct the post to show their real opinion.

 A patient seller

If there is one thing that we have learned so far on this list, it is that you have to be extra patient with any older folk on Facebook. And that’s particularly true when dealing with them on Facebook Marketplace.

elementz_reborn (Reddit)

They really sent all of these messages and questions just to express how much they were not interested in this product and wanted a Bluetooth speaker instead! They probably just saw the word “Bluetooth” and figured it would work. Easy mistake to make.

Two time’s is charm!

Sending a message or even a picture to the wrong number can be pretty embarrassing. Not for this grandma, though! She sent a picture of her family to the wrong number and was promptly, very clearly, told about her mistake.

Image courtesy of swalker22 (Reddit)

Instead of trying to fix this problem, she just doubled down and sent the picture and message again – to the exact same number! Hopefully, she figured out the number mixup and eventually sent it all to the right person.

An easy game

One grandma decided to play a game with her grandson. You are probably thinking that it was an actual video game – nope! She wanted to play rock, paper, scissors instead. We do not think she thought it through, though…

Image courtesy of aaron_ireland (Reddit)

Something tells us that it is more than just bad luck that made her lose this game! It is hilarious that grandma thought she could play a game like this over text message and win. Our grandparents are the best humans!