40+ Hairstyles That Make Us Thankful That Hair Always Grows Back

By Aayush G

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your hair was completely messed up, all thanks to the new hairstylist you just visited! Be it the fault of a newbie hairstylist or just your episode of “I can cut my hair myself!” The problem of ending up with a less-than-perfect hairstyle is painful and funny at the same time. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg because when the damage is done, the victim is bound to stay at home unless they absolutely have to step foot outside the house. Today you will lay your eyes on incidents where people were screwed because of their hair. Let’s take a walk down bad hair day lane with these unsightly hairstyles!

Unique interests

Old age is said to be the beginning of the second childhood in a man’s life because, in this stage, he is again free to do what he wants with the money he has collected throughout his hard-working life.

Image courtesy of roccoskye/Reddit

So, these people indulge in many things, but the grandpa in this picture became interested in mustaches in his last stretch of life. We’re sure he believes in doing king-size things because he’s got not one but two mustaches on top of one other. 

Fits like a glove

This might be the closest a father and a son can be! A father and his son always share a very special bond that cannot be explained in words. Here, we can see a boy surprised his father by getting a haircut just like him, but reversed.

Image courtesy of Xyeeyx/Reddit

As a person get older, hair loss is a usual thing that happens, and we just have to deal with it. But steps like these make one realize that we can find happiness in even the most unfortunate events in our life. 

Ear – Rings

We all have seen many hairstyles in this social media world, but this one is a novel of a find. We call it “The Ear-Ring” hair cut, and the reason for that doesn’t need to be explained. It’s like the person just wants to showcase how beautiful his ear looks.

Image courtesy of sweet_potato_75/Reddit

The man is like I like any haircut that makes his ear a center of focus. The reason people do this formula one track-like hairstyle must be because of this social media and fame because only the wackiest of all stand out from the crowd.

Hello Hello 1,2,3 …

Won’t it blow your mind if we say that what you are seeing in the picture below is the actual hair of a person? What would you like to do if you have hairs like these? We would become a part-time mic available for rent xD!

Image courtesy of FrogTeam_5/Reddit

Jokes aside, the style must have gotten some real thought to replicate a microphone. The correct cut, color, and combination of skills of an expert barber bring forward these kinds of results that seem crazy and out of this world but not so flattering. 

We can’t figure it out!

We really can’t figure out what this is. Are these hairs, a broom, or a dog hugging a lady from behind? If we look closely, these are the hairs of a woman which are looking so crazy and unique at first glance.

Image courtesy of KrissiKross/Reddit

The woman has blonde hair, which we think she hadn’t cut for a while, and that’s why we are witnessing this dreadful situation. Somebody, please tell her that this hairstyle does not suit her, and she should change it ASAP.

Meet Mr. Squirrels

High School and especially teenage life is the time when we do things which we regret our whole life (and hopefully learn from these mistakes). We do them for many reasons, like to grab attention in school or become the talk of the town. 

Image courtesy of BeardofSapolsky/Reddit

This boy is another teenager struggling to become noticed in school, and that’s why we have another example of how your hair shouldn’t look. This complete crossover of an afro with squirrels’ hair is looking unique and hilarious at the same time.

We Will Win

Imagine you are at your home, and a man is running for school board in your town. Suddenly, you spot a flyer on your front door that has this photo printed on it, and to your surprise, he is the one running for the school board.

Image courtesy of StrangeElk/Reddit

If we were in your place, we would have laughed our butts off upon seeing this because it is so funny. You should never judge a person’s abilities through his looks, but still, if you are distributing flyers around town, you should try to look professional in them.

Please Stop

The picture says it all, but for a little backstory, let’s explain it. So, this person who is pointing towards the kid’s head was in jail for many years, let’s name him X. So when X was enjoying his stay in prison, he was able to study and achieve his barber license.

Image courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

So naturally, when he got out, he wanted to start a new life, and what better way than cutting hair for a living since that’s what you planned on doing when you were in jail. But with these kinds of skills, we doubt if he should have a barber’s license or not.

This is not what it looks like

What you see in the picture is a man who has a long neck. That much is obvious. But there is nothing wrong with that. It is ok to have any kind of shape and size, but what’s wrong is the kind of hairstyle you pair with it.

Image courtesy of hepdaddio/Reddit

This man has the worst possible haircut he could ever sport because it makes him look like his neck is extra long. And please don’t get us started on what it resembles because this is a family-friendly space (you know what we mean).

I will give you the best haircut possible

Talking about wrong decisions here, we have another candidate who made the same mistake as the previous one. As we can see in the picture, he has a round and somewhat chubby face, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Image courtesy of satchelmouthswing/Reddit

But the hairstyle is what makes him look funny. It is like the man goes to the barber and says, “I need the worst possible style for my head shape,” and the barber says, “I got you, man.” It’s hilarious to see people making these kinds of mistakes in 2021.

Almost Clean Shave

It kind of looks like this man photoshopped the beard on. We can see that the man has some serious interest in neckbeards, but we can’t say that this suits his face. However, he looks super proud in the photo.

Image courtesy of slackticus/Reddit

It’s almost like his employer said that keeping a beard in this company is strictly not allowed but forgot to remind him about the neckbeard. See how happy the man is in the picture. We really don’t want to kill his mood.

No Words

Welcome to another episode of the world’s craziest people. Today we will see the cashier that some people fear and some find funny. His name is unknown, but his work is not hidden from the customers of this store. 

Image courtesy of ChockBoxReport/Reddit

He doesn’t like to talk much and is very particular about his work, and he will not stop until he completes the final bill! His hair is a topic of conversation, but as unique as this hairdo looks to us, it is completely normal to him!

Super Saiyan Mode Activated

If someone here has seen DragonBall Z, then you can agree with us that this man can indeed resemble someone in the show. Yes, you guessed it right, none other than Goku Himself. The show was a massive hit among people of all ages.

Image courtesy of buzznights/Reddit

We think this was the thought behind this haircut – to show his love for Goku to the public. Well, he definitely asked and received. It’s like Super Saiyan had to go 9 to 5 due to this pandemic leaving his job of saving the earth.

Gimme that Hut Look

It’s trending, bro, don’t you know? The crazier your hairstyle is, the more you get likes, comments, followers out of social media. But we wouldn’t say it’s for the best reasons. Why would someone want a hairdo like this?

Image courtesy of AmorphicMike/Reddit

He must have asked his barber to give him layers. Jokes aside. If we find these people in reality, we won’t be able to help but laugh to ourselves. These people are the ones that give people mixed feeling about the barber. 

First Victim

If a new barbershop opens up in your town, think twice before going there because you never know if they know what they’re doing. As you can see here, this lady also got into the trap of getting a fancy haircut and ended up with this.

Image courtesy of ImBobKazamakis/Reddit

She also paid 50 freaking dollars for this one, and in the end, she just got some layers that look like steps. If she had come to us, we would have done it for cheap. All it needed was some blending here and there, and you got easy money and a happy client.

Keep Going Bart

Anyone up for The Simpsons today, cause if you have seen that show (which was ridiculously funny), you would know who this next man looks like. Ya, ya, it is the one and only Bart Simpson. We wonder if that’s what he was going for.

Image courtesy of poodlecon/Reddit

Bart Simpson is the fictional character in the show, and the hairstyle of this man resembles him almost too much. The conversation we keep having over again is that a haircut can look like a disaster to us, but to the client, it may be exactly what they wanted.

Courtney, what is this!

Courtney Cox is an actress who is known for her role in the show NBC Sitcom Friends, which rant on TV for over ten years. She always slays with her looks and outfits, but this time, we think she misjudged the meaning of trying something new.

Image courtesy of ExpertAccident/Reddit

In this picture, we can see that the actress is seen having what we describe as a disaster hairdo, but she is still slaying her look in the picture. The picture is from the movie Scream 3. The best part is that Courtney herself reacted to her look after so many years!


We saw this and thought to ourselves that there is no way we can skip this one. Why would anyone make their hair look like this? We can clearly see what this is, but the funniest part is the straw on the top!

Image courtesy of Leo_Remos/Reddit

It’s just like icing on the cake. The design is indeed tough to produce and execute, and some long hours must have been put into this work of art! Even though we would never sport this look, we give the barber an A for effort!

That smile!

Here is another teenager trying to stand out amongst the crowd. That bowl cut was surely a hit at some period in the past, but we can’t say that he genuinely pulls it off. That smile is like the icing on the cake.

Image courtesy of Dranetheblod/Reddit

We would call this one a half bowl cut because he left a party in the back. But you can see, like many others in this list, this boy is also very happy sporting this cut, and that’s why we half respect him (comment if you got it).

Ban the Barber

This lady must have had amazing hair in the beginning, judging by the texture and volume, but she wanted to try something unique and novel. That’s exactly what she did, and now she’s regretfully taking pictures of the consequences.

Image courtesy of thatmichaelguy/Reddit

All this is to warn you not to repeat what she did with her hair. Well, we think she was able to deliver her message clearly with her not-so-good-looking hair. We want the hairdresser to leave the hair and scissors permanently in the past.

Please don’t

Until now, we have seen kids and teenagers sporting crazy hairstyles to get noticed and become popular in their schools. But this situation is a first because he is the one who doesn’t like his hair and doesn’t want to be noticed at all.

Image courtesy of fafnirchandesu/Reddit

Now, please don’t ask us, “then why is he getting a haircut” because we are also trying to find the answer to that question. Still, the hairs he has aren’t very messed up like some examples we’ve seen on the list so far.

Put melons in the basket

The basket is a great invention because it lets us carry goods from one place to another, but they only look good in the hands of a person, not as a hairstyle! We don’t know what the hairstylist had in his mind before constructing this monstrosity.

Image courtesy of dre10g/Reddit

But, we don’t think anyone would want this kind of hairstyle. Now, we could be wrong here because fashion has changed leaps and bounds in recent years, and now anything can be a trend, so we just want to remind you to keep your guards up before getting something like this.

Just a thin line

We all love to try certain trends that sweep the globe on social media. But, if we are going to achieve what we see online, we need people in the real world to help us out, like hairstylists capable of giving us what we want.

Image courtesy of instilledbee/Reddit

But, we’re sure that this one is not one of them because despite making a line or “cut” in the hair, he has made an entire highway running through his scalp. We don’t wanna take a spin on that highway.

Loved those teeth

This picture doesn’t belong here, but still, we added it for fun because it looks really “unique” when you look at it straight on. The guy here seems to be a biker because the condition of his hair is the result of a bike helmet. 

Image courtesy of mrdinero/Reddit

The guy must have had straight hairs in the past because the combination of that and a bike helmet gives us this result. Nevertheless, the hairs could straighten out with a simple swipe of a comb, and he knows it. That’s why he has a big smile on his face!

This one cute

Many blondes always look beautiful in any hairstyle they try. It brings out their eyes and makes the viewer want to look up at the hair. This next woman has a beautiful face, but this time, her blond hairstyle does not do it justice.

Image courtesy of pm_me_your_napkin/Reddit

But be it any color, the whole mood of a hairstyle can be ruined with just one wrong cut, and that’s what we are seeing in this one. Everything is fine, but those small details, like the bangs, are dissolving her natural beauty. Still, she looks cute!

Clean Bowl-ed cut

Here is another picture and yet another example of people being naive about their decisions regarding hairstyles. Hence, we are here explaining yet another familiar situation. We have seen a screwed-up bowl cute before. But this time, it is a women’s hairstyle.

Image courtesy of Nightmancometh000/Reddit

Let’s see what a screwed bowl cut can do to a lovely-looking girl. The girl has kept the sides of her hair like curtains for ears, and on the top, the bowl is rocking. That’s why we keep stressing about the importance of paying more for a good barber.


Helmets are a great tool to protect ourselves from injuries on bikes or motorcycles by keeping our heads shielded. But why are we telling you that in this article about haircuts and hairstyles? What do they have in common?

Image courtesy of WeTheBills/Reddit

Look at this picture. Can you see the resemblance? Helmets will protect you from injuries when you wear them on a bike, but they will not protect you if you carve them out on your head. Why would anybody desire to have a haircut like this!


The next picture will bring up the feeling of nostalgia in the middle-aged people born around the 70s and 80s. That’s because they would think that this picture is an old one and was probably taken in that era. But we have news for you.

Image courtesy of projectsandman/Reddit

It’s a picture of a modern-age girl who wanted this yesteryear hairstyle, and we don’t know why. Seeing this, we realized how far we have come in the domain of hairstyles and fashion because. At one point in time, these were also in trend.


The next one is here might make you feel a bit nostalgic as well. We call it the novel nostalgia because it reminds you of the pain and struggles of last year’s lockdown where nobody was allowed to leave their rooms!

Image courtesy of bymyhandsorwithfire/Reddit

Hence the barbershops and other important stores and shops were shutters, and that’s what gave rise to this picture and this guy’s desire for a new look. Honestly, we liked the hair he had before, and he had no reason to cut into the shape of this not-so-cool bowl!

Clean your mouth

This one legit made us think that this guy just had a glass of chocolate milk and forgot to clean his face at first glance. But when we looked closer, we found out what you are seeing. It’s a horror of a beard-mustache combination.

Image courtesy of MrFlippynip/Reddit

This ¾ beard is one of the most unique styles we have seen on this list. We still wonder why people do this and more important than this, how they get these ideas. At least one thing is for sure, and that is hair always grows back, thankfully.


Curly hair is in trend nowadays, and people are doing everything to get that natural curly look on top of their heads. But still, there are a group of people who despise the looks of curls, even if they have them naturally.

Image courtesy of thisdoescompute/Reddit

An example is this guy who had the style that everybody wants, but still, he paid 300 dollars just to make his hair look like a broom! This could be done correctly, but then again, you can’t trust every hairstylist out there.

People are strange

What do we say about this next guy? Honestly, he looks great in the eyes of some and not so great for others. So we will not give our opinion. But still, the hair could be better and a little more in unison with his head.

Image courtesy of madihuurr/Reddit

The nose pin, though, acts as icing on the cake in this look. Anything could start trending in the hair and clothes department, so we guess it’s yet another crazy trend that this guy is trying to follow. Or, maybe he is setting his own trend!

Wanna eat some?

Here we have Mr. Barber serving medium rare hair steak with a pinch of dandruff! The color, the style, and the cut resemble a piece of steak on the head. This is not something we would ever request from our hairstylist.

Image courtesy of elishiamae/Reddit

People will really go through leaps and bounds to do something different! The picture of the steak stacked just on the right makes it look even more hilarious since that was probably his reference picture. But, if we look closely, the hairs do look tasty.

Green Curtains

From some of the ones we have seen so far, there is nothing wrong with this one. Just kidding, there are a lot of things that are messed up. Look, we haven’t come up with an original name for any hairstyle until now.

Image courtesy of todayIwillHam/Reddit

But, this one deserves the name green curtains because the hair looks like a curtain to the ears. The hairstylist must have been a talented guy. The color of the hair does look very lovely and stands out from the crowd. We don’t see green hair often.


These trends can be good or bad depending on how you accept and follow them, but teenagers always tend to choose the latter route and tend to get haircuts like these! What do you think it is? It should be pretty obvious.

Image courtesy of PinelyYT/Reddit

This guy got a fidget spinner legit handcrafted on the back of his head. It’s like someone put a fidget spinner on the back of his head and then cut the areas by tracing it. We don’t know why he thought this would look cool!

We don’t know what happened

This picture right here is the worst nightmare in any girl’s entire life. Getting your hair cut unevenly makes it look like your hair went through a meat slicer. We feel pity for the girl in the picture because now she must cut it short.

Image courtesy of kitkat354/Reddit

But the fun part is that when the girl asked the stylist about how this happened to her hair, he just said, “I have no idea how this happened.” Like really! People like this should be fired because it will just happen again to another sad victim!

Wanna Be

Teens right now want to make themselves stand out from the crowd at all costs. They want to get noticed and receive attention, so they do all kinds of things for it. And it looks like the number one place they start is their hair.

Image courtesy of likeamoth/Reddit

This boy has transformed his hair into a snake’s den for just some likes and followers on Instagram. We don’t know how some people like this kind of stuff and encourage it too! Nevertheless, we got something to discuss, so it’s a win-win.

Lis why do you do that?!

You know Lis as X, that guy from the old town road. This is what he looks like in his recent picture. Just kidding, he is some USPS employee, who allegedly has stolen delivery packages worth more than one thousand dollars.

Image courtesy of Retired_Young/Reddit

We highly suspect that his hair should get checked because you will find at least one package hidden in that den. It looks like a black cat is sitting on top of his head. The maintenance of them must be a real job, phew.


When we were finding people for this post, we stumbled upon this YouTube video. We were shocked to see the title and thumbnail of the video, the biggest example of the irony of all time.

Image courtesy of MemesBoiVEVO/Reddit

The title says the best men’s hairstyle of 2018, but all we see in the thumbnail and the video are the worst possible ones any man could ever have. Still, it has over a million views which proves there is a group of people that likes this stuff!

Perfect Link doesn’t exist…

After seeing so many pictures of many different kinds of people doing crazy stuff with their hair, the list is finally coming to a close. We brought all you girls the best possible way to use a hair extension this time.

Image courtesy of rosegoldlannister/Reddit

The picture says it all. This woman obviously regrets cutting her hair too much. Well, say no more, because the stylist is here to save the day for the lady, and that too in her own “unique” style. We don’t think this will ever become a trend, though.

This is just too much

We have a confession to make about this next one. Try as we might, we couldn’t get to the bottom of exactly what was happening. At first, we couldn’t even tell if the lady had real hair or not! Why would anyone do this to themselves?

Image courtesy of Whew chile/Facebook

But judging even by her makeup, you can tell that she is a risk-taker! We get that shiny glossy hair is the dream, but this is not it. It almost looks as if she held her hair up and then went over it several times with black paint and then added gel on top!