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How To Live With Chaos Without Breaking Down

Our desire is for a great and calm live life free from Chaos and uncertainties. As humans coupled with the unpredictability of the world, we cannot escape Chaos. However, we can adapt to Chaos with the right mental fortitude and approach. Here are some ways to live and deal with Chaos.

What is chaos?

In simple terms, Chaos is the act of complete disorder and confusion. Chaos is a system full of unpredictability and uncertainties. Chaos is good at shutting us down, leaving us dismayed, creating anxiety and depression and a state of hopelessness. In a state of Chaos, we usually feel like giving up. But there is still hope amid Chaos. To succeed in Chaos, you need to:

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  • The first most important step is recognizing and accepting that you are in a state of chaos.
  • Afterward, we can access our capacity and capabilities to determine whether we can accommodate them or not. Can you learn to live with it? Do you have the ability to emotionally and mentally handle issues? If you can’t it’s not a big deal. After all, you are being honest with yourself.
  • One step at a time. It’s one thing jumping straight into a chaotic situation and another thing taking things easy. You need to access the situation, make some cushions before taking action.
  • Be calm and don’t make hasty decisions.

Learning how to be with chaos

We can live with Chaos in a relaxed manner as if all is well. To achieve this feat successfully, we need to

  • Expand our capacity. As humans, we have our limits. Our limit to fear, uncertainty, limited capability, and ability. We normally cannot stretch ourselves beyond these limits and would shut down completely when forced. Nevertheless, we can learn to do this through training and endurance.
  • You can train yourself by creating artificial chaos, which you would have to deal with daily. Consistent practice helps you to adapt gradually to such unfavorable conditions.
  • Know the kinds of chaos you are certain to encounter. It might be something you’ve been through before. When you practice such chaos, you can deal with it easily when it shows its ugly head again.
  • Be open-minded, calm, and never try to overstretch yourself.
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Doing these daily would build you up to face any uncertainties as they appear.