Hurricane Michael Surprised Florida Homeowners With 4 Kittens

By Divya G

A family in Florida welcomed surprising guests at home during Hurricane Michael. Four newly-born kittens dropped from the ceiling when the hurricane made their roof collapse. The family had no idea that the kittens were living in the attic.

Image Courtesy of @catscoming / Pexels

The little creatures were frightened when they suddenly appeared in their kitchen. The little ones were also hungry and cold. The family took in the cute babies and made them feel comfortable.

ABC News anchor Rob Marciano was the first to report about the kittens found by the Florida family. He could not stop gushing over the adorable small beans. He even posted on Twitter about the kittens and asked people to help him find a rescue shelter for them.

Image Courtesy of @vatius / Pexels

He was looking for rescue organizations in the storm zone. Marciano used Twitter to notify animal rescue authorities that the kittens were in immediate need of food and shelter.

An animal rescue organization called Best Friends responded to Marciano’s tweet. They also declared that they were ready to take in more strays rescued during the storm and shared how to reach them. The kittens found a happy home at the animal shelter.

The shelter is showering the little ones with all the love and care they need. And it’s all thanks to the kind family who rescued the kittens even if they were going through a hard time themselves. It was probably the frightened faces of the little kittens that the family couldn’t ignore.

If you ever find stray animals, kindly rescue them and contact your nearest animal shelter to give them a home.