Impromptu Adventure: 13 Strangers Share A Van For A Memorable Road Trip

By Kanyi M

What would you do if your flight got canceled as you were about to deliver a keynote speech to a group of people? Would you just hop on the next flight available? Would you yell at the airline representative who told you that this was all he could do for you?

Source: @iwnxx/Unsplash

Or would you do the unusual and rent a van together with 13 other equally frustrated travelers in order to get to your destination?

This story is the perfect example of what happens when people put their differences aside and work together to reach a common goal. Michelle Miller, also known as The Farm Babe, was one of the passengers caught up in this unexpected adventure. She was on her way to Knoxville, TN, and had spent the last year preparing for this speech.

Her plans changed dramatically when her flight was canceled, and she found herself stranded in Orlando with no way of getting home. This is when Michelle decided to reach out to the rest of the passengers still waiting by renting a 15-passenger van.

The 12-hour impromptu road trip may have been a little comfortable partially because there wasn’t enough carriage space for their luggage, but the passengers made it work.

Source: @markuswinkler/Unsplash

Michelle shared that she would absolutely do this again if she found herself in a similar situation again! This goes to show that, in times of distress, there are more good people than bad. Viewers were quick to share their opinions about this feel-good story on social media, with many applauding Michelle for her impromptu creative idea to help everyone get home at once.