John Krasinski’s Show Reunites the Hamilton Cast To Surprise A 9-Year-Old Fan

By Anthony K

Image Courtsey of NPR

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have a weekly YouTube show, Some Good News, which offers its audience all the feelings.

On Sunday night, April 5, the original cast of the Hamilton, Jim from the Office, Mary Poppins, and an amazed 9-year-old girl joined together in a lively zoom meeting.

 The scene: John Krasinski’s second episode of his homemade quarantine show.

The reason is: that a nine-year-old in Jacksonville named Aubrey ought to watch Hamilton when her hometown hosts the Broadway tour; however, the show is canceled due to social distancing. After the family misses the show, Aubrey’s mom tweets. “Instead, we are at home watching Mary Poppins Returns. At least we are healthy and safe.”

 As suggested in the title, the show is a round-up. It is anchored by Krasinski and has contributions from special guests to revivify stories of persons doing good in the world.

The weirdly heartwarming outcome

In the video call, one can watch as a preteen light up and a stranger chants, “How can a bastard orphan son of a whore…?”

Because Aubrey was unable to go to Hamilton, Hamilton came to Aubrey.

 As Krasinski is welcoming Aubrey, Krasinski initially promises to fly the nine-year-old with her mom to New York to watch Hamilton after the social distancing rules are lifted.

Image courtesy of Scary Mommy

As the video ends, Aubrey politely shouts, thank you for including me! It is interesting to have a break from living through a great historical event that unfolded a long time ago, made into a rap-filled Broadway musical.