45 Unfortunate Souls Having Glass-Half-Empty Days, And We Feel Them

By Arvyn B

Sometimes, it seems like the universe is out to get us because, despite everything, we end up having a miserable time. It can feel like a snowball effect. Of course, these things happen to everyone, and for multiple reasons! What we are trying to say is you are not alone!

However, it can sometimes be difficult to keep that in mind when your car keys break, for instance, or when you miss that pressing deadline for your report. In these trying times, it feels like you just can’t do anything right. However, this is a healthy reminder that without the pain, there is no pleasure!

One way to stay positive is by looking at the lives of others. We don’t mean people who are having a good day. Instead, we’re talking about those who are also having an equally awful time. These 45 examples of other people having glass-half-empty days may help put your problems into perspective and reassure you that no one is out to get you!

Lost Ring

When marrying the one we love, we all have a ring that we just can’t wait to buy for them. It’s easier for some to actually get their hand on one, as they have enough money to afford it. This person saved up to buy their loved one but appeared to have lost it.

Image credits: roseazom (Reddit)

They went on a road trip across the country and noticed their ring was gone. They thought it was lost forever and gave up hope…only to find it a few months later. It was hidden under a roll of deodorant the whole time!

Not In There!

Is there anything more adorable than seeing a kid play with their toys? There’s something truly magical about sharing this time together. However, just make sure they’re playing with actual toys next time and not something else. This family learned the hard way!

Image credits: Deleted User (Reddit)

Their youngest child figured out how to turn on the microwave, so naturally, he put a bunch of things in there. Thankfully, they managed to avoid disaster, but things could’ve been much worse. You must make sure to babyproof your electronics!

Bursting At The Seams

Here’s another valuable life lesson for you – never park under a pipe in a parking lot. This unfortunate person did exactly that, and the pipe burst right over their car. To make matters worse, they left their sunroof open. Yikes!

Image credits: MadDadofTwo (Reddit)

Let’s hope that the pipe wasn’t carrying sewage or anything that’s equally nasty. On the positive side, they only have to contact the parking lot management to take care of this. We hope the insurance will pay out since it’s not a driver’s mistake.

Annoying Nails

Some of the worst problems are the ones that can be easily fixed. This user works as a builder, and they were finishing up for the day. All their co-workers had clocked out when the user saw this mess left behind.

Image credits: Thunder_SdSh (Reddit)

It would’ve taken just a few minutes to check the box was closed properly! Unfortunately, this user was left to pick up the pieces and spent too much time putting the nails in the correct compartments. Next time, don’t be so lazy!

Terrible Weather

When you go on vacation, there are a few things you cannot control, and one of the biggest things is the forecast. You just never know if it’s going to start pouring down the rain when you’re visiting the beach!

Image credits: ItsCaptainSalty (Reddit)

Unfortunately for this family, it was a different kind of weather pattern that caused problems. The fog completely blocked their view of the Grand Canyon, turning it into a regular rock! Let’s hope the rest of their trip went better than this.

The Last Airbender

If you are lucky enough to be blessed with lovely weather, then make sure you wear appropriate clothing and lather up that sunscreen. This poor guy enjoyed the hot weather by going for a 30-mile hike while wearing a mesh hat.

Image credits: Jurz90 (Reddit)

Sadly, they forgot to stick that sunscreen on their bald head, leaving them with a sunburn that made them appear like Aang from The Last Airbender! At least it makes for a good cosplay costume if he’s into that. Hopefully, it doesn’t hurt!

Toner Trouble

Having a printer can be both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it makes things a lot easier to access, but have you ever tried cleaning one of those things? They are such a pain, and the toner dust is difficult to get rid of.

Image credits: Kayce (Reddit)

This user put a bag of toner dust in a Ziploc bag. Thinking things were safe, they put the bag by the sink, but then disaster struck! We can’t imagine how much time this took to clean, let alone the horrid stench the dust bag made.

Don’t Wash It

Down pillows are a lovely addition to any home, as they’re so soft and comfortable. However, this is one item that you must check the washing instructions for. Unfortunately, this user thought she knew everything and stuck hers in the washing machine.

Image credits: katieb0824 (Reddit)

They must be devastated as they’ve not only lost their pillow, but now they’ve got a huge mess to clean up as well! You can wash down pillows, but some of them need an extra pillowcase on the outer layer.

Paint Problems

If you’ve learned one thing so far, we hope it’s about storing things properly – especially in the car! This user’s parents had a tub of white paint in their car, and you can probably already guess how things went down.

Image creditshhjkkh10 (Reddit)

The worst part has to be that the paint seems to have dried, so the parents must’ve spotted their mistake much later. Dry paint is 1000 times harder to clean than wet paint, so we hope this family was able to deal with it easily!

Bad Charger

One thing you should never skimp out on is expensive electronics. It’s easy enough to buy a cheap phone charger, but you never know when it’ll come back to bite you. This user’s father left his phone to charge overnight.

Image credit: RedHot_Dragon (Reddit)

When they woke up, this was the awful sight they saw! Thankfully, it was only the phone that burned, and there was no other damage to the rest of the home. It could’ve been a lot worse because house fires can easily be caused by less!

Out of Luck

Is there anything cuter than a kid’s birthday party? It’s adorable seeing how excited they get about turning a year or two older – if only all of us adults could feel that way, too! This user was tasked with providing the balloons for their niece’s birthday.

Image credits: Feefake420 (Reddit)

Unfortunately, the store was completely out of the exact number that they needed – 8! It’s not the end of the world, though, as they could try tying some zeros together. Or, maybe they could try the metallic ‘8’ balloons instead.

Bad Toy

It’s time for another life lesson here. Whatever you do, check the weather forecast before parking your vehicle. This user’s kid left a magnifying glass in her cup holder next to the booster seat. Sunlight plus glass equals trouble!

Image credits: funked_up (Reddit)

However, this user should count their lucky stars, as this could’ve easily gone a lot worse. The whole car might’ve gone up in smoke! Also, plastic bottles can do the same thing, so be extra careful where you store them.

Clean Cut

An accident in a restaurant is always embarrassing, especially when it’s not your fault! This user asked for a glass of refreshing ice water because of the heat, and the waitress gave it to them happily. Unfortunately, the glass had other ideas!

Image credits: Bojackhoneydew (Reddit)

At least they weren’t holding the glass because it would’ve caused quite a nasty cut. This probably happened because it was hot from being in the dishwasher. Directly putting ice inside it caused the glass to shatter into pieces.

Stinky Feet

Anyone who thinks it’s okay to stick their feet up during a flight needs to re-evaluate themselves. It’s utterly disgusting! This unfortunate person was sitting in front of someone who put their gross feet up. It was during a six-hour flight, too!

Image credits: Mr_hargao (Reddit)

If that wasn’t bad enough, the person touched them three times with their stinky socks during the flight! Next time, they should take the person’s sock off and throw it back to them. Let’s see how they like being touched then!

Cleaning Up

One of the worst feelings is when someone tries to do a nice thing for you but somehow messes it up. You’d look like such a jerk if you got mad at them for this! This user’s mother wanted to give them a hand by cleaning up.

Image credits: Themodernmanhustle (Reddit)

She turned on the dishwasher, but instead of using dishwater tablets, she put in dish soap. What a disaster! At least she tried doing something from her heart. There aren’t many people who’d willingly load a dishwasher for others.

Wedding Disaster

Your wedding is supposed to be the most magical day of your life, and the whole event is supposed to be unforgettable. It definitely was for this guy, as his shoe fell apart shortly before he walked down the aisle. That’s one memory he won’t forget!

Image credits: MeatyClaws55 (Reddit)

At least they have the solution for this problem right in their hand. Let’s hope the glue acted fast and managed to get him down the aisle at least. Never buy shoes with glued soles. Always opt for stitched ones instead.

Taco Cat

If you’re leaving your car for a few minutes, you need to make sure that you keep it locked and the windows up. It’s not just because of thieves – animals can be just as pesky. This user’s father left his window down in his truck.

image credits: Cascassian (Reddit)

He only left for a few minutes but came back to see a feral cat had gotten inside. If that wasn’t bad enough, the cat had gorged itself on all the father’s tacos! It must’ve been one hungry kitty to do something like this.

Mixing Problems

Poor Grandmas. They get such a bad rap on the internet, and it’s usually because of things like this! The user’s grandma was trying to make a cake using the electric mixture because she couldn’t figure out how to use it.

Image credits: Bungalowbeast (Reddit)

That’s one heck of a clean-up operation! We love the look on her face – it’s priceless. She has the perfect mixture of “I give up” and “I’m going to destroy this mixer with a sledgehammer.” look on her face. Grandma is one tough cookie!

Tearing It Up

What is it about pets and not understanding what a present is for?! You can buy them expensive gifts, but they’ll always end up destroying them. Or, they’re more interested in the cardboard box the present came in. Well, this dog just received a new bed!

Image credits: Aprlrobertaludgte (Reddit)

The user left the house, and when they returned, this was the sight they were left with. That dog looks so proud of its handiwork! Hopefully, the bed wasn’t too expensive, and the dog had some fun tearing it up, at least.

Only In Canada

This next problem seems to be something that could only happen in Canada. A moose came stomping straight through the window of a school in Saskatoon! Maybe it wanted to get an education for itself, or perhaps some of the cafeteria food.

Image credits: Originalwfm (Reddit)

The strangest part of all is that this moose is a small one. Adult moose are bigger than a van and would’ve posed a much greater risk inside a school! This story has a happy story, as the moose was caught and taken back to the wild.

Where’s Your Homework?

The age-old excuse “my dog ate my homework” has become synonymous with someone who doesn’t work very hard. In the case of this user’s student, it was true! At least the mom was smart enough to leave a note, so the teacher knew it was true.

Image credits: Capta1n_sarcasm (Reddit)

The user saw the funny side of things and gave the student extra time to complete the assignment. Now that’s one friendly teacher! It’s another life lesson to keep anything important well out of reach from your pets. You never know what they’ll chew on.

Time To Share

This user had a long day at work and, as a treat, decided to Doordash some food. Once it arrived at their door, it took them about five minutes to eventually get to the door. Perhaps they should’ve been a little quicker.

image credits: LandolphiN_ (Reddit)

The neighbor’s cat decided to get their paws on the food and munched on the chicken through the box! At least there’s enough good left for the user to enjoy, even if it’s not the chicken. Something’s better than nothing!

Bad Choice

It’s time for some more advice. If you live in the United States, you should never park in front of a fire hydrant. This person learned that lesson the hard way, as the firefighters had to bust open the car windows.

Image credits: BruceInc (Reddit)

There’s no other way to get the fire hydrant through! It is quite a selfish thing to do to block access to the hydrant, and most insurance companies won’t cover it. This counts as the driver’s fault for parking in the wrong place.

Great View

When booking tickets to see a show, you might get an alert about your seats. Usually, the organizers will let you know that your seat might have obstructed vision for one reason or the other. Sadly, this guy didn’t get the memo.

Image credits: Ismail_Patel (Reddit)

It doesn’t look like he can even swap seats with anyone since the stadium is packed! We like to imagine that he got a refund, or at least was given the opportunity to find a better seat. This is so cruel!

On the Floor

We totally feel this kid’s frustration here. They were excited to bring home a pizza but didn’t hold the box correctly. The yummy dinner ended up as an ant feast! If this were us, we’d be crying our eyes out as well.

Image credits: Itsplanty (Reddit)

However, the parents have to take part of the blame, too. After all, why is a kid as young as this the one in charge of the pizza? A disaster was bound to happen, so the parents should feel just as apologetic.

Bye-Bye Card

A lot of problems in the world are caused by humans, but there are a few of them that are made by technology. This user went to an ATM but faced a problem that none of us would expect. The ATM shut down!

GrapeSensitive454 (Reddit)

The user never saw their card again and didn’t even get the cash they wanted either. That’s good old Windows for you! According to the comments on the post, this has happened to several people before. Next time, just go to the bank.

Cashing Out

Another pro tip – be careful with handling anything heavy near your valuable items. This user had been using a ceramic Lakers piggy bank since the age of ten. They were carrying their portable battery nearby, and suddenly, they accidentally dropped it.

Image credits: DHNCartoons (Reddit)

Before they knew it, it was time to cash out all of that hard-earned cash! It looks like they might be able to buy a few things to make them feel better about losing their ancient piggy bank. At least this story has a happy ending!

Sadly Stuck

Here’s a message to all the interior designers out there. Make sure you create your rooms with no spaces for people to lose their belongings. Disasters like this picture are too common, and we’re not surprised the user snapped a picture.

Image credits: Sexiibaby69 (Reddit)

However, this guy is making a bigger problem than it needs to be. All he needs to do is stick a broom in there and pull the phone out. It’s really not that difficult! However, these situations are inevitably frustrating.

Berry Sad

Nothing tastes quite as delicious as homecooked food, especially when it comes to desserts. This user slaved away in the kitchen for a few hours cooking these delicious strawberry pies. Everything was going smoothly until they took them out of the oven.

Image credits: Typicaldragons (Reddit)

That’s a ‘berry’ sad thing to happen! The worst part is that the user was working in a restaurant at the time, so it was even a bigger disaster. We bet that Joey Tribbiani from Friends would eat it straight off the floor!

Cat Conundrum

Most people don’t realize this, but cats are one of the cleanest animals you can have. For the majority of the time, they’re very particular about where they go to the toilet and will spend lots of time cleaning themselves.

Image credits: lemaymayguy (Reddit)

Not for this user, though! Their cat had to go pee-pee and chose to do it on their Nintendo Switch. Perhaps they thought the user was playing it too much, or maybe they just wanted some attention. Either way, this is a sign you need to visit the vet.

Going For A Ride

Magpies are a species of bird that is known for pinching shiny things. They like taking anything with a bit of glimmer to build their nests. This user went for a bike ride near a nesting one, but the bird had other ideas.

image credits: g_nome7 (Reddit)

It’s not clear why the magpie decided to take a bite out of the bike rider, although it might’ve been trying to protect its nest. There’s no way it thought that the man would make an excellent addition to the family home (nest)!

Birthday Surprise

Apparently, having a difficult child is something that even celebrities face! Canadian chef and YouTuber Matty Matheson allowed his daughter to prepare her birthday cake. Keep in mind that she’s very young, so you already know how this disaster went down.

image credits: bikinireef (Reddit)

We’re not sure what is the hardest part to deal with. Is it the screaming child or the absolute carnage of chocolate sauce on the kitchen counter? We’d feel like bursting into tears if we were Matheson. That’s one darn disaster to deal with!


The idea of growing our own crops is an attractive one. After all, who doesn’t want to live off the land and rely on themselves? It’s better than going to expensive grocery stores. Sadly, not everyone has a green thumb to do this.

Image credits: Down4ThaBrown (Reddit)

This user planted some seeds in their backyard and waited a long six months for the results. Something tells us that they were rather disappointed! Hopefully, next year, they’ll grow a bigger batch, or maybe they’ll choose something easier to grow.

Did I forget something?

We’ve all been there before. You’re on a journey somewhere, and you can’t help but feel that you have forgotten something. You check everything, but nope – it’s all there. What could it be? For this user, they should’ve checked their stuff earlier.

Image credits: BigLig17 (Reddit)

The user’s commute to work is 45 minutes, and they only realized they’d left their bags once they got to the office! Let’s just hope that the user lives in a safe neighborhood, and their bags are still there later.

Moving House

Honestly, we’re a little surprised at how many people don’t know how to store things correctly. And especially when they’re moving house! This user put cans of paint near their desktop computer, which created the disaster you can see below.

Image credits: JohnBoy11BB (Reddit)

They didn’t specify if it was just the screen or the entire monitor that was destroyed. If it is just the screen, at least they can replace it for a relatively low price. Let this be a warning – you are never free from paint spills!


This looks like a scene from Friends! Six college students were trying to redecorate their house. They started by moving the couch downstairs, but perhaps they should’ve given things a little more thought. There’s no way that this plan would’ve worked!

Image credits: ChronosBlitz (Reddit)

In the words of Ross Geller – “PIVOT!” There’s only one way to get the couch out again, and that’s by pulling really hard from the bottom. Hopefully, it didn’t get damaged, and these six boys learned their lesson from this silly mistake.

How Rude

When going to a sports game, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, try to keep the noise down so you don’t disturb anyone nearby. Second, keep your food to yourself. Third, make sure you don’t wear anything like this!

Image credits: KamikazeChief (Reddit)

It’s baffling that this guy never thought that wearing a huge hat could block other people’s views. Either they’re stupid, or they knew and didn’t care anyway. We’re not sure which one is worse! The solution’s simple – tell the aisle monitors.

Let Me Play

We’ve already seen a dog that decided to chow down on a piece of homework. Apparently, that’s not the only thing they like to chew, as this user’s dog proved. It went to town on their PS5 controller. That’s one expensive meal!

Image credits: Waybackwhen15 (Reddit)

Some other users pointed out that the controller is rife with issues, so the dog probably did the user a favor. It’s unlikely that they feel that way, though! At least it’s the controller and not the PS5, so a replacement isn’t too difficult.

Bath Time

Anyone with a pet knows that bath time is one of the most challenging times. No matter how hard you try, your pet will not be happy about getting a wash! This user gave their pooch a good scrub, and everything was going smoothly.

Image credits: AddiictxD (Reddit)

Twenty minutes later, their dog came back, looking like this! On the positive side, the user knows how to wash the dog, so it shouldn’t be as difficult the second time around. That’s what you get for letting the dog go outside again.

No Words

If there’s one thing you take away from this list, it’s that you should never flush paper towels down your toilet. It seems like an easy mistake, but drainage systems are not used to swallowing something as tough as a paper towel.

Plasmafire11 (Reddit)

Unfortunately for this user, their neighbor learned this lesson the hard way. Their neighbor shares a septic system with them, and this is what happened to the user’s back veranda. The smell must’ve been atrocious, and the clean-up job even worse.

A Perfect Fit

There are some times when things just fit so perfectly that you might be surprised that they’re not meant to be together. Sometimes this can be magical – other times, it can be downright annoying! This user dropped a can of tuna in their sink.

Image credits: catl2333 (Reddit)

There’s no easy way to get something like this out, and the best bet is to call a plumber to fix it. Or, for a cheaper option, using a strong magnet might work. Perhaps even a suction toy if there’s nothing else!

Unwanted Guest

Most of us already know about how disgusting fast food is, and McDonald’s is easily the king of yucky food. If you’re not opposed to a quick burger, this post will probably change your mind. The user spotted an unwanted guest on their burger.

Image credits: Stf29 (Reddit)

The bug was cooked into the burger bun! An optimist might argue that the bug is extra protein, but most of us think this is utterly disgusting! Next time, check your food carefully before biting down. Or better yet, don’t get fast food!

Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons, you’re supposed to use them to make lemonade. However, there’s no way of making lemonade out of this one! That’s mainly because this is a jackfruit, not a lemon. They taste really delicious in a burger.

Sleepyhead242 (Reddit)

However, something tells us that this user probably doesn’t feel so great about seeing one on their car. At least the insurance will cover it, as it’s not a driver error. Imagine making that call to tell them a fruit destroyed your car!

One Hour Later

Every person’s made the mistake before where you drive off from the gas station with your tank’s lid open. It won’t cause any problems, aside from maybe letting some of the gas out. This user took this mistake to another level.

Image credits: retrowarp (Reddit)

We’re not even sure how a mistake like this is even possible! If that wasn’t bad enough, the user confessed that they only noticed the mistake about an hour later. Just imagine the sound the pipe would’ve made clunking on the road!

It was RIGHT there!

This is just another example of someone being completely lazy. How could they make an obvious mistake like this?! This user’s name is Rose, and they asked the bakery to make a cake for their sister’s birthday. She’s named Dori.

Image credits: shabutie84 (Reddit)

Clearly, this baker didn’t even stop to think about what they were reading. They just skimmed and stuck a name on there. However, the cake is still salvageable. They just need to change it to “Rose’s Sister” to make it a proper cake!