Keep Trying: Failure Is Valuable

By Stephen M

We were probably all, at some point in our pasts, made to believe that failure is almost a “sin.” We were told that failure has no place in our life, so we should do everything to succeed. As such, we try to avoid failure at all costs, creating unhealthy competition. Some people have succumbed to mental illness because they failed in certain aspects of their life and felt all hope was lost. Those who decided to live and try again are suffering social judgment instead of receiving support. How did we get here? Who even convinced us that there is no space for trying? Failure is essential, and here’s why.

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Failure is a necessity for growth

Failure isn’t the end of the cliff; it is a learning path. We all hate to fail, but failure is a life necessity and can aid our growth if we know how to use it. Imagine if all the inventors gave up after trying ones. The likes of Thomas Edison, William and Orville Wright, Robert Goddard, and Albert Einstein failed several times, but with persistence and dedication, they excelled. They tried over and over again until success finally smiled at them. President Barrack Obama did not just wake up one day to find himself as the POTUS. He went through series of failures, and disappointments, but never gave up. This means failure plays an important role in human development.  

When you read the biographies/autobiographies of most influential and successful people, one thing is constant, “rising through failures.” Here, failure becomes a valuable experience. It allows you to learn, re-learn, grow, and perfect your act.

Sometimes, failure sends a signal of impending success. It tells you that with a little consistency and dedication, you can overcome all the struggles. Defeat mostly reveals our strengths and weaknesses. It tells us to solidify our strengths and work to improve our weaknesses. This is why after losing a match, a boxer goes back to train more and becomes victorious in a rematch. They learned something out of the first defeat and worked toward them.

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You can defeat that fear, and rather refocus the lens and see that each failure is a tool you can wield for yourself. Yes, many people are not attempting anything because of fear. But never prefer not trying anything over failure.