Out Of The Mouths Of Babes: 40 Quotes So Pure They Could Only Come From Children

By Arvyn B

If you have kids or know anybody with children, you’ve probably got a rough idea of how crazy they can sometimes be! Suppose they’re not drawing on the walls or making a complete mess of things. In that case, they’re probably crying over something that seems relatively insignificant. Then there are the kids who say things that are pretty spooky! For every tantrum or tear, there are a million hilarious and pure things that children say. One teacher from New York City, named Alyssa Cowit, and her digital marketing friend Greg Dunbar decided to collect some of these responses on their Instagram page. The posts are so popular that they’ve included submissions from around the world, not just from Cowit’s classroom. Check out some of our favorite posts from @livefromsnacktime on Instagram.

No Crying

Is there anything more upsetting or annoying than hearing a child crying? We honestly don’t think that there is, as kids always manage to cry at such a high noise level. Thankfully, it appears that some children have some self-awareness, like Briar.

Image source: Kaceyclarkmakeup/Instagram

If only all children could be this forward-thinking! It would certainly be useful on a plane where it seems that, no matter where you sit, there’s a crying child within earshot. Of course, children should be allowed to express their emotions when necessary.

In the Future

We all had crazy ambitions when we were much younger. Some of us wanted to be astronauts; others wanted to be race-car drivers. Some kids even desire an ordinary job like a toy shop owner. This one is not so normal…

Image source: Fatcitybrewbbq/Instagram

At least this kid has some great ambition, although we’re pretty sure she’ll never be able to achieve this! Even if she could, we have a feeling Maddy wouldn’t be able to resist eating herself as a “part cookie, part cheeseburger” creature!

Sleeping Rules

Being a child, you have an outlook on the world that is vastly different from an adult’s perspective. Usually, this view of the world is pretty hilarious. Still, sometimes it can offer some quite intriguing insights, like with this kid.

Image source: Familjenarcombe/Instagram

We’ve honestly never considered sleeping in this way, but it makes a lot of sense. It’s a pretty polite way to make people leave you alone. One thing is pretty clear from this — never disturb Lachlan when he’s sleeping!

Santa Claus

One of the best parts of Christmas celebrations is seeing the joy that it brings to children’s faces. Almost all children around the world love this festive time of the year, even if they’re not celebrating any particular holiday! However, this anonymous kid is one smart cookie.

Image source: Southernsorelle/Instagram

We’re not sure how he worked out that Santa Claus comes regardless of your behavior, but we hope that’s all that they know about Old Saint Nick. There’s nothing worse than losing the magic of Christmas at such a young age.

Fancy Music

You might be surprised to learn that even at a very young age, children show their opinions towards different styles of music. Most younger kids enjoy music that’s a little faster because it mimics their heartbeat, but some of them like classical tunes….

Image source: Palmbeach_gentle/Instagram

…which are also known as “ladies and gentlemen music,” apparently! We love this name, as it really shows off this child’s intelligence by putting these words together to describe piano music. This anonymous kid is certainly going places when they grow up.

Days of the Week

So far, we have seen a few entries that are either hilarious or too pure. Our next entry is neither of these — it’s the truth, if not odd. We’ve never heard someone talk about the days of the week like this before!

Image source: Frannie.444/Instagram

Although it does beg one question — does Wednesday not count as being “today” in Zayne’s book? We sincerely hope that one of his teachers corrected him and let him know that there is such a thing as “hump day.”

Keep Complaining

Sometimes, you might find yourself wondering why kids cry all the time. After all, it feels like it never stops! This kid, named Raine, appears to have the answer, and it makes a lot of sense to us. Check it out!

Image source: Re_gregory/Instagram

Suddenly, everything makes sense. That kid who won’t stop screaming and crying on the plane? It’s because their brain told them they need to whine about something. This is also known as the “Terrible Twos” stage of being a child.

Truly Perfect

Many of us have one thing that we consider to be truly perfect. It could be something like a sunset, the birth of a baby, or even an important day in our lives. However, according to this anonymous child, it’s not the magic of nature.

Image source: Ylelevier/Instagram

We totally get this — quesadillas really are delicious! However, we reckon there are some people out there who disagree about “true” perfection. After all, some would argue that a slice of pizza is the epitome of excellence. It’s just so darn good!

A Real Family

Our next entry is a pretty sweet one, and it’s something that only a child could have said. The true meaning of a family does not necessarily come from your blood relations but instead through your actions and feelings towards them.

Image source: Maman_fait_son_insta/Instagram

We are impressed with this child’s understanding of the world. If only everyone was able to take this lovely attitude to life, then we believe that the world would be a much better place to live in. It’s a nice dream!

Black Friday

If you’re not familiar with American traditions, then you probably won’t know a lot about “Black Friday.” This is the day after Thanksgiving, which has now become a day for humongous sales on items. However, this kid has different ideas!

Image source: Shinosaito_japan/Instagram

It would be pretty funny if everyone had the day off for this reason, and we can only guess that the kid was talking from personal experience. They must’ve eaten a lot of food on Thanksgiving to need another holiday afterward!


We think that one of the funniest things about kids is their lack of self-awareness. Sometimes, they don’t seem to understand who they are — or even that they’re kids! This girl, for example, had the purest form of self-awareness we’ve ever seen.

Image source: Cynthia_vag/Instagram

We’re not sure why “these kids” annoyed her so much, but it must have been something pretty extreme. Hopefully, she was later able to enjoy Christmas and celebrate it for the right reasons — not because it’s a reprieve from the annoying kids at her school!

More Than Planned

There are other times that kids say things that make you just think — huh?! Our next entry is the perfect example of these strange sayings. Just how much was Andrew planning to like this poor person in the first place?!

Image source: Blushfloraldesigner/Instagram

We reckon that Andrew was trying to give a compliment to them, but it certainly didn’t end up coming across this way. Especially at the age of 10, you would think they’d understand how much of a backhanded compliment this statement is!

Too Much Food

Don’t lie — we’ve all been in this position. Sometimes food is just so good that you can’t stop eating it, which means it’s time to undo a button on your pants. This kid appears to be having one of these days!

Image source: Agnescahyadii/Instagram

We hope that the food was worth it. Actually, we feel confident in saying that it probably was, as kids’ food is the best. From candies to fun-shaped foods…there’s just so much to choose from! It’s no wonder that Ryan’s pants could not fit him that day!

Summer Slumber

Sometimes, you just have one of those days where you feel like crawling into bed and sleeping for a million years. Jaeda was clearly feeling that, and was ready to turn in for a few months. Of course, she couldn’t possibly miss summer!

Image source: Mrsnolapartyof2/Instagram

Most mammals hibernate in the wintertime, and we think that this is a great idea. It’s a real shame that humans don’t hibernate because it would mean a lot more rest and a lot less work, too! Perhaps Jaeda should run for President and push this as a policy…

Favorite Person

We’ve had quite a few funny entries — now it’s time for another pure one. We can’t even imagine how happy hearing this would make us, especially from a kid! You know, when a kid says you’re their favorite person, they mean it.

Image source: Azande_ntando/Instagram

We really hope that these two continue being friends, as it would be such a shame if they ever fell apart. You can only have a “favorite person” so many times in your life, so they better hold on tight to this one!

Delicious Donut

Another food that we can pretty much all agree on is donuts. No matter how you take them — whether it’s with jam, custard, or nothing at all in the middle — they are absolutely delicious! This anonymous kid had the right idea.

Image source: Fonuts/Instagram

If only donuts guided more people’s hearts, then we think that everyone would be a lot happier. There would be far less conflict if people’s only motivations were to get another donut or two to just sit and enjoy. Just imagine it!

Getting Revenge

There are other times when you might be surprised at a kid’s approach to life — this is certainly one of them! We definitely do not recommend that anyone follows Nina’s approach and hits those mean people with a unicorn umbrella.

Image source: Peppyprisha/Instagram

It makes for a pretty funny story, though, and you just have to admire her honesty! She appears to have absolutely no shame in what she did, and we really can’t blame her for that. It’s one way to get revenge, but not a good one!

Thought Factory

Our next kid, Romy, has a brilliant excuse for whenever you have an overactive mind when trying to sleep. You can just tell people that your “thought factory closed too late!” It’s a unique way of talking about your mind, and we’ve never heard something like this before.

Image source: Stepup_mummy/Instagram

Kids really have such an interesting way with words! We can’t imagine this excuse standing up very well in the classroom or at a job. But we have to admire their way of expressing their thoughts as it’s pretty special.

A Friend?

Some kids are absolutely clueless — and for a good reason. We bet this person was so thankful that Sophia has no idea what “Tinder” truly is, as we’re sure that this girl would’ve had a few things to say about it!

Image source: Sigma_kids/Instagram

Sometimes, it’s easier just to add the description of when you met someone as their contact’s last name. That must have been what this Tinder user did. No prizes for guessing what the reason the person had for so many people with the same last name. Let’s just stay hopeful that Sophia stopped the questions there.

Not-your Chips

Some of us might pretend to be pretty open with sharing food, but deep down, that’s not the truth. All of us have that one food that we don’t like to give to others — for Daphne, this particular food is chips!

Image source: 23danmag/Instagram

We’re not sure if she means potato chips or french fries, chips in the British terminology. But either way, it’s pretty funny — and also true! There’s something so delicious about fried potatoes that we can’t quite put our finger on it.

Get Ready, Freddy

As a young child, it’s likely that you have a nickname from others, especially if your name rhymes with a common word. In Freddy’s case, that normal word is “ready,” which seems to annoy him a lot! Why could that be?

Image source: Ali_mfarouq/Instagram

It’s probably because many people tell him to “get ready, Freddy.” You would think that with the number of people saying this, the message would stick — but apparently not! Perhaps he needs to go for a name change in the future.

Caught in the Middle

Our next child, Elliot, is describing a situation that we’ve definitely all been in before — deciding whether to be a leader or a follower. Some people are born to be leaders, but it can be quite a difficult task to undertake.

Image source: Freddy_and_matteo_from_belgium/Instagram

After all, what if you make a mistake? Then everybody will blame you for it! You’ve also got to command everyone and ensure they’re doing the right thing. But sometimes, just being a follower doesn’t feel like you’re making a difference. Man, being a 6-year-old is not easy work!

Reasons for Marriage

It can be a little difficult to explain challenging concepts to children, like how babies are born or why we have jobs. However, this kid seems to have an answer for the problem of marriage. Honestly, it’s not that far off the mark!

Image source: Justyna.prajsnar/Instagram

Marrying someone who is your best friend is certainly the best way to go about things, and it’s a great way to ensure that you have a supportive environment for your child. We hope that this couple will continue being best friends forever!

Chocolate Hot Dog

Another funny thing about kids is the way that they seem to be so creative at coming up with names for things. This kid didn’t know the name of an éclair, and we love the new term they chose for it instead!

Image source: Nojoomykitchen/Instagram

Honestly, “chocolate hot dog” makes a lot of sense for this one. After all, it is in the shape of a hot dog, and it does look quite a lot like one. Let’s just hope he wasn’t expecting any meat when he bit down into it!

Bunny Break

With a statement like this from young Leo, it makes you wonder what difficulties he is facing in life. After all, most of us would love to be seven years old again without jobs and bills and the overall stresses of adult life!

Image source: Quesophile/Instagram

Even so, having a bunny break sounds like a wonderful idea. After all, petting an animal is a great way to relieve tension and help you to connect with the things that truly matter in life. Bunny breaks should be available to everyone!

Strong and Pretty

Nora here has a great explanation for why she doesn’t eat her vegetables. It’s honestly pretty incredible how smart some kids can be with their excuses! We have a feeling that this one probably didn’t work, though. Vegetables are pretty important!

Image source: Mariel_tennisjourney/Instagram

Getting your kid to want to eat them is a challenge, especially when it’s in the face of deliciously unhealthy food like pizza and chips. Telling them a white lie like this can sometimes be the best way to get it on their plate.


Another thing that we love about kids is just how savage they are — we could all do with taking a page out of Peyton’s book! It takes some intense anger to draw a picture of someone, only to erase them later.

Image source: Playwith.belle.and.alex/Instagram

Whatever it was that made Peyton feel this angry, it must’ve been something pretty serious. Let’s just hope that whoever wronged him apologized afterward, as we have a feeling that Peyton can hold a grudge for a very long time.

Alone Time

This next kid is just so darn sweet, and we really wish that everyone had a Rouqaya in their lives! They seem like a real sweetheart, and anyone who knows this person must count themselves to be a lucky individual indeed.

Image source: Zozoeats/Instagram

It takes a lot of confidence to sit next to somebody sitting all by themselves. Especially just so that they have a friend there. But to tell them that you love them, too? That is just the sweetest thing we’ve ever heard!

Special Day

Each of us has our own version of what makes a “special day,” but it’s not too difficult to guess what this might consist of for a kid. You might assume that it’s a day of going to the toy shop, but Zoey has a different idea.

Image source: Liamava.almazan/Instagram

We’re not sure why she felt the need to whisper her lunch menu to the other person. Perhaps she felt that if she said it too loud, other people would get jealous of her “special day.” Mac and cheese is certainly not something to scoff at!

True Love

If we’ve learned one thing so far, it’s that the younger the kid, the more honest they are. We’re not too sure if Dash’s Grammie would be happy or insulted that Dash loves her just as much as her refrigerator!

Image source: Ali.manno/Instagram

We guess it could be a compliment. After all, kids know that they need food to live, so perhaps Dash thinks that he needs his Grammie as much as he needs food, and her fridge is always stocked with his favorites. If so, it’s a rather sweet comparison to make.

Super Savage

Here we have another pretty savage entry for you! This kid was wronged so many times by someone that they felt the need to write them all down. If that wasn’t enough, they’re going to read all the complaints out!

Image source: Proyectosoltandoamarras/Instagram

It takes a lot of imagination to come up with a punishment as creative as this one, and we truly wonder what could have made this kid so mad. We hope that this person learned their lesson from doing this to the kid.

Brilliant Birthday

Aah, to be young again and love celebrating birthdays! Most of us remember those days when we would count down to our special day and get all excited the night before. Now, many of us dread getting one year older!

Image source: Proyectosoltandoamarras/Instagram

If you ever find yourself feeling this way, then we recommend taking Canness’s advice. Birthdays should be about having delicious food and spending time with friends and family, not worrying about what our age is. It’s just a number, after all!

Who Do You Love?

As a child, there are just so many things that you have strong opinions about. For this kid, it was deciding between his love of “cheese” and “tennis” that posed a problem. Perhaps someone should tell them the truth about marriage instead…

Image source: Rebekah.m.baker/Instagram

After all, you cannot marry cheese or tennis! We wonder what their favorite type of cheese is. Perhaps they’re a fan of goat’s cheese, or maybe a nice piece of halloumi is their calling. For us, all cheese is good cheese!

Sharing the Love

It’s really quite adorable the lengths that some kids will go to in order to make other people happy. Riker used an example of a vacuum cleaner to try and cheer this person up — it definitely would’ve worked if it were us!

Image source: Allison.strickling/Instagram

If only such an invention were possible; it would be a lovely way to clear the world of all the bad energy. Sadly, we can only hope that such a thing might come true — perhaps Riker will invent it in the future.

Head vs. Heart

Most of us face a struggle between our heads and hearts, especially when it comes to saying certain things to other people. For Ellia, the problem is completely different — it’s brain versus legs. We reckon many people are happy that her legs won!

Image source: Aa__bro/Instagram

Calling people stupid is never a nice thing to do, so we could all do with following Ellia’s example. Put the energy out in the world that you would love to receive — this is the best way to live your life.

Extra Hugs

Another valuable life lesson that we’ve learned is just how sweet kids can be, and Michael’s response below is the perfect example. Most of us assume that kids are the ones learning from adults, but from what we’ve seen so far…

Image source: Alenkavalskaia/Instagram

…the truth is the complete opposite! Michael’s parents certainly taught him well, and we reckon that this kid is going to grow up into a great person. Let’s just hope more people turn out similar to him in the future.


Here we’ve got another strange invention by a kid. If you have no idea what a calzone is, it’s essentially just a pizza that’s folded in half and eaten like a sandwich. Or, in the mind of this anonymous child…

Image source: Thegalleyap/Instagram

…it’s a sleeping bag for cheese! You’ve just got to admire how creative kids like this can be, and we appreciate their unique view of the world. Never let something take this attitude away from you as you get older.

When I Grow Up

Another wonderful thing to try is asking a kid about their future aspirations — you might be surprised by their answer! Some desire to be world leaders, while others want to jet out into outer space. What about this kid?

Image source: Scotchie_gal/Instagram

Let’s just say that their dreams are much more low-key and relatable! Hopefully, someone told Emilie that she doesn’t have to be an adult to do something like this. Shredded cheese is available to everyone of all ages and backgrounds!

What Do You Want?

However, there are some things that you probably shouldn’t ask a child unless you want a rather strange answer. One of these questions is about having another sibling. We bet Ben’s parents were surprised by the reply he gave them!

Image source: Downtownfancyfranks/Instagram

Or maybe not. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this list is to expect the unexpected. To be honest, we get where he is coming from because hot dogs are so delicious. And they’re certainly less work than taking care of a baby brother or sister.

Super-cute Superpower

If you ask most kids what they want their superpower to be, you usually get an answer such as “super speed,” “flying,” or even the power of invisibility. We love how practical Emma’s answer was to this question. It’s pretty inspired!

Image source: Caffinejedi/Instagram

We’re curious as to what this superpower might involve. Is Emma capable of taking extra long naps, or can she just take a nap wherever she pleases? Either way, this is one superpower that we love to have. It would help out so much!