Kid Wisdom On Paper: Notes From Kids That Left Parents In Stitches

By Aileen D

Ever stumbled upon a crumpled piece of paper with charmingly misspelled words and a heartfelt message? It’s like stepping into a realm where the ordinary becomes extraordinary—the world as seen through kids’ eyes. These pint-sized individuals possess an enchanting ability to perceive the universe with unfiltered wonder. The evidence? Those endearing, often hilarious, notes they leave for their parents, friends, or relatives.

From earnest apologies for using crayons on the walls to requests for endless cookies, these quirky notes are windows into a world untainted by adult logic! They remind us that amidst the chaos of grown-up life, there’s a whimsical simplicity we often overlook. The words might not always be spelled correctly, but they’re perfectly expressive—showcasing genuine emotions and unshaken beliefs.

Amidst the chuckles these notes bring, there’s a touch of hope. It’s as if these notes whisper, that innocence and sincerity will always find a way to shine.

The Bottom Line Is…

Check out this crinkled paper, like a mini time capsule of a young heart’s thankfulness. It’s a kid’s note to their dad, hyping him up as a work superhero. The words spill out like they’re shouting from a megaphone, giving props to work that, in kid logic, has the power to make the world awesome!

Image courtesy of the_dream_walker / Reddit

Okay, let’s break it down: this kid’s saying, “Dad, I need that game you’ve been hearing me babble about forever.” The kid is convinced his dad can pull extra hours out of thin air. Kids, man, they’ve got high expectations!


We’ve all been there—the alarm clock crashing our cozy sleep party at 4:30 am, and the world groans in unison. The cozy cocoon of blankets, the promise of sweet slumber shattered. Even the kids, deep down, are probably part of the “alarm clocks are the worst” club.

Image courtesy of j-5 / Reddit

Listen up, world! This kid’s got a rule: don’t even think about waking her up unless it’s a “world is ending” emergency. And we’re talking major stuff—like facing the Grim Reaper or a sudden cereal shortage. Let’s get our priorities straight, folks!

I’ve Got the Papers

In the midst of snooze-worthy algebra and history yawns, Timmy hatched a wild scheme. Flashing a cheeky grin, he slipped a note to Ms. X, his teacher. “Up for adopting me?” he wrote, throwing in TV prowess and snack-sharing as tempting incentives.

Image courtesy of lastfantastic / Reddit

Timmy daydreamed about a world of books and banter in her comfy abode. His plea for adoption drew a chuckle; she admired the sincerity. Though not adopting, a quirky friendship sprouted. Sometimes, bonds surprise us like bonus points—just as long as he doesn’t spoil movie endings.

Honesty Matters

Imagine this scene: the kid scribbling a “thank you” for the gift from Mom. Dad’s etiquette lesson was in play, but the dessert deal sealed the pen’s fate. A polite note, a not-so-secret code for post-dinner treats. Can’t argue with that strategy!

Image courtesy of unknown / Reddit

Picture this: Mom’s eyes pop as the kid spills the beans—pies are the ink of inspiration! Laughter echoes, except for Dad turning tomato-red. Honesty trumps etiquette any day. Dessert? Well, it is the cherry on top of this tasty confession!

Diamond in the Rough

Imagine the scene: our fifth-grade hero struts in, the teacher’s face hinting at some epic revelation. We’re ready for buried treasure. Nope! Just the usual rules—no gum, raise your hand. Snoozeville! But wait, there’s a twist—the promise of “No Homework Week.” Cue the cheers and victory dances!

Image courtesy of orchid_breeder / Reddit

“Use your whole brain or something.” What’s that even mean? This kid doodled little brain-shaped stick figures on her notebook and decided to flex her brain muscles. If she is acing fractions, you’ll know it’s all thanks to her “whole brain.”

Life Lesson No. 1

This six-year-old genius is sitting at a Best Western diner swaying his legs from under his seat. He’s staring at the mat like it’s the secret to the universe. Then it hits him, “Life is short; eat dessert first.” He grabs a crayon and immortalizes this life lesson.

Image courtesy of RockabillyRich / Reddit

Grown-ups are baffled, but this kid? He’s a genius. Ice cream comes first, then the veggies. Years later, life’s still his playground. That “Eat Dessert First” mat still hangs, symbolizing his wisdom: Life’s a treat when you flip the script and lead with dessert!

A Good Thing

Alright, here is the scoop: kids are like open books, and they’re not shy about sharing the private and the gross stuff. Bathroom tales, weird bodily experiments—it’s all on the table. Their candidness is the VIP ticket to the most hilarious stories ever.

Image courtesy of meggles1030 / Reddit

They are learning about their bodies, boundaries, and what is socially acceptable. Plus, it is hilarious! We don’t know who taught us that talking about the basic need to cleanse ourselves was socially unacceptable, but we are re-claiming it, thanks to this kid!

Thought that Counts

This kid handed over an adorable note. She had a big grin when her mum read the heartfelt “thumbs up” for her mom. Heartwarming, right? But wait, she drops the real kicker: “Keep that shit up.” Now, you might raise an eyebrow, but the thought counts!

Image courtesy of diggum1996 / Reddit

Even the young ones have mastered the art of encouragement with a side of sass. They’ve got the whole “keep going, mom” thing down pat, and they’re not afraid to add a touch of their style: high fives and colorful language, all in the name of parental support.

Wie didn’t You?

Hold up, world—we’ve got a pancake crisis on our hands! This kid’s note to Mom is like a superhero’s call to action. “Dear Mom,” it begins, and the drama unfolds. Pancakes were sworn in, but they’re MIA. The struggle is real, and this kid is fighting for justice on the breakfast battlefield!

Image courtesy of Ibejammin2 / Reddit

Hold the syrup, folks! This kid’s got a case of “you said,” and it’s pancake court in session. With the seriousness of a seasoned attorney, the kid’s pointing fingers at a broken promise. Is it about pancakes or principle? Either way, this mini lawyer’s got a bright future ahead!

Instead of Eternal Slumber

Sunrise, birds chirping, and a kid’s twisted sense of humor: the perfect combo. “Good morning,” the note began innocently, but it took a dark turn with “I see my assassins have failed me.” Yep, that kid’s got sass and an appreciation for the macabre.

Image courtesy of gerberbaby09 / Reddit

Picture this: morning, the sun’s chipper, and then there’s this kid. Their hilarious stand-up routine? More like a “rise and whine” performance. Dark humor in the morning? Check. Sarcasm? Double check. When sunshine fails to assassinate their grumpy mood, witty remarks swoop in for the comedic rescue!

All About Effort

Imagine this young math hero, cape and all, confronting the “big boss” math problem. Victory seemed imminent until… plot twist! The answer swerved off-course. But fear not, his teacher’s baffled expression was met with an epic save: “I meant to do that, just checking if you’re paying attention!” Smooth, kid, smooth.

Image courtesy of Jukethebox / Reddit

When it comes to math, giving it your, all is like wearing a superhero cape. The teacher’s grin? Yeah, that’s the ultimate power-up. It’s not about nailing the answer; it’s about flexing those effort muscles. Remember, trying rocks, even when math feels like a maze.

Another way of Looking At It

Thanksgiving’s around the corner, and turkeys are sweating. But wait, this kid’s got a wild idea: pigeons! They’re everywhere. Time to shake up tradition. This pint-sized genius suggests we all become pigeon aficionados instead. Move over, turkey; the pigeon feast is in town!

Image courtesy of Adog-75 / Reddit

Amid the Thanksgiving debate, someone hinted at veggies as an alternative feast. But then, out of the blue, this kid dropped the ultimate curveball: pigeons! Yep, pigeons are on the menu. Nurturing a child’s imagination is like cultivating a garden of delightful surprises. Let creativity sprout, whether it’s veggies or pigeons!

Didn’t Live Up to Standard

Guess what? Operation Bookshelf Cleanup was a roaring success! This kid transformed into a pro librarian, unearthing books that prompted legit snorts. Armed with a sticky note, he penned a comedic masterpiece that even the drama queens would applaud. Who knew tidying up could be this entertaining?

Image courtesy of DrJonah / Reddit

Yep, shelf real estate is prime property. Those books are in their “time-out” corner, chilling by the cardboard box depths. Maybe they’ll pull a rabbit out of the hat and capture this kid’s attention one day. Lesson? Even books need a little breather sometimes.

Armed and Loaded

Picture this: young Norah, superhero cape optional, swoops in to save the day. Dad’s battling a wild guy, right? But fear not! With a grin and a pat, she’s like, “No worries, Dad! You got this!” Her trusty cheerleader vibe defuses the situation, leaving frustration in the dust as they tag-team the challenge.

Image courtesy of DogBiter / Reddit

Later, in a heartwarming gesture, Norah left a water gun on his desk, a reminder of their tag-team victory and a playful symbol of resilience. In that simple exchange, Norah showed that even a kid knows the power of standing by loved ones.

Another Offering

Hold onto your hats because this kid’s tooth went on a wild adventure down the drain! While brushing, splash—disappeared. But guess what? Tooth Fairy dreams won’t be crushed. She’s ready to barter and hustle, even if it means trading in her bro’s wiggly tooth!

Image courtesy of PartemConsilio / Reddit

This kid’s got a master plan to rescue her tooth from the drain. She’s got her mini partner in crime—her little buddy. Notes are written, and promises are made. Tooth Fairy better prep for double duty because these kids are determined to cash in on creativity!

Well, Bye

The living room became a hub of activity as a young voice huddled around a piece of paper. The determined scribbles soon formed a message that would change the course of their day. The plan was set! They would run away.

Image courtesy of liamcollins13 / Reddit

They were in search of a place where their collective spirit could thrive without the cloud of their older brother’s dominance. Their imaginations soared as they envisioned secret clubhouses, uncharted territories, and maybe even a nation of their own… just across the street.

Something to Say

Sitting at her desk, Lily picked up her pen, her brows furrowing in concentration. She had something important to say, something she had been wanting to reassure her mom about. “Dear Mom,” she began; her handwriting was neat and deliberate.

Image courtesy of avid_life / Reddit

With a triumphant grin, Lily folded the note into a compact square and strategically placed it on her mom’s desk. The words were snappy but packed a punch of warmth, humor, and affection—like a secret handshake of love within the walls of their home.

Explains It

Mia settled at the kitchen table with a mischievous grin, ready to confess the milk mishap to her folks. “Okay, so remember that milk we had? It went rogue and turned into a science experiment. I didn’t mean to turn our fridge into a bio lab!”

Image courtesy of SquireX / Reddit

The parents exchanged glances, forming a jug-summit strategy. Armed with a damp cloth and dish soap, they prepared for a sudsy showdown. They scrubbed that jug like they were teaching it a lesson—gentle on the outside but firm enough to change its bad-milk ways.


In a household of furry companions, young Ava had her reasons for setting certain rules. And she was about to put one into action – a silent protest. “Dad,” she had warned, her voice a mix of seriousness and exasperation, “do NOT shave the cat’s fur. Seriously.”

Image courtesy of yichen_bman / Reddit

So, when Dad emerged with the unfortunate feline and a sheepish grin, Ava simply folded her arms and raised an eyebrow, her stance a silent declaration of her “I-told-you-so” stance. Reckon it’ll take her three months before she starts talking again.

Gone Forever

Knees tucked under him, young Jake looked sheepish as he approached his parents. He had something to admit, something he thought was a big deal. “Mom, Dad,” he began, his voice tinged with guilt and exasperation, “I lost my tooth.”

Image courtesy of grapeormelon / Reddit

His parents exchanged an amused glance. “Lost it?” Mom asked, her lips twitching. Jake nodded solemnly. “Yeah, it fell out while I was eating that crunchy cereal. I’m sorry.” His parents chuckled, kneeling to his level. “Buddy, it’s okay,” Dad assured, suppressing a grin. “Losing teeth is part of growing up.”

You Never Know

Lily’s bedroom sported a sassy sign, “Knock before you barge in – I could be having a moment.” Her parents exchanged amused glances, their eyebrows raising. When they eventually knocked, Lily was ready—wearing sunglasses, wrapped in a blanket, and holding a spoon as a microphone.

Image courtesy of UseOnceandDestroy27 / Reddit

She heard her mom’s laughter through the door; Lily’s turn was to smile. It was her secret code, her way of preserving her privacy and having a good laugh simultaneously—a classic kid move in navigating the perplexing world of grown-ups.

Not My Brother

On the fridge, a note in wobbly handwriting caught their attention. “Baby bro smeel like butt. Bath time more pls.” Dad blushed a rosy red and ran a hand through his hair. He’ll just have to cover more shifts to make that kid smell like a daisy.

Image courtesy of HakunaMaBiscuit / Reddit

Later, as the baby brother gurgled in the tub, they couldn’t help but laugh at the note. “Guess we should be more on top of the bath schedule,” Mom chuckled. Little did they know, their youngest was a budding hygiene advocate. The note was a testament to the sibling’s honesty.

Your Digital Footprint

In the glow of her computer screen, young Maya crafted a message to her brother. “Hey bro,” she typed, “just letting you know, Mom can totally look at your browsing history. You’ve gotta be more careful of your digital footprint.”

Image courtesy of wolfman863 / Reddit

With a final flourish, she wrote the message. She knew her brother’s digital antics, and this was her playful way of letting him know she had her own tricks up her sleeve—a lighthearted reminder that siblings always had each other’s backs.

Can’t Lie

“Dear Mom,” this kid’s note began, her handwriting a mix of excitement and earnestness, “I love you very very very… very much!” Her giggles bubbled as she added extra “verys” for emphasis. Then, her tone shifted. Her mother hoped her kid wrote two separate letters.

Image courtesy of shutch00 / Reddit

Seriously, who wouldn’t get ticked off if they found someone else had munched on a snack reserved for you? How about Dad learned to get his own! It’s like a cookie code violation or a chip felony. Snack respect should be a universal law.


This kid has the potential to be a principal or a lawyer! She has set her opening remarks with an implied request: she knows how to set boundaries—just ask her stuffed animals. The note even concluded with a straightforward request.

Image courtesy of sadiedoesscience / Reddit

Taking the cue, Mom penned her signature and headed to her child’s room. As she returned the signed paper, she found her young one amidst a circle of attentive stuffed animals, wearing an expression of authority. “Now, that’s more like it…now bow!”

That Good

With a grin as wide as his confidence, Alex tossed his report card onto the table. “Check it out, Mom,” he declared, “straight A’s across the board. I’m basically a walking genius.” He decided to tell his Dad about it and his intentions of educating the noobs.

Image courtesy of smoothbread / Reddit

Alex’s eyes twinkled with mischief. He was thinking of teaching first graders basketball. Show ’em the ropes, you know? And hey, if that goes well, maybe he will skip a few grades and take pre-med instead. No biggie. Dad better buy him a steth on his way back.

Oh, Jazzy

In a classroom bustling with excitement, young Lily eagerly handed her teacher a colorful thank-you card. The teacher’s eyes widened, a mix of shock and amusement on her face. Trying not to burst into laughter, she managed a gracious smile. “Uh, thank you, Lily. That’s, um, quite a compliment.”

Image courtesy of sosickwitit / Reddit

Lily, oblivious to her choice of word, beamed. Her parents, however, shared a quiet chuckle as they recounted the tale later. This was the only time she could get away with using that word on a handwritten note to someone in authority. Let her have the most with it.


Grinning from ear to ear, young Max proudly waved a stack of sticky notes that looked as if it could build a skyscraper. He got a marker and then decided to share this exciting news with his dad. “Guess what,” he wrote. “I got this ginormous stack of sticky notes!”

Image courtesy of ItsMacAttack / Reddit

This kid’s excitement was infectious. Oh, just imagine what he’ll do with it – paper planes, dinosaur origamis, or even treasure maps that he can just post all around the house. He can even re-decorate his room if he wanted to. The possibilities are endless!

Only 9

In a world of colorful bricks, young Tim constructed a message that caught his parents off guard. Amidst castles and spaceships, a single sentence emerged: “I hate my life.” Tough luck, buddy. Life only gets worse the day after your 9th birthday.

Image courtesy of thinkboxutah / Reddit

His parents were alarmed. They asked him what was up, and their child replied. “I needed help with my LEGO tower,” he admitted, his lower lip trembling. “I thought saying ‘I hate my life’ would make you come faster.”

Beat Ya

Creeping like a ninja, Lily snuck into the kitchen, her eyes fixed on the prize: a can of diet soda. But her anticipation quickly turned into disbelief. Empty. Dad had gone on a soda spree again, and it was showing with his soda fizz belly.

Image courtesy of akambe / Reddit

With a sigh that could rival a dramatic movie, Lily grabbed a sticky note and pen. “Hey there, soda bandit,” she wrote, sticking the note to the fridge. “That was disappointing, wasn’t it? Love, your soda-less detective.” Someone has got to tell her dad that he has to learn how to share!

The Real Deal

Young Tim stared at his math worksheet in a cozy classroom, pondering over the equation. With a determined brow, he scribbled down his answer: 2 + 2 = 4. Grinning, he confidently looked up and casually said, “You know, I can do meth.”

Image courtesy of adempsey13 / Reddit

The teacher, taken aback by the abrupt switch in conversation, gently responded, “Um, that’s an interesting topic, Tim, but let’s focus on math for now.” Tim shrugged, returning to his worksheet, his mind momentarily wandering through the complexities of math and occasionally chemistry.

Who’s Who

With a heart full of innocence, little Alex sat down to write his letter to Santa. “Dear Santa,” he began, his pencil scratching the paper, “I really, really wish to be ‘imortel’—I think that means forever! Oh, and could I have another ‘light saberlightning stik’?”

Image courtesy of Crs3ndO / Reddit

Then he added, “If it’s Mom reading this, I love you, and if it’s Dad, I love you too!” He grinned, imagining the North Pole bustling with elves. Folded and sealed, his hopeful letter was ready to embark on its magical journey that his parents were delivering to Santa himself.

For Compensation

With a shiny dime and a handwritten note, young Hannah shyly approached her dad. Her voice laced with regret, she began, “Dad, I’m sorry for the ‘SpongeBob movie spree.’ Here’s a dime to balance things out.” Kudos to young hearts that learn and make amends!

Image courtesy of haolecoder / Reddit

Her father’s eyebrow arched in amusement as he read her heartfelt apology. Suppressing a chuckle, he assured her it was okay and hugged her. Lily’s small act of responsibility and thoughtfulness left an indelible mark, not just for her ‘Spongebob’ movie spree but for the lesson of accountability.


Grinning mischievously, young Max took his alphabet letters and taped them to the door. “C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E,” they spelled out, a reminder he hoped his parents wouldn’t miss. “Now they better not forget to buy me some bars!” his brows furrowed as he let a loud exhale.

Image courtesy of feathersandskulls / Reddit

His parents chuckled when they saw the makeshift sign, his dad playfully saying, “I think someone’s serious about their chocolate supply.” Max beamed his plan to ensure a steady stream of cocoa goodness was successful. Kid’s gotta have a dopamine source to jumpstart the day!

No Love

Angela wrote her mom, hoping the latter was doing great back home. Camp is a bit different than she thought. These weird kids act all pushy like they’ve no families to care about. She reckons these inconsiderate freaks have no families to love.

Image courtesy of charloots / Reddit

Rightfully explains their behavior, Angela! It’s tough dealing with them, but Angela is trying to stick to what her mom has taught her. She’s counting down the days until she’s released from this miserable place, yet she silently blames her mom for sending her here. Hugs and kisses.

All the Time!

This kid figured it was time to come clean about something—he has got this thing where he farts all the time. He knows it’s kinda weird and sometimes embarrassing, but he promises he’s not doing it on purpose, as he’s farting now.

Image courtesy of baldylox / Reddit

Seriously, it’s like it’s this kid’s superpower or something. He can fart even with an empty stomach, and it’ll still reek of cocoa puffs and spoilt milk. Promise he’s not trying to gross you out on purpose. Thanks for not making a big deal out of it.

Crude Humor

Amidst the crowd of kids, Alex walked with his head slightly down, his thoughts consumed by nagging guilt. He had to make things right. A couple of days ago, in a moment of thoughtlessness, Alex had hurled an insult at Noah. They were talking about their favorite sneakers when Alex blurted out…

Image courtesy of bigestmike1211 / Reddit

Crumpled note in hand, Alex’s resolve was unwavering. Spotting Noah by the window at lunch break, buried in a book, he took a deep breath and approached. Nervous throat-clearing marked his arrival. Here’s to second chances and the bravery to bridge the gap!

Big Dreams

Giggles and innocence filled the room as little four-year-old Maryanna proudly declared her kid-sized revelations. She shared, eyes sparkling. “her favorite color is pink” Amid chuckles, she dropped the punchline: “You know what, when I’m all grown up, I wanna be a …

Image courtesy of Twinkaboo / Reddit

Laughter erupted, and her mom raised an eyebrow playfully. “A dishwasher, honey? Why?” Emma shrugged, her face lit up with glee. “Because then I can play with all the bubbles, and everyone will clap when I’m done!” After hearing that, they couldn’t help but applaud little Maryanna.

Up for Class President

No school on Monday! Can you believe it? It’s like a little unexpected holiday dropped from the sky. We get a whole day to do whatever we want—sleep in, play games, eat ice cream for breakfast. Let’s make the most of it!

Image courtesy of enohcs / Reddit

We can have, like, a mini-adventure right in our backyard. Text if you have any wild plans. See you guys on our impromptu day off, and tell your parents because this kid doesn’t want to spend the day apologizing for any trouble caused.

You’re Welcome!

“Hey Mom and Dad,” this kid wrote. “Just wanted to send a quick thank you for those epic lectures about not being noisy in class. Your wisdom has truly transformed me into the quietest kid ever. I’ve practically become a classroom ninja, mastering the art of stealthy silence.”

Image courtesy of puwetngbaso / Reddit

This kid’s teacher probably wonders why she has become a mime. She pouts and writes ‘parents’ on a notepad, also glaring at her teacher for telling on her and getting her into this lecture. This kid is winning the battle, that’s for sure.

You Sure That’s Right?

“Hey, sweetie, what are you up to?” Mom’s voice floated into the room. The daughter looked up from her desk, a hint of mischief in her eyes. “Just writing.” Intrigued, Mom approached, peeking at the notebook. Her eyes widened as she read the title.

Image courtesy of Earthbound_Misfit / Reddit

A mix of concern and amusement crossed her face.”Um, dear, what’s this about?” Her daughter grinned, mischievousness fully revealed.” I just wanted to ask him for another doll and if we could have more nights out to watch the movies!” Mum gave out a relief: north pole, not hell.

Hygiene Check, Please

This kid thought to inform her teacher about something super fascinating. “You know Emily? Every time she sneezes, it’s like a snot party in her nose. I’m talking full-on “snot-cano” situation. It’s like her nose can’t decide whether to sneeze or decorate her face with confetti.”

Image courtesy of squeoj / Reddit

It’s a science experiment mishap waiting to unfold. Safety goggles for her presence? Just a thought! Brace for the next sneeze eruption. Her quirky superpower is not the most glamorous, but certainly unforgettable. Let’s embrace the unpredictable charm she brings to the ordinary!

Totally Ambivalent

Max, young and determined, faced his list. With wide eyes and boundless imagination, he penned down “grown-up” feats to conquer. Grinning mischievously, he shared his aspirations, a glimpse into his dreams. Here’s to the fearless spirit of youth and the dreams that ignite it!

Image courtesy of 14sherbert / Reddit

Yet, Max’s ambitions held a twist. He revealed the grand finale with a flourish: “After all that beard and pony excitement, I’ll shock everyone and shave that magnificent beard. A transformation worthy of a story, right?” Kind of reflective of the nature of life.


You know what would be amazing? If our family magically never had to do shopping again. Like, poof, no more wandering through endless aisles, deciphering confusing sales signs, and arguing over which cereal to buy. We’d be like shopping-free superheroes, chilling at home while everything we need just appears.

Image courtesy of some_chicken_please / Reddit

No more “Oops, forgot the milk” moments or wrestling with stubborn shopping carts. Just pure shopping liberation. But hey, until that day comes, guess we’ll keep braving the grocery store battlefield together, hunting for deals and dodging rogue shopping carts.


In a bittersweet moment, a condolence letter arrived from young Calby. Written in his earnest handwriting, it read, “Sorr(y)” with the “i” amusingly crossed out and replaced by a “y.” Alongside, a heartfelt drawing depicted something resembling a tiny figure with angel wings, laid to rest beneath a little mound of dirt.

Image courtesy of PieGains / Reddit

Amidst the poignancy of the gesture, a soft smile tugged at the corners of the reader’s lips. The childlike innocence intertwined with empathy offered a unique form of solace. In his own charming way, this kid had shared his sympathy